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Gran Turismo Sport $29, 20% off Blu-Ray, Google Home $149, PS VR + Camera + 2 Games $349, PS4 500GB $269 + More @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi 4 Day Sale 24th-27th November

Gran Turismo Sport $29,
20% off Blu-Ray Also see here
Google Home $149,
PlayStation VR + Camera + Skyrim VR + PS Worlds $349
PlayStation 4 500GB Console $269
Xbox One S 500GB + minecraft pack and 3 months live gold $259
Call of Duty: WWII $59 $54
Destiny 2 $49
NFS payback $59
Wolfenstein II $59
Assassins Creed Origins $59
South Park $59
Project Cars 2 $59
Fifa 18 $59
NBA 2K18 $59
Forza 7 $49
iPad 32gb Wi-Fi $399 (Currently a better deal at Officeworks eBay $377.45)
Bose quiet comfort 25 $299
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (64GB) - $999
Some double ups in prices from Big W and Target I know but gives another option for purchase

Related deals: Big W Gaming Event, Target Gaming Event & EB Games Gaming Deals & Nintendo Switch Console - Grey or Neon - $399 JB Hi-Fi Edit: Playstation 4 Pro 1TB + 5 Games $454.05, Xbox One S 500GB + 4 Games $256, Xbox One X 1TB + 2 Games $589 [email protected] EB Games eBay

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Is that considered cheap for a ps4?

    • +1

      Yes, yes it is.

      • $205 PS4 Slim during April 2017 though

    • It is considering I just sold my 4 year old PS4 for around that price on gumtree just the other day. It went quickly too.

  • Oh this $259 Xbox One S bundle is even cheaper than Target's same $269 bundle. Target does have free delivery and JBHifi charge $10 delivery, so I guess it's a wash…

  • Can you use Playstation VR on pc? There's some "interesting" content I would like to use it with…

  • I just added all items in my cart PS4 related - but they are coming up as $824 instead of $647!! what do i do..
    looks like the VR pack is pricing all items individually..
    Gran Turismo Sport $29(,
    PlayStation VR + Camera + Skyrim VR + PS Worlds $349(
    PlayStation 4 500GB Console $269(

    • I had a similar problem with blurays last night. Once you actually go to pay, the price should change. It was snowing regular price in cart.

      Just make sure it does change before paying.

    • I just ordered the same bundle. It says $824 in the cart, but then becomes $647 once you actually proceed to pay. I was charged $647.

      I placed a click & collect order, and now my store is showing out of stock. Hopefully they don't tell me they're sold out. My order is still pending (apparently they need to "grab it off the shelf")

  • Just picked up four games from JB.

    Horizon Zero Dawn, GT: Sport, The Last Guardian and Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls for $109.

    JB also seem to be running a promo today, spend over $100 and get a $20 voucher. So, effectively, spent $89 for 4 (technically 5) games.

    Not sure if all stores are running the promo, or just my local (Westfield Doncaster).

    Happy shopping!

    • +1
      • There we go :)

        Thanks Yada.

    • How much was Horizon Zero Dawn?

      • Big W $32 is the cheapest I've seen. I price matched at JB.
        Edit; if you have a US PSN account, you can get it on sale for approx $27 AUD.

        • Thanks. I’ll get it on PSN US

  • Madden 18 $59. Cheapest I have seen it local for a physical copy New.

  • Galaxy Note 8 is cheaper at Harvey Norman ($978), potentially an extra $200 discount with AMEX deal:

  • Guys are there any benefit in getting the Steelbook Edition for $54 vs the Standard edition? The Steelbook gives a headstart of 6 cars and $1.5m of credits. I presume they all can be grind?

  • +1

    Note sure if everyone already knows this, but you get 15$ PS store credit when you buy the PS4 500GB for 269$.
    Also not sure if it's store specific, if it is then I bought mine at Liverpool Westfield JB.

  • Was there an AmEx deal as well? Spend $75 and get $15 back?

  • I just purchased the PS4 500gb from the Strand Arcade. Plenty of stock. Never seen it so busy though.

    Purchased GT sports too.

    Plus got a $20 voucher which I will use to purchase another controller.

    • +$15 Playstation Store coupon goes with PS4

      • What coupon is this? Didn't get one

        • Oh sorry. There was one in my ps4 box.
          Today at CBD Stand Arcade JB

  • Castle Hill NSW sold out of the black PS4 500gb, only the crappy looking white one left

    • Only the original ps4 looks cool, still have mines :p

  • just got it online now but saying low stock!!
    hopefully i get them

    got the VR pack, Ps4 & GT/controller pack lol
    $700 gonneee

  • Got a text ready to collect in 5 minutes. good service.

  • Total newbie at PS4 here - is GT Sport the best racing game (with a variety of locations, on road and off road, and a variety of cars, like some older classics) to get? In our house we will mostly be doing offline play, and I read GT Sport isn't great for that now, but will be after it's next promised patch?

    Or do you recommend a different title instead? Because we are new to PS4 we don't need to get the latest and greatest, just one that has great gameplay and meets the criteria above.

    • +1

      As sad as it is to say, the PS4 is just not very good for racing games. Xbox One is much better with Forza Horizon and Forza 6 and 7. With that said though Driveclub is a really fun racer but don't expect a racing simulator. People hate on it because they expect a racing sim and it's closer to an arcade racer. There's tonnes of content and in my opinion the best exclusive racing game on PS4. GT Sport is a huge disappointment as it lacks any career mode (only single player challenges and driving school) and has just 150 or so cars compared to the 1000+ in GT6 and also has less tracks. The other decent racers are Wipeout Omega Collection which is a compilation of Wipeout HD and 2048, Redout which is another futuristic racer like Wipeout, Dirt Rally which is a great rally sim and Dirt 4 which is a more arcadey rally game. There's also Project Cars 2 and Arsetto Corsa (I've heard this doesn't run well on console) but I've yet to play so can't give an opinion on. The PS4 lacks any killer app racing game like Gran Turismo 3-6 which is a real shame. Maybe Gran Turismo 7 will be decent but that could be a while off. For $29 GT Sport is worth it but don't go in expecting a deep racing game but rather a prologue to GT7. I doubt the patch will make it too much better as the game is so low on content that any semblance of a career mode will be nothing compared to the previous GT games.

  • Is the codw2 cost 54 or 59?

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