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AmEx Shop Small - up to $100 Statement Credits in November


The Shop Small movement is back again to support the shops, cafes, restaurants and other small businesses that are at the heart of your community.

Simply register your American Express Card and spend $20 or more in one transaction from 30 October - 30 November to receive a $10 credit. Redeem the offer once per participating merchant, at a maximum of 10 merchants. Shop Small Map Search.

This offer is only available to the first 100,000 Cards registered.

Handy Links:

Always a good idea to search for petrol stations in your local area ($20 of petrol for $10).

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AmEx Statement Offers

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  • Could anyone find any bottle shops on the gold coast?

  • Pretty disappointed with the dining merchants on offer in Melb CBD. I found a service station nearby though. Edit: Stupid me, There's a scroll bar with more, I thought there was just a handful. Oops

    • If you're relying on the website, you'll get a tiny fraction of what's available. Firstly, there are numerous small Amex merchants displaying the ShopSmall logo. Secondly, the criteria used by Amex are turnover (<$1.3m Amex charges p.a.) and lack of surcharge. The only thing you have to be wary of is where franchises use a central banking system, e.g. 7-Eleven.

      Knock yourself out.

  • I tried to sign up with my amex discovery and velocity platinum. It only accepts the velocity platinum application not that discovery. Strange! Has anyone has issue with signing up with their discovery amex card?


  • Thanks - registered a couple of cards. Now I'm just wondering if it'll start working today, or if we have to hang tight until November. Has anyone had the "Congrats, you got a credit" email come through?

    • You can start to use the card from 30 Oct to 30 Nov to receive the statement credit. I have received all confirmation email once I registered. If you use it today, it will not eligible for statement credit.

  • There are like 4 shops in SA participating, fail.

  • Offer doesn't appear via My Offers for those wondering. Need to register via the form.

    • Mine does now, AFTER I registered - the Shop Small banner ad came up on the main page when I logged into Amex Connect this morning. Clicked on the ad and registered my CBA-issued card that way, and now it appears under My Offers, showing the offer has been saved to the card.

  • While you're out earning statement credits there's also a $500 Accor Hotels voucher to be won…

  • Any idea?? why I can't see
    We’re sorry this offer is no longer available, however, you can find more great offers below

  • I am doing some research as to where to fill up myki in my area that will qualify for shop small, here are the ones I found:
    Pinewood newsagency in Mount Waverley
    Central Park newsagency in East Malvern
    South Yarra newsagency
    Murrumbeena newsagency
    Caulfield convenience store

    Also Penhallurick's in Caulfield is a hardware store that sells all sorts of things so its a good one as well

  • I'm new to this this year.. do most of the places charge amex surcharges? or are they not supposed to if part of this promotion? Cheers

  • Nice just registered all 7 amex's!!!!

  • Anyone having issues registering?

    I clicked the link, selected Enroll and it took me to the Global Amex page. I then selected "Register" in the banner but it appears to scroll down to the "My Offers" section.

    I have the free Amex Card (provider was Amex themselves)

  • Anyone getting the confirmation emails once you've made the eligible spend like previous years?

    • Promotion starts tomorrow.

      • Gosh I feel so stupid. Thanks for the clarification….will have to go back and spend more!

        • From last year's experience, it roughly goes like this:

          • If you pay by inserting/swiping your card, you are very likely to get a confirmation email (85% of the time?)
          • If you pay by contactless (i.e. PayWave/PayPass), you will not receive a confirmation email but the credit will still come through within a few business days (assuming it is actually from a shop small merchant)
        • @illumination:

          I found last year there seemed to be inconsistencies as to whether I received a confirmation email or not - some I received, some I didn't, and it didn't seem to relate to which payment method I used. The credits came through for all transactions though.

          I've done two transactions this morning at Shop Small retailers - one was by inserting the card, the other was by Paypass/Paywave and have received confirmation emails for both!

  • I shopped at some businesses which were on the list last year (and got the credits), but they are not appearing on the list this year. Is it worth a shot to try there this year?

  • Coming up with Enrollment Sorry Page now :(

  • I top up Opal card from Ezy Mart at 58 Pitt St Sydney.

    They are charging $1 extra for using amex. I did Paypass and no confirmation email has come through in last 1 hour.

  • On the small business FAQ, I didn't think they were allowed to charge a surcharge, here is what on the AMEX site for qualified small business:

    b) Do not differentially surcharge American Express Card Members or discourage American Express Card Members from using American Express Cards; and

    • Didn't stop anyone last year, anything up to $2. Anyhoo.. for the benefit, it's still worth it.

  • For those in Canberra a few places to top up myway:

    • Canberra House Newsagency on Marcus Clarke Street in the city
    • Hunt's Civic Newsagency on Alinga Street in the city
    • Convention centre Newsagency, shop 1 33 Allara Street in the city
    • Dickson Newsagency, Dickson shops
    • Newsxpress 21 Westfield Belconnen
    • Charnwood newsagency, charnwood shops
    • Kippax Fair newsagency, Kippax shops
    • The Jamison Centre newsagency 39-43 Bowman st, Macquarie
    • Manuka Newsagency, 38 Franklin St Griffith
    • Top News Westfield Woden
    • Erindale newsagency, Wanniassa shops
    • went to Dickson newsagency yesterday. No surcharge and got confirmation email. Opposite woolies and free parking after 5:30 mon-Thursday; after noon Friday; and weekends.

    • Erindale newsagent at Wanniassa shops does not offer MyWay recharges.

      In Wanniassa, these are done by Freechoice tobacconist which is not a Shop Small merchant.

  • The real question is.. can I eat $20 of Movenpick in one sitting?

  • I'm pretty sure, online shops will work too, as long as they accept amex. I used it at a florist a year or two ago, in Canberra (while I'm in Melbourne)… also looked up an OzB favourite - Dish'd - and they are listed in shop small, based on their shop in Prahran.

  • Newtown Sydney - some places I like:

    Gelato Massi
    Burger fuel
    Moo burgers
    The Viet
    Urban bites
    Dumpling King
    Civic Video
    Atom Thai
    Taisho Sushi
    Guzman and Gomez
    Three Queens
    2042 cafe

    King st Grocer

    Discount night n day pharmacy
    Ford’s pharmacy
    Carillon compounding pharmacy

  • can you swipe your cards 10 times at the same place?

  • Of course I was stupid enough to be the one out and bought a heap of stuff thinking it started yesterday…

  • Does anybody still have a Hicaps deal left, and tried it to see if you can double-dip with one transaction? (Spend $20 and get $15 and $10 cashback)

  • Any store in Sydney CBD that has zero fee..last year winner - City convenience 419 Pitt now charge $1

  • SA Petrol Station Locations

    Let me know if you find any others:

    Mogas - 484 Port Rd, West Hindmarsh 5007 Closed down
    Mogas - 330 Torrens Rd, Croydon Park 5008
    Liberty - Grand Junction Rd, Port Adelaide 5015
    Mogas - 132 Semaphore Rd, Exeter 5019
    Liberty - 386 North Rast Rd, Windsor Gardens 5087
    Mogas - 1272 North East Rd, Tea Tree Gully 5091
    Mogas - 12 Battunga Rd, Meadows 5201
    Liberty - 39 Main Rd, Balhannah 5242
    Mobil - 76 Main Rd, Hahndorf 5245
    Mogas - 4 Eyre Hwy Port Augusta West 5700

  • Anyone found a fuel outlet in Perth with this?

    • Rockingham gull is listed.

    • There seem to be a few in outlying areas, as well as a couple of country/regional, but I haven't been able to find any in the main Perth metro area at all.

    • Just remembered, last year there was Kwik fuel osborne park, but this year I can't seem to find it on the list.

      • It actually IS still there - I came across it by accident a little while ago when I was searching around suburbs near home, on the way to work and near work to see what my best options were for maximising my Shop Small opportunities :). However (as you probably found) searching any or all permutations of the name Kwik Fuel/Kwik Fuel Osborne Park or even just Kwik comes up with absolutely zero results. However if you set the "search near" to Osborne Park, then let it search (with "Select All" in the category box), Kwik Fuel at Osborne Park is the first search result! No idea why it won't come up when searching by name - why on EARTH do they make this map so difficult to use, it would be so much easier if we could have a better search categories available such as "fuel", "pharmacy" etc. I've also found a couple of local retailers come up in the "Select All' search, but not when "Shopping" is selected - one is a Red Dot store, so it shouldn't be under any other category!!

        I've searched probably a dozen or more suburbs today and that Kwik Fuel is the only fuel outlet that I've come across so far.

  • spend 1.5 hours been to 7 shops and top up.

    • wow good job, all asked for surcharge?

      • yes. of course. around 1 dollar each.

        • mine experience is same although i have only found 3 places so far as per below.
          World Square newsagency
          City convenience 419 Pitt
          City convenience 379 Pitt

        • @lokesh7:

          I cannot find the World Square Newsagency in the Shop small buisness map…

        • @victorheaven: Interesting. I used it couple of times last year and it worked fine and even today i got the below email straight away. Those maps are not very reliable which is why i created this thread last year for sydney ozbargainers to share feedback on which stores are working and which are not

          Thank you for shopping small at WORLD SQUARE NEWSAGENCY using your registered Card ending in XXXXXX.

          When you spend $20 or more in a single transaction, your $10 credit is generally issued back on your account within five business days upon completion of your eligible transaction.

        • @lokesh7:

          Thanks for confirming and the list you've prepared for Sydney!

          I did shop there last year and was hesitating to go back this year due to it not being on the map. :)

        • @victorheaven:

          Doesn't matter. it works. I received the confirmation email.

        • @Sharp: seems to be inconsistent from last year. I topped up at Martin Place newsagency last year and it worked. Tried again this year, with no confirmation email (assuming it didnt work).

    • Does opal card have a maximum allowable credit amount? Couldnt find info on their website.