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Looking for Electric Baking Pan Like Liven Brands

Hi guys, I have this Liven electric baking pan similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Electric-Skillet-LR-D3020A-Digital-No... https://au.banggood.com/LIVEN-LR-A434-Electric-Baking-Pan-18... Do …

Question about an Item inside The Car That Is Stolen, Would Insurance Cover It?

I just recently saw a Facebook post about a guy who went to Bunnings for 15 minutes only to find that his roof-mounted bike was stolen and only the front wheel was left. I've been thinking …

[Switch] Moonlighter $18.50 @ Nintendo eShop

expired [Switch] Moonlighter $18.50 @ Nintendo eShop

Which Unsweetened Protein Powders Should I Get?

So, I decided to post this question here as I know some people here have been buying the Optimum Nutrition Protein Powders. I've been drinking them for the past 2 years but lately I find them …

Mountain Bike Rent and Downhill Track

Hi guys, I remember seeing a comment from a user here that apparently there is a MTB trail somewhere in VIC that allows you to rent a MTB, ride downhill, then get transported back up again. The …

What Brand of Dress Shoes (Black or Brown) Do You Wear to Work?

Hi guys, I saw the recent Julius Marlow sales and then I remembered how I vowed to never buy shoes from Pacific Brands again. In the last 5-7 years or so I have tried different shoes to wear to …

Bluetooth Keyboard - Why is it so hard to find a good one for PC?

Hi guys, I have 2 laptops at home. One is a personal laptop and one is work laptop. I usually have these laptops connected to the only monitor i have at home and use a mouse and keyboard …

War on Waste - Coffee Cups [RESOLVED]

EDIT: Resolved! See below! Hello guys, I just recently caught up on War on Waste series through ABC iView. It was quite amazed at the numbers they mentioned there especially in regards to plastic …


Pocket Wifi and VPN to use in China?

Dear fellow Ozbargainers, Me and my partner are going to China for 15 days and we're looking for the most efficient internet solution for both of us. We're not planning to do massive …

Tenant-Landlord Dispute: Who Pays for The Oven?

Hi guys, I have a few questions about a broken oven in the town house that we're renting. The electric oven which sits below the gas cook top has stopped working. If I turn it on, it will …

Physio Appointment, Not Confirmed, Then Charged for No Show [UPDATED]

Hi guys, I would like to know what your view is on this. I made an appointment with a physio over the phone. I then had a couple of visit to them in which I was quite happy with the service. …


Officeworks Efforts In Ensuring You Don't Get a Price Match Deal

Hello Fellow Ozbargainers, So I was in the market to shop around a new ADSL WIFI modem because I was moving into a new place and my previous house mate decided to take his modem with …

Costumes? Rent or Buy?

Hi all, I got an upcoming Superhero-themed party and was just wondering whether it's worth it to buy instead of rent. I can see here that a lot costume rental places charge per night around …

Recommendation for NON in-ear earphones?

Hi guys, I just broke my earphones and am looking to replace it with a set of new earphones which are not the in-ear type.

Laser Bluetooth Headset

I just saw this on BigW for $39 and OW for $37. Is this any good? Has anyone tried it? I tried to find a review but so far only one user in Whirlpool mentioned it.

Free Netload.in Account for 7 Days - New Members Only

expired Free Netload.in Account for 7 Days - New Members Only


NetLoad Free for 2 Days

I was going to post this in the deals section but chose to post this in forum instead as it's for an upcoming deal. I was trying to register using an outdated voucher and I got this message.

Harddisk... Is this a good deal or not?

What do you guys think of this? http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XM2196/seagate-expansion-portable-1-5tb-drive