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AmEx Shop Small - up to $100 Statement Credits in November


The Shop Small movement is back again to support the shops, cafes, restaurants and other small businesses that are at the heart of your community.

Simply register your American Express Card and spend $20 or more in one transaction from 30 October - 30 November to receive a $10 credit. Redeem the offer once per participating merchant, at a maximum of 10 merchants. Shop Small Map Search.

This offer is only available to the first 100,000 Cards registered.

Handy Links:

Always a good idea to search for petrol stations in your local area ($20 of petrol for $10).

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AmEx Statement Offers

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  • Have people been getting confirmation emails?

  • Some Perth City venues:

    Zambrero Cloisters
    Mama Trans Milligan/Murray
    The cutting board
    Mad mex
    The standard
    No mafia
    Maven espresso
    Cheeky Sparrow
    Ezra pound
    Shadow wine bar
    La Veen
    1907 Bar
    Old Faithful
    The Flour Factory
    Varnish on King

    • How did you get this list? I tried punching perth and victoria park into the map and nothing came up…

      • The map is a shocker. Not getting any matches for PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

      • I searched Northbridge and Perth and got the above!

        I also have another list for Cottesloe/Claremont/Wembley/Fremantle and those worked too…

        Might as well post the rest:

        Friendlies chemist enex
        Australia Fenglong Raine (massage)
        Elizabeth's second hand Hay St
        James St books
        Superchem Raine square
        Terranova Butcher Aberdeen St

        Il Lido
        Pharmacy on Napoleon
        Jeremy's exclusive butchery Swanbourne
        Peter's Choice Butchery St Quentin

        Devlins subi
        Jus Burgers subi
        Lanna Thai

        Squires fortune
        Scarborough beach bar
        Jeremy's butcher Scarborough
        Peko peko
        Blu Grill
        Festival Fish herdsman
        Liquor Barons Herdsman
        47 on Kirwan
        Creative Meats Herdsman

        The black truffle company

        Festival Fish Wholesaler north perth
        La Vigna
        Jus Burgers leederville

  • aahh! for some reason I cannot register my ANZ issued AMEX online (even though it says its eligible)..
    now on hold to try get it sorted over the phone..!

  • Just used at my first eligible business to buy lunch. Used contactless and email had arrived before I'd even sat down!

    Interestingly the email mentions the name of the business redeemed at, I don't think this was the case in previous years.

    Thank you for shopping small at XXXX XXXX using your registered Card ending in XXXXXX

    Will help to keep track of which cards used at which businesses for those with multiple cards.

  • Just did an Opal reload at Lucky Charm. $2 surcharge.

  • Last time they had this promotion I never got the credits, despite getting emails confirming each qualifying purchase.

    Tried to sign up for the current promotion under my existing account. You have to enter your card no but it doesn't accept my security code since I think I've had a renewal card since the last promotion. If I try to register as a new account it says an account with that name already exists. Too hard.

    • This is an underrated piece of interesting feedback - did you follow up? People are presumably paying more for goods, or going out of there way to make savings, only to be shafted.

  • Good first day for me, I got $30 in total from GloHealth, Fruit Nest and Cannings butcher. I was hoping for another $10 at Core physio when I went there today but they paid the $15 hicaps instead so I guess no double dipping on that one. The emails came through right away.

  • Has anyone tried the Shop Small deal at Harvey Norman, Bing Lee etc? I have tried small businesses not on the AMEX list and I received email confirmations. Those in the city, you can try Spice Alley at Central Park. They take Amex, no surcharge.

    • I did at harvey norman Cannington last year, but did not recieve a credit. I contacted amex and they then credited me. It is still on the list for this year

      • Thank you. Harvey Norman in Sydney is not on the list. They probably wont be classified a Small Business.

  • just had dinner at CURRY AT THE ROCKS and got an email from AMEX. MAGIC

  • Midland WA notables:

    Austin Computers
    Midland physio - not bad if you can combine the $15 HICAPS offer which ends today
    Bev's saws and mowers
    Clark Rubber
    Woodbridge Hotel - 2 pints for the price of one?
    Middle swan liquor store

  • I got a weird vibe at brunch paying a $60 bill with 3 cards. But a weird vibe is well worth the $30 pay-off.

  • Interesting… I have used in two places which are in their map but didn't get any email confirmation…
    EDIT: Both were contactless tap and go transaction.

  • Bought a kitchen item at chef king. 20% off $24.95. Discounted to $19.99. "Umm excuse me, could I request to pay $20 instead?". She even entered the amount and i asked her to cancel and re-enter with the magic number of $20.

  • Argh, I went to one of the listed shops but they didn't take AMEX. Should I complain about it?

    • i ring before I merrily trot down to the shop

    • You can write to shopsmall and they'll remove it from the list.
      Happened to me a couple times last year .. best to ask if a shop takes amex before you make your transaction.

  • Are there any petrol stations on the South Brisbane listed for this deal?
    Also where can I top up my GO Card in Brisbane CBD to use this deal

    • Two that I know of (but I think they have surcharges):
      - POST OFFICE SQUARE NEWS (280 QUEEN ST , SHOP 14 280 QUEEN ST , BRISBANE, QLD 4000) —topped up here but did not receive e-mail

      • Confirmed to have received cashback from POST OFFICE SQUARE NEWS for gocard topup.

        • Is anyone aware of other places near CBD , Southside CBD for GO card top up.
          Have already used the above two mentioned.

    • South Brisbane:

      North Brisbane:
      MATILDA - 142 DAYS RD , GRANGE, QLD 4051

      • Looks the like the Matilda Spring Hill has shut down to anyone looking for it.

        • Yeah, I don't believe there ever was one on Astor Tce… The petrol station on Barry Pde used to be a Matilda I think. Still a petrol station, but not Matilda anymore (Shell I think).

      • Couple of other petrol stations North Brisbane:
        PUMA - 240 Dohles Rocks Rd, Murrumba Downs, QLD 4503
        LIBERTY - 655 Deception Bay Rd, Deception Bay, QLD 4508

      • It's quite possibly all Matilda petrol stations. I've been to two others, Wooloowin and Deagon, and received a credit at both.

        • Sorry guys, not all Matilda petrol stations offer the cash back - the one at Eight Miles Plains plus they charged extra 2.5 surcharge :(

      • Has anyone used the:

        Currently on google it is showing as PUMA petrol station.
        If anyone has got credit please advise. Cheers

      • i cant find MATILDA - 557 MOUNT GARVATT CAPALABA RD , WISHART, AU 4122 on the amex list are you sure it still works?

    • Confirmed the following for go card credit with no AMEX surcharge:
      * South Bank Beach News - Stanley St Plaza South Bank
      * Creek St News/GPO News - 40 Creek St, City
      * George Street News - 370 George Street, Brisbane
      * Post Office Square News - 14/280 Queen St
      * NewsXpress Middle Park - 92 Horizon Dr, Middle Park

      • thank you sir I went on a city trip today and was not disappointed. Except for the surcharges but my fault for saying I had amex instead of just tapping and going! I'm still $38 ish ahead, thanks :-)

  • Has anyone in Adelaide found anywhere we can purchase metro tickets? Thanks in advance. Want to buy them for my brothers xmas present.

  • one question,

    if a store is not on the shop small list, but it is accepted Amex and it is small shop, do i receive any credit?

    • Most of the time you should but if its a small store part of a big chain then you wont. Only way to confirm is to try it out and share your success or failure.

      Also i notice the shop trading name is sometimes different to the credit card receipt business name. So that could be one reason why you are not able to find on shop small list.

  • one question,

    if a store is not on the shop small list, but it is accepted Amex and it is small shop, do i receive any credit?

    Be careful- I went to Prahran market on the weekend and shopped at five different retailers, they all took amex. I got four emails right away. When I got home, I called amex to find out why Pete n Rosie deli was not on the list. They said they would add them to the list because they are eligible and I would get the $10 next time I go there but not this time. They told me that if I can't find a merchant on the list or if there is one on the list that doesn't accept amex (I found that also) you can email [email protected] and let them know.
    I am happy though, only a couple of days into the promotion and I have used up the ten on my first amex and am on to the next card.

  • If you want to know if a particular merchant is listed, you can simply search for its name on ShopSmall. Of course, many businesses are not known by their trading names to Amex, so you may have to check the merchant name on your Amex statements.

  • Anyone know what is the maximum balance on Opal card. Today I topped up my Opal card and it reached $250 in, it will not let me top up anymore.

  • NSW Convenience Store - 119a Macquarie St, Parramatta, surchange for Opal top up - 0.60 cents.
    City Convenience - Shop 2, 138 -140 Church Street, Parramatta, surcharge for Opal top up - $1.00
    OK Supermarket - Floor 232, Church St, Parramatta. They accepted Amex card on 30 October (last Friday), today (2 November) I went back, the shop said they don't take Amex anymore, she was telling all her staff don't take Amex card from now on as all Amex customers brought just $20 of goods and too much merchant fee for them. This merchant is in the shopsmall list. I will report to Amex.

    • City Convenience - Shop 2, 138 -140 Church Street, Parramatta, surcharge for Opal top up increase from $1 to $4. Don't bother to go to this shop !!!!!

    • Thanks 2308 for your update on Parramatta. What does Amex say about OK supermarket refused to accept amex card?

      • AMEX advised they will forward my concern to shopsmall team, shopsmall team will talk to OK Supermarket re T & C of shopsmall promotion. So I question Amex WHAT IF after Amex talk to OK Supermarket, OK Supermarket told Amex they will accept Amex card, but they still refuse to take Amex behind the scene, Amex said they can't do much about then as they can't force the Merchant to accept Amex card.


          When OK Supermarket previously accepted did they surcharge?

        • No, OK supermarket previously accepted Amex - no surcharge. But they refused to accept Amex card now.

  • Any NSW petrol stations ? can't seem to find any

    • From experience, quite a few of the metro petroleum ones are usually on the list.

      • Do you know what category they're under ?

        • I've found them either on "Services" or "Shopping"
          very inconsistent :S

          Some petrol stations aren't listed by their name… but by the company running the franchise.
          Best to look for specific petrol stations (rather than a search in my opinion). I think some of the "metro petroleum" and "United" are on the list.

        • Here are what I've found so far :

          Metro Petroleum - 836 Forest Rd, Peakhurst
          Metro Petroleum - 10-14 Milperra Rd Revesby
          Metro Petroleum - 69 Davies Rd Padstow
          Metro Petroleum - 114 Boundary Rd Peakhurst
          Metro Petroleum - 663 Warringah Rd, Forestville
          Metro Petroleum - 702 Warringah Rd, Forestville
          Metro Petroleum - 987 Hume Hwy Lansdowne
          Speedway - 769 The Horsley Drive Smithfield
          Speedway - 182 Green Valey Rd Green Valley
          Speedway - 359 Elizabeth Drive Mt Pritchard

          Im sure there are others.

        • @SmiTTy: be careful with that list cause the Metro Petroleum in Earlwood(he is also my car mechanic) is also listed on the Shop Small map but I'm 100% sure he doesn't accept AMEX

        • @GregFiona:

          Thanks .. i agree
          In my experience ive had a few merchants last year who didnt accept amex even tho they were on the map

          Best to ask before you fill up which is what i do. And if they don't accept amex i usuallly report them so they can be removed from the map.

          All the above are on the map but buyer beware

        • @SmiTTy:

          Budget Petrol Telopea
          57 Adderton Rd, Telopea NSW 2117

          Accept AMEX (2.2%), I got confirmation email, but haven't received $10 yet.

        • I dont go past often, but that Speedway at Smithfield is usually cheaper than Coles with discount. Amex deal for the win!

        • @SmiTTy: I can confirm
          Metro Petroleum - Cnr Mowbray Rd & Centennial Ave, Lane Cove North

      • Metro Petroleum are on the map again this year. After spending $20 at one of their outlets I got email confirmation instantly from amex. Love buying petrol from Metro during Shop Small. 3rd year now!

      • Can confirm Metro Petroleum Alexandria. Got an email straight away.

    • Speedway out western Sydney

  • Ezymart at 52 Martin place - surcharge $0.50. Confirmed today

  • For those in Melbourne the following came up on the horrible Amex map app:
    Crown on Whiteman Street Southbank (has anyone tried this? seems strange as they do not seem that small)
    Ecco fuels city road Port Melbourne (I went there last year)
    Cellarbrations (city and port melbourne)
    Pretty much any independent liquor store (half price liquor?)
    Lucky 7 Portside News on Bay St Port Melbourne (they topped up Myki for 50c last year)
    Brewsters Port Melbourne for groceries

  • I called Amex as I have not been receiving any emails despite using this promotion four times. They said the email will be sent after the transaction is processed.

    I have used Pay Wave and inserted the card. I am not sure why the email system is different for so many people.


      If you have online banking setup you could check your transactions that way. I've only made one SS purchase so far and it was with Telecube (VOIP provider) and the cashback was credited nearly immediately.

    • I am not sure why the email system is different for so many people.

      Perhaps it is bank specific.
      I used Paywave at one outlet yesterday with WBC and ANZ issued cards.
      Only one email received for the WBC card.

  • Just received email for using Amex for Westmead IVF - $5k+ transaction, $10 cashback. Winning!

  • I have seen a couple of newsagencies. In general, do newsagencies do mobile phone recharges? Would they accept Amex for them?

  • Is it safe to assume all city connivence stores will be on the small shop list?

  • is there another way to get a listing of the participating outlets? The map is horrendous to use when it comes to panning around

  • Does anyone know if you can buy $20 iTunes cards and get the $10 credit?

    • If you can find a participating small shop business that sells iTunes vouchers, then there's no reason why it wouldn't work.

      • I was looking through the T&C and it said something about gift cards not being a valid transaction. However I think 2 years ago I managed to purchase an itunes card and still got the credit, but I can't remember if they had the same T&C conditions back then