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What Should I Wear in a Gym Sauna?

So I just joined a gym that has a small sauna. I went in there today in my gym shorts, but felt I was overheating pretty quick. What do people normally wear in a gym sauna (it's in the …


Is Anyone Subscribed to Britbox Streaming Service?

I’ve seen ads around for a new British streaming service available in Aus called Britbox. Has anyone tried it? Without signing up, its hard too see how big their catalogue is and if its worth the …

Krispy Kreme

Do Krispy Kreme Discount Their Donuts at The End of Each Day?

Do Krispy Kreme discount their donuts at the end of each day? If not, what do they do with them all?

Do i really need a pod machine for coffee pods?

So i can’t take the instant coffee at work anymore & i’m going to start using pods for a better flavour. But do i really need a pod machine? Can’t i just empty the pod into a cup & add …

Using an Apple Watch on Sydney Trains

I want to pay for my train in Sydney by tapping my Apple watch… is the virtual card on the (non cellular) Apple Watch the same as on my iPhone, so can i tap on with my watch and off with my …


PSA AppleCare Plus Can Now Be Paid Monthly & Is Ongoing

It looks like Apple have recently changed their AppleCare Plus setup, and you can now pay monthly. Its also my understanding that as long as you keep paying then AppleCare Plus will continue, even …


Do Officeworks Still Price Beat if Their Stock Is an Identical Price to a Competitor?

So I want to buy a phone from OW, but it is exactly the same price at JB. Does the OW Price Beat Guarantee apply in this situation?

What is this stupid bird and how can I get rid of it?

Every morning before dawn i am woken up by a stupid bird outside my window here in suburban Sydney. What is it and how do I get rid of it? I've tried shaking the tree, yelling obscenities, and I …

Should Mods Close Threads Just Because They Are Asked?

I was following a forum topic today about a dryer with water in it, and OP asked for it to be closed because they thought they had received a version of a solution. But I wanted to add a comment …

If Coronavirus Is Declared a Pandemic, What Are The Insurance Implications?

I think the World Health Organisation is getting closer to declaring a pandemic. If this happens what does this mean for insurance? I assume all travel insurance will consequently exclude cover …

Are Drone Shows Better than Fireworks?

Sydney City looks to be investigating using drones instead of fireworks at public events. I saw footage online of these drone shows and they look pretty good. What do you think?

Does It Always Rain in Sydney?

So my work relocated me from Melbourne to Sydney a few weeks ago, but all it ever seems to do most days in Sydney is rain. Is this a normal summer for here? Melbourne weather was way more reliable.

$15 off $200 Spend at Woolworths Online

expired $15 off $200 Spend at Woolworths Online

Services Australia

Can I Pay My Doctor Bill with My Credit Card, but Get The Medicare Refund Paid to a Different Account?

So I've got a doctors appointment later and they don't bulk bill. Normally I pay my bill, and they swipe my card and I get the small gap refund back to my account. But can I pay with a …

Where Can I Buy a Reloadable Visa or Mastercard Gift Card?

I'm after a reloadable card that I can let my children use online, or for them to take on shopping trips. I want prepaid because it limits how much they spend and is less hassle if they lose it. …

5% off Hotel Bookings @ Webjet

expired 5% off Hotel Bookings @ Webjet

Is an Hour at Melbourne Airport Enough before an International Flight if I Check in Online?

I’m flying to NZ soon and plan to check in online. Because of stupid public transport times i will only get an hour at Melbourne airport before my flight. Is this enough time to clear customs & …

Am I Allowed to Use a Portable BBQ on a Beach?

I'd like to use my portable gas BBQ on a beach in Melbourne. Anyone know if this is allowed?

I Applied Weed and Feed Immediately after Mowing. Have I Killed My Lawn?

So I stupidly didn’t read the instructions correctly and applied hose on Weed and Feed on my Kikuyu lawn. I did this straight after mowing, but the bottle says don’t apply it immediately after …

Anyone Still Use a Telephone Book? Not Happy, Jan

So I got my new telephone book and Yellow pages today. Needless to say that given it’s the year 2018 I threw it straight into the recycling bin. What’s the point of these books? Does anyone …

My Super Fund Fees Are Ridiculous. Any Good Ones That Also Offer Life Insurance?

I just read my latest statement from my Victorian superannuation fund. The fees are crazy high (not even counting the insurance premium component). Can anyone recommend a super company that both (a) …

Has Anyone Else Been The Victim of an Oscar Award Winning Mistake?

So I couldn't help but watch the cringeworthy mistake at the Oscar Awards today. It made me think of the time that I was offered a promotion at work…A boss from another level came down and …