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20% off 133 Stores @ eBay


Starts 10am Nov 19 through to Nov 26. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Thanks to BlazinPast for the search link here. - Updated LInk

Participating Stores:

24 Hour Nutrition
Air Diva Beauty
Allphones Online
Amber Technology
AMR Hair & Beauty
Animal Farmacy
Appliance Giant
Apus Auction
Aquaholics Online Aquarium Supplies
Artistic Den
Aussie Living
Auto Surplus
Autobuff Car Care
Bargains Online Australia store
Bedroom Direct
Boutique Cellar
Caold Solar and Spacers Supplies
Certified Tech Direct
Chalet Online
Click Depot
Collections Jewellery
Costume Bay
Costume King Australia
Crazy Victor
Direct Pool Supplies
Eastlakes Electronics
eglobal digital cameras Australia
Fashion Attitude Jewellery
Filter Plus WA
First Choice Liquor
Flora Livings
Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics
GFL Marketplaces
Golf Pit Stop
Grace Baby
GraysOnline Australia
Gruffa Sports
Grunt Nutrition
Hasbro Gaming
Hobby Spare
Homeware Clearance
Hype Brands
iFace Australia
Instyle HIFi
Jeans Shop
KG Electronic
Kinglas Australia
Klika Living
knives online
Life AU
Linelink Online
Linen Dreams
Lorna Jane Active
Manchester Factory
MAS Motoparts
Motorcycle Recyclers
Mount Media Posters and Prints
Mr Fresh
My Beauty Shop 7
Nice Lena
Nicole's Toys & Gifts
NO Frills
Olivia & Co.
On Sport
Outbax Camping
Oz Electronics Inc
Oz Supply Centre
Oz Top Deals
Ozplaza living
Planet Linen
Princess Trade
Robins Kitchen
Salomon Australia
Sandy's Birkenstock Boutique
Sello Products
Shaver Shop
Shoes On The Go
Shopping Express Outlet
Sky Fit
Sky PhoneZ
Sony Australia
Sportsbay Australia
Stanley Packaging
Suunto Australia
Tech Expertise
Tech Mall
Tempered Glass King
TGV Online
The Cats Blue Crew
Time2Shop Australia
Trailers R Us
Treasure PC
Value Central
Videopro Australia
Watch Station International
Wildcat Bikes
Wilson Australia
Wine Com AU
Wine Market
Xero TV

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • +208

    Search Link

    Mod Note: Updated the Search Link (There were originally 133, but eBay has increased the amount of sellers participating to 147) - Credits to BlazinPast

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      Doing god's work

    • +3

      Man, that's a lot of work having to manually enter each store in the cearch box.

      • I assume he's written a script to automate it.

    • +6

      We need some sort of 'gilding' equivalent on here.

    • +4

      wow, most expensive item is 1 million.

      WTF is a flora testing list?

      • +12

        who cares, at $800,000 its a freakin' bargain!

        • +16

          $999,000 actually. Max discount is $1,000.

      • +1

        The perfect Christmas gift.

      • But, you get a little boy who can fly.

      • That's a seller's testing page ignore….

    • +1

      Nice, Gigabyte Vega 64 OC available for $663.2

  • oh boy…

  • +16

    <Obligatory "let the price jacking begin" comment>

    • +3

      Your service is duly noted

    • Let the price jacking begin!

    • +1

      Keep the tradition going

    • +3

      How does the official search link (thanks @BlazinPast) beat the first price jack comment?

      I can see the "are there any deals on…." Posts are rolling in.

      • His post was pinned by a moderator.

    • +2

      Well some are getting smarter about it (sort of anyway). Been looking at a generator from Edisons for a while. Price of item hasn't changed but postage went up by $200

      • +2

        Wow that's just scummy

  • Thanks TA. No min spend ?

  • Price

    • Hammer

      • time

        • Cant touch this.

  • Can anyone recommend a good 2 drive nas? It'll be for running a plex server and down the line probably 4 security cameras.

    • +5

      Synology all the way :)

      • But they are all so expensive. Plus you need a spare unit on hand for hardware redundancy.

    • +2

      Synology good but keep in mind not all versions compatible with Plex. Plex provides this spreadsheet for reference
      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MfYoJkiwSqCXg8cm5-Ac... (from https://support.plex.tv/articles/201373803-nas-compatibility...)

    • I’m using a DS216+II and it’s working great for Plex, don’t have any experience with security cameras though

    • +4

      I wouldn't be using a nas for plex unless you are prepared to folk out some serious coin. It can struggle with transcoding especially with multiple steams. You could make a more powerful fully upgradeable headless server for less. Or use NVIDIA shield for plex and a nas for your security cams. I run both a nas for my hikvisions and headless server. Centos running SSD, external 4TB for media, plex, webmin, sonarr and radarr.

      WDs have never failed me and can't recommend them enough. Cant say the same thing with Seagate. Arrive DOA or survives just a year or two

      • Everything you said is correct, but FWIW you can significantly reduce the load by having the media in a native format to the client, thus no transcoding

  • Shite, should I return that Nvidia on 15% off :S

    • +1

      No way! Pricing won't go anywhere near that in this sale

  • +1

    no airpods 😭

  • any really good phone deals here? Need one bad!

    • hmmm … Allphone unlocked Blue S9+ for $998.40 C&C or plus delivery is a REALLY REALLY good phone deal compared to $2920.40 from SydneyTec ? :)

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Prices for the phones I've been looking at has gone up, even after the 20% discount. +10% GST if located outside of Aus.

    • +2

      Mobileciti are having a 15% off sale that should be a better buy for you.

  • +3

    Hendricks Gin $66 on First Choice webpage.

    $83 on their ebay store :(

    • Same as the kraken, $50 on website, $59 on eBay..

    • Most of the whiskeys i'm searching for are still more expensive than their online store, even with 20% off. Only one I found with same price was Aberlour 12, but coming to $74 it's still not an absolute bargain.

    • +2

      they've learned from last sale where they had to remove all the items suddenly and reintroduce at a higher price !!

      • Must have happened again, this was the first store I checked out and it's now showing '0 Items Found' when clicking through from the sale page.

    • +1

      Yep, a little shattered too.
      I'm hosting a xmas party, and thought this would be a great opportunity to stock up on drinks.

  • Hope to get the iPhone xs 64 GB - 1629$ this time with 20% off that comes to 1303$

    • You mean this one?

      • Myphonez any good?

        • Apparently a dodger seller.

      • the 10% off code working for you?

      • Yes

    • Iphone 7 just carked itself…

      Post up if you find anything ?

      • Going to buy another iphone or you have learned your lesson?

        • iPhone 7 microphone carked itself.

          Want a newer model too…

    • Was thinking the same thing until I read comments from another post about this seller - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/416573

  • No xbox one x… Damn.

  • +1

    Cmon sub $1900 LG oled C8.

  • -1

    <insert osu meme>

  • +28

    This weeks eBay code is: PRICEJACK20 because OzBargainers smash that plus button no matter what.

    • +1

      Next code is PLUS25.

  • Damn no Dell :(

    • -3

      it's for the better

    • Looks like Dell is included now.

      • You legend. Thanks
        Bought a desktop

    • Er, there's something wrong with that listing… "Dell Australia" is in the list… and specifically mentioned in the email I got about this code this morning… Maybe there were a few late additions as there looks to be 140 in the list now.

  • +1

    I’m waiting for my jack

    • +1

      I'll give you a price, that's all.

  • I’m checking the search link (thanks to BlazinPast), for Samsung 65” TVs (keywords: samsung 65), and it’s giving me results from stores that aren’t part of the promo.

    E.g. good guys, appliances online/central.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    EDIT ignore me, working now.

    • +2

      looks like no good deals on this one, hopefully the good guys have another 20% off before XMAS.

  • +1

    No minimum spend. You beaut

  • +1

    GraysOnline, I know I can trust you every time

  • +1

    I'm waiting for the first person to neg because the code didn't work, then they get negged into oblivion for trying to use the code 18 hours before it starts!

  • +2

    All Macbooks have been jacked :(

    • +7

      Apple calls that MSRP.

  • Any xiaomi roborocks in this deal?

    • Have you read the 1st post?

  • +1

    Shopping Express are getting scammier/scummier than ever ! $50 shipping for an SD card or SSD:


    (Most their items have $50 shipping on them now)

    • Free standard delivery, unless you want to use the $50 express delivery.

      • +1

        I don't see any option for free standard delivery? … $50 is the only option…

        ahhh, mainland big cities get the free option, Darwin, Hobart, Bathurst, Cairns, and the likes are price gouged, $50 is the only option….

        I thought ebay had rules that sellers cant profit on shipping?

        • Thats because they don't trust your postie

  • +2

    Hello JACK

  • anyone have any experiences with Certified Tech Direct before and know if they provide a GST invoice for TRS?

    • +1

      Yes they are legit. Got my GST back at the airport before

  • got my eyes on a bed frame so hoping furniture sellers aren't price jackers.

  • I'm looking to get a 128 gigabyte Pixel 3 XL in either white or black hope they have some cheaper than Rrp.

    • I'm hoping the Telstra family and friends plan trends continues and we'll see the Pixel 3 xl on a $59 plan in February

  • +1

    Was hoping for a Sony 65” x9000 but looks like I’ll have to keep waiting😢

    • Same… $3799 At sony store.

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SONY-KD65X9000F-65-X90F-LED-4K-Ultra-HDR-Android-TV-with-Dolby-Vision-Seconds/283141421397?epid=27019379315&hash=item41ec8b3955:g:Fx4AAOSwISNbj0IP:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!2043!AU!-1

      • Refurbished unfortunately :( and only one left

        • Ah didn't notice it was refurb. That tv is really holding its price

  • +4

    I hope the sellers have enough time to jack their prices