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Uber Eats

Sharklasers Temporary Email for Signing up Uber Eats

Hi everyone Does anyone know if Uber Eats are rejecting sign ups using a sharklasers temporary email address? Asking for a friend.

Finding a free alternative to Microsoft Word

Hi everyone This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know where I can download a free version of Microsoft Word? Thanks in advance


Renewd Warranty advice

Hi everyone I am soon to purchase 2 basic computers from Renewd and I am wondering, should I buy 2 "excellent" graded condition computers which could be near new with the complimentary 90 …

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi Free Voucher Dilemma (What Can I Spend $15 on?)

Not exactly first world problems but my free digital receipt $15 voucher is about to expire this coming weekend and I have no idea what to buy. I don't need anything at the moment but don't …

Cheap Refurbished Laptop under $200

Hi everyone My mature aged mother needs a computer with only internet explorer and a word processor with at least a 14 inch monitor. No other bells or whistles. Does anyone know of a company selling …

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sport Question

Can someone please tell me if I am eligible for the $2.50 per month Telstra Kayo new customer special if my Telstra prepaid account expired last month and needs recharging?

Yamaha ATS-1080 Soundbar to P7 Question

Can someone please let me know if I can control this soundbar through my Hisense P7 remote? I have set mine up via the optical digital audio cable to the TV and it only works via the Yamaha …


Refurbished V's New Laptops

Just asking for some advice on this refurbished HP which has some good specs. Is it worth $765? https://renewd.com.au/collections/laptops/products/hp-hewlet...

Is 4GB Ram Ok for Internet and MS Word Only?

Hi folks Would my mother be happy with a 4GB ram computer if she only uses it for internet browsing, Netflix and MS office word? Is it worth the extra cost for 8gb? Thanks in advance

Acer Aspire or Lenovo Ideapad - Which One?

Looking for a mid tier cheap laptop and found these two, both with Full HD screens. I am not prepared to pay anymore than $600. Not sure which one is best considering one is new and one is …

New Acer E15 $330 - Deal or No Deal

Hi Guys. A mate has offered me his brand new Acer E15 for about $330 and I was wondering if it's indeed a good deal. I had my old laptop for 8 years which served me well but it recently died. I …

Brisbane Electricity Rates

Just about to rent a small 2 bed unit in Brisbane. Can anyone recommend a good power company who has the cheapest peak usage rates. Thanks in advance


Dodo ADSL Cancellation

Hi guys. I am currently 9 months into a 24 month ADSL and phone line contract with Dodo. Under what circumstances can I cancel the contract without incurring a penalty fee or charge? Thanks in …


smile.com.au Feedback

Hi Folks My teeth are not in the best of condition and need some fixing. A friend told me about smile.com.au and apparently when you pay a $70 yearly fee you get big discounts at participating …

Online Flowers Promo Codes

Hi folks. I am a tight arse son in law looking for some cheap flowers to buy and send to the mother in law on Sunday. Does anyone know of any discount promo codes I can use for flowers.com.au or …

Professional Detail or White Vinegar

My sister has recently purchased a car and I noticed some rain spots around the car which a wax will not remove. She wants to pay $500 for a professional detail but I read that using white vinegar …

Brisbane Paid Parking Deals - Sunday Night

I'm heading to Brisvegas this Sunday night to watch Midnight Oil at the Riverstage and I am looking to park in the city. Does anyone know of any discount codes I could use? Thanks in advance.

New Kia Sportage GT Sunroof Problem Advice

I have a new 4 month old Kia Sportage GT line and for the last few months I have noticed a plastic sounded rattle at the front of the sunroof. I have taken it to my local dealer on three occasions …

Should I Buy Property (Unit) in Brisbane Now?

Need some advice please. I hear on the news that there is a current oversupply of apartments in and around the Brisbane CBD which is affecting prices in the negative. As a first home buyer looking …

Octane 20 Tint Question

I am looking to get Octane 20 tint on my black Sportage and just wanted to know. Has anyone with octane 20 tint ever been pulled over and fined by police and also is it too dark to drive at night? I …

Basic Laptop for Tafe

My daughter is starting tafe next week and needs a basic cheap or refurbished computer for about $250. Any suggestions?

Professional Paint Protection

Thankfully I avoided the rip off $1700 (special price too) Kia was trying to charge me for tinting and paint protection of my new Sportage and now shopping around, I can get the paint protection …

Brisbane Apartment Oversupply

This not directly financially related but it involves a financial purchase with money. I am considering the purchase of a 2 bed Brisbane inner city apartment in the coming months and was wanting to …

Apple Carplay or Android Auto

I have owned my Sportage for about 3 weeks and love it. I currently use android auto and think it's ok but I am due to upgrade my phone and was thinking of getting an iPhone and friends have …

Darkest Legal Tint

I am looking to tint my new black car with the darkest legal tint but looking at some of the samples, they don't look very dark at all. Which company has the best darkest legal tint or should I …

Kia Sportage GT Good Price -Yes or No

Can anyone comment if $41500 is a good price for a brand new petrol Kia Sportage GT line?

Car Buying Companies

No sure if anyone has had this same experience. I recently engaged 3 national car buying services to get me the best price for a new SUV I was looking to purchase. I am located in the south east qld …

EOFY Car Deals (Kia Sportage)

Should I wait until the end of this month or next month to buy my new Kia Sportage?

Secured New Car Loan

Is 5.99% a good rate for a secured new car loan?

Best Bang for Buck Medium SUV?

I am looking to spend around $40 grand for a top grade medium SUV and have been told that the Kia Sportage GT line is one of the best bang for buck suv's on the market. Any advise would be …

New car buying broker

Has anyone ever used a car broker to buy their new car and how much do you think you saved? I am not very good at negotiating and thinking of using one.

Seeking Cheapest iPhone 7 Contract Plan with iPhone included

Looking to upgrade to an iPhone 7 but don't want to have to buy the phone outright with a prepaid sim. Don't need much data cause I use wifi everywhere. Any suggestions on a cheap …


Senior Citizen Phone

Can someone recommend a specific mobile phone made for senior citizens?