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ADSL2 Modem Getting Dust after Switching to Cable Internet

My Billion 7800NXL ADSL2 modem has been retired for more than a year after I switched to Cable Internet. I am wondering what people would do to this kind of modems when they switched to Cable …

Walk-in-Robe and Bathroom Shared by 2 Bedrooms

Most new homes now have a Walk-in-robe and bathroom in a master bedroom. Are there any homes that have a Walk-in-robe and bath room shared by two bedrooms? I would like to have an idea how to …

Travelling to Taipei. What Is The Best Way to Convert Australia Dollars to Taiwan Dollars

I would appreciate advice from experienced travellers about tips converting Australia dollars to Taiwan dollars while in Taiwan. Thanks.

Planning a Trip to Osaka in Late July

My wife and I will be flying to Kansai Airport end of July and will spend 7 whole days in Osaka. We plan to visit Kyoto, Kobe and Nara on 1-day trip in each of these three cities. We have never …

Ads by QueenCoupon in OzBargain Web Page

I just found it popped up since this evening. Am I the only person who sees this or not? There is an option to opt out of it but it didn't work for me. It's very annoying. Edit: I …


Will Thermaltake Versa H21/H22 w/ 500W PSU work well with Intel i5 4460 CPU?

Or should I consider something more expensive? Any suggestion? Motherboard in mind is Asrock H97M-Pro4.

How to root MK808B?

Has anyone successfully rooted MK808B? I tried Moborobo but it wouldn't recognise the device. Please let me know how you do it? Thanks!

Tracking Internet Usage on Home Computers

Is there some kind of software that I can install on three computers at home so I can tell how much data downloaded by each of them? They are all running Windows 7. TIA.

How to safely root Android tablet?

I have a Ployer Momo 20S and wonder if it can be safely rooted?

Haven't driven my car for six years

I went overseas six years ago and haven't driven one of my cars for 6 years. It is a 1983 Mazda 626. Is it any good to "revive" it so I can sell it or give it away?

House floor plan

Most of the house floor plans I looked at have master bedroom at the front. My preference is to have it located at the back and have the living/kitchen area placed at the front to make use of the …

Is there free wi-fi at the Montreal Airport?

A friend's daughter is going to Montreal as a exchange student in August. She would like to find out whether there is free wi-fi at the airport and whether there is a kiosk for selling prepaid …

Mediaserver draining battery (Android Tablet on version 4.2.2)

Only recently I have to recharge my tablet more frequently than before and I noticed in Settings/Battery Mediaserver was using 60% of the battery. I googled for a solution and installed Mediaserver …

Swype keyboard for Android tablet

I could find Swype Keyboard in Play Store on my PC and mobile phone. However I couldn't find it in Play Store on my android tablet. Has anyone installed Swype Keyboard on his/her Android …

Is Sony S5200 3D Blu Ray Player region free?

Does anyone know whether this Sony S5200 player can play Blu-Ray disc from any region?

HP21/22 ink cartridges

These HP-branded ink cartridges are very expensive and I wonder whether there are cheaper alternatives for them. I could find cheaper alternatives for HP02 but not for HP21 and HP22.

Ads by Keep Now - how to remove it?

I started seeing "Ads by Keep Now" as a banner in my Chrome browser. Does anyone see this before and have any suggestion how to remove it? Tia.

Age pension

My friend is going to retire in 2 years time and wonder whether he is entitled to government age pension at age 65. His super has a balance of $360,000 and I believe he should get some money from …

Where to buy lighter fluid?

I bought this gadget https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/140490 and wonder where I can buy the lighter fluid for it?

15 Amp Extension Cord (not 10 Amp)

I have a water heater installed but the power cord is not long enough to reach the 15A socket. I will need to extend the power cord by 1.5 metres. I went to Bunnings but the shortest 15A extension …

Sound volume drops to zero when listening to music through headset plugged into Android phone

When I plug a headset into my Android phone to listen to my favourite songs, the sound volume will drop to mid-way automatically. After a couple of minutes or so, it drops to zero and I hear nothing …

Problem with tablet headset

Bought a Chinese brand tablet overseas and didn't notice this problem until I was travelling back to Australia on the plane. When watching video and had my headset plug into the tablet, I …


AirAsia baggage 20Kg limit

I bought the 20Kg baggage for my AirAsia flight and wonder how strict is this 20Kg. limit? Can I go over 1 or 2 Kilo? Tia.


AirAsia on-board meal

Is it advisable to pre-pay the meal before boarding? It seems like they have different menus for different flights. I am going to Hong Kong stopping over Kuala Lumpur. Do they accept Australian …


AirAsia stopping over Kuala Lumpur

My AirAsia flight to Hong Kong will stop over at Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal and as it is not a fly-through I have to clear the custom and I have to checkin my baggage again for the leg to …

Ainol Novo 10 Eternal Vs Novo 9 Spark

Looking at buying an Android tablet. Both of these are Quad core. The Novo 10 has a resolution of 1280 x 800, the Novo 9 spark 2048 x 1536. Will it be a factor in considering which one to buy? …

Income tax rate for students over age of 21

If a student over the age of 21 has only income from a bank account will he be taxed the same as a working person working part-time or full-time? I know it is different if his age is under 18 but …

Huawei Ascend G526 Phone contact cannot have multiple phone numbers

I have yet to find out how to add multiple phone numbers under the same contact name. The Huawei Y201 can have home phone number and mobile phone number under the same contact name but I cannot do …


Paying Paypal with 28 Degrees card

I have registered my 28 Degrees card with Paypal. However, it still debits my bank account for payment. How can I change it to charging my 28 Degrees card for payment? Thanks.

Looking for a new bench top oven

My 10-year plus Ronson bench top oven has its heating filament broken and I have to look for a new one. Can someone suggest a good one for me?


Flybuys point for buying Telstra Huawei Y201 from Coles

I bought the phone on 19 April 2013 and activated it afterwards. However, I don't think I have been credited with the 2,500 Flybuys points. Does anyone buying this phone get the Flybuys points?

What is the pro and con of using your SMSF money to invest in properties?

I know I can buy a property with my SMSF fund. But what is the advantage of doing so, especially the housing price is already quite high.

Carrying fruits from South Australia to Victoria...

I know it is not allowed to carry fruit from Victoria into South Australia. Is it allowed to carry fruits from South Australia into Victoria? Tia.

Wineries in Barossa Valley

I am not a drinker but my friends are and they are paying a visit to the Barossa valley and want to know which wineries they can go for some wine tasting. Do you have a few that you would recommend?

Rental car from Adelaide to Melbourne

Anyone has experience renting a car from Adelaide to Melbounre that can share with me? Which car hire company you would recommend and what to look for?

Data sim for a visitor on a trip to Australia

My friend is coming to Australia for a visit and will stay here for 10 days. She asked me if she could buy a data sim for her tablet while staying in Australia. What would you recommend for her?

PSU dying...

The PSU in my PC makes a lot of noise at powering up and I think it needs to be replaced. Should I just replace the PSU or better off buy a new case that comes together with a PSU?

Stock rom for Defy plus

I installed CM9 on my Defy plus and now upgraded to CM10.

Engine oil has to be replaced every six months?

I seldom use my car and therefore I don't usually bring the car for servicing every six months as recommended by my car dealer.

Installing Windows 7 without internal DVD drive ... Problem resolved. Thanks.

I tried to replace the HDD with a new SSD in my 6-year old laptop and now I found out my internal CD/DVD is not working. I don't think the bios can be changed to boot from an external usb DVD drive.

How to unlock Telstra Elite ZTE MF60 Pocket Wi-Fi Modem?

Has any OzBargainer succeeded in unlocking this modem? Will you please post your experience so we (I am sure not just me) are able to do it too?

Fish Oil capsules in carry-on luggage

Is it allowed to bring bottles of fish oil or evening primrose oil capsules through airport security check in carry-on luggage? Is there anyone has this kind of experience?

Qantas carry-on luggage allowance

I used to bring a backpack (for a laptop) in addition to a carry-on baggage although Qantas website says only one carry-on luggage is allowed.

Defy+ CM9 lagging issue

Does anyone running CM9 on Defy+ have any lagging problem?

Prepaid SIM card in Hong Kong

I am going on holiday in Hong Kong visiting friends and plan to stay there for a month. Can anyone suggest a non-contract prepaid sim with affordable 3G data included? Tia.