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Please Help with Ideas on How to Remove Mould

So last winter we had a lot of excessive mould in the bathroom. We used a mould cleaner from Bunnings and 90% is gone and mould has not occurred again. A little area in the shower area has mould but …


PSA: Don't Forget to Spend Kathmandu Summit Twenty Dollar Voucher

Got a $20 voucher 5 days ago and spent it on Cotinga 25L Pack which is a sweet deal. Make sure you don't miss it.

People Who Have The New PS5, Hows It Going?

I got a new PS5 and so far I am a bit disappointed that after buying 750 dollar console, I need to pay more to buy games and subscriptions. sucks lol. hows your experience so far?

COVID Results SMS Delivery PSA

I recently went to get checked at a drive-thru centre with my partner. She got the results the next day and I didn't. Turns out the number they use to send out results are in the SPAM list. I …

KFC Australia

KFC Late Night Menu- Anyone Seen It ?

Saw KFC menu called late night menu . New fonts and prices🥲 Zinger box was $12.60, but when I went to pay it’s normal $11.45 Price increase coming ? Has anyone seen this?

How to Calculate IT Training Costs and Profit

So my boss has asked me to run an online training course for TDD intro and asked me to talk to a trainer and set the price. I haven't done this before. Any trainers in the house who could help …

Hungry Jack's

Incorrect Billing at Hungry Jack's ($0.75)

Went to HJ on Saturday and was charged 75c extra for a meal. I looked it up on their app found that there is a price mismatch from app and instore. the company rep told me that its was a technical …

Is There a Recruitment Blacklist in Melbourne?

I live in Melbourne and have applied for jobs since Oct 2018 and haven't heard from even a single company. had applied for 20+ jobs. I finally landed a job due to a person I knew from Sydney and …

Melbourne Map with Suburb stats

hi , Was wondering if there are good Melbourne maps online that are printable and shows all suburbs stats like median prices/population schools etc. I can use it to visualize our house hunting. I …

eBay Auto Parts Order - Should I Order from VIC or NSW ?

so I live in VIC and was wondering if I should order automotive parts from VIC or NSW. I am worried about returning the items if they dont match what I want and both sellers atm dont have free …

Has Anyone Heard of AUSTRALIS Brand of Shock Absorbers?

hi guys, Has anyone heard of AUSTRALIS brand of shock absorbers? I couldn't find anything on the internet about this company. Weird part is they have 3 years …

Please Help Me Decide - What to Do with My 2004 Hyundai Accent?

I have a Hyundai Accent 2004 model which has 125,000 kms on it. I got it for free from my brother in 2017 when it had 75000 kms on it. Has been in a minor crash resulting in a slightly off front …

Monitor for MacBook Pro Late 2014

Can someone please suggest any good 27" monitor mainly for work & watching movies at night?