This was posted 3 years 5 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Woolworths Online eVouchers | $170 for $127.50 | $240 for $170 | $350 for $255 | @ eBay UK


15% off code works on these already discounted WW vouchers. Enjoy the extra savings :)

$170 for $127.5 (save 25%)

$240 for $170 (save 29.16%)

$350 for $255 (save 27.14)

You need to sign up for a new account @ ebay UK by following the procedure (Thanks to Jimmy007) below:

  • Switch On VPN to UK looks like it works without VPN too
  • Go to eBay UK and sign up for a new account with a UK address
  • Click on link here in the deal and go through to the checkout
  • At the checkout add Australian address
    apply coupon and it should work

Terms & Conditions:

  • The value of the Woolworths eVoucher (“eVoucher”) is $170. This value is single-use only and must be redeemed on (‘Woolworths Online’) in one transaction during the Redemption Period. Minimum spend requirements apply. Any balance of the eVoucher not used in the transaction will be forfeited and will not be able to be used for a further transaction.
  • eVouchers are non-refundable for change of mind.
  • Only one(1) eVoucher can be used per transaction at Woolworths Online.
  • eVouchers may be redeemed for orders placed at Woolworths Online from 10:00 AEST 13/08/2018 to 23:59 AEST 26/08/2021 (‘Redemption Period’). eVouchers cannot be used in-store at Woolworths, they can only be redeemed at Woolworths Online.Your eVoucher will cease to be valid if it is not redeemed during the Redemption Period.
  • Your eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days of purchase.
  • To redeem your eVoucher, enter the eVoucher code (specified in the eVoucher email) during the Redemption Period at the online checkout (in the ‘Promo code’ field) at Woolworths Online when you spend: (a) $30 or more for a Pick Up order or (b) $50 or more for a Home Delivery order. Note that any balance of the eVoucher not used in the transaction will be forfeited.
  • A maximum of three (3) eVouchers are able to be purchased per eBay account.
  • The value of the eVoucher cannot be used on Woolworths Flowers, delivery charges(including bag and crate services fees), * * * Delivery Saver items, tobacco/smoking products, gift cards, egift cards, mobile recharge products, mobile phones and products, Woolworths Mobile products, travel cards and tickets.
  • Bag fees and crate service fees apply for Pick up and Delivery orders.
  • Your eVoucher cannot be used with a Woolworths Online business account (i.e. an account with an ABN or Business Name).
  • The eVoucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other Woolworths or eBay offer,promotional code and/or discount.
  • Any refunds for items purchased using eVouchers via Woolworths Online will be issued as credit for use at Woolworths Online at a later time.
  • Any unused amount remaining on the eVoucher cannot be converted to cash.
  • Your Woolworths Online order is subject to available delivery areas, delivery windows and collection areas. Available delivery and collection times will vary between areas.

  • Orders placed at Woolworths Online may be cancelled by Woolworths without notice toyou if the above terms and conditions are not adhered to.
    eVouchers may be cancelled by eBay or Woolworths if payment has been declined.

Thanks to two Legends TA & doweyy for Original WW post & 15% off Post

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  • +1

    Code didn’t work for me.

    • Same

    • +1

      you have to register a new account from ebay UK, check the other thread.

  • +2

    Thanks mate got one!

  • +4

    Thanks Veere

  • Code not working

    • +4

      Read the bold letters in description

  • +1

    got a $240 cheers

  • +1

    What do you buy in one hit for $350

    • +1

      mostly non-perishables - e.g. a lot of toilet paper

    • +3

      Normally when we buy these we get 2 medium ones for the fortnightly shop and a large one.

      Use the large one to buy things like coke zero, toilet paper, laundry powder, paper towels, wrapping paper, cleaning supplies, shampoo and conditioner, light bulbs, plain crackers, meat to vacuum seal and freeze. 27% off is no laughing matter.
      If you category shop (switch brands to whatever is the best value right now) you can switch a lot of things like toilet paper to whatever brand is 50% off.

      You're already getting a $350 voucher for $255.
      Well you could end up buying $600 worth of groceries for it.
      So you got $600 for $255. That's 58% off.
      Is 60% off your nonperishable groceries a deal or what?

      • -3

        It's not really 60% off because you could just shop at aldi for the same price as th half price specials.

        • -2

          Except aldi isnt that much cheaper than normal colesworth prices in most cases and the food is of lower quality.

        • +3


          the food is of lower quality


    • Toilet paper, hand lotion, ky jelly… heaps to consider

  • Thanks worked for me

  • +3

    If you don't use all the voucher value do you forfeit the remaining?

  • Damn I am being kicked out every time i enter my address

  • It says you can use the "PIGGYBANK" code 3 times… but i can only use it once? "You already applied this code to an order."

    • Enter coupon code PIGGYBANK at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £50 per redemption and you are limited to 1 redemption.

      • Ahhh… "A maximum of three (3) eVouchers are able to be purchased per eBay account."

        I get it now.

    • The maximum discount you can receive is £50 (~$87.32 AUD) per redemption and you are limited to 1 redemption.

  • We'll just get the code in a email right?

    • +1


      • sweet thanks

  • Did anyone receive this?

    "This item won't be sent to London, United Kingdom. Here is what you can do:
    Change address
    Pick a different item that can be posted to you"

    • +1

      Add Australian address @ checkout, apply coupon and it should work

    • +1

      put in an oz address

    • Got the same error and entered Australian address. Worked.

    • +1

      Yes it works after entering OZ address. Thanks for the advice!

  • Almost worth getting a VPN just for this. Any recommendations?

    • google tunnel bear

    • +3

      no VPN needed.

    • +1

      I didn't use VPN and it works

  • They are forcing me to add in a uk number. When select landline, i still need to go through this.

    • Enter thiis 07973514746 & it should work

      • ASking me to
        Confirm your phone number

        by text of call.

        • +1

          in that case download Sudo app and get a UK number where you can receive text and call for free.

          I have the app and can provide you the code in text.

        • It’s weired, it didn’t ask me for such verifications

        • @OzSikh: Too many using that same number? lol

        • @Jimmy007: hey Ok I am going to try it now

        • @Jimmy007: Just generated one :)

        • +1

          @ferret: text

        • @Jimmy007:

          Thank you so much. Got passed that.

          Hey tried looking for this sudo app and a bunch of sudoku apps turned out.

        • @ferret: I am on IOS

        • @Jimmy007:

          Your order was placed.
          Estimated delivery: Wed, 22 Aug–Fri, 24 Aug
          We'll send you a confirmation email soon.

          Thank you very much Jimmy007

        • +1

          @ferret: Enjoy :)

    • I changed the country code to Aus and added my mobile number and it worked

  • +1

    "Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: Wed, 22 Aug–Fri, 24 Aug
    We'll send you a confirmation email soon."

    Anyone knows when the voucher will be sent by email?

    • Your eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days of purchase.

  • +1

    Just wondering can you buy liquor using evoucher??

    • +1

      Woolies does not sell liquor. You can buy maple syrup though..

    • Yes, these codes work on liquor

  • Have anyone received their vouchers (and have used them)?

    • Your eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days of purchase.

  • -1

    I thought all the Woolworths stores in U.K had closed down.

    • Different companies

      • -1

        so why does U.K amazon sell Woolworths vouchers if there are none in U.K.

        • +1

          Where are you finding Woolworth vouchers on ?

  • I can add the code but i cant get it to take my payment keeps saying it cant be processed

  • So what UK address is everyone using when making account? is okay to use those address generators?

    • +2

      use google maps and draw a pin.

      you could use TW20 9RX and select one of the 12 apartments there.

  • -3

    Important question. Free shipping when shopping online? If not, no deal.

  • +1

    Thanks so much Op

  • +1

    Would have bought be if I didn't have to spend all in one go. Not sure what stuff to buy for $170.

    • +1
      • Yeah thanks but that doesnt work for me. I live in a tiny room with barely any space for extra stuff

        • Share with friends?

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP, purchased a couple

  • -2

    Why on earth is eBay UK selling vouchers for an Australian supermarket? What's next, selling Tesco vouchers?

    • +1

      Woolworths is opening first ever store in London. They are promoting it via ebay vouchers

      • Source?

        • +2

          I just got off phone with their UK based customer care center

        • @Jimmy007:

          According to Wikipedia, the first Woolworths opened in London over 100 years ago, so I have no idea what you're on about.

        • +2

          @MrZ: It's the first ever store that is related to Australian supermarket. They just took over the London based woolies.

        • +1

          @MrZ: That Woolworths in London (which has since gone bankrupt) has no relation to the Woolworths here in Australia. They just happen to share the same name…

        • @w02m08w: It was a joke. If you guys can't be bothered reading linked post to find out whether it's for Australian store or not then what do you expect. in the terms and conditions posted here in description it clearly says voucher to be used at

      • Where in London are they opening their first store, do you know?

  • Just as I finished entering CC details and applied. "The code has expired" Noooooo..

  • Expired. Shit

  • thanks, great deal

  • Got two emails this morning: 1) My order (for this evoucher) was cancelled and 2) ebay account (newly created one for UK site) was suspended.

    So basically I cannot even view that cancelled order or to get my money back.

    Looks like a scam by ebay :(

    • Did you use vpn?

      • No I didn't.

        Sorry correction:

        Got two emails this morning: 1) "eBay Bid Cancellation Notice - Item 332652790855" Says my "bid" (for this evoucher) was cancelled and 2) "Your eBay account has been suspended" (newly created one for UK site).

        Yet I could still log in and view that order for woolie e voucher.

        Not sure what else could happen before "delivery"

        • First email from [email protected] and second from [email protected]

        • If your item was canceled I assume they will refund your money automatically. It might take awhile for it to show up in your bank account.

    • meh…knew it's too good to be true

    • Any other feedback?

      • I haven’t had any feedback after my confirmation of order

  • Nice try OP. Always worth a shot.

    Any idea why they offered, then cancelled.

  • Any update from anyone? I haven't received anything yet

    • Same here. Account is suspended

      • mine isnt - i dont think. i even got positive feedback from the purchase

        • Me also. Good sign I guess

        • @shonofear: RECEIVED MINE! was in promotions folder in gmail

        • @Keef: yay, winners

        • Same here!

      • +1

        Just received mine. eVoucher comes with 3 years expiration date.

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