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Bonus $14 Virtual Visa Gift Card with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Pint ($9) @ Woolworths


Ben & Jerry’s are giving away a bonus $14 virtual visa gift card with a pint of ice cream, currently $9. The deal is exclusive to Woolworths until 28th May. Limit of one per person!

Welcome to Ben & Jerry's - I Stream with Ice Cream Promotion

Get a bonus 1 month subscription on most streaming services in the form of a $14.00 Prepaid Virtual Visa when you purchase any Ben & Jerry's Pint of Ice Cream!

Just purchase from Woolworths between the 15th and 28th of May 2019 and make your claim online by the 11th of June 2019.

One claim per person throughout the entire promotion.

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  • Anyone got back claim yet?

    • +4

      Not yet.

    • +2

      I claimed on the first day, that was 8 days ago, nothing as yet but the email stated within 10 business days, so they still have 6 days to go.

      • +3

        ohhh now I get it… 10 business days= 29th of May= after the promotion ends

        so that when people get their visas they don't go and buy more and claim etc

    • 10 days minimum tomorrow or 25/5

      • 10 business days = ~29/5

        • Still haven't got mine.
          Would have purchased more if I knew cashback was confirmed. Also got my parents to get a couple too.

          • @treeman: maybe that's the reason why they haven't sent the visas early to avoid people buying more once they receive their visas

            • @barozgain: Yeah that's true, but still would have thought they would be starting to come through by now.

    • -1

      nope , I claimed 2 hours after the deal was posted. So theoretically I should be one of the first to get it

    • +7

      Ur implying u got it from this promo by posting here with no reference where it came from so don’t be a turd and mislead others ;)

  • +1

    Is it still $9 until the end of promotion? or was that last weeks special?

    • +1

      Still available online. Not sure if its nationwide special

    • +1

      Woolworth $9 promotion still going on into second week.

  • +4

    guys, I wouldnt expect this visa card to come in minutes, hours or let alone days,

    these cash back things usually have to go through marketing departments and I noramlly expect 2-3 weeks,

    in fact one cash back I did took 2-3 months

    • +3
      • How and when will claimants be informed?

      Claimants will be notified in writing via email within 10 business days of making a valid
      claim, with that email containing a unique code and instructions on how to claim their gift.

      • +1

        10 business days is 2 weeks, so there you go

    • I feel they do this so ppl forget about half of them and make money but the terms do say 10 bdays….

  • +1

    For anyone interested B&J is on sale for $9 at WW now

  • -2

    Sorry but I am confused; does the VISA have to be used towards a streaming service? Or can I use it to purchase something from Amazon?

    • You can use it on anything online (not just streaming)

  • +1

    One more day I guess

    • +1

      Or start negging!

      • that'd be one of the biggest backlashes in ozbargain's history lol

    • +1

      guess it's longer than

      one more day


  • What flavour is best?

    • +1

      The cookie dough one.

      • +2

        Geez I hope not. I just tried it and got Diabetus …

        • Haha yeah my first tub was great but the 2nd had way too much cookie dough

      • Agreed XD

    • The brownie batter or choc brownie are my fav

  • Does anyone know if this offer includes purchasing from Woolworths Metro?

    • "The competition will run in Woolworths stores that stock the Qualifying Purchase products (Stores) in Australia.
      The Stores include the online store at"

  • Got one more today.

    Total of 3 claims

    • +1

      I claimed 5 (one per family member) but got no visas yet :(

    • Isn't it over?

  • +6

    Anyone have any luck on this yet?

    • +13

      today is the 10th business day since I submitted my claim, so if I don't hear from them today, I'll start questioning the legitimacy of the whole thing

      • +1

        Where are those pitch forks!!!

        • +9

          well, end of the business day has finished and so has my 10 business day waiting period… This can't be fake cause they had it printed outside the fridge @woolies .
          and although the terms and condition say that they can withdraw the deal at any point, that can not be a valid excuse cause the website claim bit is still active.

          Collating all this together, it's time to contact cause it's not about the $14, but it's all down to the principle.

          Also, I really appreciate the effort of OP but I'll have to revoke my plus vote unless proven otherwise

    • +9

      After 10 business days, still no.

  • Today is the 10th business day for me since I claimed…. Waiting with baited breath…

  • I submitted on 15th of May and today is the 11th business day. Still have not received a visa gift card in email.

    Has anyone received theirs?

    • 15th of May too, nothing

      • Same date, nothing :(

        • +1

          Considering it was being advertised at Woolworths I can't see how they would get away not doing it.

          I picked up the flyer and everything when I was there.

          Probably come through eventually.

  • +2

    10 Business days passed and they haven't sent virtual visa

  • I checked again on the terms and conditions of the offer on and it said
    "Claimants will be notified in writing via email within 10 business days of making a valid claim, with that email containing a unique code and instructions on how to claim their gift."

    so, …..

    • so… where is my email containing a unique code and instructions on how to claim said gift ?

    • So, all of us should suck all the ice-cream up?

    • So, the only reason must be that none of us made a valid claim. Somehow.

    • +1

      I guess at least we have ice cream to soothe us while writing angry emails to the promoters… Assuming we still haven't eaten it yet.

  • +18

    Update: contacted The promotor and that was their reply "We apologise for the delay in claiming your virtual visa. Please be advised that it would take 14 days for us to validate your redemption. If you haven't receive anything after 14 days, kindly reach us to address this further."
    so I told them it said 10 days not 14 in the T&Cs
    and that was their reply "We apologise for the confusion, xxxx! We also checked the Terms & Conditions and it stated that you should receive it within 10 days. We just received an update from the relevant team and it will take them 14 days to validate the claims."

    • +3

      Thanks for checking.

    • +3

      Great that they responded. Better than if they had snub this promo.

      Now need to wait another 4 more days, unless if you need this quick to get a WWG card to buy a Cadbury block :)

      • I contacted them on live chat support, so they had to respond.

        • Thanks for checking. Hope they honour 14 days and no other surprises!

        • Can you provide a link to their live chat support?

          Is it the online chat on this page?

          They also have a phone number listed there for anyone wanting to get a more immediate response.

    • +4

      We have already waited 14 days (10 business days) for the claims to be validated.

    • Probably got ozbargained and will take them even longer for the 13428 clicks from here alone…

      • This is ozbargain

        So Wow claims I am in breach of their T&C. Really? How can this be. I've never read it, like 60+% of your customers.
        So you CLAIM I have made 62 different Wow accounts. Wrong! I must argue. I've made about 130 according to my flakey records.But you deleted lots two years ago, and they are not in fact included in your current count list.

        • +15

          Not sure, but I may have received eye cancer from reading that…

          • @highwind: Don't worry, he got banned from Ozbargain too, but probably has another 129 accounts here.

            • @Slo20: Yeah he's now creating Menulog accounts to get 35% off

    • -1

      Why is this taking so long!

      I'm really impatient!!

  • +6

    Received a comforting email from Edge

    Thank you for your email.

    There has been an unforeen delay in sending out the rewards for this promotion.

    However, I have had a look into your claim and can confirm that you will receive a validation email shortly.

    Thank you for your patience and I apologise for the inconvenience.

    Kind Regards,

    • Looks like it could be more than 14 days

  • Anyone received? :(

  • Probably putting through the claims manually, RIP to us….

    • +6

      You obviously haven't read ANY comments. NOBODY has received anything yet. Just look a few comments up and you will see there are confirmed delays

    • +2

      Have done 3 claims.
      Yes the 14 day period has finished.

      But im not fussed .
      It will come eventually

      Im sure theyre not deliberately delaying

      • +1

        Im sure theyre not deliberately delaying

        Of course it's deliberate. If they were just overwhelmed with claims, I would expect to see some reports of people receiving their gift cards trickling through.

        • Ever considered they might be doing it in batches?

          Maybe they're having issues?
          Maybe they have to get a certain quota?

          It's not a simple process of let's write cheques for a few people

          • +3


            Ever considered they might be doing it in batches?

            batches of what? I'd still expect to see some reports of people receiving their gift cards

            Maybe they're having issues?

            No shit. What ever the issue is, I'd put it in the category of deliberate delay. The company running the scheme has been around for years and they administer thousands of these promos every year. There doesn't seem to be anything special about this promo that would cause a massive cckup.

            Maybe they have to get a certain quota?

            No idea what that means.

            It's not a simple process of let's write cheques for a few people

            Actually it is, but you can make up what ever non-sense you want to justify not meeting consumer expectations. It's pretty devastating for Ben and Jerry's. I hope the unilever execs are having some harsh words with edge priority on Monday morning.

            • @salmon123: Sounds like you're arguing for the sake of it

              You seem to think its some simple process of Some guy sitting at his cheque book writing cheques and its a conspiracy that yours hasnt arrived

              And the fact that you think you know what the process shows keyboard warriorism

              Wish I could be like yoh

              • +1


                You seem to think its some simple process of Some guy sitting at his cheque book writing cheques

                Actually it is and you haven't provided anything to counter that.

                and its a conspiracy that yours hasnt arrived

                A conspiracy would be if only my one didn't arrive. Its just a cockup if everyone's hasn't arrived.

                Wish I could be like yoh

                I bet you do.

  • +1

    What happened to that $5 GC Cadbury deal? I can't find it anywhere on OzB, was it removed?

    • +2
      • Thank you! Been searching OzB half the day and couldn't find it under Cadbury, Woolies, or anything else 🤦‍♂️

        • You can find it under your voted deal fast.

          • +1

            @Neoika: I didn't vote on it, so that wasn't an option.. I have since.

            When it was previously a Deal, I had set a reminder, which got lost after it went to Comps.

            • +1

              @nismo: If you 'lose' a deal, just google ozb + whatever you can remember from it.
              I often lose deals as well so I just google it and 9 times out of 10, google can find it for me :)

              • @Zazer: Assuming you remember enough details yes 😂

                • @nismo: haha that is true - some deals I can barely remember and have issues finding since there are so many.
                  but for the cadbury one when i saw you mentioned it i googled 'cadbury ozbargain' and found it, thanks for leaving that comment it looks good :)

  • Currently wondering if they have received a response that’s either beyond their capacity
    OR have clicked that people are going to just take the credit to use elsewhere and they are looking at ways of forcing this credit to be used only on streaming services rather than a generic virtual visa

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