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Reminder to drain/top up your ING account for the night to be just $1 more than your previous month

reminder to drain your ING account for the night to be $1 more than your previous month


How to Achieve 5 Instant ING Settled Transactions?

How to achieve 5 instant ING settled transactions? Have done 5 today using Paywave and 5 using insert (Visa Debit) and PIN. None seem to be instant


ING bonus interest rate - work around

As we all (should) know ing has introduced a new requirement to increase your linked "savings maximiser" by month end in order to get the bonus interest. For those (inc myself) whose …

Existing House Has Wall Cracks

Hello, looking at purchasing a house (pre existing built year 2000) Are these wall cracks serious? more concerned with the one with the red box, looks like the wall has sunk. Any thoughts …

Hypothetical Superannuation Question Regarding Contributions Made in June and Hitting Super Account in July

background. Have earned good money this year, and by time my employer makes their june SG payment (which they do every month ~middle of the month), I will have got pretty close to the 25k as I …

Dell laptop with usb3, what do I need to extend to a hdmi input

Dumb question. I have a dell laptop with one hdmi only, and usb3 only,I need a second monitor plugged in. What’s the recommendation for a dock etc to plug into usb3 to then allow hdmi to be …

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Velocity Points Redemption Post Virgin Australia Voluntary Administration Mega Thread

Update 22 April 2020: This is now the Velocity Points Redemption Mega Thread in light of Virgin Australia entering voluntary administration on 21 April 2020. All Velocity Points Redemption …

Citibank Australia

Citibank Online Saver, reset of 4 month bonus period

I remember someone saying recently this grace period of 4 months for the bonus interest could be avoided / could be reset someway. If anyone knows the answer that be great. thanks


Hypothetical, ING Savings Account Question

I am sure this is fine, and can't see a mention of penalty for net balance going down, but if someone was unemployed / not bothered to work and no money coming into their ING account, could …

New credit card needed, started a new job

quick question need a new credit card, one with qff points, or velocity. i started a new full time job 8 weeks ago or so with ample income, is this a fruitless exercise, or will they use previous …

Australian Taxation Office

Private Health Rebate Questions *SOLVED*

Anyone know the answer to this question. ATO too slow to answer, accountant in the Bahamas (possibly not coming back or dead) Just wondering if anyone knows with the income brackets in the ATO link, …

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Using Velocity Points to Book Delta Flight

I am trying to book from (lax or sfo) to miami feb 16-28 2019, and have approx 70k velocity points. I have a had a solid look on virgins website, and can only find flights from lax to atlanta, …

Looking for a New Fridge Approx. 320L

Looking for fridge recommendations, approx 320l, silver or white Had this one in mind, but after any tips. Will see if JB-HiFi match Appliances Online.

Research question ideas that need to use public available datasets

After ideas for a research question that needs to use public available data sets. My imagination is poor, so wondering if any oz bargainers have any ideas. any topic is OK. thanks


I Check OzBargain 100+ Times Day, Please Help

I don't even buy much off it, I just can't help checking. If I did a single push up for every time I checked, I would look like Rambo. Any alternatives web sites to put in the mix. Any …


AMP Bett3r Reducing Interest Rate from 3% to 2.25%, Let The Mass Exodus Begin

Just received an email saying the bonus interest is going from 1.5% to .75%, thus a total interest rate of 2.25% This is mental, ill be moving my cash 30/4 (the last day). Just need to find a …

Good tent for 6 and 9 year old girls

Looking to buy a tent for two girls aged 6 and 9, budget say $200 doesnt have to be the bees knees, but there are often good advice on here so would love to hear it,m before i take a solid stab on …

Flight cancellation, no notice given, compensation?

So i had a flight December 28th from PNI airport to BNE via POM using air niugini, however they cancelled their flights 3 weeks ago and failed to notify anyone that didn't book via a travel …

[AMA] I Have Been to 100+ Countries Ask Me Anything

I have been to 100+ countries ask me almost anything, I am bored

UK Holiday Voucher Books

Hello Has anyone got any suggestions on 2 for 1 voucher books etc, for a uk / Ireland holiday. I currently use the entertainment book in oz, and my wife eats for free. Places to visit are London, …

FHSSS calculations, am I correct or wrong?

This is for a friend. Background, Salary is 70k or so, so a tax rate of 34.5% and I have included the tax of 34.5%-30 % on the way out. If they sacrifice pre tax 15k, they get 15000 * .345 tax …

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, What Am I Doing Wrong

Trying to book flights on Qatar airways from ool-man on 8th of June and coming back 28th of June, give or take a day is ok. I get the price for $1300 ish, all is well. Thought i will do the Qatar …

Federal States of Micronesia new flights

For anyone interested in flying to somewhere new / different, air nuigini now flies to Chuuk and Pohnpei, via POM, from cairns brisbane or sydney, and its pretty cheap, given the alternatives and …

Commonwealth Bank

CBA Offset Accounts Individual Names for Joint Loans

Can anyone with a cba home loan verify if you can have offset accounts in seperate names Ie home loan is A and B Offset account in name of A And offset account in name of B Thanks

Airline Tailfin Images

Hello, I am trying to locate stock images of airline tailfins. I have searched the internet high and low, and can't find anything. If anyone has any knowledge of where this could be, please …

Leaving Car Over Night Halfway Between Work and Home

I am sure some Ozbargainers have done this. My wife and I work in two separate places, both 10km or so from the end of the common path, she drives east I drive south etc. The first 40km of the …

Am I expecting too much from my Uni

So i go to USQ, and do an online degree. The lecturers to date (except one), have been garbage. The online classes are just power point slides uploaded once a week, but lagging three weeks, and the …

Overseas course tax deductible?

Want to do, if I work with sqlserver can this be tax deductible?

Mortgage Possibilities - Individual Offset Accounts / Tenants in Commom

Hello People I am looking for anyone who has or knows of banks which do mortgages that have individual offset accounts. ie 2 people, a and b buy the house, but a and b have separate offset accounts, …

British Private Pension. What Are The Taxes in Australia?

Hypothetical here. If I have 50k pounds in a private pension in the UK, and reach 55 I can cash this out (25% tax free and the rest taxed in the UK). Will the ATO like to take more of this? Having …

Cricket Dismissal Out or Not Out

Sweep shot , hit toe of bat, into the ground, bounced up and bat again hit ball in air and keeper caught it. 2nd hit unintentional Umpire gave it out, afaik this is not out. Opinions?

Darwin transit 12 hours, need a quiet place to study

Any Darwin experts recommend a quite place to study on 28th January whilst on a 12 hours transit. Willing to rent a car for the day, and drive some where nice. Library shuts at 12. thanks

USA / Caribbean travel plan

I want to do thew following cruises sep 2nd - 9th Alaska cruise from Seattle sep 16th - 23rd San Juan Caribbean cruise Current plan entry flights EVA AIRWAYS $1250 brisbane - seattle 1st sept lax …

Preferred Working Hours

Ok, what are your preferred working hours. I for the life of me hate early starts and love late finishes. 10-7 is mine, but my wife loves the opposite.

Christmas Holiday Ideas

Anyone know any good holiday deals for Dec 24- Jan 2 to Europe or USA, or any where random? Open to fly anywhere from Brisbane / Coolangatta, price I don't mind but not a blatant rip off. Have …

What are your brands that you have fine tuned into your life over the years

I guess over the years of life I have stuck with certain brands for certain things after trial and error. Curious as to others lists of brands that they religiously stick to. mine are work shirts …

Car Novated Lease, Do The Maths for Me

I earn 82k, and drive 900 km a week to work Currently own Mazda 2 with 20k km on the clock, which use approx 50 litres a week, so 60-70 dollars. Do I keep the car and drive it till it dies, or get …

Living away from home allowances

Unsure how this works. So I live on the Gold Coast if i were to take. a 3 month job in Melbourne and maintain my home up here, can I claim the following as a tax expense? initial drive to and from …

TransLink go card

GO CARD 9th trip then free to be abolished in QLD

So the Qld government are abolishing free travel after 9 trips. So Queensland has become even more expensive to live in, and PT is a rip off as it is. Our roads are packed because the public …

Flights to Top of South America

Anyone know good deals to get to Colombia/ecaudor/venuzuala Looking for 1200 ish

Tax and Income

So I finished up fulltime work in feb this year, and have landed 5 weeks works from may 25th to June 30. The company I work for pays on the 10th the following month. I thought this was cool as my …

ME Bank

Me Bank bonus interest rate changed to zero percent

I opened a me bank saver account, and also a debit card account. Did the stupid pay wave transactions in March and got paid the 3.6 percent. I just noticed on my statement it now says zero percent …


Microsoft exams

Hi, looking for any tips on how to make the price of these exams cheaper. Currently $113 for a student, has anyone else made these exams cheaper. Looking to do 3-4 over next month or two. thanks

Couch needed, need some tips

Hi, myself and wife, are self confessed couch potatoes, and our current couch has had its day. i need to some recommendations for a couch to comfortably fit two adults at full stretch. Any tips …

Title one name mortgage both

As title suggests, is it possible to buy property in name A but have mortgage in both A and B. I Am person B. this is for avoiding stamp duty and better for tax. thanks

tighta$$ rituals

curious for ideas/tips everymonth i do the following to save money, want to know if any others to do: buy $400 of woolworths vouchers through racq get 5 percent off, so pay 380…. this is for …

Siblings of opposite sex sharing room

What is the thoughts on two siblings 12+ of the opposite sex sharing a bedroom, due to only being able to afford a 2 bedroom apartment?

Please Help Me Find Christmas Holiday To Anywhere (Exclusions Apply)

So I have 10 days off over Christmas, keen to go somewhere/anywhere international. Leave 26th ish (as long as after Christmas), and back by the 3rd of January. Have found flights to San Fransico …