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Google Nest Hub for 20,000 Points (Was 62,000 Points) @ Telstra Plus Rewards (Free Standard Delivery)


Google Nest Hub available for 20,000 points (down from 62,000 points) on Telstra Plus Reward.

This might be of interest for those who got an extra 50,000 points last month by setting up their auto direct debit.

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    thanks OP

  • Nice. I spent mine on the Studio Onyx speaker already :(

    This is a better deal imo

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      I dunno, it’s a good party speaker. I think the point value is about the same, maybe a bit better for the speaker in terms of how cheaply you can get it elsewhere.

      • Well I chucked it straight on eBay which is what I'd so with 2 of these. You'd probably get more $ from 2 nest hubs.

        • I want to know how to get more points. I only have 15,000 left now and just paying my Telstra bills won’t give me many points per year.

          • @AustriaBargain: sign up to more telstra stuff like mobile service etc..

            this deal will expire in 1 month so I doubt you will get enough by then

    • Maybe from a purely financial sense, but I wanted a bluetooth speaker anyway, so I don't regret cashing in my points for the Onyx.
      This way I got something I needed rather than an ebay/gumtree project. And the Onyx sounds really damn beefy for a bluetooth speaker.

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        Yep was surprised, the sound quality is actually pretty good.

        • Just wish you could pair two of them for stereo, I'd buy another one if you could.

          • @CitizenCane: You could buy another one and plug 3.5mm audio cables into each one for left and right, for true stereo.

        • It’s extremely loud, lots of bass, and maintains clarity at high volume. I still want a HomePod though.

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    Did others get their 50,000? I never did

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      Yup got mine. Credited after my first direct debit payment.

      • I got mine before my first direct debit .0

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        mine declined and i still got them!

    • yup

    • Nope

    • yep - and even before my first direct debit. I guess it's different for everyone. I'd just contact Telstra on chat if you're having any issues with receiving your points.

    • Yes

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      Yes, it took forever though - I had to jump on that weird not-so-livechat and ask for it.
      The guy said he made a note against my account, and it appeared about a month later.

    • Got mine and my DD never was taken because I pay via Bpay before the due day lol

    • No. I signed up on two accounts just incase and nothing. Meet all the conditions including being invited. Just called them and they agree I should have got the points so will apply them in the next 7 business days.. hopefully this deal is still going by then.

    • Yeah never got mine..

    • Yes got my point before the DD cause I paid it before the due date.

    • Got mine after new year's day, before my first direct debit.

    • I never got mine. But I also had a TIO complaint that just got resolved last week, so that might be why :P

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    I have 15,000 points, reckon this is worth it for the points and $19?

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      It’s over $100 rrp

      I’d get it and just flip it on eBay/gumtree or keep it

    • Yeh I did just that. I will give it away as a birthday gift!

  • How many points did the other google nest speaker thing go for?

    • you can get 2 for 15,000 points or 1 for 10,000 however this deal ends tonight.

      • It looks like the ended it early. Not available

  • Never got my 50k points, have people got on chat and got it sorted?

    • I got mine when my next bill was due to be paid via direct debit

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        Yes. Chat to them, they'd sort you out

        • Just went on chat and said they’d sort it in 24-48 hrs. Cheers

  • I don't get mine at first but that's because there was an issue with DD not being setup right, got on Live chat they fixed it then within a week I got the points.

    Just put in an order for three hubs, let's see if they all get processed ;)

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      Surprised they haven't limited it to 1 per customer, especially given they were just giving out 50k free points recently.

      • Well could only order one in a transaction,so I just did three transactions, lol

  • Great find OP, just put in an order. I imagine these'll go quick given how many people got onto the 50k points offer.

  • Man, I really wish I was with Telstra now lol

  • Thanks Op! Just ordered two.

  • Good timing, was in the market for one. I was actually after the google hub max but can't complain when I'm using telstra points that I got for nothing.

    I wish I didn't spend the rest on nest mini bundles now…

  • Soon - out of stock!!
    50+ upvotes in 15 mins 😉

  • Thanks got one as well.

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    got one for all of my points..
    is it any good?

    PS: no more an employee

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      That escalated quickly

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        “Yes! I can now get my Google Hub…. I quit! Cya suckers”

  • thanks

  • Thanks OP, just ordered mine.

  • Thanks, I'll either keep it because I like them or flip it to get something else which would have been more points.

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    No idea what this does but I got one anyway

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      Makes a great smart digital photo frame connected to your Google Photos account if you can think of no other use.

  • Ordered one, thanks.

  • Thanks, got 3.

  • What could you sell these for? $100?

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      I think $100 cash or $120 shipped on eBay is there abouts.

    • $100 cash. Funny I'm actually picking one up tonight

  • Thanks OP, finally something worth the points.

  • Redeemed. Thanks OP and also to those who mentioned the 50,000 points for direct debit (already on it so i'm chasing them for some points as i had no idea)

    • As in you already had DD set up?

      • Correct

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      It was for people who hadn't signed up to direct debit

      • Yes, new DD customers, as it were

    • Let us know how you go. I too was already on DD.

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        I also was already on DD, seems a bit unfair that we miss out? Anyone had success in getting Telstra to still give the bonus points if already on DD?

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          Might seem unfair but it's a marketing tactic to get people to sign up to DD. Chasing people for payments and waiving late fees etc. is a huge cost to companies. Seeting up DD means it takes the hassle out of that process for them. They can afford to give these people additional points because the cost saving on chasing payments or waiving charges when a customer complains because "they forgot to make a payment" is most likely much more.

          Almost every company does this. Honeymoon rates on loans, introductory offers, 14 day trials etc.

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        They checked and advised that upon next DD i'll be given the points :)

        • I had no such luck, but have cancelled my DD. Maybe one day I'll see the banner.

  • Thanks OP. Redeemed my 60K points for 3 Nest hub :)

  • Cheers OP. Ordered 3 with the hope of selling a couple off.

  • Thanks OP, just picked up 3 of them. Very good find.

  • Thanks for the deal - I grabbed two three.

    Actually I just realised I can get one more for 15000 points plus $19. So 3 of them in total.

    starts googling to work out what a Google Nest Hub actually is

  • What a pain! Used all my points to get the girlfriend one a couple of weeks ago… oh well :/

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    Thanks OP just redeemed one with my 10,000 points and paid $39. Still think it's worth it!

    • Same here

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      Trying to decide if I should do that too with the remaining 10k points…

  • Damn, I just spent all my points after the 50,000 pt Direct Debit bargain. Good deal!

  • Thanks OP, ordered one. Had our Home Mini give up the other week, won't boot up properly and perform any tasks. Seen a number of instances of this reported where an update causes it. Replaced the mini with the one we still had in the box from the Spotify promotion. Now we'll have a nice screened version for the kitchen and can re-purpose the Mini somewhere else in the house.

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    Dang…. I'd get it for 15,000 points + $19, but it'll take me another 2 months to get the 600 points I'm short of. I missed out on 2,500 points for setting up Direct Dialing and the 50k points for direct debit, as I had both set up before the promotions. Serves me right for being pro-active :)

  • thanks op. ordered!

  • Omg yeah! I’ve been contemplating whether or not to get one for 62,000 with my 70,000 Telstra points but now I’m definitely going to get one!