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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

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Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • +1

      With the current prices in Sydney, trips to Rutherford is a bargain

      • Beats UTS Software Development Project.

  • -2

    Can you use the locked price in NSW if you are in VIC?

  • Updated my iPhone 12 to iOS 14.4 and now iFakeLocation comes up with an error "Unable to mount developer image" when I try to set fake location :(

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Never mind - restarted Mac & iPhone all working about now :)

  • I've rooted my LG G4, installed Lineage OS 16, installed the old 7-eleven app (v1.10) which runs on versions of Android below 10. Installed the latest version of Magisk. Installed GPS Joystick, hidden this. Hidden magisk, Hidden 7-eleven app. When I try and log in I get an error "No internet connectivity!" Error code Foxtrot.

    Any ideas?

    • +1

      Connect wifi? XD

      Try to check if you can access P03 on the aosp browser to verify connectivity issue is localised to the 7/11 app?

      Also, note the 7/11 authorisation login doesn't play well with the lineage OS default browser (aosp)

      You'll need to get the g-apps package and get the package suite that at least includes google chrome

      • Thanks mate. I definitely have a working internet connection. I'll download the gapps package with Chrome as a system app and let you know how it goes.

      • I installed the stock gapps version which includes chrome as the system browser and still no luck unfortunately.

        • Have you accessed a webpage in the phone using Chrome browser? (Not in the 7/11 login page)

          • @cwongtech: Yes, no problems

            • @gyrex: Very strange

              Done the good ol' turn it off and on again?

              • @cwongtech: haha yeh, tried that. Thanks for your help. I'll keep trying to solve it

                • @gyrex:

                  installed Lineage OS 16, installed the old 7-eleven app (v1.10) which runs on versions of Android below 10.

                  Hold on, why are you using the old 7-eleven app?

                  Maybe that's the issue?

                  We're at version 2.4.4 at the moment

                  LG G4 has Lineage OS 17, I think your issue is you're using the old 7-eleven app which was decommissioned


                  • @cwongtech: Lineage 17 has been withdrawn from the LG G4 and is no longer available. The new app is only compatible with Android 10 and up. This could be the issue. I'll try running the old app on another phone and see what happens

                  • @cwongtech: Yep, that appears to be the issue - same error message on a non-rooted device. Looks like I'm stuck :(

                    • @gyrex: No other secondary devices in your household?

  • I've downloaded the zip for iFakeLocation. The first step is to run the .exe file. I can't find an .exe file anywhere in the folder.

    What am I doing wrong please guys?

    • Are you sure your anti-virus software is not blocking it? I just downloaded the latest release and the .exe file is included in the zip file.
      Size = 113,152 bytes
      SHA-256 checksum = 8e5a5c37091eb7e460f14cbe84f99e1d2f236b09d52a88e1dc0b46d941d167a7

      • At https://github.com/master131/iFakeLocation , I can see the green Code button. I click that, the zip downloads. But the SHA-256 checksum doesn't match. Also, I have 206,767 bytes. Something very obvious but I can't put my finger on it.

        • +6

          Ah I see where you're going wrong. So what you're doing is pulling the entire source code repository. Handy for if you want to make changes or compile the application yourself to verify there's no funny business going on.

          What you want to do is download from the "Releases" page which has the application built already. https://github.com/master131/iFakeLocation/releases

          Also, the size and checksum I gave was for the .exe file only.

          • @keyman: Beauty, I got it now! I will try this later tonight and I'm sure I can get it to work now. Thanks for all your help. If this works, a coffee is coming his way!

          • @keyman: In the words of Borat - "great success!"

            Cheers mate!

  • +5

    ifakelocation working fine on iphone 8 on ios 14.4

    Don't forget to donate: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/master131

    • I got 6S on 14.4
      iFakelocation says "Your device's iOS version is not supported at this time."

      Do you mind helping lock a 91 price to my account?

      • Hey mate sorry for the slow reply. Happy to help, PM me.

  • -3

    I don’t understand why everyone is messing around with all the Android bullshit.

    Get an iPhone. Get a second hand cheap one. It might cost you $200.

    Download 3u Tools. Lock in a mock location.

    It’s literally so simple but for some reason everyone wants to mess around rooting androids etc.

    You’ll deadset pay for the phone within 10 refills.

    • +7

      Well because with a prepared Android phone you don't need a computer to assist you, and most people have secondary old android phones lying around.

      I can lock from my car as long as there is internet connection via mobile data.

      It’s literally so simple but for some reason everyone wants to mess around rooting androids etc.

      Well, I guess some of us want to make do with what we already have and learn something on the way

  • Am I correct that the My 7-Eleven app will only work on Android 10 and up? If so, does anyone know a really cheap Android 10 phone which can be rooted?

    • +3

      Find one that has lineage os 17 available
      My working fleet of choppers:
      Xperia Z5
      Xperia Z5c
      Pixel 2
      Samsung A20 definitely can be done (without lineage OS 17)

      I've seen it done on a Samsung S7 before
      Any other phones newer than the above should definitely be able to get this up and running.

      • I couldn't download the app from the play store but I downloaded the apk from apkmonk and it's working fine on my rooted (Magisk) LG G4 running Lineage 17 :) Thanks mate!

        • LG G4 running Lineage 17 :) T

          I thought you said L17 was withdrawn? Congrats on getting it working btw!

          • @cwongtech: Ah sorry, Lineage 16. It's running Android 9/Pie.

            • @gyrex: …interesting that it works!

              • @cwongtech: I have a ZTE Axon 7, rooted, installed linage 17.1 (android 10), Magisk + Smalli patcher w/ mock location, installed magisk hide, magiskhide props config, gps joystick. When i try to lock, i get Error E01. According to another post, I need to pass Magisk safetynet. According to Magisk, I pass the basic integrity but failes cts profile check. Tried to google for solution, can't get it to work. I think I will give up already at least for this particular phone… just sharing my experience :)

                • @edwink: Try my solution posted here

                  Fixed up CTS profile check for one of my devices

                  • +1

                    @cwongtech: Thanks cwongtech that worked like a charm!
                    I now have a problem with GPS Joystick, no matter what, it won't 'teleport' to the new location, it just gets stuck at the old fake location (Orange) and doesn't move to the new set location (Bankstown)… What am i doing wrong? Is there another app apart from GPS Joystick that i can try?

                    Edit: I managed to fixed this by clearing the cache on the GPS Joystick app… i don't know why it was doing that but it worked. Helicopter fully working now :) Thanks

  • Anyone get the E03 device error? :(

    What are people using for iOS (non jailbroken)

    • +3

      See here

      Suggested resolution:
      Let it chill for a minute before you try lock

      Edit: According to barnlord letting it sit for a minute and locking in again seems to do the trick with "Error E03". Will try it out, and then report back - Lizard Spock on 22/09/2020 - 07:39

      Edit 2: It actually works. Let it sit for about 45secs - 1min before clicking 'lock' and no error! - Lizard Spock

      • Credit to barnlord, from Lizard Spock 🙂

    • +3

      iFakeLocation or 3utools. It's listed at the bottom of the post.

    • +1

      I am getting the E03 error as well, not letting me lock even after letting it sit for 1 min on the lock page.

      • Were you able to resolve the issue?

  • +2

    iPhone X
    iOS 14.4 jailbroken with checkrain
    Relocate reborn to fake location
    A-bypass to bypass jailbreak detection.

    Price lock works fine. You will miss passcode lock of iPhone due to checkra1n

    • Any alternative for relocate reborn?
      A-Bypass is working for all the apps except 7 11 app.
      Apple iphone 11 pro max
      IOS 14.2

    • Did checkra1n get an update? The official page still says future statement for iphone x. Where did you get the version of it that works on ios 14 for iphone x?

      • In checkra1n go to options
        Select on allow untested ios version
        And select on skip a11

        This video will help you mate

  • +6

    Pm ur details and fuel type for price lock. I am free for another hour before bed.

  • nvm- found out.

  • I'm getting a "We've detected your location isn't true" error message when attempting to lock in a price. I'm running Magisk, Joystick GPS and have hideen the 7-eleven app from Magisk. Any ideas? It used to work ok…

    • +2

      There was an issue with magisk. Somehow it uninstaller itself so I've just reinstalled magisk and it's working fine now.

  • +1

    Getting the E03 error on the new IOS update, anyone else getting it, even after waiting 1min to lock. Any suggestions to resolve please? :)

    • For all IOS users, do NOT update for the time being.

      • +2

        Performed a factory reset and reinstalled, able to lock prices again as norm

        • Phew, can breathe again! :)

      • This worked for me as well

  • +1

    Im in 14.4 working fine.

  • I got 6S on 14.4
    iFakelocation says "Your device's iOS version is not supported at this time."
    anyone had a fix for that?

    • try 3utools, works with 14.4

    • +1

      I discovered today (after using iFL for quite some time) that the phone needs to be unlocked for the fake location to be set.

  • +2

    U98 119.9 Vermont, VIC
    Latitude: -37.8366
    Longitude: 145.1965

    • +1

      Didn't last long now 137.9

    • +2

      damn, got notification at 10.02am.. tried to lock in at 10.05 and was gone. assume there was a delay. got to be quicker next time

      • Ooo, you can set notifications? How!? Where?

        • ElevenMe app in the Play Store, not sure about Apple.

        • +1

          ProjectZeroThree lets you set up email alerts

          Total of 15 clicks required?

          Really really easy, no need for another app.

          ElevenMe app in the Play Store, not sure about Apple.

          Relies on ProjectZeroThree API/data anyway, so why not just get it straight from the source…

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Because some prefer app notifications over just another email.

            • +1

              @sween64: Email push notifications do exactly the same thing for the purposes required (alert of fuel price movement)

              All phones come with an email app by default lol.

              ProjectZeroThree emails comes straight from the source.
              ElevenMe just adds another layer to it (and ads)

              • @cwongtech: I noticed that you're really against this app.

                Why is that?

                • +8

                  @Hero: I'm against laziness and also leeching off other people's work

                  Our coding god master131 made email notifications (thus push) available a long time ago. June 2018
                  Example of it working here..]

                  ElevenMe was first listed on the Play store end of Nov 2019 by Bernard Kung, a lot of shameless plugs on the 7/11 posts..

                  Without Master131, there would be no iFakeLocation (alternatives include 3utools I suppose)

                  More importantly, no ProjectZeroThree.info to show us where to go

                  Make sure you buy Master131 coffees!

                  • +1

                    @cwongtech: Just my opinion as a person working in IT
                    mobile app has a different purpose than a website / email
                    push notification is a handy feature to notify user of the messages they are concern about

                    I totally understand that master131 has spend lots of effort and his time in building all of these
                    and personally I have been buying many coffees to him to show my appreciation

                    However, I do not agree that consuming P03 API in the Elevenme is a "steal' of other's work
                    many apps utilize API to show data to user in mobile view for easier access to user
                    eg. iOS official Weather app is using Weather.com data
                    It doesn't mean that user cannot go to weather.com from mobile browser
                    but app provides much easier usability in this use case

                    Just my personal view…. and still, appreciate all the great effort this community brings to me
                    and please continue to support master131

                    • @littlesoldier:

                      Just my opinion as a person working in IT
                      mobile app has a different purpose than a website / email
                      push notification is a handy feature to notify user of the messages they are concern about

                      Hello fellow IT worker!

                      For me, it's always function over form, what the purpose is for, doesn't matter the label.

                      Emails also give you push notifications as well (if you've configured it to do so)

                      Projectzerothree.info bookmark on your home screen and 2-3 minutes to enter your parameters are all that's needed for master131's email alerts

                      • +2

                        @cwongtech: In the eleven me app you can swipe the fuel over and it has button to copy the coordinates to clipboard then you switch to the gps joystick app and tap set location and then press paste. Way faster method than doing it through website. You should check it out before you dismiss it.

                        I find email notifications inconvenient as I get so many emails I just disable that and I don't want fuel pricing emails coming in either.

                        • @Agret:

                          I find email notifications inconvenient as I get so many emails I just disable that and I don't want fuel pricing emails coming in either.

                          Lol just create a new email.. it's not that hard

                          Way faster method than doing it through website.

                          You can also copy and paste the location name, GPS joystick does co-ordinate search without the need of assistance for another app to spit out co-ordinates to copy and paste..

                  • +4

                    @cwongtech: Couldn't agree more with you mate. All the app is doing is generating income for this leech off the back of the hard work done from master131.

                    I've bought master131 a coffee previously but I'll be buying him more for all the savings I've accrued from his amazing work.

  • +1

    I have just installed My 7 eleven app on a mini mac M1 (using Imazing).
    However, when I launch it on my Mini mac, it appears that "Your device is not supported"

    How can I bypass it on a MINI MAC m1?

  • +23

    Hi everyone, inspired by master131 and keen for a weekend challenge I've created another option to check for fuel prices.

    Introducing Refinery

    At it's core it's not much different to P03, however not wanting to piggyback off master131's work it does source it's own data. One feature to note is that you can select a price to copy the location's coordinates to your clipboard.

    I also made a Twitter bot that posts a morning and evening price update, as well as any price drops seen during the day. I had hoped to be able to finish the ability to receive your own custom price alerts via DMs by today, but wonderful weekend weather put a delay to that, so it might be done sometime later this week.

    If you have any feature requests or if you encounter any bugs or issues, please let me know. Happy to hear what you think!

    • Is the data sourced from 7-Eleven?

      Excellent looking website. I’ve also followed the Twitter Bot because why not.

      • +1

        Thanks! Yes the data is from them.

    • +1


      Any chance of getting Vu's link added at the top of the page under cheapest prices for quick reference?

      Great work Vu, i like it.

      • Power User can also do it

    • +1

      Great and clean website
      Just make sure not to fetch the data from 7-11 too frequent
      Hope they will not block from "unusual" activities :)

    • Love how simple and easy to use it is. Cheers Vu!

  • My 7-Eleven Scheduled Maintenance
    Dear Customer
    We are writing to let you know that on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 between 10.30pm - 3am the My 7-Eleven app will be undergoing some scheduled maintenance.
    During this time the the My 7-Eleven app will be put into maintenance mode and you will be unable to use the app or its features.
    Thanks for your patience

    • +5

      Let’s pray it’s not a patch of our beloved copper methods

      • You, me, them and the entire congregation! :)

  • +5

    Available if anyone needs a lock in

  • +1

    For the small minority people that have their iOS devices jailbroken, does Liberty Lite Beta still work for anyone? (particularly iOS 14.3)

    • iOS 14.4, 14.3 jailbroken with checkrain
      Relocate reborn to fake location
      A-bypass to bypass jailbreak detection.

      One in ipad air 2018, iphone 7, iphonex all working good mate

      • +1

        Can confirm, A-Bypass works on iOS 14.3 (A12) - thanks!

  • Since the last app update I am getting error E01..
    Please help to fix this issue…Using Android


    • Same issue here 😒

    • +4

      This video helped …

      • +3

        Weird AF.

        2 of my 3 choppers also getting E01, one is going through.. weird

        That video definitely helped, thanks for sharing

        Pixel 2 passes, E01 error cleared. Android 11
        Xperia Z5 appears to not accept the safetynet check, attempted to install the module without success. Lineage OS 17
        Xperia Z5C appears to not be affected by E01, yet. For some reason, safetynet is passing on this device. Lineage OS 17

        • My pixel 2 still gives me E01 error after getting the safetynet clearance thing… did you do anything else?

          EDIT: STRIKE THAT.. I just rebooted my phone about 3 times and now it works again :)

          • +1

            @Shroomlet: thanks this worked for me after a few reboots

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