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Buzz Telco - $49/Month for First 6 Months on Unlimited 100/40 NBN (No Contract) | 12/1 Unlimited only $29/Month


Buzz Telco is excited to announce that this weekend only we are offering our NBN Plans with $20 reductions in price for the first 6 months.

Our plans all come with Unlimited Downloads and your Basic Home Phone Service.

Of course Terms and Conditions Apply, this is only available to new customers who sign up between today and Sunday night. You will save $20 per Month for the first 6 Months.

Plans are:

Basic Unlimited - 12/1Mbps - $29 for the first 6 Months
Standard Unlimited - 25/5Mbps - $39 for the first 6 Months
Premium Unlimited - 100/40Mbps - $49 for the first 6 Months

No lock in contract. If you need a NBN Ready Modem we offer a NetComm NF10WV for $100 including Delivery and Configuration.

Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Due to high demand from this plan we have had to stop accepting orders to ensure the quality of our network does not get diminished. We will be placing a new offer once further upgrades have been completed. Thank you to all that joined us we hope you enjoy your service and thank you for your patience whilst we place further upgrades on our network.

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    Prices seem reasonable. REP, are you able to comment on how you compare to other ISP's, e.g. MyRepublic? Which wholesaler do you use?


      Which wholesaler do you use?

      Isn't that NBN Co. for everyone selling NBN plans?

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        My understanding is that NBN owns the infrastructure, but different wholesalers exist which sell the internet juice to ISP's. Some budget ISP's have too little juice for too many customers, resulting in a trickle. The REP's answer below sounds reasonable, but of course only time can tell how it works out in practice. But at least this REP understands the issue and has a plan :)

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          This is correct, although NBN own the infrastructure the majority of providers, us included, use a wholesale provider to gain access to the NBN.

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      Unfortunately, I have never used MyRepublic so can't really compare. We use AAPT for our Wholesale and also have a standard turnaround for in-place orders of 24 hours for activation.

      Our network is not congested and we have agreements with both AAPT and Vocus (our two IP Transit suppliers) to increase our bandwidth capacity rapidly as required.


        Thanks, that sounds reasonable to me.

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        (correct me if I'm wrong)
        Vocus = Dodo/iPrimus
        AAPT = TPG

        Flow chart is something like:
        1: Users home
        2: NBN network (Local Exchange)
        3: NBN Network (POI)
        3.1: AAPT organized backhaul*
        4. AAPT Network (POI to Vocus)
        5. Vocus (exit poi / wider internet)

        *In exchanged where AAPT doesn't have their own infrastructure they may use other wholesale providers.

        With the above in mind, it would be basically like a more premium Dodo connection at a cheaper price.


          but…Dodo was never or even once a premium provider since they started……"Internet that Criessssssss"


          Premium in the way there's a commercial contract and SLAs involved between Vocus and BuzzTelco. I assume this gives BuzzTelco more power to pressure Vocus when their service is poor.

          Dodo's crap due to the conflict of interest involved - they're not going to pressure Vocus (a partnered (parent?) company) to provide a higher quality service. You've basically got a retail contract with Vocus - they don't care about a single retail contract which they probably earn $10/mo from.


          @dyl: This is correct, same with our agreements with AAPT.


          @dlovep: I thought that flyyyyyyy. Im with them for 5yrs+, time to jump ship I think.


          @frewer: used them on 3rd backup internet connection close to 6 months, main/2nd on AAPT and TPG, the speed is barely there. AAPT on 20mbps TPG on 18mbps, Undo-do mostly on 5.5~6mbps. One the same building, tested on 6 phone lines, 4 different modems. That's Internet that Cryyyyyyyyyyyy


          @dlovep: Yep I can confirm that, they have outrage and drop out too. Actually there is a song on youtube about this Dodo, pretty funny

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        at this price point and capacity I suspect congestion will soon be a problem


          This promotion has been offered due to us placing a large upgrade on our capacity, just to use up some of the extra capacity. Believe me, this is not our normal pricing and we are constantly monitoring our upstream links to ensure congestion does not become an issue.


          @BuzzTelco: offering unlimited 100/40 at the lowest price is just going to attract leechers who will be a drain on your network to sustain economically, you will end up needing to throttle their usage in some way or eat the cost of having them

          It's not an coincidence that all the cheap unlimited providers are crap


        I'd say this is the first time in history the words unfortunately and I have never used MyRepublic have ever been said in the same sentence.



        I am getting over 15 ms ping for local servers and very slow speed as well. Can you advise? I have sent you email with screenshots.

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    I bet this will be slow asf at peak times….!!

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      Hi tuzii

      We have in the past received complaints about slow speeds during peak and these are always investigated and rectified as quickly as possible. Our network is not congested and we base our capacity off of our peak requirements to ensure that our clients do not see slow speeds during peak. We also have burst abilities in place with our IP Transit suppliers and work to keep our total maximum usage under 80% of our total capacity to ensure no congestion and to allow for spikes in orders whilst awaiting capacity upgrades.

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      Not sure why you are being downvoted.

      Their regular price is $69 for 100/40

      100/40 AVC is $41.80
      1mbit of CVC (the average purchased) is $19.25

      So cost price is $61.05 for just the NBN portion. That doesn't include the price AAPT charges for backhaul and then all the other things like transit / routers / customer service / phone lines etc…

      Businesses don't exist to lose money so I can only assume something has to give here and the only things you can skimp on are CVC / transit, the two things that either make an NBN connection good or if skimped on no better or even worse than ADSL.

      I am extremely sceptical of unlimited NBN plans in general but even more sceptical of ones that are under $100 a month because the economics just don't stack up.

      I would much rather go with someone like Aussie Broadband who care about delivering something that works in peak time and don't have unlimited plans that just encourage congestion.


      They talk the talk… I guess once a few people test it out we'll know for sure. I've had nothing but terrible peak time performance on the few non Telstra NBN providers I've tried… Optus included.

      Hopefully this is different but from what I understand NBN co have set costs so it's hard to be cheap and have good peak performance at the same time.

      For the moment my telstra $99pm 100/40 1000GB Inc basic Foxtel with IQ3 plan is by far the best value plan I've seen to date.


        Is this still available by any chance?

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          It doesn't look like it mate.

          I just had a look and it seems they don't start offering Foxtel through Telstra bundle till you get to the $120/2000GB tier now. The free speed boost was just an offer they were running at the time, it doesn't look like that is on offer either now, Telstra NBN does start at 25/5 speed though, not the 12/1 speed that other providers start at.


          @brad1601: Thanks for the reply - thought I might've been missing something. Might call up and try to negotiate - my current telstra cable deal is better value (for 100mbps down), would be looking at around 30-40 if I wanted the same bundle on NBN.

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    When I click on the network information PDF, the privacy statement loads.

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      Hi Matrix83

      I have just let our Web Team know this, it will be fixed shortly. I will reply when complete.


    do you guys throttle downloads/uploads at all?

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    What is the point of the Boost Unlimited plan? The normal price of the Premium Unlimited plan costs the same so why should one join the Boost Unlimited plan? I am confused.

    Boost Unlimited — 50/20 Mb/s — $69/m
    Premium Unlimited — 100/40 Mb/s — $69/m (normally)

    • +2 votes

      Hello Alvian

      The pricing for the Premium plan was only just reduced in the last week. A price review is underway for the Boost Plan, although we are considering dropping it entirely as we actually don't have any customers on the Boost Plan, they generally either take the Standard or Premium.

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    Is "unlimited" really "unlimited" or subject to "fair use"?

    Is there a minimum speed guarantee eg "if you aren't consistently within 90% of the advertised rate up and down then we will consider we are not providing the service level expected".

    Is NBN HFC also catered for if available.

    I was going to switch to NBN but basically have stalled on the idea as you can't seem to get a straight answer on what service level you will actually get.

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      Hi havebeerbelywillsumo

      Unlimited is truly unlimited.

      With regard to your question about speed, we guarantee that we will provide your service at the maximum available speed for your premises. Unfortunately, due to the mix of technology types, it is hard to make a guarantee like you have suggested, as we do not receive one like this from our upstream carriers. In saying that, we will always work with customers and our upstream carriers in relation to any speed issue that comes up, but as an example if someone is getting 80Mbps during peak times on FTTP I can guarantee you, despite being only 80% there is no way that NBN would be willing to send a technician out to investigate the issue. The service provided to us by NBN is a "best efforts" service, this is, unfortunately, the way the network is designed.


        Thanks buzztelco, haapy re "unlimited"……I do understand that if it is physically not possible (sorry wasn't more precise in original post)due to network failings to get 100/40 then you simply cannot get 100/40 even if you're paying for it. It was more the situation as described by johnytran in the post below this when he says "Currently with internode at home on the 100/40 plan and it barely hits half that after 5pm" where, reading between the lines he must get 100/40 at other times so the network is capable.

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          Hi havebeerbelywillsumo

          No problem, if you are experiencing issues at particular times this is something we can always investigate and get resolved.

          I have also noticed that I have missed some of your initial question, sorry about that.

          With regards to HFC, yes we are able to provide this pricing over HFC and are able to accommodate HFC Connections.

          It is relatively hard to give a straight answer as to what service level you will receive as there is a difference between what happens when a case is lodged and what the public is told in the media regarding the NBN and unfortunately with Confidentiality Agreements, that is a hard one to get into. My statements above are based on our experience working with NBN. Ultimately, we will always happily push a fault case to NBN if it is outside of our network, however sometimes it can take a bit to get them to acknowledge that an issue is occurring on their network, this is made worse by the fact that some companies blame NBN for every issue that occurs instead of taking responsibility for issues on their side.

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          @BuzzTelco: Firstly thanks for high speed answer, impressive. Secondly no need to apologise for "missing", totally my fault as I added extra on edit. Thirdly, & no criticism of your reply saying basically we cannot answer as we don't have total control, this is still my worry "you can't get a straight answer".

          Is it possible to ask what would happen in the johnnytran example (& continuing to suppose that he has the proven capacity for 100/40) of down by 50% ie "we would remedy that" OR " it may be something beyond out control to address". The continual feedback of I can get it but I don't at peak times (or whenever) is a real sticking point to me on an NBN takeup

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          @havebeerbelywillsumo: Hi havebeerbelywillsumo

          It is something we would definitely investigate and push for a resolution on, if the issue was to do with congestion within our network (we would know about it before the report and already be working on it as this is something we monitor closely) it would be resolved within 24 - 48 hours, however, if the issue was on the NBN side we would push for NBN to send a technician out to isolate and fix the issue.

          When issues are affecting only is peak times it is generally a provider based issue and something that we are able to rectify on our side (it is also generally more widespread than just one customer), however in the rare case that it is on NBN's side, we work with them and run live troubleshooting to find the underlying issue during the peak times where the issue is occurring we will also push for a technician visit and to have the issue resolved.

          The problem is, and this is where it becomes hard to give guarantees, sometimes as much as we push the issue may still not get resolved. In these cases, we always offer to move the customer to a speed tier more closely matched to the actual speed they are achieving.

          We will always do our best to get the service as close to maximum speed as possible when issues do occur, we strive to ensure you have no reason to need to call us as it allows us to keep our rates so low. However, unfortunately, there are some cases where as we don't own the network it does become beyond our control and in those instances, we will do what we can to accommodate you (price reductions to match the speeds you're actually getting) whilst we continue to push for a resolution with our upstream carrier.



          Thanks for a considered & detailed answer to a difficult question.


    I wish this offer was available in a month or so as I won't be moving into my new apartment for another 6 weeks. Currently with internode at home on the 100/40 plan and it barely hits half that after 5pm

    • +1 vote

      Hi johnnytran

      If you already know your new address, you can sign up now and in the Comments/Notes section at the end you can specify your preferred install date.


    i have got nbn installed recently, although I am not sure whether is it working or not.

    is there a way to test the speed and also if the nbn is working after the install without committing to a plan and going off my current optus cable?

    last thing i want to happen is going off optus cable only to realise the nbn does work but is turning out less than my current optus cable speed (30mbps/1mbps on speedtest.net, 10mbps/0.8mbps on google speed test), and no chance of going back to optus cable …

    —— for clarity ——
    nevermind … planned availability saying Jun 17, so i'm guessing nbn will only be available after the entire suburb has completed the nbn installation.

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    Signed up. Wish me luck! Will report findings as soon as I get connected.


    Is there any call add-ons available?


      There is an unlimited Local, National and Mobile call pack available during the checkout. This is charged at an additional $20/Month. 13/1300 Calls are still $0.35/Call even with this applied.


    Rep - do you deal directy with nbn co and use wholesale where necessary (like Skymesh does) or only use AAPT and Vocus?

    Are you looking to compete against Skymesh or lower quality providers?



      Hi Stix

      Sorry for the delay in response. We do aim to be more like Skymesh compared to the low-end providers.

      We are in talks with NBN at the moment about moving to Direct Agreement in a few areas. We run our own network and use AAPT for our Backhaul to NBN and Vocus and AAPT for our Internet Transit.

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    Is there anything special to know WRT churning with fraudband? i.e. Do you notify my current RSP and the change over is seamless, or will there be a period without internet?


      I'm also interested in switching over to Buzz 100/40 plan due to the competitive pricing and your answers on this post thus far. How long would it take from my current telco if I signed up today and would there be much downtime? I am FTTH in Brentwood, WA

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        Boaster! :-P


          Hi Macr and staryknight

          Sorry for the delay in response.

          The average turnaround for a transfer is within 24 hours. To be honest there has been a couple of people who have signed up from this promotion so far today who have already been activated onto our network, just to give you an idea of how quick it can be.


          @BuzzTelco: So just signed up, see how it goes.


          @staryknight: me too.. from tpg. Let's see.. fingers crossed! Sounds too good to be true though


          @samsal46: It took Buzz telco almost a month to sign me over but now that its working it seems to acceptable for peak speeds, drops down to maybe 50/60mbits during peak.


      Is there anything special to know WRT churning with fraudband?

      Yes there is, in some cases.

      I've seen reports on the web that people have "lost" their old landline phone number, because their new telco was either careless or because their new telco didn't support phone lines via the NBN in that particular area. If your landline number is important to you, a workaround is to port your phone number to a VOIP provider before ordering NBN. Afterwards you can port it back to be direct through the NBN (although I can't see why people would, VOIP is pretty good, and cheaper than NBN phone in most cases).

      In other cases, people have been disconnected from ADSL to go to the NBN through FTTN, and it hasn't worked, leaving them with no internet and no phone for days to months. This looks to be very uncommon, but if you work from home and depend on the internet, you would be advised to have a "plan B" available. If you're connecting to the NBN through FTTP or HFC, don't cancel the ADSL until AFTER the NBN is up and working.


      Hi Macr - Sorry I missed this question before. We will notify your current ISP of the transition (well NBN will), the only downtime that will occur is at the completion of the transfer where you need to update the details in your modem. - Jeremy

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    What's with the lack of information re: the home phone service?


      Hi chiuy - We are having more information added to the website regarding this tonight. To give basic details though, Local and National Calls are charged at $0.09/Call, Mobile Calls are charged at $0.20/Minute. An Unlimited Call Pack is available for $20/Month which will give you the Local, National and Mobile calls, however, you will still need to pay for the 13/1300 Calls. - Jeremy


    I am with MyRepublic. And getting hell like 2-4 Mbps during peak hours. In Western Melbourne. On 100/40 Mbps plan.

    Just had chat with Buzz Telco. Putting down critical point for those on FTTN (and sort of unaware)
    1. Unfortunately as NBNco themselves do not guarantee speeds, i am unable to do so.

    —Mostyn3:18 pm (Chat Rep).
    2. I can only give you NBNco recommended speed on a FTTN service which is 25Mbps. However generally you can get quicker.

    So, even if its 100/40; be prepared to have around (2)5. Or less.

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      I'm with TPG and almost all the telco's have taken the 50/20 out because they know a fair number of FTTN will mostly get speeds between 25-50 and nowhere near 100 unless they are next door to the node.

      What i did was sign up for the 25/5 and made sure to not sign up for a contract (i.e. im a customer already change me to nbn with no contract or i leave :) ) … i found from the maximum sync details on the modem that best i can get is 55/30 … which would have meant that if i went for the 100/40 plan id be getting 50/20 speeds and paying $20-30 extra. This is a massively underhanded thing most of the isp's are doing even though they know its unlikely you can get 100/40 on FTTN. So if you offer 50/20 kudos to the ISP however most again make sure you pay similar prices to 100/40 for that product as well which is annoying.

      sorry to hear about your experience … so far i've been ok with tpg apart from the garbage modem they send .. smh


      Hello sks

      This is the same response as you would get from anyone and something which was explained in detail on another post. We are unable to guarantee the speeds as they are not guaranteed to us at the Upstream Level. We will however always work to ensure you receive the fastest possible speed available to your residence.

      Another issue with FTTN is Co-Existence, which has become a major headache for FTTN customers. The best explanation for that would be as follows:

      NBN Co advise that there is a coexistence period for FTTN / FTTB products and ADSL services. This means that the Mbps minimum layer 2 bitrate speed is 12/1 for the coexistence period, and for the no coexistence period 25/5 Mbps. Therefore any speeds reached above these rates are deemed acceptable by NBN Co and not a fault condition of the product.

      So unfortunately, as much as we would like to be able to guarantee the speeds on FTTN connections, we really can't.


    I'm dubious after having a terrible time with myrepublic. Though no lock in contract is a plus.


      You're going to have a terrible time with any budget ISP. You get what you pay for. If you want a reliable and fast connection stop being a tight ass and pay a few more dollars per month.
      I get consistent 96/34 speed tests with Skymesh no matter what time of day it is and that's only $75/mo.

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