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Hair clipper recommendations.

Hi, I have an extremely impatient and fidgety 8yo with special needs. He absolutely hates haircuts. Our old barber retired and I have failed to find another one who's willing to give it a go, …

Booster Seat for A Tall 6 Year Old ?

Hi everyone, my almost 6yo has outgrown his reversible booster seat which was supposed to last him till he's 8. When I bought the seat 3 years ago, it was one of the tallest I could fine …

Navman Mivue 580

The cheapest I can find this dashcam is $229,- at DS and TGG. Does anyone know of a shop that offers this cam for a better price? Thanks in advance :o)

Mini 0806 VS Navman MiVue 560

Hi everyone, after being run off the road by an idiot this week, I've decided to get a dash cam. I saw the MiVue at jbhifi, but the price was a bit out there. I've read good reviews of …

3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner

So many different brands and so many negative and positive reviews, I can't see the forest through the trees anymore :\ I'm needing 3,5kw cooling capacity, but won't use the heating …

Need help with choosing a new tablet.

Hi everyone, my trusty Galaxy Tab 2 died today after 2 years of daily service. I use it for work and study and am a bit lost as to what to replace it with. It needs to be 10.1 inch with WiFi, 4G/3G …

Looking for Lego High Speed Pasenger Train

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me locate the cheapest price for the Lego train (60051) and the station (60050)? My 5yo has suddenly decided he's completely into Lego and as I …

Eheim Jager 100Watt Heater

Hi everyone. I'm trying to find the cheapest price for an Eheim 100Watt heater for my fish tank. Postage would be to NSW 2448. I found one on eBay for $44,- free post. Is that really the …

Logitech Z623

Hi, I am still looking for Logitech Z623 speakers and the cheapest I have found them since, was $149,- at OfficeWorks. Is there any chance of these being available somewhere else for a little cheaper …

Good quality speaker/dock

Hi, I am looking for good quality speakers to replace my old stereo (580Watt speakers) with. I have hearing difficulties and can not hear low bass tones well. So a good bass would be preferred.

Basic laptop

Hi, I am looking for a basic laptop for my parents. They just do some browsing, watching video's and emailing. Nothing flash. Their budget is a maximum of $500,-

EB Games Australia

EB World members 2x $20 iTunes Cards for $30, Expiration unknown

Hi everyone, last Friday I got an email from EB games saying they have a 25% discount for EB World members when buying 2 X $20,- itunes cards.

Budget Bluetooth headset recommendations

Hi, I am not sure if I should post this here or in the Electrical section, so please move if this is the wrong section for my post.

SanDisk 16GB microSD

My son has lost my MicroSD card :o( All my photos and videos were on there. Not happy Jan!

Toy Story Quilt Cover

Hi everyone,

HP PhotoSmart 5520

Hi everyone, I missed out on a great deal for a HP B210a for $59 at DSE. As I have no printer at all right now (my Epson just died out of warranty) I need a new one ASAP.

WiFi printer.

Hi, my Epson all in 1 printer died after just 2 years. I don't want an Epson anymore because of this shocking quality, not to mention the 4 separate ink cartridges costing $23 each.

The Good Guys

Sony DSC-W630 Digital Camera for $99 - any good?

Hi, I need a new digital camera ASAP for around $100,- I saw the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W630 for $99 - at the Good Guys. Is this a good camera/price?

New digital camera

Just in time before Christmas my 2nd Olympus camera died just out of the 12 month warranty. I am really not happy with this. I am on a tight budget and only have $100,- to spend on a new camera.

Crazy Sales discounts?

Hi everyone,

Be brave and shave (no it's not a naughty thread lol)

Hi everyone, I have registered for the worlds greatest shave for the Leukemia Foundation. My golden locks will be cut off in March next year in order to raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Looking for The Sims 3 PC game

Hi, I am looking for the Sims 3 to play on the PC. The original game, not any addons or extensions. I don't want digital copies either, I prefer the old fashioned disk.

Media player

Hi, I have an LG 3D TV that does not play some mkv files, but does play others for some reason?

WD 2TB My Passport $187 - Good price?

A few weeks ago they went for about $250,- so I thought $187,- is a good price?

Sony Experia X10 mini/W8 - Any good?

Hi, I was waiting for the Huawei G330 to be released soon, but I need a phone by the end of this month and I am not holding my breath for the G330 to be released this month.


[StartHere] How long before cashback?

Hi, I looked at the other topics and can't find the answer. I might've overlooked it though, not sure.

Deals Direct

Deals Direct Discounts?

Hi, I am looking at maybe making a purchase on the Deals Direct site. I have been buying there before, but have found an item at a similar price on ebay and not sure which seller to get it from.

Buying 2nd hand mobile (iphone) phones

I saw this thread about someone wanting to sell their iphone 5 and someone saying it sounded a bit suss and someone even suggested it was stolen.

Media player HD 1080P

Hi, looking for a decent media player with HDMI. Doesn't need wifi as I prefer to plug an external drive in the mediaplayer and hook it up via HDMI to my TV.


Any coupons for Grocery Run?

Hi, I am not sure where to post this, but I have never used Grocery Run before and am wondering if anyone might have seen a free shipping or extra % discount coupon for Grocery Run that's still valid?

Oral B cash back question

Hi, I bought an Oral B Triumph 5000 electrical toothbrush and filled in the cash back form to receive a preloaded VISA card with a value of $50,-


Hello, I am hoping to share and find some great bargains on this site and maybe also get some reviews on certain products that I might be looking for.