This was posted 2 years 6 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

10% off Sitewide (eBay/WISH Gift Cards) (Min Spend £100) @ eBay UK


Tested working. Minimum spend is £100.
Three redemptions.

WISH gift card.

This coupon is a 10% discount valid from 08:00am UK local time on 28th June 2019 and is valid while advertised, on purchases on, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

How to redeem your coupon:
Simply make a purchase of £100 or more on and pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Enter coupon code PRIZE10 at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £100 per redemption and you are limited to three redemptions.

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    • Need a new account on eBay UK.

      Try the instructions via last deal

      • Thanx guys, I have created eBay UK account and its working.

        Seems like there is limit of 5 eBay gift cards.

        The seller only allows buyers to purchase 5 items every 10 days.

      • I created a new account, but how do I get it to confirm via SMS? I out my details in.

    • I do use uk acc

  • +2

    Regretting not going harder on this one. If I’m going to get banned, I should have gone all out. Made three purchases and only spent $1000

  • Worked using the same account as last time, though no frigging around required this time 😂

  • Thanks OP bought $400 worth of gift cards !

  • Thanks Op. Bought $600 for $540.

  • Thanks OP. worked a treat. Bought $300.00 worth.

  • +1

    Has Code expired?

    • Did you meet the minimum of 100£? Eg over $181

  • +1

    This is a new record, my woolies cards came through already. That's within 6 mins of ordering. Last time it was 20 mins 😂

    And the ebay cards came in 10 mins.

    Cards = eGift cards

    • +1

      last time i ordered 10 wish cards all got cancelled… so i didn't bother this time and it works…

  • Can you use those eftpos cards to withdraw cash? So weird that this even a thing

    • Can’t use them for cash, only at eftpos machines.

  • +1

    Just can't bring myself to part with the $$ for these, even though I will likely make a few purchases over eBay in the next few months. But I have been liking the way Amazon match the deals, and you get cashback on top and great customer support.. so less tempting to buy these unless 15-20% off.

    • Yes my experience with EBay this week
      Bought 5 packets of nappies with Coles 15% off and they delivered 0.
      (They were on special and I find out after the special has ended), instead of getting them for 29% off on ebay or 20% off in store, they’re not full price)

      Amazon, I get a delivery with some shampoo & 4 boxes biccies. One box of biccies was crushed by the shampoo and there was some shampoo leaked on it (other 3 are fine). I get a refund for the lot & a $10 credit & told to keep all the items.

      Hmmm ebay plus is up for renewal “why did you want to cancel it?” Hmmmm indeed

  • great

  • I got banned in ebay and still cant use ebay. Any account i create gets banned after like an hour or so..So people be aware!

    • Well maybe if you didn't have 17 accounts…

      • +2

        i don't have 17 but am scared myself. So I haven't bought any.

        I used my real name and phone number for all of my accounts. So it's very easy for them to catch me.

        • That's fair enough. I'm a bit worried too but I went for it. I'm ok with everyone knowing the risks but I think it's a bit dumb to scaremonger when people with 17 accounts were clearly abusing eBay.

          • +1

            @fishball: I agree 17 accounts was asking for it.

            But I have 2 AU accounts, 2 US accounts and an EU account. I didn't create a spain account the other day because I didn't want to navigate a foreign language site.

            But how many accounts is considered too risky?

        • I used my real name too, as it would look worse if they discovered my real name from a method of payment. My surname is also a first name, so with Xbox Argentina I would just put my full name in reverse.

        • "catch me"? Lol …catch me if you can

  • Bought Woolies Wish Cards using the same account as last time and got the gift card links within 10min. Thanks OP.

  • Wow within 5 minutes of ordering and the gift cards have already came through !

    • ebay or wish ?

      • Wish

        • Thanks, Looks like I'm not lucky with WISH cards. Got refunded last time, 24 mins since I've placed my order and nothing came through yet :(

          • @spk: same here but for ebay

          • @spk: The timing is random. People reported getting them >12 Hours later, in past deals

            My wish and ebay cards all came within 10 mins, but isn't the norm usually.

  • +1

    Are people getting banned for doing this?

  • +1

    code expired? at least not working for me

    This code can't be applied to your order.
    /end quote

    • I fixed this error “This code can't be applied to your order” by going to settings->country->and changing it to “United Kingdom” and switching off “auto detect” country. Mine was setting it to Australia as “auto detect” was on. Changed it and was able to buy. I am using the eBay app on my phone if that helps

  • Sad no EFTPOS cards left! But eBay gift cards worked

    • where did you see any listing of eftpos card?

  • +1

    Nothing sent through yet. Ordered half an hour ago so hopefully nothing to worry about. Guess I am still a little cautious after the previous deal

    • (clicked wrongly, removing…)

  • I can only buy gift cards ONCE ! Anyone else has this problem ? ( although it said I can redeem 3 times)

    • +2

      Could be because of this

      Seems like there is limit of 5 eBay gift cards.

      The seller only allows buyers to purchase 5 items every 10 days.

    • here's when multiple accounts come handy ^^

  • Keep getting something went wrong try again.

  • Created a new account with Ebay UK , got the sms on my OZ number . Tried to make payment with Paypal , wont allow me to make a purchase .

    Any workarounds , pretty pls.

  • Can coupon codes and gift cards be used together on ebay for purchases ?

  • "Sorry, we can't process your payment. Here are your options"

    Tried to buy 5x $200 eBay gift cards.

    Used the code to buy some zzz atelier mattresses at least.

  • Thanks. Got 5 X gift cards

  • $250 Wish cards still available from this link -

    • thats au site…

    • $250 gone now (after changing to

      • Any new links for $250 wish cards?

  • arrived late, but scored the last $100 wish card. happy days.

  • Made a UK account last yr but changed the country back to Aus to increase chances of getting voucher codes lol, hope it still works…

  • Getting blocked currently - ebay account and paypal both blocking the transaction, looks like shows over

  • Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.

    • +1

      I got the same error because my total number of items (cards) was over 5. Once I brought the number of items down to 5 (the seller has set a limit of 5 items every 10 days), I was able to complete the purchase straight away.

      • Thanks it works for me as well

  • Can't buy, had the item in my cart and above the item it says ' To purchase a gift card , you need to have an ebay and paypal account ' which I have. I have signed up an UK account and linked my paypal, What's wrong ??? Anyone else got this message ?? Help

    • +2

      Same issue here. Even linked the accounts, verified my email, all that jazz… weirdest part is I’ve selected Paypal as the payment option and it is telling me I need a Paypal account? What??

  • Thans OP. Got 5 x 200

  • Thanks , just bought it. No issues

  • 😲

  • thanks Bot

  • Thanks OP, bought OK just waiting for delivery…

    The 5 items every 10 days restriction is important. Seems it's what tripped me up last time, as I had 8 gift cards to check out in one tx.

  • Thanks OP. Got in early so was successful

  • +1

    Do you guys ever worry about having $1000 gift cards sitting your emails? Not sure if I should get another $1000…

    • +1

      You might be surprised to find out how fast $1000 can be spent, especially when there's an ebay sale

    • I do. Still few hundred ebay cards bought last year and from coles.
      few hundreds of wws.
      so many other gift cards, afraid i will eventually forget to use them.
      even if I upvote recent deals, didn't buy

  • This code can't be applied to your order.

    Think it's over!

    • -1

      I can still apply. Not over.

    • I fixed this error “This code can't be applied to your order” by going to settings->country->and changing it to “United Kingdom” and switching off “auto detect” country. Mine was setting it to Australia as “auto detect” was on. Changed it and was able to buy. I am using the eBay app on my phone if that helps

  • bought 2 ebay gift cards and received 1 within 5 minutes. still waiting for the other.

    Edit the second one has arrived now

  • +1

    Did any of you have to set up a 2nd PayPal account to access this?
    I set up a new UK eBay account, could apply the code, but once it asked me to log in with my PayPal details, it would log me in, but the PayPal payment option is greyed out. It won't let me check out even if my payment method is via credit card with the message: "To buy a gift card, you need an eBay and PayPal account."

    • Same. After several tries and half an hour later I finally got through. And then the kicker, I get an email that says "Action required: Your payment needs to be resent". Didn't have any troubles last time and I can't get it to work this time. Giving up

  • Worked for me. Let's see if I receive the vouchers.

  • Just created a new uk account for this, but at checkout even before i apply the code i get, "To buy a gift card, you need an eBay and PayPal account.


  • Couldn't get it work last time, but this time it seemed Okey.

  • Ordered $600 and received email delivery within 5 mins no hassle at at all….Thanks OP ( well… not from my wallet) lolz !!! Joking.. well done OP!

  • Double kick in the teeth for me on Wish cards, Payment was refunded for the last ebay uk deal but ebay still recorded my order for 5 and seller has a 5 cards in ten day restriction so I can't try to buy any on this deal.

  • After doing everything right (creating a eBay uk account, etc) and signing into my paypal account to pay - it gets stuck when it diverts back to the eBay UK checkout page. I watched the $250 Woolies Gift Cards in my cart being out of stock….all the way down to $50 cards. I give up.

  • I'm getting this error: "This item cannot be purchased because this item cannot be sent to your delivery address."

    I've put my primary address as my aussie address. Is this right?

    • +3

      Your Registration Address ( should be a UK Address.

      Your Primary Postage/Shipping Address ( should be your own Australian address, with your UK Address set as Secondary/Other on the same page.

      Ensure your Australian phone number (+61) is included in both.

      This should circumvent both the "To buy a gift card, you need an eBay and PayPal account" and "This item cannot be purchased because this item cannot be sent to your delivery address" errors.

    • +1

      Change the shipping address to AU but leave the registration address as UK

    • +2

      I got that error too with a UK address. I logged out and logged back in. And it was gone.

    • Yeah, still not working :(

      I'll try again later.

  • Been so long since I last used my UK account, had to reset the password and bought 5×200. Hopefully won't be suspended. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP 👍 👍 just received my wish cards

  • thanks OP!! Got $2000 worth of giftcard in total!

  • Got 5 x $100 wish cards thanks OP!!!

  • Thanks. Got 3x 200. Getting ready for the new ryzen

  • Hey guys.

    Does any one know if we can use the ebay gift cards along with ebay coupon code for purchases ?

    • Yes, and you can use up to 15 gift cards in one transaction. Try to add any more and eBay hits you with an error message essentially asking you to slow down.

  • I am new to this method, normally just get 5% cash rewards wish cards. So if you order wish cards from this deal, is it in pounds? Do you have to pay international transaction fees?

    • +1

      Nah, charge is in AUD, no transaction fees.

  • Let’s try this again. Last time I had my order cancelled.

  • I created a new UK account, created a random UK address, set Australian address. I put my number in, but eBay didn't message me to confirm account.
    I tried paying with CC, wouldn't let me. I paid via Paypal, and done. I only bought 2 x $200, and 1 x $100. I don't like to have money sitting in gift cards, esp when eBay is doing these quite often.

    Thanks OP!

    Can you buy other gift cards with gift cards in the future? Like Google Play etc
    I got my gift cards already!

  • thx got a few ebay cards

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