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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Vacuum V9 $279.65 | Carpet Roller Head $66.99 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay (Also 15% off Storewide)


Greetings everyone, We dropped this vacuum to the cheapest price it's been, alongside the new Carpet Head Roller also. This is now available for all eBay members also :)

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner Soft Roll and Carpet Roll Head $345.91 Delivered.

Carpet Roller Head for Xiaomi Dreame V9 Vacuum $66.99 Delivered

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $279.65 Delivered.

Some Helpful Information:

Reviews from Prior Deals:


Suction Comparison to Dyson V8
Carpet Head Demonstration


Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug AU Plug

We offer 12 month warranty on these products.

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As always, enjoy :)

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  • Does the carpet head work on eco mode very well or still need Max?

    • The new carpet head is awesome. Really works the fibres
      in the carpet, I use it on standard speed whereas the older head i had to use it on max and didnt do much to the carpet

      • Is there an old and new version of the carpet roller head?

        • +1

          No, only the one carpet head.

          A lot of people (including myself) were trying to get by with using the soft roller on carpet. The new head which is for carpet makes a massive difference!

    • My review of carpet head: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/480247#comment-7670510

      Eco is ok, but I mostly used it on standard.

  • to finally bight the bullet or not? anyone got some feedback that has a dog?

    • +64

      yep. dogs cannot operate

      • +8

        i have labradore, im going to remember this day when she is the face of the v10 dreame and i shall neg you hahaha

      • +6

        Old dogs perhaps…. Anyone tried this with a new one.

    • Also keen to know how it goes with dog hair

      • Had it for a couple of weeks but early signs show good results for our malting pup

        • You are supposed to use it on the carpet, not the pup.

    • My dog hate it…

  • Also looking for reviews/feedback on how it performs on carpet and overall quality of it.

    Currently using a $100 corded kmart vacuum with no complains other then having a cord…

    • Would you prefer a cord with lots of suction or no cord and not much suction?

  • My Dyson V6 has bit the dust so buy a new battery or buy this? hmmmm.

    • +7

      in the same boat. I'm disappointed with the Dyson product, to be honest. I'm not sure how a battery can 'die' when all the cells within the battery appear to still be perfectly charged. Not sure how they coded up the Battery management system on the chip on the BMS board, but I feel like they decided to have it stop-dead rather than limp along with a low charge/capacity.

      I've told my wife I am unlikely to buy a Dyson product ever again based on our experience with the V6 battery dieing within 4 years of purchase. I've only had 1 of my 6 or 7 Ryobi batteries ever die, and that was about 6 years after purchase, and with a significant amount more use(abuse) than the dyson battery ever was exposed to.

      • +4

        I have 2 v6 and one of the battery died 2.5 years and is out of warranty, so instead of wasting the vacuum, I bought an aftermarket replacement battery with slight higher amp and works perfectly and last a couple of more minutes longer than original in boost mode.
        The other v6 is of very minimal use so battery still ok after 3.5 years.
        Battery costs around $40+

        • where did you buy the battery?

        • I did the same for my DC31, bought the battery off eBay. Did find though the stock charger couldn't charge the new battery so had to get a new power supply as well. Not sure if the charger specs were not up to the task or it was degraded from age.

        • 2.5 years sounds right. That's how long they last for. By that time the other parts would have aged therefore might be worth buying new.

          As for Xiaomi you can't even change the battery so I would suggest the same lifespan

      • +3

        I don't know why people go for Dyson so much. Mum bought one a few years ago (V6 Absolute). Bought. Miele C3 Cat & Dog a few months after, replacing the broken Dyson something-ball model. V6 has been unused since, and she won't buy another Dyson product again. Tested the highest specced Dyson >$1K vs the $450 C3 and the C3 was far better, mechanical instead of electrical motor heads, better suction, has bags, etc.

        • think it comes down to brand recognition and advertising

        • +3

          To be fair they pioneered a lot of the technology that everyone uses one way or another today.

          Their R&D is top class and expensive.

        • The reality is that the V6 isn’t very good. Constant spot cleaning only

          The V7 is ok in environments that aren’t too demanding, but it’s nice to have that and a HEPA filter.

          the V8 carbon fibre edition is really quite good, and I’m super happy with it - for me has happily replaced corded for all my purposes.

          Haven’t tried the v10 or V11, but assume that they’re better again.

        • Mum bought one a few years ago (V6 Absolute)

          Would you say it was Absolute rubbish?

        • C3 uses a bag. For some people don't like using bags as that's another cost. However it's more hygiene

          • @neonlight: I was averse to bags once upon a time. Since getting a Miele, I never want to go bagless again.

            It's just so much more convenient and cleaner for a few bucks a bag which lasts for months.

            I don't have a problem with the performance of my cyclonic sticks but emptying it is the part I dread. Then I find myself needing to clean the vacuum cleaner (go figure)… with another vacuum cleaner, namely the Miele. But I never have to clean the Miele or kick up any dust into the air trying to empty it. And I only empty it once every few months as opposed to after every vacuum.

        • Extremely successful marketing and pioneer in design

        • I have used a Miele C3 - can't remember the actual model, but the top end one - for 4 years now.

          I bought a Dyson V6 for doing the occasional quick clean in one of the recent Ozbargain deals for around $260.

          Compared with the Dyson, the Miele is wonderful - cleans perfectly, and it's built like a Rolls Royce in comparison with the crappy and plasticcy Dyson.

          The Dyson is only useful if I use it on the most powerful setting, and then it last around 6 mins on a charge.

          Purely a throw-away item, I think!

          • @edwardcr: I find the middle setting on the Dyson good enough. You get about 14 minutes with it.

            But with a corded C3, I like to leave it on max, which is seriously powerful.

      • +2

        Batteries eventually will die no matter how much or little you use a product. Bear in mind a vaccuum has a huge power demand too, how often you put it on max mode etc. That being said the quality/build of a product should not be judged solely on a battery. I'm still using my Dyson for 4 years now. Have I changed the battery? Yes. Does it still work as well as on the first day? Yes. Can I still continue to use it for a further 4 years based on its current performance? Most likely. All I might need is another battery change probably.

        P.S. the battery change is as simple as 2 minutes with a screwdriver

        • Agree. Xiaomi vaccum's battery is not user replaceable therefore when it stops working it's going to the pit. Unless you can find a way to change it with cheap working battery however the model support will phase out by then

    • +1

      I had a V7 and bought this, couldn't be happier especially at the price point.

      • +1

        so the Mi is better than the V7? In what way?

        • +1

          I personally didn't feel like it lost in any way in regards to performance and was much cheaper. So value.

  • +14

    A bit of feedback for Dreame V9.

    I was confused between buying this or the Dyson. Most newer versions of Dyson cost north of $500 which I though was absurd paying that much for a vacuum so I gave this a shot.

    When it first arrived, the Au plug was missing and the battery had a problem (would last 5 seconds only - that's what she said). One thing I'd like to point out is the great customer satisfaction that these guys offer. I got in touch with the rep here at Ebay and they dispatched the parcel in two days.

    Second impressions were great. Good build quality, English manual and most importantly, it doing the job. I live in an apartment so have carpets only in my room. The stock roller head it comes with is sufficient entirely on its own. You know its doing a good job when the dust collector is full (although it gets full pretty quickly - still pretty easy to empty & clean it).

    I don't know if this feedback could be passed on to the production but after 5-10 mins of use, the hand starts to hurt a little bit; I still maybe getting used to a stick vacuum. You get used to the maneuvering which I would say is decent.

    It also comes with a docking station which you can screw into a wall. I attached it to a shelf which I had in the living room because I don't want to damage the walls in a leased apartment.

    I'm an Ozbargainer at work so yeah, I can reply to any comments pretty quickly :D

    • do you use it on carpet on eco, standard or max setting?

      • +1

        Standard works fine. I've never really had the need to use it on max

    • will you buy again if you are given the option of Dyson v8?

      • +3

        If Dreame V9 and Dyson V8 are the same price, then yeah go for Dyson. Otherwise, its only not worth the extra $$

    • Do you have the carpet head on your Xiaomi ?

      • No. Just the stock soft roller it comes with.

        • Have you used it to clean your car? How does it compare to a corded vacuum?

          • @m0tyrider: Haven't tried to clean my car.
            I'm glad I got rid of my corded vacuum. Vacuuming is so much more easier now. It no longer feels like its a hassle.

            • @ar7ist: What corded vacuum did you have before? Is the suction comparable ?

              • @m0tyrider: I had Vax. The suction on Dreame is much better.

          • @m0tyrider: Used it in my car, it does the job well. However, it won't beat a corded vacuum in terms of power… Convenience and efficiency FTW though.

            • @ShinK0: Thanks Shink0, If its not powerful enough I am not sure I would want to spend the $3XX as opposed to dragging the corded unit around.

              • @m0tyrider: I got it the last time it came around at this price on August. Brilliant buy. Has so many attachments, helps get into all the crannies in the car. Definitely worth the price.

                • @lordra: @lordra do you find it has enough power ?

                  • @m0tyrider: Plenty! I use it on medium as a minimum. For the car, it's perfect. Only use max when I'm doing under the bed.

    • +4


      This is my setup

      • funny how similar the dyson and this looks. the dreame looks a little bulkier but if i didn't know it was another brand you could have fooled me.

      • Why would you want to look at it all the time?

    • Thanks for the feedback, i am thinking of buying this. But one of online review mentioned that it is not good for vacuuming inder the sofas or under the beds while stick on horizontal position. Is this true?
      Appreciate your comments

      • +2

        So far I haven't had a problem cleaning under the sofas because I rarely do.
        My policy is: if you can't see the dirt, its not there. So no worries :P

      • I'm not sure start you mean. The head is very flexible. It pivots up and down and sideways at the same time. Easy to get under objects. Lifting the lounge would be the hardest part of the cleaning process.

    • Can you reply to this comment? :p

      PS: I've got a stopwatch and I'm timing you.

      • +1

        Rofl. Sorry was playing some table tennis ::p

    • How should I fix my love life?

      • +2

        Get a Dreame.

        • +1

          So I just need to be more dreame? Gotcha.

    • Did you buy the carpet head?
      If not, do you use it on carpet/rug and was it doable with the standard head?

      • Nah mate, did not get a carpet head. Just the soft roller was enough to clean my carpet. Haven't tried it on a rug though.

        • Alright, I’m sold. Especially if I don’t have to pay more for the carpet head!

          • @Owgasm: Just know that my carpet is not too thick.

            • @ar7ist: That’s what she said.

              Thanks, worst case scenario, use our courses vacuum for the rugs. Or pay the $1 difference of the non bundle and get the carpet head later!
              Didn’t realise the difference was minimal.

    • The problem with stick vacuums is, you're bearing the entire weight in your hand. It's like lifting a bag of sugar with one hand. It's ok for a short time, then it gets tiring.

  • Unbelievable! I just ordered this 2 days ago from gearbite eBay, should've waited haha

  • Does the filter stay in place or tend to fall out like the dyson v6?

    • Wont fall out.

      • Yep wont fall out unless you break it…

  • +1

    Do you need Carpet Roller Head to use the vacuum machine on carpet? Or can you get by without it?

    • Interested in this as well, have some carpet but it's the hard short stuff so no problem there. However also have a few rugs, should I get the carpet head?

      • +1

        Relative has one with the head and one without. She says the carpet is new but the Dyson head pulls out better on carpet vs the dreame standard head. So the add on head is useful for carpet. Her carpet is about 1cm high. She said it made a big difference.

        • +1

          Thanks for the reply, will get the carpet head as well then I guess

      • I use ours on a Turkish carpet, long rubber also a deep pile circular rug and with the standard head and on High mode it leaves all really clean. I am tempted by the carpet head but unless you have fully carpeted rooms primarily then it isn't needed. As you can swap power modes on the fly it easy to ramp it up as you hit carpet and dial back once on solid floor again.

  • +1

    Does Xiaomi really have to name their vacuum cleaner V9? Or they just want to blatantly copy Dyson?

    • You did not notice this did you?

      V9 is upside down of V6 at least for the number

      Xiaomi means screw you we are doing better. They didn't copy they literally stole lol

  • Sweet. Got if for my mother and sister a few months ago. Worth every penny vs Dyson V6 and V10. Honestly can’t tell the difference in the V10 vs the dreams. And it kills the V6.

    It sucks. Totally sucks. Quite literally :)

    The carpet head will make my mother shut up about her FOMO of not having it. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      This is a more useful comment than from ar7ist (no offence) as it actually offers a comparison.


      • Compare to V6 and 7 for price, sure go the xiaomi (According to above comment)

      • But why the heck would you buy V6 or V7 I don't know. Power was crap until V8 Imho (and V10 was where it became acceptable for carpet on standard power mode) (my experience)

      • No carpet? New carpet? Save cash and don't buy the dyson. It's that simple.

      • Frankly I've gotta call you on it not being as good as a V10 though (most likely). Xiaomi probably don't research vacuums that much (they have their hand in too many pies to be great at one thing) and probably require longer to rip off Dyson's R&D than that.

      • +1

        Xiaomi doesn’t research any vacuums. Factories that make Dyson, Hoover and other vacuums do. Same as most home related devices Xiaomi sells. It’s mostly OEM/ODM from factories.

        Xiaomi is mostly branding/sales.

        Compare the air watts.

        Dreame 120 air watts
        V8 120 watts
        v10 150 air watts.

        Relatives couldn’t tell even a bit of difference. But they could tell $800.

      • Comparison is always between Dyson and Xiaomi

        I have yet to see the comparison between LG one which is supposedly as good

  • Dont know much about the item but can vouch for the seller. Fast delivery, fast response. Get all my xiaomi stuff from them when I want local delivery.

  • +1

    Any deals on the Roborock s50?

  • +1

    This seems to be far cheaper elsewhere, even without a promo code, eg https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/xiaomi-dreame-v9-c...

    Is there a reason to buy it here rather than this Tobydeal site?

    • +1

      This is AU stock with local warranty

      • I'm not sure that's true? It looks like Asian stock supplied by an importer with a plug converter and a sellers warranty only.

        Gearbrite don't even seem to have a registered ABN.

        • +2

          We do have ABN, gearbite is our ebay store name. Au version have Australian compliance , C-tick approved, come with Au power supply.

  • Is this extra carpet roller head required? Will it work fine with the standard head on carpets?
    Is there a comparison of the heads??

    • small area is fine for standard, you'll probably just have to max the speed

  • I’m ready to buy this.

    Do I need the carpet head?

    I’ve got 4 bits of rug. Will the standard head cope?