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Can I Split My Home Loan across Two Lenders?

I currently have a home loan split into variable and fixed with one lender, with the fixed portion due to expire shortly. I'd like to keep the variable with the current lender and move the fixed …

Wearing All Clothes to Save on Luggage?

Hi OzBarginers - I'm due to fly in the coming months, where I'm going to go snowboarding for the weekend. Jetstar charges $25/each way to check in skis/snowboards on top of checked luggage …

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport Parking - looking for updated coupons

I'm looking for discounted Sydney Airport (International) parking for tomorrow -all the existing coupon codes seem to have expired. Anyone know of any others that are active? Thanks!

Apple store (online) Black Friday sale?

I'm looking to buy an Apple laptop - specifically from the Apple online store as I want a custom one with a UK keyboard - and this is only available from the Apple store online. I recall years …

Looking for a 65" TV w/ HDR for < $1725

I'm looking at the Hisense 65" 65M7000 TV and the best I've found most recently is $1725 from JB Hi-Fi in Hurstville, NSW. It seems these are on clearance now as Hisense gets ready …


Poor form of HobbyKing? Send in photos of plane crashes for $100 prize

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/CrashCash.asp Shows a picture of a crashed plane and the spiel "Did you or your friend crash their model over the weekend? Not to worry, HobbyKing has …

Request: New Forum Category - Health/Medical/Well-Being

Huge fan, love OzBargain. Can I please request a new forum category is created to cater for discussions/topics in/around medical and/or health topics? I'd love to be able to discuss topics …


Fogg: Free Mobile Data in The UK, Denmark and Sweden (1GB/Mo)

Looks like a great deal for anyone travelling to/living in the UK/Denmark/Sweden anytime soon.

30% off Skype Credit

expired 30% off Skype Credit

Cheapest Colour Printer with AirPrint?

Hi OzBargainers

Costco Sydney opening 21/7/2011 (Canberra on 22/7/2011)

Moved to Forum: Original Link "The first NSW outlet will begin trading in Auburn on Thursday, with market analysts expecting it to put pressure on the major stores to drive down prices. A third store …