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There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • Since it's much less likely people have dodgy fuel locks, they don't say anything to me really. I just say they're just really expensive anyway and see ya later.

    • -1

      Just say a mate locked it in

    • +2

      Just say you can't remember, or just any random place. It's none of their business.

    • +2

      The voucher doesn't show where it was locked in. It's possible that information is stored on the back end but you can't see it from the app. They shouldn't know where you locked.

      • yea! i just realise the lock voucher on the new app now no longer state where it was locked (iirc, the previous app does indicate the location).

        Only asked because in the past, some of rather curious cashiers would make a comment to state "oh you've been to <insert state here> recently?"…


        • I don’t remember the lock showing any location details. The cashier may have known from the price which was prominently displayed.

          • +2


            I don’t remember the lock showing any location details. The cashier may have known from the price which was prominently displayed.

            Yeah it doesn't.

            New app update indicates it tracks your visits.

            Will be interesting to see whether it starts blocking/banning devices based on location jumping.

            May need to sign up to new accounts for every lock if that's the case.

  • is iFakeLocation on MacOS working for anyone? I get error message "Your device's iOS version is not supported at this time." My iPhone version is 14.1

    Edit: NM, I read other post

    • Same here

      • Though I was able to use an older iphone with version 12.6, but location setting is still not working. Do we have to change the iPhone to Developer Mode using XCode?

    • doesn't look like there's a 14.1 version avaliable right now :/

  • +6

    For those on iOS 14.1 download this:


    Create a folder called 14.1 inside DeveloperImages folder, extract the dmg files into 14.1 folder, then Bob's your uncle!

    Thanks to mspvirajpatel on GitHub!

    • Do you need Xcode installed on MacBook for this?

      • I'm running this on PC, but looking at the requirement for Mac you only need ".NET Core 2.2 (macOS 10.12 "Sierra" or newer)".

        • Thanks Slugoid. I was on “Mojave” which is 10.13, but didn’t work. Today I have upgraded to Catalina, I will try again

        • +1

          It worked. Thanks for the advice.

    • Thanks for the tip

  • +3

    For those waiting for good U98 price
    Today's price is 115.9
    location -32.92358,151.62122
    thanks Elevenme for the notification

    Successfully locked via iFakelocation in iOS 14.0.1

    (VIC general U98 price today is 165.9)

    • Thanks, locked using iFakelocation.

    • yep

  • has anyone locked in the last few hours? getting an error code E03.

    • Just locked in a couple of minutes ago, no errors.

      • on iphone via laptop?

        • iPhone via Windows using iFakeLocatoon

    • Also having trouble locking. But with no error code and such. It even say, location successfully changed but checking on Goggle Map I am still at home. I have successfully locked in the past but having issues this week.

      Using windows, IOS version 14.1, Ifakelocation V1.4.3, DeveloperImages 14.1, 3UTools V2.51.

      Wondering is it the 3UTools version, as I am trying to update it but think their server is down.

      • lock again and it will work. I had the same issue

      • Do you need both 3UTools and iFakeLocation? I’m guessing not. iFL worked for me.

        • +1

          Thought needed both to work so had both, so had both.

          iFL didnt work. Although it said, location set and such, goggle map still show current location.

          After updating 3UTools, it worked for me. At least one worked, luckily, Needed to pump this week for a trip.

  • +28

    For those using iFakeLocation, I've issued a new update, v1.5.0, to address the iOS 14.1 issues. It will also give me more control over the ability to source developer images, without solely relying on specific repositories that are entirely out of my control.

    tl;dr future support for iOS updates should be quicker and not require having to update the application itself.


    • legend 👏

    • Thank you !

    • Hi Master131, I have dowloaded the v1.5.0 and also created a folder in /Applications/DeveloperImages/14.1 and kept DeveloperDiskImage.dmg and
      DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature files, I can then see iFakeLocation and map etc. But when I click "Set Fake Location", and later check google map, I still see my device GPS location. Some reason the iPhone 14.1 is not detecting now. Previously it was working. I am on Catalina MacOS.

    • @master131 - Thank you for this!

      • Are you using MacOS or Windows? I am still struggling on MacOS.

        • @Iwantthatbargain - Mac OSX

    • @master131 ifakelocation not working after I updated to MAcOS big Sur

      • +2

        I don't physically own a Mac so I can't diagnose any issues related to Big Sur. Can you provide more information? What exactly doesn't work.

        • @master131 Thank u for the response

          iFakeLocation is not opening. before update when I click on iFakeLocation it opens on google chrome. Thanks
          i tried drag and drop ifakeloction on to chrome
          "[parent directory]
          Name Size Date Modified
          bin/ 31/10/2020, 22:38:53
          iFakeLocation 72 B 18/05/2019, 04:31:16

          • +1

            @georgev: Can you check the Security & Privacy options in System Preferences to see if it's being blocked somehow?

            • @master131: i checked it, its not blocking either
              Also I Disabled Gatekeeper to get “All apps downloaded from:” with the choice of “Anywhere


              • +1

                @georgev: Not sure; hopefully someone in the community might be able to find a solution. Sorry I can't be anymore help. One more thing to possibly try is to launch the app from the Mac Terminal:

                cd <location where app exists>

                For example, if iFakeLocation is directly on the Desktop:
                cd ~/Desktop

                Or if it's been installed into the Applications folder:
                cd /Applications

                This might give some output in the console that may be more helpful.

  • +9

    Available for locks today and tomorrow.

    Please PM me your details and fuel type..

  • getting error01 code AttesetationError when i try to lock today . anyone else with issues ?

    • I'm getting the same error :(

      • nope…all good here. PM me pls incase you are still unable to lock

    • Same here.
      Have tried different accounts,and restarted device as well.
      Worked fine last night, and there's been no update since.

    • Logged into an account and able to lock in price. Logged out and now cannot log into any other account. Using an iphone. Very strange.

    • I'm getting the same error trying to lock in on android as well.

    • Try clearing the data on the 7/11 app. Once it fails once, the app remembers it until you clear the data or reinstall. If you have xposed/edxposed, disable that as safetynet no longer passes with it.

      • yeah did that, tried it all again this morning but same issue.
        I did notice Magisk also fails now, but from memory it never passed previously either.

    • no issues, locked and used … iphone and android

    • +2

      update on my error. basically failed safetynet check. updated magisk manager , updated Magiskhide props 5.3.6-v106, worked through https://www.didgeridoohan.com/magisk/MagiskHide#hn_Unlocked_...
      what a pain that was.
      did this https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=83028387&pos... and
      manually enabled magiskhide via termux

      and safetynet passes again

      seems like after a phone reboot magiskhide fails which leads to safetynet check fail , needs to be toggled off and on in the menu

      • +4

        thanks for this, safetynet was failing as well
        - updated magisk
        - updated magisk manager
        - wasn't until I disabled magiskhide (in settings), then re-enabled it and then safetynet passed

        • Can you give me a heads up on the last step? How did you do this.

          • @Shpox: Can you find the magiskhide option in the magisk manager app?

          • +2


            • In Magisk manager, click the settings cog (top right)
            • Scroll down to "Magisk"
            • Toggle the slide bar for "MagiskHide" to off, exit Magisk then on toggle it on again
        • Thank you ssjwill! Was having this problem too, I followed your steps and got mine working!

        • +1

          seems like after a phone reboot magiskhide fails which leads to safetynet check fail , needs to be toggled off and on in the menu

          Yeah this keeps happening to me after rebooting my phone. It was tricky trying to find the right sequence of when to toggle magisk hide off/on but I think these steps are working for me.
          - Sign out of 7/11 app, reboot
          - Test Safetynet with Magisk, should fail after reboot (can be skipped)
          - Start your mock location/gps app
          - Toggle magisk hide off/on, test safetynet with magisk again - it should pass.
          - login to 7/11 app

          You should be able to lock

    • same issue before, working fine after update to latest magisk, and pass safenet test.

    • same E01 error for me

      • suprisingly getting e01 error atm despite passing safetynet

        • actually finally got it working following ssjwill post above.

          But it was only until i restarted my phone, disabled magiskhide and re-enabled again, that i managed to get it working

  • +7

    U98 114.7c/L 11-Seven Edgeworth NSW 2285
    (Thanks to projectzerothree, and close enough: 151.626, -32.925)

    • +4

      U91 and U98 are now both the cheapest they’ve been for the latest 30 days. TGP has been steadily dropping though so it could get cheaper in the next 30.

  • What are people using as the cheapest and easiest rootable android devices with at least android 9? From my limited research, an original pixel at around $80 seems pretty good on the ease/value scale. Unless there's something I'm missing?

    • +5

      My friend has the original pixel & works no problem for him on that. Grab it for $80 it will pay itself in a couple of locks. I've been saving at least $10 per fill. At the start of the corona price drops I saved $27 on my fill-up from petrol light being on.

      • Ended up getting one, was a complete nightmare. Had OEM unlock greyed out. Was android 10. After many hours of having no idea what I was doing, it's downgraded to android 9, and running magisk and small patcher. A massive thankyou to everyone who has provided info for this.

        • Android 9 can't run 7/11 though??

          • @cwongtech: It sure can.

            • @brendanm: As long as it works!

              • @cwongtech: When they went to my7eleven app the minimum requirement went to android 9. If they up it again then I'll get to learn how to upgrade it to 10, how exciting 😕

  • unable to login to the app in the past hour or so, anyone on the same boat? it just stuck on "hold on.." icon

    • update:
      account still unable to login. The account was used to lock fuel from Edgeworth, then logged out, then logging in with different account (locking price for friend), and after that, tried to log back in with previous account unsuccessful.. even my friend's account also unable to login.
      but .. another account that has no locked fuel was logging in fine..

      Could it be new app countermeasure function to stop people from locking in fuel from different region now?

      • +1

        Since you don't need to prepay anymore just make a new account and use that to continue locking

  • +2

    Those having sign in issues are you using iOS or Android?

    Edit: I was having issues on iOS 14 and I think it was because I had the default browser set to something other than Safari. I’ve had log in issues with another app and that was resolved with changing it back to Safari. I’ve also had issues with a third app that used Safari web view.

    Tldr: If having log in issues on iOS 14 ensure default browser is set to Safari.

    • +3

      iOS 12.1 and latest version of app. Yesterday couldn't log into other accounts after logging into first account. Rebooted the iphone and it's fixed it. Locked in 98 today no problems.

  • +1

    yay, ios14.2 all good with iFL.

  • Edgeworth still going great…happy to lock in fuel for few hours……send credentials and fuel type.. please check https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php before pm…

    • +3

      Question: is there a way to get push notifications on phone when i get PMs plz…

      • +4

        Install the ozbargain app.

  • +1

    To save everyone time using 3uTools to lock in LPG at Sandringham Victoria, don't bother. Its jumped to 0.629

  • Quick question on the fuel price lock. Did anyone had any problems if you lock prices of a QLD / WA [pump and then fill up in Sydney within 10-15 minutes?

    • Nope. Go for your life buddy :)

  • For the past two purchases the gift card associated with my voucher has declined, still had a valid expiry date though
    Will try a new account next week.

    • More info required. Out of state lock? do you switch between multiple accounts often? what device & gps spoof are you using? Did 711 say they will send you a gift card when you sent a screenshot of your lock & photo of the receipt to their support team?

      • +1

        Thanks for reply. Didnt keep the receipt, will contact them next time.
        I suspect it's the store, 7-Eleven Strathfield South, same one I had previous issue with. Other sites no issue, yet. Can the operator cancel the voucher?
        Price was only 2c difference and 45 litres, so I'm not really bothered by 90c.

        Anyone else have declined vouchers at Strathfield South?

        • Confirming my account still works, it’s definitely the store not accepting the voucher.
          My card works at other stores.

  • Just a heads up for people planning on rooting their Androids- I just managed to root my HTC10, here are something to note.

    If your phone doesn't have android 9.0+, then 711 app won't work. You need to find a ROM which will get your phone to the required android 9.0+ . I followed this guide as an example, you need to find one for your android https://theupgradeguide.com/install-android-9-0-pie-on-htc-1...

    Otherwise, I followed linked guide (https://old.reddit.com/r/PokemonGoSpoofing/comments/a1d07r/a...) and it worked great. Needed to figure out how to install the latest magisk myself though.

    • +3

      Would also like to add, if you're wondering what Android 10 rom to install on your old phone that (most likely) doesn't have an official Android 10 update at this point, LineageOS is a safe bet, if your device has official 17.1 builds (https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/)

      Installed it on my Oneplus One, seems to all be working fine for now.

  • +1

    Server errors anyone? E01 Soap error or something?

  • +1

    Anyone getting Error A01 (code: SOAP-ENV:SERVER)?

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