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Looking to Upgrade PC, help with part suggestion please :)

been long time since i upgraded, graphics card is playing up atm so thought id upgrade, tho dont no much about parts, this is what i currently have, what can i salvage from this and what should i …

Any Good Ps4/Xbox One Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle Deals?

gunna pick up a ps4 or xbox one for red dead, just not sure whats a good deal for it atm, any suggestions, ps4 seems to have the better games but xbox cheaper & has game pass so looking to spend …

Looking for Laptop for Kids

one niece just entered high school and another is in year 5, both could use a laptop, not after anything to fancy but something that they can use for internet and use office and other such things, …

Need New Router - What Should I Buy?

internet keeps cutting out, think router is dieing, have TPG adsl 2, majority of house uses wifi, whats a good router to buy for around $200 that can hopefully get us a more internet so we dont have …


Club Nintendo Has Game Download Codes for Stars

didnt see any other posts about it so thought id throw it up, club nintendo added games to there list, picked up super mario world and wario ware for …

Any 2DS bundles on sale atm or on special?

nephew's birthdays coming up and he wants a 3ds, he's turning 4 so thought a 2ds looks more sturdy then the 3ds so will grab him one of those instead is there any shops that are selling …

Looking to buy a camera to take professional looking pictures

sister is after a good camera to use to take photos of her work, which is a good camera that can take professional looking photos for less then $500 pritty much know nothing about camera's and …

Were can I get a cheap MoP copy from?

stopped playing wow in cata but thinking of returning, any one know were i can grab a cheap copy of MoP from, doesnt have to be physical just aslong as i can get a CD key im happy, also any one have a

Wireless Router Advice

my current router doesnt reach from my room to the lounge room "about 2 rooms away" wanna spend about $120 on a new router but not sure what one to get, any help on finding a router that could be used

First time buying/building gaming PC. Advice needed

first time ive had enough spare cash to buy a gaming pc, prob is i have no idea what to buy, i got $1400 on me and that has to include a monitor and keyboard/headphones

cheap place to buy ink for samsung clp-360

just wondering if anyone knows of a cheap play to buy ink for my printer, so far cheapest ive found is $70, any help would be appreciated,thanks

Looking for a laser printer ~$150

been looking around at officeworks and JB hifi for a new printer for my house since the inkjet is just getting to old, but have no idea which 1 is the best, looking for a laser printer for around $150

Need Tablet for Birthday Present

want to get my niece a tablet for her birthday so my misses ordered one from dinodirect, after two weeks of them not even posting we got a refund but now the birthdays only 2 days away and i need a ta

Looking for basic website

im looking for a basic website for my business just a simple 5 page website not really sure whats cheap, looked around and cheapest ive found was $999 - http://www.starocket.com.au/

Where can I buy comic books and graphic novels online that's cheap?

started to get in to graphic novels and looking to get in to comic books, but i cant seem to find a cheap website for them, is there a site that sells them for cheap eg couple dollar comics with posta