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Looking for a Motion/Light Sensing "Smart" LED Lightbulb

As per the title, I'm looking for a Motion/Light Sensing "Smart" LED Lightbulb. It doesn't need to be wifi or bluetooth or anything that fancy, actually I'd prefer not to …

Looking for a Fitness Band with SpO2 and Hopefully Working NFC

I was ooking to get one of the Mi band 5 that comes with Spo2 sensor, the chinese version. but I don't think the NFC works. Is there any band at the $50 price range that has Spo2 working NFC in …

RC Cars, Any Good Value for Money Ones?

a few years back I used to be into electric RC cars, and spent thousands. The technology has advanced, so you can get theoretically a lot of top end tech for less coin but. my problem is parts.. …

Value for Money Meal Replacement Powder

Been using the ALDI ones at $2 a satchel. But end up hungry fairly quickly after lunch. Any recommendation for bulk meal replacement powder with better value for money?

Looking for BT earphones for online conference calls

My work requires me to join some webex and zoom calls. so I'm looking for a BT headphone that can pair with phone and PC at the same time so when I get a call on the phone it would work with it, …

32" UHD TV to use as monitor

Looking for a 4k TV that I can use both as a monitor and TV in my bedroom. Any budget options? Majority of them seem to be 40" or more and can't be used as monitor for to size.

No Fee credit card with lounge access (Priority Pass or similar)

So I've got a Citibank signature card which has priority pass. the problem is it's only for the card holder. are there any other fee free cards that offer it for the cardholder+guest?

Best SIM for Spain

Hi a.. we're going to spain in a week. and will appreciate on the best SIM card for Spain only we can get. I understand i can just pick one up from the airport, but any particular one you …


Carry on backpacks, any recommendations?

Looking to buy a carry on backpack, that's sized up to the maximum sized allowable. as we don't like the hassle of waiting for luggage after a long flight. (+additional costs, of …

Carbon Steel Pans

Looking to buy a bunch of carbon steel pans from a hospitality shop (rather than the usual home suspects) anyone has any recommendations?

Is My Micro SD Genuine?

Hi Guys. Havent bought micro SDs for a while, but i just received some evo+ from gearbest last deal. the chinese, and the "starjade" make me uneasy, i havent tested yet. what do you …

Currency exchange - into AUD

Hi All. I've used citibank in the past to receive money from overseas, and their currency exchange is not too bad. I've also looked into ozforex back in the day, but since this time around …

Looking for a Basic Laptop ($300)

hi all I'm looking for a basic laptop for someone who's traveling from overseas without much time to wait for a great bargain. brand doesn't matter much, but will need at …

Riptide GP: Renegade (Android) $1.49

expired Riptide GP: Renegade (Android) $1.49

Cairns in November - Activities

Hi all going for a week to Cairns in November for 1 week. we sort of have an idea of what we're going to do, but as the ozbargainer i am, i want to make sure i get the best bang for the …

[Android/iOS] Goat Simulator $1.29

expired [Android/iOS] Goat Simulator $1.29

Galaxy Note "Clones"

Been tempted to try the galaxy note phablet format for a while, but I can't really justify the expense.

Cheap Drycleaning in Sydney?

Looking to do some bulk dry cleaning. does anyone know of a good place? Interested in jackes and quilts. Best i was quotes for a jacket was $9.50 each, haven't asked for quilts yet.

netbook with built in 3g?

Looking at buying a cheap netbook with built in 3G and dual core atom. Any recommendations?

Freshly Roasted Coffee.

Hi guys. I'm a bit of a coffeeholic, and always looking to get the freshest roasted coffee.

Good deal on Tennis racquet?

does anyone knows where to get a good deal on a Tennis Racquet? I dont mind if it's used, as long as it's a good quality raquet. looking to pay around the $100 mark. thanks guys

Good Deal on bed sheets of high quality

I'm looking to buy a few sets of quality bed sheets for my new King bed. Initially I was looking for the highest thread count, but after some reading it's not as easy as it sounds. So, if you guys …