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Returning a Used Item on eBay

I had a buyer purchase gel nail kit off me. They used it and then opened a return, stating they had changed their mind. Because they couldn’t work out how to use it properly after trying it. I …

Looking for a Gift for 40+ Year Old (Not Alcohol)

I’m looking for gift ideas for my brothers birthday. He doesn’t drink, budget would be $150 Max. I don’t know him well, so I have no idea what he likes.

Looking for Shipping Boxes for Artworks

I am looking at sending some gifts overseas and wanting to get boxes to fit large artworks in, Does anyone know the best place to find something like this?

Looking for an Induction Wok

I’m looking to get a good quality wok, I have seen a lot online with varying prices. I want to pay the ozbargain price if possible. I also don’t know what to look for when it comes to Woks.


Have You Ever Been Card Skimmed?

Last night I got a notification from my bank saying there was an unusual transaction on my account from Repco. I checked my account and there was 3 transactions, ebay, paypal and repco. I was …