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Multiple Cards for Same Account

Hi, My partner and I are looking for a transaction account for bills that will allow us to have two cards to debit from the same account. Are there any good free offerings? Thanks!

Meal prep glass containers

Hi all, I've been doing a lot of meal prep lately; enough to justify purchasing the nicer glass meal containers. I'm looking for something affordable but also a decent quality. I have a few …

Quest Bars

With Black Friday coming up I was wondering if anyone has scoped any deals on Quest bars? Thanks

Dick Smith / Kogan

The Dick Smith Capital Heist

Great article on the Dick Smith float and explains a lot about Dickies clearance sales. Thoughts?

Suggest me a mobile phone carrier

Ive been on vodaphone for a while, handset bought outright but still paying for the $30 cap. Usage: a small amount of txt's and calls Data: 1gb…ish There has to be a better plan to suit …

Ive come to clean ze pool

With such a hot summer nearing its end I was wondering what ozbargainers pay for their pools. More precisely, how much (excluding setup costs)do you pay PER swim. Thats weekly running costs divided …

25% off Oakley Glasses; Amazon Win (Sunglasses)

I didnt post this to the deals because I doubt it can be replicated. I was sent a unique code for 25% off Oakley sunglasses and seeing as I had been thinking about getting some new glasses I …

Vietnam Trip Report - A bargain paradise

It's 10pm and you've just landed in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You blitz through the airport and in no time your on the street hunting down one of the safer taxis that whisk you off …


Weet Bix QR Code Promotion

Hi, Has anyone started collecting "bix" for this promotion? looks like some of the good prizes like GoPro cams are already sold out.

Day after Mother's Day Flowers!

Hi all, my mother dearest is interstate and was wondering if anyone has seen some online delivery sales for after mothers day surplus stock.


Day after a Sale (Myer)

Hey bargainers, I usually lurk online so hoping that someone that lives in the real retail world can answer my queries.

50% off Any Zagg Skin with Code

expired 50% off Any Zagg Skin with Code


expired Tommy Hilfiger Trim Fit Suits from AUD $165


Amazon 25% ( closing)

Hi there, just wondering if anyone else got the 25% off unique code from because theyre closing today.


out of stock Audio Technica ATH-M50s $116 AU Delivered from Amazon US

Nespresso Pixie Krups - $150 Delivered from

expired Nespresso Pixie Krups - $150 Delivered from

Devestating car accident, need a bike!

Hi Guys, Thought I could turn to you guys for help, always been helpful in the past :D. Last night I was sitting in traffic a few cars deep, a car going a decent speed decided against using his …

A sweet set of knives

Hi, I've been looking for a set of Global knives. I've been eyeing off this block …

Cheap Car tyres! (SA)

Hi hunters, It's time to buy new tyres and get a wheel alignment on my car. As a student living on noodles and working part time money becomes a priority! I don't know much about car tyres, where to …