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DickSmith 'Mammoth' Sale: 60-70% off Audio, 30-70% off Blu-Ray Players & PVR, up to 80% off Security


Another day, another Dick clearance sale

Price List thanks to @danzan

Hopefully you all find a bargain!

In-Store only!

See here for the online stuff!

  • Up to 80% Off Security clearance lines
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Lines across Fitness, Toys, GPS & Printers
  • 30-70% Off TVs (Display and Clearance Lines)
  • 60-70% Off Audio (Clearance Lines - Headphones, Home Audio and Speakers)
  • 30-60% Off Samsung Clearance Smartphones
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Samsung Tablets
  • 50-80% Off Ink Clearance Lines
  • 25-40% Off Windows 8 Computers
  • 30-70% Off Display Blu-Ray Players & PVR Clearance Lines

More to add (Thanks Jayskies):

  • Up To 75% Off Fans & Cooling
  • Up To 75% Off Lavazza
  • Up To 70% Off Men’s Shaving & Grooming
  • Up To 75% Off Women’s Epilators
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Apple iPhones
  • 30% Off Clearance Oppo Phones
  • Up To 70% Off Sony Xperia Smartphones
  • Up To 40% Off Huawei Smartphones
  • Up To 50% Off HTC Smartphones

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    • +1

      Someone give me Gerry's email. Bloody going on nation tv saying they are in for the fight and will compete yet couldn't to a price match for me lol. Bloody good afternoon entertainment.

    • So DS is airing ads on TV promoting the daily sale. Don't think ACA will attack an advertiser when 9 network has its own financial problems.

      So the free advertising will bring in more customers for the weekend - must be big then.

    • Forget Saturday then.
      Everyone in Ausytralia will be there expecting a bargain.
      Will be ugly.

      • Saturday will be the new Boxing Day.

        And people will get trampled.

  • Last night I managed to find an ex display canon 100d twin lens for $329, last one in the country apparently. With $100 cash back its an amazing price.

    Picked up a AEE S71 for $129, looks solid for the price.

    A DVD recorder 500gb for $34, missing a remote. All above at Chermside,the sales staff were super helpful.

    Picked up the Swann security system for 238. Silly me thought they were all individual IP cameras and not just a central unit with 6 dumb cameras attached

  • Toshiba 8" Windows Tablet demo $48 at Westfield/Sydney Central Plaza

    Harmony ultimate is not yet on sale according to their system.

  • I picked up a Canon PowerShot SX700HS yesterday for $100 down from $329.
    Have refrained from buying anything else but the temptation looms.

  • +2

    Got nothing. I think I got shafted.

  • +2

    To OzBargainers,

    Dick Smith probably has the worst customer service i have ever seen and i am probably not ever going to buy from them again! Not even from this "sale" that they are having on. I went to check out what was on sale and pretty much nothing was left. So i picked up two AUX cables which said "Buy two and get 60% off" and so i grabbed two. I go to the counter and they are like "Where does it say it is 60% off?". I show him the sign which CLEARLY shows that if i buy two i should get 60% off and he said "Off of what price". He kept repeating this and i just decided to buy one as i wasn't bothered to argue with him. I overheard a customer asking another Dick Smith employee about the "sale" going on and the employee just said that there is no sale and that it is all a hoax. He said that it will be on the news. From what I'm seeing here and in stores i can clearly say that there is some sort of sale.

    This is more of a rant than anything but I'm just warning others out there not to get fooled by what they have to say.

    The store i went to was in Knox in Melbourne.

    • +1

      Also received the same response at Knox! Old guy who was the store manager, probably in his 50's was really negative about the whole thing. He told me at 9:05am this morning there is no sale, only a couple of clearance items nothing more and they've already been sold. In other words "We have nothing, please leave!"

      • please leave!"

        So I can keep buying all the goodies

      • +1

        I wouldn't fund his second Mercedes if grandpa showed me that attitude!

      • I was served by the same person! My brother (who had come in earlier in the day) told me to go to the other employee if i was looking for discounts. Since he was the only one available i decided to let him serve me. Really rude that guy. A customer had an inquiry and all i wanted was to purchase a cable and he's like "Ill be a while with this one". Absolutely disgraceful!

    • +1

      Exact same at Greensborough. Rude staff at Northland too. Staff at Airport West, Epping and Broadmeadows are friendly though.

      • And yet, Greensborough and Northland staff were really nice to me! How lucky was I? :)

        • I'm sure the staff when I was there were just stressed as it was like 10am and they had a ton of tags to put on, understandably annoyed.

    • +1

      Cos this clearance sales make them busy for two days, thats why they are not happy.

      • +1

        Hey, if my employer was in financial trouble at risk of potentially becoming insolvent meaning I'd be without a job, I'd want them to generate cash by clearance too, I'd want everyone coming in to the store. Suppliers paid, successful clearance of older stock and share price increasing. It can only go on like this for so long though…sad really.

      • Just because there is a sale on shouldn't mean that they shouldn't be happy. Their stores have been empty for so long with not many purchases being made everyday. Just because there is a clearance for one or two days doesn't give them the excuse to be grumpy. The sign clearly stated that there was 60% off 2 aux cables and he simply wouldn't let me buy it just because he was grumpy.

        • Opposite experience in Warringah Mall, NSW. Very helpful staff, happy to scan items for me to see what they came up as. Happy to give me a quick idea about the various clearance items. And then, finally, offered to help me carry the items out of the store to help me find a trolley.

          I expected the worst, and was very happy.

        • @peterept:

          I popped in around 11.30am and an asian lady had cleared every item going according to the helpful salesman. She walked out with 3 trollies full of large electricals in grey boxes.
          The guy still tried to find me something and came up with a pioneer 5.1 system down to 99 but I wanted to minimise to a soundbar so I politely declined :) He was very helpful.

    • Went to 3 stores and all of the staff were fine.

      Dandenong even asked if i wanted to check through the console games they hadn't had a chance to re-ticket yet. All 3 stores look up a few prices and stock levels for me without any dramas.

  • I dropped in at Nunawading after work to see what all the fuss is about. Picked up a couple of small phone charge bricks @ $5 each which will come in handy. They still had the Pana 40" smart TV for ~$600, but most/all of the other large discounts had gone. I got talking to the guy behind the counter and he said he expects this is what you get, and there will be no further discounting this weekend, despite what the press is reporting. There have been crazy prices but he admits it was all for old stock that had been sitting around far too long.

  • Managed to find a $99 ipad and conveniently just as I'm about to pay another sales person comes over and says it's faukty.

    • buy it, then go to apple and get a new one

      • +2

        Wouldn't let me. Apparently they "cannot sell"

        Seriously if you're going to claim dibs on thrthe item hide it.

      • Got exactly the same story at another DS.
        Cant sell it cause its "faulty" in the glass cabinet on display. Yah, right.

      • +1

        Apple start warranty since it activated… most display with no warranty anymore!

  • +1

    So this sale is the same as the Big W clearance sales earlier in the year, except Big W had a separate section in store to make it easier to know exactly what was on clearance.

  • I was told by Coles staff that the Dick Smith giftcards can take up to 24hrs to load your credit. In people's experience how long does it typically take?

    • Better be fast enough before all the good stuff sell out or closing down of stores.

    • +1

      It is activated immediately :) I can confirm this for you.

    • +1

      I bought some yesterday and 10 minutes later credit was there.

  • +3

    DS staff I spoke to said that Saturday is going to be huge and they have been told to put on more staff?

    • I also overheard this from a staff member.

      • Fingers crossed very tightly :)

    • Nah they are just saying that to keep all the goodies for themselves.

      • Nah, she was definitely legit.

      • So maybe with the old stock gone, they'll start discounting other stock. Who knows - time will tell.

    • +1

      I had a chat with staff member and they said that it's because they are going to reduce all remaining clearance stock by XX%. Tomorrow they are clearing what is left. Then after its all stock reduced further and one time only. So any clearance stock will be mega dirty cheap, however there won't be much left the way things are going.

  • Bunch of Tom Tom etc units at DS Westfield Sydney city in the glass cupboard

  • So.. Randomly in my haste I scored an 8gb iPhone 4S that is locked to telstra. I think I was so excited to have found a brand new Apple product that I just went for it. $199, which doesn't really make it a deal. Does DJ's do refunds? Can I return it?

    • +1

      Wait, $199 for a telstra locked iphone 4s 8gb? Wow :(

      • Dem apple prices. Android stuff was way marked down scored a z ultra for 74.7, tab s 8.4 for 149 and nexus 7 2013 for 49.

    • +1

      I think that's a fantastic deal.

      Hold on, iPhone 4S 8gb AND locked to Telstra… Definitely try and return it!

    • I've seen brand new iphone 4s (sealed) was sold for $99 yesterday. Not sure if it was locked. I wanted to get one for myself but the one I saw was the last one

    • I refunded it, lucky they didn't give me any problems. Ending up buying 2 Brookstone Rover 2.0, they're scanning for only $49. Pick 'em up if you find some!

  • Question, if a store has iPad stock but doesn't have it listed as a clearance item with the clearance price will it still scan at a clearance price?

    • +2

      Even if it doesn't have a ticketed clearance price (so just normal DSE price), it may come out as either a discounted/clearance price when scanned. Just ask them to scan it. It happened to one of the samsung phones I bought

      • Thanks

      • Which phone was this? I'm looking for a new Samsung phone

  • +1

    Went to Northland, Epping and Airport West for a Logitech Harmony Ultimate today, guy at Airport West looked at the price, his face lit up, went out back for 15-20 seconds and came back to tell me they had 2 but one is a repair job and one is on hold.

    Asked him why I was told they couldn't hold things but had no answers.

    Keeping things for themselves the cheeky SOB's..

    Don't think I'll ever go back to DSE, even if I do get the chance after next week..

    • I saw a few of it in dj and one of the ds store in vic

    • Sorry, I was the one who had it on hold! It was only for about 10 minutes though.

      • +1

        lol, all good. I was spewing though, spent over 2hrs driving to be told it was there but on hold was a killer.

        And now I know if I hadn't got stuck in shitty traffic, I could have it!

  • Same thing happened to me but with the harmony touch for $30 scanned guys eyes went wide, told he has to try and find it, goes out back less than a minute later comes back sorry. its not there. Gave him the evil eye. Went and grabbed the harmony ultimate, told him this BETTER be out back. Already new the price $100 dud nearly fell on the floor scanning it but sulked away and got it. Last one.

  • +1

    I have to admit, that the only thing I wished I had got from the sales was a Harmony Remote. Oh well.

    So the billion dollar question (Or is it $60 million) will there be anything decent going on sale on Friday? Do I camp again outside my local Dick?

    Admittedly, I have done pretty well and everything I bought will be for personal use or just to blow the socks off people for gifts, but I have this irrational fear that I am missing out if dont score in the next lot of bargains.

    • +1

      Hey mate, are you after the Harmony Remote?
      I am popping into a store tomorrow who said they had couple still left… I can check for you.
      PM Me

  • Popped into Hurstville Forest Rd store. Service non existent and the guy behind the counter should do a customer service course. If he doesn't want to work in a customer facing environment he should look for another job. At the other end of the spectrum you have another DS employee who walks in the door and appears to know the staff, all 2 of them. He was visiting from tbe Menai store. I asked him about tv's and he was kind enough to check some of the models for me. Even went out the back to see if there were any plus any tablets. This is by someone who used to work in the store previously and was picking up some stock for the Menai store. Absolute champion. Word is bigger discounts on tvs this weekend.

  • Just came back from the Fountain Gate (VIC) store, nothing but the regular deals. Only bargains were $10 PC Games, and bargain bins for Xbox 360 games + Xbox One Games
    They did have plenty of the 40 pack of AA Batteries for $8, but I think that was a catalogue special anyways..

    Very slim pickings indeed..

  • How much are people getting the Logitech Harmony Touches for? $30?
    Would anyone who bought one please be able to tell the the product code please?

  • +1

    touches are $30, Harmony ultimate is $100 down from around $300+ there is another model the Ultimate one but thats new so no discount

    • thanks mate, I've got a Touch on hold :)

  • +1

    Ok team,

    Warringah mall DS loot
    Shotbox s60 $49
    Shotbox s71 $100
    Jabra solemate $39
    2x camelbaks $10 ea
    Braun series 5 $69
    Some $1 filters
    TLOU ps4 + evil within $20 ea
    Screwdriver and pliers set $5 ea

    Stuff left
    Some cameras for $50
    Tablets to note:
    Note 10.1 $149 x2
    Z2 $378
    Razer naga $49
    Epilator $40
    Jvc 55" 4k $1100 (roughly)
    A sony 40"
    23 lcd tv $16
    Clearance laptops
    Heaps of $10 pc ps3 x360 games
    Heaps of $20 ps4 xbone games
    Lavazza casa mio simpla $50
    Some phillips earphones $3
    2x jabra solemate $39
    1x solemax $179???
    Ask for behind the counter stuff they have heaps

    Dicks at DJ looks normal, didn't really ask about sale..
    Might go again Saturday

    • That samsung note 10.1, is that the one that was $699.
      I saw a samsung note at my local for $699 and I asked about it and he said it was not on sale.
      Does one of these price lists going around have it listed?

      • yeah it's a 1st gen note 10.1 ash grey coloured. came out several years back $149 where I saw it.
        I think you should just scan it to be safe.
        Unsure on the price list.

        These stores just have what they have, in saying that I was lucky this store seemed to be untouched. I'm sure people have already gotten their bargains earlier in the day - saw a guy carry a 65" dick smith lcd for 135 I think.

        • Can't, I don't even know where they keep the tablets, probably under where they have the display ones.
          So it is possible that the note 10.1 I saw was a newer version and not discounted?

        • @star64:

          This was the one I saw on sale

          Box was white

          If it was a newer version, the box would've been like wood or cream coloured and device much thinner

        • +1

          I only saw the one on display, so cant really tell. Thanks for the info though.

        • @star64:

          No worries

        • $135 for 65"??? Seef

  • Might be time to give the CC a workout if some comments about tomorrow and in particular Saturday are to be believed. Vowed I wouldn't tell which store to a staff member on OzB (even though I didn't mention it I guess he assumed).

    But today I purchased: $10 Pioneer HDJ-500 (original price $149)
    $38.70 Philips Soundbar (original price $149?)
    $180 Sony Home Entertainment Pack (HT-XT1 sound bar + BDPS3200 blu-ray player, original price $645?)
    $35 BDVE690 5.1 surround sound system (retail price $199, as seen for around $300 three years ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/79068)
    $799 MacBook Pro 13" i5 256 SSD 8GB RAM retina display (original price $1799?)
    $1170 65" 8500B Sony UHD (original price $3600?)
    $19 ePure handset (original price $99)
    $2 AA 8 pack glitter batteries (original price $10?)

    I didn't want to be greedy with the soundbars (I purchased two now will have to sell/get rid of one) but one came included in the Sony entertainment pack I picked up after I purchased the Philips Soundbar. Good luck everyone for tomorrow and the next day. I get the feeling some numbers are going to fall… But who knows!

    All I wanted was an Xperia Z which I could not find anywhere.

    • +3

      congrats on the 8500B ~ which store did you score it on?

    • How can you still find Macbook Pro today?? I thought it has been sold out yesterday. I really want to buy a Macbook but couldn't find it anywhere. What time did you go to the store to score all those hot items?

      • Today I stayed there from 9:40am until midday then came back at 2:45pm until 7. Coming back again at eight (nobody showed up for the items). The name on the Macbook Pro was of a husband whose wife came in the day before (where I also spent about four-five hours all up at the counter). I remember her umming and ahhing over a display air for $499 and the MBP. I think she wrote the name down put a deposit for her husband but they never came back and over twenty four hours later they let me have it (I think they refunded the small deposit, unsure whether a deposit was even made but it was somehow reserved). Maybe staff wrote his name on both the Air and the MBP but the wife only wanted one and picked up the Air. Who knows.

        As for the TV it was ex-display and put aside the morning of Day 2 but person didn't come in yesterday or today so I was able to secure it late on in the day. I also searched around found the stand and remote for it (store people told me none came with the box but I found them). Took a bit of effort. In the meantime I was ringing up the switch of a David Jones store in the city, ended up getting through after about 1.5-2 hours (but stock that was showing up on the system wasn't available). I really wanted the 65X9000B (around $1319 from memory) but beggars can't be choosers right? ;)

        Despite conversations with employees who don't believe they will be receiving anymore stock I have a feeling there may be more coming in. Don't take my word though. It makes sense if there is a load of old inventory to clear.

        I just want a phone really, preferably with NFC capability but just something to replace my smashed up piece of … scarring my fingers every day. Came out with soundbars, a computer and a TV. I kind of needed those as well (not really the soundbar) but the phone is desperation point.

    • There was one Xperia Z2 for 374 at David Jones Burwood Westfields. Awesome guy helping me said he could bring it down a further 10 percent. I didn't buy it. Should probably still be there.

      • +1

        Ok might call around, was looking for the cheap Z and Z ultra (old stock) but obviously not much left around. It's interesting to spend a day in store. You see the early morning bustle, it pick up again nearing midday then coming back in the afternoon the workers seemed to be running on empty (there was some relief staff on or added staff in the afternoon which helped). By the end of the night there was one worker left, not another soul in store, empty racks and 'dance of the sugar plum fairy' on loop. It felt surreal. The days before the end/murder of Dick Smith? Lets hope not.

        • LOL you went real hardcore man, I just wanted a cheap laptop or tablet and a Playstation 4. Couldn't find any :(. There was a cheap Xperia C for 199, they might he able to do ten percent on that too, also the Moto G and E first gen were 89. The E second gen was 249 but the helpful sales guy said he could do 180. You said you need NFC, I'm not sure which ones have it. Also there was a note 4 for 399 I think. Sadly the HTC One M8 for 208 was gone.

    • If your in Melb I'll buy the Phillips sound bar off you. Couldn't find any sound bars on sale today :(

    • hey juzz0, could you please please please pm me the store? I really really want the:
      $1170 65" 8500B Sony UHD (original price $3600?)

      This is the exact thing I was hoping to get but have been stuck at work everyday…

      • It was the last one and I had purchased it, don't worry though I think there will be some big sales on stock this weekend.

  • +3

    Picked up Bioshock Infinite xbox 360 for $10. Can't complain.

  • +2

    I saw at least one store is stocking pallets of big flat cartons, so those who missed TV deals should be ready for the big Saturday. 2-3 TVs per bedroom seems to be the new norm.

  • +1

    no cameras, smart phones or apple crap today. just got a wireless doormat chime, toshiba mouse and belkin usb charger.

    almost bought an htc one but it was missing the sim card tray. of all things to be missing..

    • Ebay should sell them

      • +1

        they didn't want to sell me the phone after that lol.

  • I just bought a Philips rq1195 for $69 down from $250. Which I am happy about!! however the guy at kotara ds forgot to give me a receipt. (I thought he had put it in the bag).

    Does anyone know if I go back tomorrow can they reprint one for warranty??

    Any advice or comments from staff would be appreciated


    • +1

      Yea should be able to

  • Been focusing of activity trackers/smartwatches since i've been looking for one, Iwanted the Garmin Vivosmart due to formfactor and reviews but wasn't on price list so I assume no sale. These are available with reasonable amount of stock, want one just mainly just as a minimalistic watch and everyone else are just bonuses:

    Polar loop $50
    Red Fitbit Flex $50
    Striiv Fusion $40

    What's the best deal? Haven't researched these so I also want to make sure I can always resell if I find out it's not right for me. Care more about waterproofness, minimal lightweight form, time than smartphone functions followed by the pedometers, app, fitness goals and those stuff which don't interest me

    • +1

      Sony is <$30