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BuzzTelco Unlimited NBN - 100/40 $59 P/M, 25/5 $49 P/M, 12/1 $39 P/M and $0 Setup (0, 12 and 24 Month Terms)


Pricing and products are as follows with the promo code;
12/1 Unlimited $39 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)
25/5 Unlimited $49 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)
100/40 Unlimited $59 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)

FTTP Speedtest - 95.11 Down 32.37 Up 2ms - http://www.speedtest.net/result/6429353532.png
FTTN Speedtest - 91.32 Down 34.45 Up 8ms - http://www.speedtest.net/result/6429365010.png

The discount will last the life of your service plan (as per Jeremey's post in the thread).

You can elect to have a phone service ported/activated at either PAYG rates or add on a $20 unlim national call pack you need to let them know in the order details upon checkout.
PAYG Rates: Untimed Local & National Calls $0.20/call, National Mobile Calls $0.20/minute, 13/1300 Calls $0.45/call.
$20 Unlimited National Call Pack: Unlimited Local, National and Mobile calls.

Support is in Australia too which is nice.

The included router on the 24 month contract is the Netcomm NF17ACV (http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/enhanced-vdsladsl-wir...)
The included router on the 12 month contract is the Netcomm NF10WV (http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/vdsl-adsl-n300-wifi-g...)
There is no included router on the month to month option.

Compared to many other NBN deals out there these guys are very well priced :D

Also - you can use your own equipment but it needs to support IPoE (static IP) on VLAN ID 100.

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  • Think these are the best value nbn plans, well done OP.

  • Having signed up for the prior deal and having issues with speed, the change to a static IP made a world of difference.

    They have excellent customer service.


      how much exta is that?

      • Static IP is included in all connections :D

        • +9 votes

          That's correct. Static IP Addresses are now our default and included free with all connections. All connections are now provisioned onto our new network and we are constantly monitoring this network to ensure that services are being delivered at optimal speeds at all times.

          • Jeremy
        • @BuzzTelco: Jeremy - i have tried calling the 1800 number as I cancelled this order 4-weeks ago and still haven't received a refund. Is there some reason no one ever returns emails or why you 1800 number never works?

        • @BuzzTelco: Thanks Jeremy for the great service and accountability. Been a dream since signing up :)

        • +1 vote

          @dickiee: Hello dickiee, our 1800 number is working (1800 053 250). We don't return calls where people drop off on the 1800 number as the system does not tell us who has hung up before being answered. If you send me a PM with your order number I will get that sorted for you.

          • Jeremy
        • @BuzzTelco: So when I move to a new address, is it possible to move the rest of the plan to new address as well?
          And what if the new address is not cover with NBN?

        • @BuzzTelco: Thats funny because all I experience is huge ping and speed fluctuations and Im tired of calling up to find out you've over sold your bandwidth or to do traceroutes and find your sub par servers are causing latency. These prices are cheap for a reason people. Heard of the old saying you get what you pay for? In this case you don't even get that, at peak times I get about 50% of my 25/5 HFC connection and my ping times are so bad I can barely play a basic one on one game like mortal kombat without lag letter known something like battlefield 1. At this very moment I have done speed tests on multiple servers and the best results were 15/4 at 168ms ping at 3:30pm on a sunday to telstra, My pings were in the 400ms+ for optus servers and these are best results, If i do an average of speed per download time, my speed is more like 8/3 which isnt even the lowest speed tier! I get better gaming on my 4g phone internet which is just stupid! Do yourselves a favour and pay the extra 10 or 20 bucks a month to go somewhere half decent, I would happily pay $2.50-$5 a week to avoid all the disconnections and wasted time trying to game online with my friends (and I will soon).
          Put it this way, is $2.50/week worth an hour or two of your time? I only game maybe 10hrs/week but I can guarantee I waste at least an hour a week due to this below average provider not to mention browsing delay with ping fluctuations as high as 1second, thats right 1000ms! This is also advice you can trust, I'm a tech head and I know exactly how to test internet speeds accurately and I am also on a HFC connection which is the next best thing to FTP and shouldnt be subject to as much latency as a FTN connection yet I receive worse latency than people on the FTN. I also have a friend on HFC and he gets a stable 20ms-30ms at all times even in peak hour so you can trust me when I say this provider is not for you if you want any sort of stability and decent pings/latency with your internet connection.

    • I totally agree. had few problems at the beginning but once it sorted it is flawless. GREAT Customer service!!!

  • Thanks OP. I'll stick with Aussie Broadband for dedicated Telstra backhaul (instead of shared AAPT that Buzz uses).

    • Get what you pay for :)

      • @apptrack So if you're paying $60 for an unlimited 100/40 connection here, how does that compare with a $65 100GB connection at 50/20 from ABB?

        • Answered your own question, it's more expensive but you're more likely to get better ping and the speeds that you're paying for. ABB have their own POI's also.

          I've had no problems with Buzztelco but if it starts slowing down I'll move to ABB.

    • This seems like an odd stance now. When we operated under ADSL etc there was truth to the notion they were the primary provider an so called other providers just sold access to Telstra in one way or another anyway. But now its NBNCo, this Telstra as the primary source makes no sense.

      Isnt Telstra just one of the players now?

  • Do these guys offer a Bundle Deal with Home Phone eg. +$10 per month for calls?
    If not, anyone know of a good deal with NBN unlimited with Home phone+Mobile calls included Bundle - All speeds considered.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Scotch, we do offer an Unlimited Local, National and Mobile call pack, it is $20 per month. The pack can be added during the order process.

      • Jeremy
  • Any installation fee without contract?

    • There's no setup fee even if you pick the month to month option :)

      Paraphrased from the CIS:
      If your address is identified by NBNco to be within the site boundary of a new development a once off $300 NBN New Development charge may apply.

      • Is it 50/20 unlimited for $49/m as per your description or 25/5 for $49/m as per their website?

      • I already have NBN with TPG I am paying for 60 dollars per month. And I cannot take on a contract as I am renting and my rental contract is ongoing. Does this mean I can transfer to this provider without any set up costs month to month please? Thanks.

      • Hmm so the 300$ fee is to get connected to nbn when you originally weren't going to but because you might be close to a new development with nbn you can get it extended to your house?

        • I'm not sure, best to ask Jeremy or one of the staff in livechat!
          Sounds like if you're in greenfields ie a new estate or development then you may be liable for the $300 install fee. (which isn't unique to BuzzTelco)

  • do they have a POP in Perth?

    good price - striking into myrepublic territory

  • Hey OP, just a side related question regarding your speeds. Are you achieving those through wired or wireless and which OS are you using?

  • $49 for 6 months was a better deal. I was going to sign up today - you snooze you lose. I don't need another router.

    • +3 votes

      Hi Daabido

      Unfortunately, the $49 plan is over, however with the above-mentioned promotion code, you can select No Contract still and not worry about the router (will be $59 instead of $49 though). The $49 promotion was extended quite a few times and unfortunately, all good things do have to come to an end at some point. We would have loved to continue offering it moving forward, however, we needed to look at the possible effects on the network if we kept activating clients at those prices, we don't want to go back down the road we went down last month.

      • Jeremy
  • Other plan is $20 off no contract for 6 months…

    Otherwise probs better going with MyRepublic?

    • need 10$ to get static ip from myrepublic which means this one is a better deal.

    • Depends, I value the Australian support, communication and ownership shown when there was an issue.
      They're inline with MR at this pricing, except include free Static IP and $0 router so the decision is yours :D

      • Communication? The rep went missing for a while when everything went to shit during the first deal. Lots of people were left in the dark.. Lol

        • +13 votes

          Hi johnnytran

          Customers were kept up to date via email with the details as to what was happening. I am sorry that I disappeared on the last thread, however with everything that was happening at the time I felt it was better to be communicating with our customers directly and keeping them up to date instead of communicating through a forum. When everything "went to shit" we were all doing 18 hour days here to ensure that everything was restored as quickly as possible and we also disabled our automated ordering. I do know that the customers who stayed (the fair majority from the last promotion) have been talking about how happy they are that they stayed and the fact that we kept them in the loop.

          • Jeremy
      • MR is $1 router from memory.

        Static IP is a difference but only if it's needed. I don't know of any real world uses for it on a home connection, but I've always had access to more reliable servers so that may be the difference.

    • Other plan is no longer available it would seem.


        The other plan was lifted today, it was supposed to be removed on Sunday, there was a bit of a dealy. - Jeremy

        • Pity, son signed on, just got connected yesterday. It's not currently working, so he will ring support. I was going to sign on based on his feedback. Never mind.

    • Word of warning - do not use MyRepublic.

      Painfully slow speeds every evening (to the point where netflix had trouble buffering on the lowest setting), lack of customer service and after cancelling my service they kept debiting my credit card for a few months and it took getting in touch about 5 times before they actually stopped debiting (customer service would confirm the debit was cancelled it would still debit - still waiting for refunds, 3 months later).

      They signed too many people up with their cheap offering and haven't purchased enough bandwidth to provide customers with reasonable speeds nor customer service employees to cope with the load.

      • Who's your new provider and how do speeds compare?

        • New provider is SkyMesh and I get close to 100/40 no matter the time of day.

          They price matched with Aussie Broadband and gave me 500gb of peak data per month for $80.

        • @MetaphorOZB:

          SkyMesh is a little expensive, once you're paying that much you should be expecting 100% speeds 24/7. It's something like $100-150 for unlimited equivalent (enough data where you won't have to worry). Good if you need less data though…

  • they are here in Perth… I signed up last month for the $20 p/m off

  • Where will I find the 50/20 plan? I can only see three plans on their page, 12/1, 25/5 & 100/40.

    Also interesting that their CIS states there is no cancellation fee.

    • +1 vote

      Hi PeteM

      We have dropped our 50/20 plan, however if you are on Fixed Wireless and require 50/20 (due to 100/40 not being available), you can signup on the 100/40 Plan and we will activate it to the maximum speed available for your connection (50/20). You would receive an email from someone in our Activations Team advising that the plan speed will be capped at 50/20 due to the technology type, however, the price would still be the same and we can definately do it.

      Re the CIS - I will be notifying Development that they haven't updated them yet, will be fixed ASAP.

      • Jeremy
      • Thanksfor the reply Jeremy. $50 plan was pretty good value so I was going to recommend it for a couple of family members still on the fence about NBN. But at $60 I'd probably suggest they stick with MyRepublic.

  • Was kicking myself not signing up last time but jumped on for this one…

    Beats paying $79.95 to skymesh for 100/40 120Gb allowance….. there service has been degrading as well. netflix buffering down to 480p and YouTube buffering.

    • I believe they were sold recently??

      • That would explain a few things…

        • Skymesh reduced CVCs to save money which is now producing congestion. Plenty of talk about it here - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/31?g=411

          I jumped to Aussie Broadband ($80 for 100/40 500GB) as they use dedicated Telstra links for their backhaul and ensure there is enough CVC bandwidth. They've also said that they won't connect customers if they don't have the available bandwidth.

          Use the voucher code wpfreetrial for a month's free access and double data for the first 6 months.

          Make sure you tell Skymesh you are cancelling because of speed & congestion issues and they will waive the 30 day notice period.

  • I just checked with live chat member that there is no fee for changing speed tiers, BuzzTelco simply changes the monthly bill accordingly. Useful if you want to test your speed when on FTTN connection.

    • Was just about to ask that. Good to know. Is there a map that shows where the nodes are for FTTN

    • I was just checking the terms and there was this….

      10.3 You may vary the service three (3) times in twelve months free of charge. If you
      choose to vary your service plan four (4) or more times in twelve months, you will be
      charged a processing fee of $25.00 (including GST) from every variation from the
      fourth time.

      ….which is still really good.

  • Should I move from Skymesh to these guys? Went with Skymesh for their quality product, which has been seeing speeds dropping lately. A little daunting as never heard of Buzztelco though

    • Im doing a swap now.. skymesh is getting worse and worse

    • I jumped from Skymesh to Buzz. Been great :)

      • Was going to reduce my monthly cap with skymesh but now seeing this and relevant comments, think I might just jump ship altogether.

        • Yep I was getting 10/30 at peak times with Skymesh. That being said BuzzTelco isn't 'premium' as in 95/35 at all times. I usually get 80-85/30-35… Good enough for me :)

        • @apptrack:

          Yeh mine isn't so much a speed issue - fttp, no noticeable change in peak periods - it's more the cost for something I'm not really using as much as I thought. I work away a lot and my partner only really utilises it for Netflix (which is unmetered) anyway!

          So really just looking to reduce my monthly cost, I've just been too lazy to do something about it.

  • How long is the offer available for?

  • Question for Jeremy perhaps.
    Can I port my old phone number over from Internode ADSL bundle?
    I asked them the same question and they can not port my old number apparently.



      Hi beerbudget

      This will depend on if the number is still active, if it is you can. If the number has been cancelled you can't unfortunately.



  • Currently with TPG who requires 30days written notice. How many days on average does it take to change over? FTTP Metro Sydney. Thanks. Also there's no point in me getting a modem for FTTP right?

    • Pretty much - just tell them you don't want the router when you check out.
      My FTTP connection took about 3 days.
      I was with another provider when I signed up with my FTTP connection, you can sign up and get the BuzzTelco service provisioned to another NTD port (ie. NTD Port 2) before your TPG connection is cancelled to ensure no interruption :D

      • Thanks. Yeah no router/modem = no need for a contract. If i have 2 running at the same time I'll have to pay for 2 services for a month though -_- That's why Aussie Broadband's deal is appealing since they have 1 month free trial so i don't need to worry about downtime or paying for 2 services at the same time. Thanks for your post :)

  • Might be interesting to see how their international links are.
    How about speed tests to some US and Asian speedtest servers?

    • They were pretty good - if you can find me a Mikrotik bandwidth test server I'll smash one out for you :D
      I find speedtest.net to be very average when it comes to international testing.