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US $10 Credit Towards Next Purchase @ Amazon US (with MasterCard) - Use Mobile Browser

  1. Go to through your phone (use Chrome for best results)
  2. If already signed in, please sign out. Otherwise, use Incognito Mode in Chrome.
  3. Go to sign in screen (do not sign in)
  4. Then, copy and paste this link -
  5. We're sorry page comes up.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Already a customer? Sign In"
  7. Sign in
  8. GET $10 OFF AT AMAZON.COM Come up
  9. Click "Change your 1-click setting"
  10. If you already register master card in your account, then you will get the credit. Otherwise, you should put mastercard info.

Thank you

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  • If you want free games (digital download) search PS4 sort by price. Heaps of 4.99 games

    • Doesn't work on digital games

    • physical products only

      • +1

        Doesn't seem to work on all physical products

        • yeah I tried it on a phone car mount and it didn't give the mastercard discount.. (sold by A camera lense gave the discount.

  • Just got The Division for $6.45 AUD shipped. Bargain.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    why my one don't shows GET $10 OFF AT AMAZON.COM Come up?

    • +21

      Judging by the way you construct a sentence, I'm guessing you did something back to front.

      • +1

        Thanks man, I follow the steps use my mobile , and can't find this step We're sorry page comes up., I am using iphone with chrome ,is that the problem ?

  • -3

    use Incognito Mode in Chrome

    Chrome is a botnet.

    • +1


    • Also works with iron browser in Android

      • Even though Iron is literally just Chromium (the open source version) with some closed-source spyware shoved in

  • OK, for those who it is not working for -make sure you read point 1 - on your mobile(!).
    The OzBargain hunt got me - act first, think later - I have spent 5 minutes trying to do from my desktop PC. Well, that gave me a lesson in reading deals properly.

  • +3

    I'm not getting the we're sorry page. It's just a page with nothing on it but the bottom section with links. Anyone?

    • +1

      Never mind, I think the copy link text in Chrome didn't copy properly or something.

  • Awesome, bought The Division for USD6.04

  • -1

    I got a "We're sorry, something went wrong while applying the promotion, Please try again soon" page after putting the master card. It was taking a while to refresh before the page comes up.

  • Good find OP

  • Amazing first deal OP.

    Crossing my fingers this deal isn't removed by the time I get home from work and find a MasterCard to use

  • Thanks, I'll hopefully be able to use this later in the week when I snag a good Black Friday deal.

  • Not working for me, followed instructions

    Both browser n incognito, sign out on both, pasted link etc. Just loads amazon page with already member at the bottom

    • Mine did this as well, but what it ended up being is that the link in the OP doesn't work for directly copying. I had to first open it in another page, then copy the URL rather than just highlighting it from here and copying it. I think there is something wrong with the formatting here (maybe the 3 dots at the end?)

      • Worked for me now, on link opened options, then selected open in cognito tab then 1-click etc

  • does anyone know the record for the number of votes for a first time post?

  • +6

    Heck yeah, i did it on 3 accounts with the same card. Now to find things i don't need, to buy.

  • Thanks, worked for me

  • Wow, thanks op!

  • Works. Thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks just got the division and battleborn for ~$21 delivered I could have save a dollar or so by using the parcel locker but the nearest location was 70km away☺

  • So I got the confirmation page for $10 credit however, when I try to checkout, I don't seem to get the -$10 off. I am on the Order Summary page with the button "place your order in AUD" right at the top. I'm assuming this is the last page to confirm the purchase?

    • +1

      Try a few different things, there seems to be lots of products that credit doesn't apply to (for me anyhow).

    • From what I can tell no digital content and must be physically mailed.

      • Yeah, it seems like some items are excluded. I tried ordering some Misfit accessories but couldn't get coupon to work. Worked with one of the Black Friday watch deals though.

  • +2

    Awesome OP!!
    20 Instax film for US$6.12, usually >$20 here and officeworks has them for $27.

    Had to buy them anyway, perfect timing.

  • -3

    It doesn't work. I can see the "Get $10 off at"
    Then there's an error message. "We're sorry, something went wrong while applying the promotion. Please try again soon"

    • +3

      Maybe try step 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10…

  • For those who have placed an order and used the credit, can you repeat this again to get another credit? :)

    • +2

      haha, yeah just tried that

      When I went through the process it after using for an order it I got the message "We're sorry, something went wrong while applying the promotion. Please try again soon"

      Looks like it only works once.

  • Many thanks OP. Cheers.

  • Thank OP!

  • -1

    Can't see any sign in on the 'sorry' page. Anyone else?

    • Never mind just read to use mobile.

    • It's at the very bottom of the page.

  • Thanks OP great post!

  • Thanks OP, I used incognito worked perfectly.

  • -2

    Wow! Major pain in the arse to get it to work as I was sure I was following the instructions, but after trying many times I finally got there.
    Thanks very much for this. Much appreciated.

  • This one will cross 1k votes sooner than any deal! Good work!

  • -1

    So I did what is shown and I got the "Thankyou… $10 has been….." blurb but when I go t Amazon I can't see where that $10 is.

    I ask as I now have 1 click settings on so If I go to buy something and the credit isnt there than it will just charge my CC?

    • You don't need to order with 1-click or have 1-click turned on to use it. But you do need your mastercard setup in your 1-click options.

      You do need to use the mastercard as a payment for the order.
      If you want to check, add an item to your cart and go through the checkout screens, on the final "Place Order" screen you can see if the discount has been applied.

  • Worked perfectly when I followed the instructions exactly, thanks heaps OP!

  • Thank OP

  • Thanks

  • Worked. Cheer. Can it work with the $5 credit from previous deal?

    • That's associated with my Amex in my case and can't stack them as a result. Maybe if you got the $5 and you only have MasterCard.

  • +1

    This deal has the highest upvote to click ratio i've ever seen! Almost 4:5 haha.

  • +1

    any way to see the items available under 10USD (free shipping to AU)?

  • Worked for me following the above steps. Thanks!

  • thanks. Worked for me.

  • Worked for me. Got $10. Will use to buy psn card for black friday sale. Thanks again

  • Cheers op

  • Nice worked for me! Thanks OP. Wish it weren't limited to physical purchases only.

  • Thank you very much.

  • possible to get Playstation Plus subscription from Amazon?

  • If only I had a MasterCard

  • Thank you, OP. Worked beautifully

  • Thanks OP!

    If anyone else feels like getting a hard copy of Overwatch Origins (PC Edition) $41USD - $10USD credit = $31USD

    Works out to about $40.50AUD… so cheaper than the current 30% off thing from Blizzard!

  • Great! Ty

  • Thanks OP.

    Good first post! this must be a record for +VE

  • We're sorry

    We're sorry, something went wrong while applying the promotion. Please try again soon.

    Someone copy to Please

  • By the way, you can always disable the 1-click setting by accessing "Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings" on your account settings.

  • Thanks OP, got it done!

  • Worked here using Safari on iPhone. Thanks.

  • Never bought from amazon before. Min spend $49 for free shipping? Or i am doing something wrong.

    • +1

      No free shipping

    • +1

      No free shipping to Australia.
      Shipping is reasonable on most items that aren't too bulky.

    • get a PNY memory card or something else small for cheapish shipping. make sure you buy items 'sold by amazon' for peace of mind

  • Worked for me, easy as. Took literally 2 minutes. So I did it twice, for myself and for the wife!

  • +8

    lol at all the confusion with mobile incognito. Here's how to do it using your computer:

    1. Chrome's dot dot dot → New incognito window
    2. Chrome's dot dot dot (in incognito) → More tools → Developer tools
    3. Select a user agent (my default was iPhone 6)
    4. Follow OP's steps exactly
    5. Profit
  • Thanks mate…got 10 bucks

  • +1

    You can do it via computer. Just use chrome and convert to mobile display using developer tools.

  • Worked for me (followed steps and got through to 'insert CC details details') but I only have a VISA :( +1 anyway - HUGE 1st Post.

  • Where do you find the discount once it's been confirmed? I added a few things into a cart but don't know how to apply the discount? It's not showing up automatically

    • +1

      itll show up on payment confirmation screen. i was looking for a watch. worked for one, but not for the other. not sure why but it doesnt work for every item

  • Thanks OP! good deal! I hope the orders get delivered in time, especially this time of year…

  • Just worked for me! Cheers OP!

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