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Panasonic TH65CX800A VIErA 65" UHD 4K TV $2970 (RRP $6,199) @ Videopro FREE Shipping*


Peers (edited from Gents), First time this TV has been under $3K!.
Be aware that this is the top of the range Panasonic model, so there are other brand and models of 4K TVs that are cheaper.
The RRP I quote is it's release RRP, be aware as most of us learned OZB members know, the RRP is one thing, what it sells for quite another, this TV usually sells for around $4.5K.

Reviews on the 800 series are very impressive. They outperform the Sony X8500 series. Which I have posted recently.

[email protected]:50pm: Additional info; comes with 1xPair of 3D glasses!. At least you get to try the 3D feature before buying a whole set of glasses for the family.
[email protected]: Review link (for the 55" equivalent) http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/tx55cx802b-201506294129.htm
[email protected] Have been informed price will be going back up on sunday 10-01-2016.

*Apparently free delivery except for Tassie :)

I am so friggin' tempted! My budget of 2K for a TV is under great threat! - ADDITIONAL INFO 08-01-2016*BUDGET HAS BEEN BLOWN! I bit the bullet and bought one, can't wait to get it.

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    • And now 3 days later it's $275 less in price which is the reason why it's a nice price. What a difference a few days can make. :)

    • Yep it was also that price on the 17th ( old post) and was only a hundreds or so cheaper than their normal price. This deal is a couple hundred cheaper again.
      As I mentioned before, not a massive saving compared to the normal price but still OK.
      I guess that's what you were pointing out too.

  • Jeez thats such a good price…i can imagine your self imposed budget of 2k being under threat.

  • Nov paid $2650 for 65CX700A plus 5 QFF points per $ so guess was good deal.

    Is there much difference between CX700A and 800A?

    • Lol..you've gota stop looking at ozbargain once you've made your purchase. Thats a great tv you have there.. Enjoy enjoy.

      • trippyfoo, I try so hard to follow that rule with any of my purchases, when I buy a car, I never look at the adds anymore. Worse thing to find that a month or 6 later, your car now comes for the same price but with un upgraded pack!

        • Over time everything depreciates with value. In 5 years that car would be worth significantly less, because new and better cars come out and that becomes obsolete. A car doesn't do you any good 5 years from now, a car gives you its worth NOW. That goes for anything. This is essentially my philosophy.

          I bought a 500gb ssd for $240 about 6 months ago. Now it's 200 on sale right now. I have absolutely no regrets, because that 40 dollars difference is completely worth it for the 6 months of blazing fast speeds I've gotten over a slow HDD. I could have paid 300 and still had no regrets. My PC starts up fast and is never slow. Cherish what you have now and for the time that you have it, for time is also money. You're always going to find a better deal somewhere.

      • It is a good idea to check ozbargain if you've got shopper's protection with the 28 degrees card :P

    • Foxtail 8 min ago ¶
      "Is there much difference between CX700A and 800A?"

      Apparently yes, the 700s are two levels down.
      Model order: CX800, CX740 then the CX700 (http://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions-projectors/...).

      From another panasonic post "CX800 has 10bit colour, 98% DCI colour space, HDR and local dimming pro. CX700 doesn't have any of these."

      • does it do 60fps 4:4:4?

      • To quote Chazz Reinhold on Whirlpool:
        "The Panasonic CX740 and the CX700 are basically the same TV and the 740 seems to be currently exclusive to Harvey Norman (which means consumers cannot price match). The only difference is the panel drive spec. 1000Hz Vs 800Hz."

        So it seems the CX700 is only one level down from the CX800.

  • Crap, I started out with a $500 budget. Now am at 1250. My last telly I got was the top of the range panny plasma 5 years ago and it is still awesome.This is tempting.

    I am just after a spare tell for the kids new ps4.

  • As usual 4K is great and all until you realise there is almost no 4K content to display. Imo save $1500+ and just get the fhd.

    • except some of us hook PCs up to it

      • Running Ozbargain at 4k… Respect ;) Unless PCs are used for something else… but that seriously CAN'T be true… can it?

    • True, but most 4K devices will feature some form of upscaling which, while not as good as native 4K content, will be somewhat better than FHD i imagine??

    • Yes and no and saying almost no 4K content to display is rather subjective.

      If you have a decent internet connection you can stream an increasing number of 4K videos on netflix and there are a nice selection of 4k videos on youtube (such as timescapes). I also have a 4K camera so I can create my own content.

      Just covering what raydragon said regarding upscaling - I can confirm that bluray content played on 4K does look better than at native 1080P resolution.

      The type of source is the critical factor, Movies like Rocky Horror being very grainy don't seem to have much improvement, but movies that have high bitrates and quality original source appear sharper, clearer and more vivid. Your mileage will vary and its best to visit a friend who has a 4K tv or see one at a store that has a bluray connected to it, play one of your discs and see what your eyes tell you.

      • Having a decent internet connection is also going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

        I can barely stream 1080P without constant buffering during peak hours on ADSL2+.

        Thanks to the Fraudband NBN network, which has downgraded FTTP to already irrelevant and poorly maintained HFC, this is not likely to improve significantly. The kicker is that its still going to be 5 years for the expected completion date for HFC…

        I should mention I live <8km from one of the 3 major east coast's CBD….good luck to the folks rural.

        • I use TPG ADSL 2+ streaming 4K Netflix content without buffering. And I agree NBN is such a big let-down. My area NBN schedule postponed for two more years. That sucks!!!

      • How can anything look better than at native resolution?

      • How about 4k selfies.

    • This is what keeps me from pulling the trigger.

      Firstly there's limited content out there in 4K. I work in video in TV and advertising, and the industry has barely even caught up to HD broadcasting. It'll be some time before we see content mastered in 4K as standard.

      Of course, web streaming (a la Netflix) changes everything. It's much easier for a streaming service to update their systems and adopt new technology. Netflix is leading the way here. So is YouTube and Vimeo.

      But these services are only as good as the internet infrastructure that delivers it. At the moment, that infrastructure is rubbish, and there's no guarantee that Malcolm Turnbull's Mess (MTM) NBN is going to do much better.

      So for me, it's a waiting game. Once the NBN hits, there should be more 4K content and the TV tech should hopefully be better and/or cheaper.

      • This is still doable depending on where you live… I have Optus cable and hit 70Mbs+ all day long**, so I have no need for NBN. Also, ppl forget that a LOT of the new cameras will shoot 4K videos and that both future proofs your future and allows you to watch them on your new amazing TV! :)

        **proof of the fact 'cause this being ozbargain it's only a matter of time till someone call me a liar hahaha


        • No doubt there are some people that are ready for 4K. But the vast majority aren't. And for that reason, we won't see a huge mass of 4K content just yet.

          But hey, if you're ready and you've got cash to burn, go for it.

          But for me on my 7Mbps connection, I'll just have to sit and wait.

        • Lucky you Educalifa! My mate on Optus cable (used to have NBN fiber but moved) is thoroughly annoyed with it with severely fluctuating speeds he says (NBN have called the Optus cable network a ripe mess supposedly needs hundreds of millions spent to fix). But anyway its unlimited and $40 cheaper than what i pay for Telstra cable 100mbit/800GB so i still reckon he has a much better deal than me!!! I guess like most things locality plays a factor.

          Even with my connection given 800GB limit i am not sure how much 4k i would want to stream anyway…..

        • @Xizor:

          I haven't had any issues with Optus yet. Well, actually, let me rephrase that… I haven't had any issues I didn't have with Telstra 10x worse before. I went from Telstra cable to Optus cable mostly because as you mentioned, Telstra is a rip off!! I do have the odd speed fluctuation but it's like once a month and even then it last 10-15min… whilst with Telstra I had it drop to 15mbs or lower EVERY DAY between 5-8pm. And then a few other random times.

          Optus says they will automatically "upgrade" me to NBN when it becomes available where I live but I'm really not looking forward to it. I have friends living in Mascot and their NBN service is slower than my optus. Only upload speeds are much better.

      • Interesting observation regarding content mastered in 4K..

        I would have thought everyone in the industry would be jumping at having the source at 4K giving you more latitude in post (grading, reframing etc) as well as improved aliasing and moire reduction when acquiring in 4K and downscaling to 1080P (or lower) for distribution..

        • All well and good in theory, but it has implications right through the post production workflow. Larger file sizes, longer render times, more processing power required, etc, etc… For some (big budget) projects it's no issue, but for a lot of stuff that requires fast turn around time, the incentive isn't quite there yet. That said, a lot of stuff gets shot in 2K/4K and mastered down to 1080p, allowing for reframing of shots in post.

    • meh i bought my panasonic plasma fhd when the same argument applied to fhd.. 7+ years later still going strong and fhd is the standard .. for me i dont see the point in paying good money for something i've had for 7 years… so this would be the next step.. :)

    • If you do your own still or video photography there is an advantage. But I just can't justify that kind of price, especially knowing it will be cheaper after not very long.

  • By the way guys, this is also a 3D TV for those into or would like to try 3D (I watched Maleficent on my parents 3D TV, it was great).
    Unlike many other TVs that come with none, at least this comes with 1xPair of 3D glasses!. Details updated.

  • Gents

    There are females on OzBargain. :)

    • +2 votes

      My bad, I forgot Im not writing an email at work (only guys that I usually e-mail)!.
      I usually write 'Peers'. My apologies Ms/Mrs Stix.

  • Review: http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id...


    Great picture processing, 4K picture and upscaling
    Firefox OS is fast and user-friendy
    Fewer reflections than competitors
    Quick navigation in TV channel menus


    Old Panasonic menus not integrated in Firefox OS
    Clouding issues
    Too narrow viewing angles
    Bad local dimming system (18 zones)
    Cheap remote controls
    Pre-calibrated color modes not very good

    • also only 3 hdmi ports… hdmi switches are hit and miss i have one that works great the other is always giving me issue's (plus apparently another remote seems to confuse the heck out of my wife..lol) … @ these sizes you'd think you have the room for 1 more…

    • shame to hear about the viewing angle, wonder how it compares to others…

    • To add to your review link for those interested and still pondering (like myself);http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/tx55cx802b-201506294129.htm

    • Negged for posting a review?

  • This or the Sony 75"?

  • Tempting… But not cheap enough to jump off my high performance 60" Panasonic plasma fhd 3d despite its disappointing fox footy image screen burn in the top right…

  • That's not how you spell queers

  • I sold my 65" V10 to guy who bought my apartment, now have the 65CX700 brilliant picture even on FTA out of the box.

    • Good on ya. Sometimes we (me specially), get caught up in the specs, when really at this level the image quality is quite good.
      Personally, I just need to know that at the time I'm handing over my hard earned, I got the best I could get, no matter what brand.
      My motto, No such thing as brand loyalty, If i'm broke no manufacturer wants to know me.

      • Lol.. True..good saying there. For me personally.. This whole 4k versus fhd. Reminds me of the whole 3d or no 3d.. And going back here..hd versus full hd. The manufacturers play the game and only supply their best panels in the higher models.etc etc. I think most of us on ozbargain appear to be waiting for large oled panels to become more affordable..i definitely am. and it will in a few years time, by then the 4k models will be passe and we will all be here debating the merits of 8k.. Circle of life.

  • Price aside how does this stack up against the samsung suhd 9 series??

  • For those that are pushing the no 4k content thing, put 4k in youtube and today and see how many results you get, its thousands! vimeo and other providers are going down same path. Also all DSLR cameras take over 1080p content, even iphones can take 4k video content now. Buying a 1080p tv is crazy talk, price difference is so small

  • Does this come with warranty?

  • I have an old panasonic still think it is great and would stay with the brand except they don't have a Plex app .. does anyone know if the new TV OS has one?

  • If you want to connect to the USB Ports, do yourself a favour and don't buy Panasonic.
    Any files in the USB port will be jumbled together with folders….you won't be able to organise any of your programs into meaningful order.
    I complained to Panasonic that the layout was poor and they merely acknowledged that their system did not differentiate between folders and files.
    If I could return mine, I would…..I have an old LG Plasma and a cheap Hisense that both handle USB files better than Panasonic.
    Never buying Panasonic again!

  • Anyone actually buy this? Any feedback?


    • Sup J'
      I haven't (OP), but will most likely in the next couple of days, I am visiting friends foR NY tonight and want to see something they bought recently to compare.
      I have seen the older model at Myer Melbourne yesterday (went to see the Myer windows… pft!), it's pretty impressive (selling on special at $4500.00).
      Going by the reviews I read on this (800A),it's supposed to be much better.
      Also, I saw the 55" OLED (in my price range), and to be honest at top of the line 4K (which this TV is) vs the OLED (FHD not 4K). It's very hard to tell. I do love the OLED, but at the current price of $2450.00 for the 55", I much, MUCH rather this one.
      i rang around (as someone on whirlpool also did), last I rang Harvey's at highpoint, the guy said nowhere near this price, they don't even stock it. I mentioned the model at myer at 4.5K, he said at that price yes, but NO WAY at under 3K.