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$2 Wednesday Sandwiches are Back @ 7-Eleven


$2 Wednesday Sandwiches are back @ 7-Eleven starting Feb 3. Enjoy :)

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    • That was exactly what I thought.

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      Fine Brothers lawsuit in 3,2,1…

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      Yep, exactly what i thought of when i saw $2 convenience store sandwiches

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      Clark Griswold: "I'm so hungry that I could eat a sandwich from a gas station"
      - National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)


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        "And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse."

        ~ Clark Griswold

  • Great news! Thanks TA.

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    $2 Wednesday Sandwiches

    That's more than they pay their workers… No deal…

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      This. No deal.

      A business built on illegally underpaying its workers and then threatening their visas if they dared complain.

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        I think this is how they pay their workers… on Wednesday at least.

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        7-Eleven is a franchise business, so it wasn't corporate that authorised underpaying. That was the work of dodgy franchisees.

        • 7-11 Corporate gets 50% of the gross profits, the franchisees keep the profit after all expenses including wages.

          Therefore, 7-11's profit sharing policy does have a massive influence on underpaying employees to be profitable.

        • @Wallace: And it's all in the contract when you sign on the dotted line. They are only crying foul as they got caught.

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      That was last year… you seriously have something against 711.

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        you seriously have something against 711.

        yep, won't give my money to companies that break the law and have dodgy ethics…

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          Panasonic use cheap labor, yet you posted one of their products.

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          Panasonic use cheap labor

          Do they illegaly pay their Australian workers below their award ?

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          I didn't know jv has a conscience. Learn something new every day.

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          I didn't know jv has a conscience

          Have been known to be unconscious at times…

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          Do they illegaly pay their Australian workers below their award ?

          The majority of the 711 employees weren't Australians. Just like the labor used by Panasonic.

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          @PainToad: This is where source of income comes into the equation. Do these Panasonic employees source their income in Australia?

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          So worker suffering only matters if it occurs within our borders?

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          @jv: You obviously know crap about shift workers since many of them aren't Australian citizens.

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          Mean while Australian youth unemployment sky rockets.

        • @PainToad: Under Australian law, yes. Are Panasonic workers overseas paid illegally below their award (or their equivalent overseas)?

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          So your concern is a legal one, not an ethical issue which jv said he also had.

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          since many of them aren't Australian citizens.

          You don't need to be an Australian citizen to work in Australia.

          Australian companies are required to follow the law, regardless of whether their workers are Australian citizens or not…

        • @PainToad: Yes, just speaking of the legality, in response to JV's comment "Do they illegaly pay their Australian workers below their award ?"

        • So you don't shop anywhere then? All the big companies have broken the law and the little places break the law in other ways.

        • @jv: Mind you, the "employees" were also breaking the law by working longer than the hours they were allowed to.

          But, since they didn't get paid for them, I guess it classifies as volunteer work, so all good.

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        This has been a systematic deprivation of basic liberties to vulnerable workers. In my individual opinion there is no way that head office was not aware of this and therefore approved of this practice if even by "looking away".

        But they won't be making much of anything on the $2 sangers,so if anyone wishes to "punish" 7/11, maybe by just buying the sandwiches, we can have a win win situation!

        /rant over

    • this deal would be worth it
      if it was served by underpaid workers.

      • Who are studying to be Veterinarians?

    • What 7-11's workers WILLINGLY ACCEPT is none of our business. We are the consumers with the primary goal of getting the most value out of our money.

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        What 7-11's workers WILLINGLY ACCEPT

        Breaking the law has nothing to do with what workers 'WILLINGLY ACCEPT'

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          Those workers broke the law too by working in excess of the allowable hours per their Visa terms. Hey but thats OK. They're victims right?

        • @tsunamisurfer:

          Those workers broke the law too by working in excess of the allowable hours per their Visa terms.

          And that justifies what 7-Eleven did, huh?

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          Again…I make no judgement on 7/11's remuneration policies, that is between them and the workers who WILLINGLY ACCEPTED those terms.

          I make judgement on the value I get from 7/11.

        • @tsunamisurfer:

          I make no judgement on 7/11's remuneration policies

          I make judgement on unethical companies that think they are above the law… Haven't shopped there since and never will…

        • @jv:

          And I respect your right to shop elsewhere, equally as much as the Workers' right to accept the terms and conditions that were offered by their employer.

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          @tsunamisurfer: Yeah, pretty much. What else are they supposed to do, starve? The company can damn well pay them for their work.

          That's some truly twisted victim blaming you're doing there.

        • I think 7eleven is just the stupid business that went too far.. Good chance that any business that uses labour hire is exploiting their workforce against the intent of awards.

          They deliberately "see no evil"

          E.g.. Any place that temps in cleaners/manual labour

        • @tsunamisurfer: They have to work extra hours because they are under paid. If they get full salary they will not have to work extra hours and late night shifts

        • +1

          @jv: "Technically" 7-11 paid the workers for the hours they were allowed to work (if you scale back the per hour rate). Just not the extra hours.

          Actually, if they HAD paid the workers more, they would also be breaking the law, as it would have been contravening the workers visa conditions.


    • Not only 7/11 doing things like this (with Visa's) … most want compensation for the visa they provide you and its usually in the form of we will hire you pretend we pay you x amount but we'll keep this much of it in our own pockets.

      My wifes cousin who was going through this told me there have been a few (mostly restaurants and bars/hospitality) who wanted about 30k worth of "compensation" a year to keep giving him a working visa… on top of that he worked about 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week. Some paid the minimum wage but then wanted the long hours are their compensation …

      this wasn't just one or two places .. nearly all of them have these types of practices .. he got very very lucky and found a job outside of perth (rural) who were happy to be fair and pay him normal wages .. just meant he had to move to a rural area and after all the crap he'd been through he couldn't be happier… got his permanent residency recently too…

      i'm with JV … seen it first hand .. wouldn't shop there

      • not all 7/11 are liek that. The one near my work is run by a family. I don't think minimum wages are an issue.

    • ‘Virtual slave’ paid 47 cents an hour to work at 7-Eleven store


  • Thanks TA

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    Great deal but geez they have ridiculously high sodium levels

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    If only they made a lettuce sandwich….

  • Does 7-Eleven also underpay their Australian employees, or just Indian and Asian staff?

    • I think it's easier to exploit ESL's as they are less likely to know their rights.

      That said, most of the franchisees in Sydney are Asian anyway.

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      Ive never seen a white australian working at 7 11 b4 though

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    The previous $2 deals also included the salads (even though it was the sandwiches promoted). Let's hope it's the same this time.

    • not this time around unfortunately :(

  • Is it true these sandwiches are prepared by inmates lol

    • Source?

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        20 cents extra…

      • Your local jail?

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    I got the chicken schnitzel sandwich last time this was on and it was gross. It was like chicken loaf chicken put into a shape of a chicken breast and then crumbed somehow. Wouldn't even pay $1 for it and don't know how many they actually sell at the regular price.

    • +2

      What are you on about? Its proper breast. I get that one all the time. You would be lucky to get one for $2 as they tend to disappear when this promotion in on.

  • So do we get the full sanga or just half and 7/11 expect us to "think" we ate the other half? I'm asking for a friend :)

  • Hope its the same size as previous. Ive noticed lately prices are staying the same while things are getting smaller.

  • +2

    Bring on the Egg & Lettuce Sanga!

    • +1

      You're a brave man. Gods speed.

      • I don't eat the other ones as they can be crap but E&L isn't that bad providing you check the date.. I'm lucky my servo is right near the highway so has a huge selection and always fresh..

        • E&L is just plain nasty
          Either you find one thats fresh and you kill the people around you passing gas all day long OR you get one thats not fresh and you die from food poisoning.

        • @BargainKen:

          Sounds like you've been getting all the fresh ones since you're still here?

        • +1


          Iron stomach

    • just ate a couple of egg and lettuce sammies on my way to work. nice

      • They aren't that bad.. For $2 I think it's a good cheap lunch..

  • This is the best news ever

    Cheers to cheap sangers
    (Jeers to not paying workers properly)

  • Toasted ham cheese and tomato here I come.

    • Can you toast them in the store or something? I guess in the pie oven.

      • Using own toaster oven, or work one. Can't do in store

        • +1

          Great tip.. I got a Ham, Cheese & Tomatoe Sanga today and did the same thing..

  • My breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea tomorrow.

  • was craving some last week, so im happy its back. but not on salads? i really like their ceasar salads

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    You alll realise you can pretty much make your own fresh bacteria/parasite free sandwich, with almost any fillings you like - sans maybe caviar, crayfish etc - for $2 yeh?

    Dont pull the 'i dont have the time' argument either - assume ingredients are bought when you do weekly shopping and if actual assembly takes you more than 5 minutes, you dont deserve hands, let alone a full stomach

    • The grammar Nazi's will be coming for you shortly.

      • +17

        Plural in 'Nazis' does not require an apostrophe…

    • +1

      1x Homemade Chicken Avo sandwich = $1 bread, $3 Avo, $2 Lettuce, $2 cheapest option for chicken in a can/small pre-cooked pack, more to buy a chicken and cook it up etc = $8 at least for ingredients for that one sandwich.
      1x 7/11 Chicken Avo sandwich = $2

      I like to eat something different most days for lunch. I'd have to be eating sandwiches the entire week to make back that money and not waste the leftover ingredients, or make salads which would require other ingredients as well. I'm happy with my $2 sandwich for one day :)

      • -2

        You are looking at it wrong. Its not an $8 sandwich - its $8 worth of groceries youd buy any way. So effectively the sandwich is free

        And you could halve that $8 if you don't buy from a supermarket too

        Canned chicken from thailand or somewhere similar? Barf. The dodgy labour practices involving your canned chicken are bound to be worse than 7-11 itself, assuming you have a social conscience

        Stock up on chicken breast or thighs when going cheap, freeze, and use in stir frys or parmas etc. then cook one for your sandwich every now and then when making a chicken meal.

        • "Canned chicken from thailand or somewhere similar"
          Barf indeed! Do you know this to be true?
          They definitey use canned chicken?

    • +2

      i tried to point this out & was lambasted! :D

      • +1

        I just +1 all you comments in that thread. I dont mind the odd subway but some ppl round here live off fast food apparently and will go in to battle over a frekin overpriced sandwich

        And anytime you mention $2 servo sandwiches , i think guts ache

      • +1

        At least you weren't turkey basted!

  • +1

    WTF is Wednesday shorter at 7/11 or something ? Went there at about 1am and the guy said the deal doesnt start till 3am ?

    • +1

      i went there just after midnight and it worked, did you get them to scan it?

      i got some of the $7 triple packs, the fridge was full and they had a big box waiting to be unpacked. previous times at that store they wouldn't put them out until around 6am and even then there was not many. no salads anymore :(

      • no he wouldnt cos he said his manager will get angry or something if its all gone. There were plenty there i was only getting 3

    • Same ere. There were no signs or anything promoting the sandwich deal when i dropped by 711 this morning just after midnight. Hopefully its out by now

    • LOL a true ozbargainer, there at 1am for the deal! Kudos to you brother.

  • +9

    Just a rant…sorry if it's off topic. I went to the 7-Eleven Servo at Forest Hill, VIC (corner of Springvale and Mahoneys) this morning, and the cashier came right next to me as I was loading the sandwiches into a shopping basket. "They're all the same", he said. I think he meant the expiry date. I was buying 6 x chicken avo and wanted to ensure I got the freshest batch. I said "No probs" As I was just taking them and putting them into the basket, and checking the expiry date as I put them in."

    When I paid, he grumbled again, "they all the same, you don't have to take them all out" I said, "I had to take out 6, what's your problem mate. I didn't mess up your fridge" He continued grumbling and asked the other cashier "Is there a limit for each person to buy the sandwices?" FUMING

    I would've dumped the sandwiches on the counter and walked off, but I was planning to have one for brekkie so I paid for them and drove off….FUMING

    • +3

      Probably thought you were buying it all up and not leaving any for the other people. A lot of cashiers are like that as other people would probably get a drink with their sandwich and more profit for them etc.

    • +9

      Yeah but to be fair you probably spent his entire week's wage in an instant so he was just jealous.

      • +1


    • +4

      6 dodgy servo sandwiches with a side serve of aggro

      This deserves a post of its own

      Hilarious - hope they were a good batch - coz a bad one would see you crook for days

  • try my cookie cookie

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