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Geronimo Jerky

Geronimo Jerky Christmas/New Year Gift

Anybody else get an email from accounts@geronimojerky.com with gift.zip or gift.exe file Dont want to open it as it could be a virus etc

Blackberry World Jam Any OzBargainer's going?

Just got confirmation i am getting the new Blackberry Device at World Jam. Very happy about that. Any other Ozbargainers going?

OnLine Computer

Getting a refund from Online Computer - Is it normal to have to wait for an RMA?

Okay so basically bought a Nas (black armor 4 bay) , contacted seagate directly and confirmed unit is faulty.

Onedirection tickets for Sydney wanted

For a friend, of course Someone wants these for their Kids , please help

2 Bay NAS with RAID 0/1 under $200.00

Any recommendations for a NAS for home use? my budget etc is 200.00 or less Have looked at the Buffalo Linkstation Netgear RND2200 Any other suggestions?

No Sock at time of Puppeting

UNIDEN UHF Twin Pack 40 Channel Handheld Radio (UH037SX-2) - $29.98 delivered - DSE (No Stock at time of posting) I dont know why but all i could think of when i saw the above was, "No sock at time …

Cell Bikes Email stuff up

Okay so just received this email, anyone else get it? Looks like at least they were trying to do something nice with a freebie, obviously it was meant to draw sales etc Unfortunately yet again a case …

Optus MY Tab Android 2.2 update Official

Okay just found it this morning will test it out with flash etc http://www.zte.com.au/optus/V9.htm

Website Package or Company for Portfolio Website

I Need some help to find a website package or company that will build a portfolio style website that can be easily updated (blog style) for a Model (modelling) ie for pictures and and blogging etc …

COTD Shipping cap not working

Anyone else have a a problem with getting the shopping cart to make it a 10.00 shipping cap its nearly 60 for me just for delivery

Dell + Kogan = Fail


Ventra IP Not Customer Focused - Trouble Closing Account

Tyring to close my account with Ventra IP (cove) , have to say i havent found them to be customer focused more like a no frills ISP What is the easiest way to close account without using the online …

Seagate Freeagent Theatre + Any good @ 63.00

Okay firstly i refuse to spell it the way seagate does Does anyone have one or have an opinion , and before you start trashing it , remember this is the newer version ie the + symbol they are now …

Mwave - dont trust the stock levels on there website ie instant pickup

Long story short, 1)Went to mwave to buy a noontec V8 which was clearly available for pickup on there website ie the Yes instant pickup also confirmed with online help re the instant pickup meaning …

PVR with Torrent Client cheapest available

Anyone know of a cheap pvr with a torrent client or has the ability to download torrents aswell as be a pvr, single or twin tuner doesnt matter Thinking about the noontec v9t @ $289 other options …

Duty of Care - What Does OzBargain Have?

Just wondering this as i have seen many posts of bargain hunters like myself spending there hard earned and getting nothing in return well certain variations of that! True there is more lucky/happy …


Ozstock Freebies - Are They Really Free?

Okay as per my comment on the latest Ozstock deal Going there to pick up one of their freebies which has a pickup option, i also note there is a new deal today with a post only option but is free (+ …

Ozstock Logitech Security Systems $88.98

expired Ozstock Logitech Security Systems $88.98

Wanted to Buy 22" Monitors DVI Input Etc

Wanted 2x 22" inch monitors new, looking for best price after a friend missed the dell boat. Please no Acer aoc etc, Asus LG etc are okay

Did Anyone Receive The Free Nokia Navigation Kit Yet?

I ordered mine on monday, just wondering if it is a charger and a windscreen mount i have the …

Nokia 5800 Cheapest Outright

Okay finally decided on the Nokia 5800, 2nd choice was the e62 but i really like the tv out and a couple of other things What is the best outright price ?? Best i can see is 379 @ allphones Any one …

Prepaid Mobile Phone best deal under $200

Looking for a prepaid mobile phone, would like to get a nokia or something easy to use . Any recomendations Would be nice to have, 3g Bluetooth wireless I have been using blackberries for too long i …

Laptop Upgrade, Diagnosis & Repair

Okay so i am looking at doing the above work in my spare time , i wanted input in regards to fair pricing and wether the services would be usefull. I am not advertising my services here (yet) but …

Why dont you post bargains anymore ?

Okay so i rarely post bargains on here anymore due to 2 main reasons below, i was wondering what are the reasons others may not be posting bargains anymore? My reasons are , 1) The site is …

Rep Blackmail / LogictechShop

How does anyone else feel about the blackmail by a Rep , my example is with Bargain Crypt aka logitech shop He would only release a deal if i or the mods removed my neg vote . i really dont have a …

Laptop Motherboard Chip Repairs, Sydney Area - Wanted

Does anyone know a good place to repair Laptop motherboards. Not looking for a general laptop/pc fixing company i do that myself I have a laptop i really want to save, i usually just break them up …

Anyone Else Getting Spammed by SoundAgents.com.au?

Received and email from these people , wonder why they are sending me stuff to my personal email, More than likely its cause i have signed up to somehting , not intending to get mail from this mob …

Lenovo Notebook DDR3-1066 1GB  $5.00 SODIMM HT

expired Lenovo Notebook DDR3-1066 1GB $5.00 SODIMM HT