7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - January 2017 to January 2022

7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - Current

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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

Step 1: Subscribe to this thread to get email updates. You can change your subscription settings in your Ozbargain account to enable more/less email updates.

Step 2: Upon filling up simply fill in the details in this format:

  • NAME OF 7/11 STORE


  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

Step 3: Upvote the comment if you found it helpful

Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

Cheapest prices:

Other Useful Resources:

Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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      • Unfortunately didnt work for me still safetynet attestation failed! Basicintergrity has a tick, ctsprofile has - , evaltype BASIC.

        • Lineage OS or stock Android?

          Can you post details of your device please?

          • @cwongtech: S6 edge dotOS 3.1.1 android 9
            Magisk 22.0, Magisk hide, hide props config, safetynet fix 1.1.1

            • +8

              @RTF: Okay..
              So it appears this method is what I used (using my own logic + combined youtube video's guidance)

              hide props config

              We need this, I've seen a tutorial that uses Busybox, but we don't need it.
              Magisk Hide Props Configc ombined with a Terminal app should be all we need.
              Now Lineage OS, allows a local Terminal app to be enabled in developer options.
              However, in the event you don't have it, go to the app store and download Termux and give it SuperUser rights (it'll ask you for it when you start the app up).

              Requirements to fix up cts profile manually:
              - Hide Props Config module (magisk manager)
              - Terminal App (Termux for example)

              Then follow from here

              Text instructions below
              1) Start up Terminal/Termux, Grant Superuser rights
              2) Type: su
              3) Type: props
              4) Type: 1, Press <Enter> We are selecting "Edit device Fingerprint" option
              5) Type: f, Press <Enter> We are selecting "Pick a certified fingerprint"
              6) Select your manufacturer (in this case, whatever number is next to Samsung, so should be 26, but check), press <Enter>
              7) Select your phone model (in my case, Xperia Z5, but it had 7.1.1, the last official android version released, but it appeared to work), press <Enter>
              Note, my Xperia Z5 has LineageOS 17 installed on it

              8) Type: y, Press <Enter>

              Phone should restart automatically
              Then check whether the cts profile has a tick next to it :)

              Hope that helps.

              • @cwongtech: Thanks, gave it a try after roboot device wont boot stuck on the 3 spinning dots during start up. Tried re installing dotos from recovery but still stuck, will odin flash stock. I have a redundant s9 ill install magisk on that. Being limited to s6's android 9 was going to become an issue at some point in the future anyway

              • @cwongtech: Thanks
                Worked a charm on my note 8 with OS16 ✌️

        • Same as me on Lineage OS Nexus 6p.
          No problems until now, Updated Magisk and installed the Safety net 1.1.1 to no avail. Toggling hide in Magisk doesn't do anything.

        • +1

          I used "safetynet fix" today and it worked for me. Maybe you can try that?


          • @conant: Seemed to kill my OS. Are you using Lineage? Looks like Iphone might be the way to go for fututre fuel locks!

  • Anyone else having issues locking Revesby 2212 at 133.5 P98?

    • What's the issue?

      • Using uTools to lock location, but the price doesn't show up in-app. Maybe the price websites have not updated?

        Edit: It was just the price not being updated it appears.

  • +10

    PM details if anyone needs a lock for the next few hours

  • +9

    Must be some newer people around here or just not reading… I am happy to lock in fuel when I make a post but don't expect me to chase you up if you can't give the correct details.

    All the people I did lock in for thanks for being nice and I will most likely assist in future

  • +5

    Happy to help if someone needs a fuel lock. pm

  • +1

    Mods, would it be useful to add Refinery to the OP?

  • +19

    Hi everyone! It took another 12 days and a complete change of approach but I'm happy to announce Refinery now has custom fuel price alerts via Twitter DMs!

    Simply send a DM to the Twitter bot (@RefineryFYI) with the fuel type and maximum price that you want to be alerted for (e.g. U91 110) and you’ll get alerts if the cheapest price equals or is lower than your maximum price. You can set alerts for as many fuel types as you like.

    Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, I’ve tested it as much as I can but you might find something when you go to use it.

    • Great just dmed

      • legend

  • Hi all, I can no longer sign in to my app - it's coming up with the error "Invalid Discovery document".

    I've reinstalled the app and restarted my phone which hasn't helped. Has anyone had this issue before?

    • The app appears to be down at the moment. I couldn’t log in and either could my wife.

    • Same here

    • +1

      Working again now

    • server was down for a bit this morning.

  • Still having issues where the sign in button doesn't work on iPhone. I tried reinstalling app and no solution. Just seeing if anyone else has come across this problem?

    • No issues here on an iPhone 12 and 8.

    • "turn off content blockers" in the AA (text size) drop down on the login page

      • On my iPhone, I don't seem to have this as an option. Very strange.

    • I had issues when I made a browser other than Safari the default browser, not sure if that's still an issue with the 7-eleven app

      • @sween64 - Did you have the same issue I'm facing?

        • No. Not exactly the same.

      • +1

        Same issue if not using Chrome for rooted Android (default is AOSP browser for LineageOS)

  • WIth 3utools and iphone,
    anyone having issues where when it reboots to reset you location, all the messages in your message app reset and all appear with the same date and time?

    • No I have used it a couple of times last few days.

    • What iOS version are you using? And on what device?

      • iOS 14.4 iPhone 12

  • So are magisk choppers working with Android Phones atm? If so, what OS?

    • +1

      Working fine for me on app version 2.3.3 oxygenos 10.0.0 on my OnePlus 5T

  • It works for me to install the safetynet fix v1.1.1


    My phone is Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 - Android version 9

  • -2

    Just landed in Tas and found out that none of this applies here! Dayum! Had to install petrol spy to look for cheap petrol.

  • latest update gives me error E01 on my unrooted Mi9 SE

  • Folks,
    Unable to use the ifakelocation on windows 10 x86 64bit. I have tried both versions from the GitHub repo.

    In fact, I have been struggling for couple of days now to get this entire location hack to work on iPhone.

    It has been slightly painful but trying different permutations & combinations in the past have worked with small little tweaks (ifakeloc version or browser or itunes connectivity etc).

    Errors I get this time:

    iPhone iOS: 14.4.1 (latest)
    iFakelocation.exe opens in MS Edge browser by default. I have tried these on IE and Chrome as well. It had worked in the past but no luck this time.

    Case 1: Without opening iTunes app on the computer (it worked a few times without this)
    Error 1. Unable to mount developer image - Locked screen
    Error 2. Unable to start simulatelocation service - Unlocked screeen

    Case2: running iTunes (as normal user) and iTunes (as admin) - (it didn't work without iTunes so had to connect phone to iTunes and then launch iFakeloc to get this working)
    Error 1: Unable to mount developer image - Locked Screen
    Error 2: Mount failed with status: N/A and error: ImageMountFailed - Unlocked Screen

    Unable to mount developer image - locked screen
    Mount failed with status: N/A and error: ImageMountFailed

    Has anyone faced similar issue and resolved this? Please help. TIA

    P.S: Considering it is a Windows laptop, I have restarted the laptop twice but in vain :-)

    • Considering you’re on iOS 14.4.1 has iFL downloaded the developer image for iOS 14.4.1? v1.5 of iFL should do this automatically when first launched and connected. It will appear in a new folder called DeveloperImages next to the iFL executable.

      Maybe as iOS 14.4.1 is so new there is no developer image available. It could be worth opening a new issue on GitHub.

      Deleting old developer images may also help as suggested here.

      Otherwise, have you tried 3utools?

      • Thank you @Sween64.
        Yes, I had already downloaded 14.4.1 developer images for 1.4.1 iFL a couple of weeks back and it had worked then. I use this once every 2-3 weeks and iFL has been a pain without much info to troubleshoot.

        iFL 1.5 should do this automatically as it has the 14.4 developer images in it.

        I only have apple phones at home (not an Android user).
        I have explored 3utools in detail but looks like I will have to use that option. 3utools easier to use & compatible with iOS devices too?

        • @sweeney64 - Tried 3utools also.

          I got an E16 error.
          "Failed to modify the simulation position! (Error code: -16 can try to restart the device)"

          Of course, restarted my iPhone and the Windows laptop.

          And guess what - both 3utools and iFL worked this time.
          I had restarted devices but not sure what was the issue. .I will add this case to my list too.

          Thanks @sween64

          • @Oz Migrant: 3utools appears to provide better troubleshooting tips. I had a failed to mount error on iFL. I tried 3utools and it told me the iPhone screen had to be unlocked. I went back to iFL with an unlocked screen and it worked.

  • With the canal closed and Easter incoming I suggest locking in very soon

    • I suggest locking in very soon

      Probably next Tue

  • Melbourne jumping 39c today.

  • +8

    Just seen this posted on a Facebook page.. What numpty would think it's a good idea to create a subscription service out of exploiting a businesses application. I'm shocked to see it to say the least.

    I feel this is the beginning to the end once 7-Eleven find out.


    • -1

      I feel this is the beginning to the end once 7-Eleven find out.

      Pretty sure they can sue them out of existence for using their trademarks…

      • +5

        How much time do you spend each day assessing which word to place in bold?

        • -3


    • wow - i thought they cant do one price lock a day (professional driver plan) unless theyre using multiple accounts

      • You can do 2. Won't let you do a third for 24 hours.

        Edit standard 7-11 app.

        No ABN in that website.

        • +2

          Previously it was two lock per device per day.
          Now you can multiple lock from same device but different accounts.
          I don’t know the limits. I’ve done around 10 locks in same day for friends in ozbargain.
          P.S:Please do not send me new request to lock. I won’t reply.

          • @Ebisu: I can always get 2 locks per day per account. 3 it gives an error.

            Did 2 today, u98, used then, u91 and used.

            • +1

              @quog: Per account is 2, but you can open more account and use in same device.

    • +3

      Blardy lortep117

      • +4

        Its 711petrol opposite way

        And they are piggybacking masters creation and making profit.

        How much cheaper?

        A: Fuel prices fluctuate A LOT! You can see the best prices for your fuel type here.

        Low life

    • +13

      Let's try and get this site shut down. Ridiculous. Where did you see the Facebook post? The person who posted would surely be affiliated with it?

      Please report the facebook page!


      The person who runs this would surely be on this site too. No credit given to the people that work on here!!!

      • They should bring 2 lock per device per day back to deter people like these

        • You can always spoof the android ID if they do that… but it would certainly help.

      • +1

        How does one go about doing this?

        • +5

          Could report it to shoppy that they're getting money by breaking t&cs of another app. Chances are, the lowlife behind this is in the forum, if they don't shut the store, I will write to shopify.

          We can also spam the gmail account, etc.

          • +2

            @cheapass88: What's the point in waiting?

            I'm happy to report them to shopify for breaking 7-eleven terms of service and using intellectual property without permission.

            If they want to stoop that low then this is how things work.

            • +1

              @Ten: If you could, that would be great. I've been on a work trip and just got home after a week. :) thanks

  • -2

    Can we lock in price from some other state and use it in a different state ? Ex : QLD price in VIC ?

    • +3

      Yea u can

  • +2

    Projectzerothree down/offline?
    Prices haven't been updated in 2 days.

    • +2

      Just locked in, tried to find some prices via Petrolspy

      NSW 121.7 Bankstown 2200
      VIC 124.4 Dandenong North 3175
      QLD 123.9 West Ipswich 4305

    • +3


      works OK - are they from difference source?

      • +1

        Yep does their own backend stuff
        From same 7/11 source though

  • +4

    U91 121.7 bankstown 2200
    U95 132.4 Cabramurra West 2170
    U98 139.7 bankstown 2200
    Diesel 118.7 orange nsw

    Hope it helps

    • U95 shows 146 ?

    • Mockation doesn't appear to work with well with Refinery. Copied coordinates from Refinery and pasted to Mockation I get address not found.
      When I manual search those locations I get the following prices

      U91 126.7 Bankstown 2200
      U95 133.9 Cabramatta West 2170
      U98 144.7 Bankstown 2200
      Diesel 118.7 Orange NSW

      • +1

        U91 cabramatta West 121.9

        U91 Bankstown 121.7

      • +3

        Hi there, Refinery creator here. I've just searched the prices in the app and can confirm they are correct. Are lat long coordinates not supported in Mockation? Would it be better to copy the address?

        Fuel Price Location
        U91 121.7 Bankstown NSW 2200
        P95 132.4 Mount Pritchard NSW 2170
        P98 139.7 Bankstown NSW 2200
        E10 118.4 Mount Pritchard NSW 2170
        DSL 118.7 Orange NSW 2800
        LPG 65.9 Hawthorn East VIC 3123 (Tooronga Valley)
        • +1

          Yes the address seems to return accurate prices

        • +1

          lat long coordinates work well with iFakeLocation, so please keep that as an option.

  • I had to reinstall my Android phone from scratch so I did the whole process again.
    I have magisk, smali patch, safetynet shows everything fine.
    But when I run Joystick gps it asks me to enable it in Mock locations.
    How do I overcome it?

    • But when I run Joystick gps it asks me to enable it in Mock locations.
      How do I overcome it?

      By.. enabling it in Mock locations..?

      Open Settings>Developer Options (spam tap on the android build number if you haven't already)
      Mock locations>Select GPS Joystick

      • I knew it but I thought we are not allowed to put it in mock locations as 7-11 can recognize it from there.
        But apparently it's working so thank you so much for your help!

        • +3

          smali patch

          This turns mock location into native location

          Since you installed the smali patcher module, 7/11 can't detect it

    • +9

      Anyone in the community helping to do lock ins?

      Anyone want to help me lock in because I'm too lazy to figure it out?

      Still waiting for a solution for android. Please help freighter!
      livingroompc on 21/06/2020 - 10:49 -32 votes

      It's been nine months since the above comment

      You clearly have an android phone, why can't you spend a few hours setting it up yourself? ​

      Learn to fly yourself. Flying our helicopters for others costs the pilots valuable time (our lifetime).

      Knowing our passengers are not willing to learn to fly is also quite annoying, and once they're done with a free ride, they try and find another helicopter offering free rides.

      So you can either learn to fly, or you can walk.

      • +3

        Jesus mate……this is the grumpiest I have seen you.

        Are you ok?

        • +4

          I'm okay, thanks for asking, fellow chopper pilot :)

      • +2

        Nice work on responding. Even with bolded text. You have more patience than me. :)

      • He's not lazy to post 6 barga…..i mean questions. Nvm.

        • +2

          Why don't you buy an Iphone 7 or 8? I also gave up using my spare android phone and managed to find an Iphone 8 (with a broken camera) for $100 and flew around for my wife, family and friends. It'll pay itself off in a couple of months.

          Check Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

          • @Hero: Thanks for the advice.
            Ill look into this avenue

            • +1

              @livingroompc: In case you're actually interested in setting up your own helicopter..

              $159 investment for a Realme C3
              There are definitely custom ROMs including LineageOS 18 on XDA

              This is definitely rootable, and thus.. 7/11 helicopter ready

              I've set up a Samsung A20 to be a 7/11 chopper if you can find one lying around as well, those are dirt cheap ($100~$150 second hand)
              You'll need ODIN to send files to the Samsung A20

              Or you can just follow Hero's advice, get a semi-functional iPhone and use Master131's iFakeLocation

            • @livingroompc: You can also use any ipad to change location. That's that I'm using at the moment as I don't have iphones.

  • +4

    Around to do some lock ins tonight.

    Please don't message after 29/03/2021 10pm AEDT. You will just be wasting your time.

  • +36

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay; I didn't log into Ozbargain recently. Seems like the little Pi I was running the updates off is dead. Will work on getting the service restored in the meantime. Thanks.

    EDIT - Never mind, just a dodgy power adapter, standby :)
    EDIT #2 - And it's back…..

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