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i7 9700F RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming PC [16/480/B360]: $1799 + $29 Delivery + Free CoD @ TechFast


Hi all,

As you may have noticed we don't often do Intel deals so this could be the one you've been waiting for. This build compares well to the 3700X | 2080 Super deal for $1899, or the i5 9400F / RTX 2080 Aldi Killer for $1998 from a couple of weeks ago, albeit with lower base specs. And the PCPartPicker build for this spec comes to $1989 ✔️

Note that this system has a new case - the Thermaltake Versa H18. This case will replace all Leaper Pro's for the time being as our shipment has been delayed, but this will not be permanent, so if you want it, get in quick.

Spec: Core i7 9700F | RTX 2080 Super | 16GB 2400MHz | 480GB 2.5" SSD | B360 Motherboard (Biostar B360M HD Pro2) | 750W PSU | Thermaltake Versa H18 Case
Price: $1799 + $29 Delivery with 9700F-2080S-480
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/intel-i7-8700-rtx-2080-8gb-...

We looked at the 9700K as an upgrade option and decided against it, but if people are keen I can add it as an upgrade - it would also require a 240mm liquid cooler which is possible in this new case. Let me know and I'll get it listed.

AMD CPU more your thing? Check out our 3500X deals:
Budget: GTX 1660 6GB: $636
Mid Range: RX 5700 8GB: $899
Mid Range: RX 5700 XT 8GB: $1049
High Spec Bundle with 27" Monitor: RTX 2080 Super 8GB: $1649

Deals ending November 1 at this stage so don't miss out! No guarantee on pricing either way (up or down) come November.


Mod Note: Extended until 4th November as requested by Rep

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  • +37 votes

    I'm a simple man. I see a Techfast deal, I upvote.

  • please stop tempting me with upgrading Luke, I just upgraded last year :'(

  • Thanks, great value as always Luke! Interesting to see the Thermaltake replacement, wonder what effect that will have on sales ;)

  • Any chance we can get a deal on Ryzen 9

  • Which system would you recommend for high resolution image processing? I'm looking for a system that's heavier on the processing power as opposed to graphics card that most gaming rigs provide.

    • +16 votes

      We're dropping a 1950X Threadripper bomb pretty soon.

      • Looking forward to it! I'll keep an eye out.

      • I'd be interested in more of these as well! Beefy CPUs with a mid range gpu would be perfect for image and video processing.

      • Please do so. There are a lot of us who aren't into gaming and would like a deal for a PC for high-res video processing.

    • Would be interested in one as well. Something with 2x m.2 would be ideal for OS and scratch Disk…32-64gb ram.

    • If you’re using Lightroom, I believe Intel has an advantage in performance.
      From when I looked into it about a year ago.

      • I use a dedicated astrophotography image processing software that crunches some serious algorithms.

        • I would recommend investigating the specific demands of that software first.
          Whether it’s designed to utilise as many cores as possible, or relies on high clock speeds.

          Unfortunately it’s not just as simple as saying X processor is the absolute best for everything.
          Because every piece of software, be it games, editing, or consumer grade, all have different requirements.

        • Huh, there was a friend on the atomicmpc forums who finished investigating/building a machine for precicely that sort of thing only a couple of years ago, if that.

          Ill try find the link.

  • This is a good deal… but I feel Techfast has done better before.

  • Is it actually worth upgrading the RAM from the 2400mhz? Would there be any real world difference?

    • You might get a few extra frames in some games. Probably not worth it for gaming. Might be more useful if your doing things that benefit from quicker ram.

    • If anyone doesn't want the computer shoot us a message Kappa

    • Yeah I would be down to compensate you for that cod key also.

      I have PayPal and bank deposit just message me after you give the other guys before above me a chance first.

      I don't want to break the queue / the premade line.

    • +12 votes

      Word of warning that if the COD code is from the NVIDIA promo, it requires you to redeem the code through the GeForce Experience software. This checks that the machine you're redeeming on has a matching valid RTX card that's eligible for the promo.

      Just thought I'd put that PSA out there.

      • AMD does the same, happened with me when I tried to redeem my RX 570 machine bought from tech fast on my RTX 1070 PC. They run a hardware check to make sure you have an eligible GPU or CPU.

  • I wish techfast give us better motherboards…

  • The extremist in me wants to go for the RTX 2080 Ti and equivalent Ryzen unless someone can convince me Intel would be better in an extreme multi-tasking, heavy background app use case scenario or recording and gaming / streaming etc (I have zero discipline when flooding my pc with a lot of programs and apps always auto starting and running in the background my notification tray is not the biggest I have seen but it definitely beats most of the pack.

    I feel the trade off for 5% to 10% frames at 1080p 1440p and 2160p going Intel over Ryzen would not be worth the productivity and overall background multi-tasking processes losses but honestly I have no idea and am still searching for those answers.

    And knowing how Nvidia works they will probably release a SUPER or other new name variant right after I buy it just to spite me and that will be the new goal to achieve.

    I already told myself the RTX Titan is not value worthy and the RTX 2080 Ti would be the highest I would go unless I win the lottery lol then I would probably try make my own videocard because I feel like the people in charge are not exploring all the possibilities and options but that is just me.

    What price could you maybe do for me techfast if you did a RTX 2080 Ti build with 64gb DDR4 ram and based on my above needs an equivalent powerful CPU.

    I may need some decent cooling but not going to even think about watercooling.

    I have the storage already will just transplant my current drives over units you have something that can break ozbargain historical lowest price records but highly doubt it so just need the tower minus the drives.

    Motherboard will need WiFi inbuilt as I run on WiFi if you can believe that this one is actually the most important because if I wire it which I can it will take a few minutes to half an hour max to tidy it up and tape it to hug the ground skirting boards so no one trips on it but I can see it getting smashed at my door and overtime being worn out unless I drill a hole in my door which I am not comfortable to do right now.

    Need a DVD bluray combo drive or just DVD RW.

    No peripherals no monitor just the tower (I probably already have all the cables already will just unplug my current power cable and use it on the new tower).

    The only area where I have to be more decisive about is the cooling as I have not read any aftermarket cooling reviews and articles with the new gen gear and fan placement and fan control stuff is still new to me like figuring out optimal air flow and air direction etc.

    But yeah prices keep going down so who knows I can wait my current setup is still mind blowing to me and no rush honestly to do anything otherwise I would have jumped on release.

    • +36 votes

      Soooooo…you want a quote?

      • Yes always. I am interested to see what you can offer me given those details.

      • LOL at your response Luke.

        So the TL;DR is

        AMD 3950X
        RTX 2080Ti
        64GB DDR4 RAM (which given the rest of the specs presumably would be 3600Mhz with low CAS?)
        Motherboard with inbuilt wifi
        "Decent" cooling
        Optical drive
        No storage
        No peripherals

        … have to admit it's not clear if he wants you to build the PC or he just wants to buy the parts since he's researching fan placement himself shrug

        Sounds like he wants a pretty beefy setup so I'm pretty curious what pricing you end up with.

        • There is at least one additional requirement you need.

          • No rubbish motherboard like MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi, which has inferior VRM with dirt cheap intel 1x1 WiFi card (which is no good in today's standard).

          You should really pick all your parts (which exact card, which exact board) if you are really going for top of the range. I would get AX200 wifi (WiFi 6 / BT3). However, you do know that boards with that card will also have other expensive goodies thrown in (despite technically AX200 is only worth about $30 or less). Or, you are actually happy with cheap 1x1 WiFi card (as I don't think you would have WiFi 6 setup yet)? Are you happy with 2.5Gb ethernet or you want the 10Gb one? How about Thunderbolt 3? Minimum number of SATA ports - 6 or you want the max possible - 8?

          P.S. for WiFi, because I don't want to spend too much on my setup to get expensive MB. I just went for a cheap board without WiFi included. Then buy AX200 with a PCIExpress card which supports miniPCIExpress. WiFi 6 + BT5 sorted.

          Optical drive - again, you should pick one. Do you want the one that can rip UHD Blu-ray (but not officially UHD playback ready), or you want to pay the $$$ to go UHD ROM drive (which most certainly won't be able to rip UHD blu-ray disc). Or, you don't give a damn about UHD Blu-ray and just want a cheap BD-R/RW writer.

          • @netsurfer: I feel this guy isn’t the typical Techfast customer. Seems like he may need a more bespoke solution.

          • @netsurfer: Why would you be using wifi anyway tho

            • @asa79:

              • As none of my laptop or Macbook Pro has WiFi 6, once I setup WiFi 6, it will be hard to test without a client. I do have a mobile phone that supports WiFi 6, but it is easier to test using a PC or laptop.
              • AX200 has bluetooth 5 as well (my motherboard doesn't have it).

              Basically, for $30, you get WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5. Why not?

              • @netsurfer: If that is what you want then pay the extra for it, otherwise not many others need it so why do they need to pay the extra for it?

                • @asa79: The guy wants WiFi. Also, he insisted on AMD. Otherwise, I would suggest Intel 9250 CNVi. It's $18. It has Bluetooth 5, WiFi supports up to 1.73Gbps (with 160MHz wide band support). Good Luck finding an USB WiFi + BT5 dongle that can match that for $18. Not quite WiFi 6, but close.

                  My point is: if the top of the range Intel Wifi 6 is only $30, and last year's model is only $18. If you MUST have WiFi, don't get tricked by board makers who give you a junk / old 1x1 WiFi with Bluetooth 4. That junk card is probably only worth $8 (Intel do make cheap WiFi cards).

                  Also, come on, if he is going for 3950, 2080 Ti, and WiFi is a must, it would be silly not to get WiFi 6 anyway. Read this deal carefully, to cut the cost, a "very cost effective" motherboard was chosen.

                  I have a desktop where there is no LAN port near by. That desktop has Intel 9250 CNVi. $18, beats all the rubbish cheap USB dongles.

                  I don't buy intel's claim that WiFi 6/AX200 can go up to 2.4Gbps… but just in case it does get close, it could potentially beat my gigabit ethernet.

                  • @netsurfer:

                    but just in case it does get close

                    I don't think that has ever happened and you can probably look forward to 10% of that speed in real life.

                    The guy really should just use ethernet and have good networking performance but he doesn't want cables.

                  • @netsurfer: Why not use a WiFi 6 m.2 card with PCIe adaptor? You can get both off eBay for about $100.

                    • @Ryballs: I feel like I need to save my few precious expansion slots. I ended up using one for a dual m2 adaptor for storage but the other expansion slot is for extra SATA ports too. That and a thick GPU mean no more expansion after that.


    do you have any good deals on desktops $1000-$1200?

  • Luke.. really happy with your service and products. But please.. change the "Leaper Pro" case. It was horrible to work on and honestly didn't fit the special 2080GTX you sent me. I've bent a capacitor on my mobo from that ordeal (I'm down a SATA port now), so please change the case.

  • LOL I thought you were offering a new Cash on Delivery option Luke!

  • Any 3600/5700xt deal? Cheers.

  • Worth waiting for the Comet-Lake at this point.

  • Nice!

    Advice for anyone buying this: plan to add an extra fan or two to the case, as it gets hot with high-end hardware inside and just the single stock exhaust. It is a really neat little case, but does need some extra help cooling this kind of config. 2 x 120/140mm intakes in front should do nicely :-)

  • I’ve got an Intel stock cooler and it’s quite bad would recommending upgrading to a liquid cooling system or buy a third party cooling fan. Why is this never an option in these builds?

    • Because a decent cooler is $50+

      Same reason every other part is bare minimum.

    • recommending upgrading to a liquid cooling system or buy a third party cooling fan

      There's zero reason to do that other than noise given you cannot overclock the processor. Liquid cooling of any sort would be a waste of money.

      • My i7 8700 non K version standard clock rate goes to 90 degrees and sometimes more. I was just providing advice to others based on my experiences

  • Is this cheaper than buying the parts from MSY and building it yourself?

    • Like… $100 - 200 cheaper.
      Here is a budget pc built for reference -
      There's a $600 dollar difference, and with that $600 you can either buy a high end GPU (like TechFast have), or buy a monitor + peripherals.

      But end of the day, yes, it's cheaper, but in my personal opinion it pays to know yourself what you're putting in your pc, what PSU you're using, and know the parts are from a trusted source, including knowing what the model numbers are.

  • Any deal with R9 3900X but cheaper video card? Not a big fan of gaming :(

  • Are we able to get some benchmarks to compare these systems in performance?

    Suggestion of benchmark suite.

    Cinebench R15 ( single core and multi-core)
    Cinebench R20 (single and multi-core)
    Blender (BMW benchmark)
    Geekbench 4

    Farcry 5
    Shadow of tomb raider
    Apex Legends
    Battlefield 1
    Warhammer 2

    • Plenty of comparisons between CPUs and GPUs online. Hardware Unboxed on Youtube does some pretty comprehensive benchmarking/comparisons. It's worthwhile to do your own research and I'm sure Luke is busy enough with all the orders these deals are generating.

      • I agree that there are plenty of reviews online of individual parts. Unfortunately, whole system performance can't be estimated accurately. The reviewers use top of the line CPUs when reviewing graphics cards and top of the line graphics cards when comparing CPUs. The CPU, GPU, ram and airflow combination all impact system performance and only Techfast (or other users who bought their computers) can give an accurate measure of their performance.

        • I see your point, but it's pretty easy to approximate performance based on reviews. Start with CPU reviews where they're using a 2080ti to compare the differences between CPUs. Then move onto GPU reviews to establish differences there. Being the two most important components, that's where I'd focus my attention. To be honest, it's lazy to expect a retailer to benchmark their systems, not to mention it would open up a can of worms for them with less informed PC users complaining the performance they're getting doesn't match that advertised, which more than likely is because the user is running different settings or resolution. It would have the potential to become a major headache for retailers. Just my opinion though.

        • Honestly it would be pretty unlikely for Luke to offer this given they change parts regularly and there’s no guarantee it’ll bit that performance for many factors whether it be within or behind their control.

          IMO if you’re serious about performance and would buy a setup based on benchmarks which directly impact your utility of the system (vs just wanting to feel good about your purchase), I’d probably be building myself or going to a bespoke custom system builder.

  • Can you give us full specs?

    PSU manufacturer and model, RAM timings, SSD model, GPU model?

    • Was about to ask same ; mainboard and SSD brand.

    • +2 votes

      As with all our deals, we work with a variety of suppliers, brands and models to achieve the deals and pricing particularly on the base spec components, so we can't guarantee or take requests on what any one customer will receive. However, the 750W power supply will likely be from Allied or Thermaltake, the base RAM timing is minimum 2400Mhz and likely from Crucial, Team or G.Skill, SSD will likely be from Lexar, Crucial or Team, and GPU we have been using for the vast majority have been and is likely to be from MSI (Ventus) or Galax.

      • I'm actually concerned about the PSU. There are some really good PSUs and some….less than stellar ones, and some are bombs. So you can't guarentee the brand right?

      • Hi, is it at least possible to guarantee the Galax? The only thing putting me off buying one of these is that I'm sensitive to noise and teh MSI Ventus card reviews particularly badly when it comes to noise and I don't want to be stuck with it.

  • GODDAMIT! I should've waited. I built one myself and its all but headaches with my GPU. Super regret it so far. Next build for my gf I'm 100% just going to buy from techfast. All these errors even google/reddit didnt have answers for.

    I'll take my chances with techfast.

  • Do you have this on ebay?

  • 2080 Ti upgrade worth for 1440p 144hz gaming? I can afford it just wondering whether it's a stupid move (ridiculously overpriced).

    Or would it be better to wait until the new consoles launch as they might drastically change things?

  • Do you also sell stand alone GPU’s?

  • Hi Luke,
    Is there any option for standard ATX motherboard?

  • Hello, quick question:

    Is this GPU a reference card? All I can see on the website page is "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB Graphics Card" so I'm not sure which manufacturer it comes from.


    • We don't use any reference/blower cards based entirely on OzB member feedback. The 2080 Supers we have been using and will likely continue to is MSI Ventus and Galax EX. We use a variety of brands and models in our deals according to availability and pricing etc, so that is as specific as we can be on components.

  • I am very tempted with this config:

    Processor: Intel Core i7 9700F

    ProcessorCase: Thermaltake Versa J24 TG RGB Edition

    Motherboard: Intel Z390 Motherboard

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB

    Graphics CardMemory: 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) - Requires Z390 Motherboard

    Solid State Drive: 1TB 2.5" SSD

    Power Supply: 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply

    Operating System Activation: No Operating System Activation

    Networking: On-Board Network Port

    Processor Cooling: 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler

    but lol $2.5k. Have to do a real convincing to my inner Ozbs.

  • Damn that's a great deal!

    I'm starting to question why I spent 1.5k on what was basically a cpu upgrade =\

  • Thanks, Luke. I am about to press 'Approve' but can we know brand of those components (graphic card, motherboard, RAM and SSD)? It has been long way hunting and your posts always gave me lights and about to time to make it big fire. :) Thanks!