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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black 100,000 Qantas Pts (Plus 30,000 after 12mths) 75 Status Credits $150 Back ($3,000 Spend) $425 Fee


Haven't seen a ANZ Black Card deal posted recently and found them offering 100,000 Qantas Points, 75 Status Credits and $150 back with a lower $3,000 spend. If you so choose to decide to stick with them another year then you get 30,000 extra Qantas Points. See Related Deal: Bonus 30,000 Bonus Qantas Pts for cards applied in July

$425 annual card fee.
2 Qantas Club lounge access invitations per year.
Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Bonus Qantas Points, Status Credits and $150 credit will be credited within 3 months of the eligible spend criteria being met.
Minimum credit limit $15,000.
Up to 55 days interest free.

Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months.

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  • Great timing. Moving my mortgage over to ANZ so will be applying for this card. ANZ is bloody slow though. Mortgage refinancing took almost 3 months from application to approval.

    • Just be careful if you're trying to add this to a package - from my understanding, you can either have the bonus points or the annual fee waived (as part of the Breakfree package), not both :(

      • Could you move it in the second year and still get the 30000 bonus? My understanding is yes from the terms as it talks about holding the card for 12 months.

      • Correct. I applied for the 120k points deal a while back at the same time as a mortgage with ANZ.
        I have kept them separate and just got points and rebate last week. So I will now contact ANZ to remove the other credit card tied to Breakfree and put this one on it instead for fee free-ing (excluding the $55 rewards fee).

      • When did that rule change? Because I remember it being you can get both.

      • They say this but you get it anyhow in my experience (but to be safe I'll take the points then add it later for fee free).

        • In doing so, do you not get charged annual fee as soon as you sign up? Do you get the fee back when you put it under package?

          • @c0nfus3d: I have a breakfree loan and was charged the annual fee when I signed up for this card last year. I did get my points pretty quickly though. My question is will they charge me the next year's annual fee as well when 12 months is up or would breakfree waive the fees off?

            • @cray: It is likely that they did not "attach" your credit card to your package. You might need to fill breakfree package variation form so that they can associate your credit card to the package and not charge you fee. Just give them a call and tell them to put your card under package.

      • So just following up on this and asked them the question when following up with someone on the phone. I asked about whether I can get the QFF on breakfree. He is going to follow up and find out if he can give me the deal with my breakfree mortgage.

        • Did you get a response from the bank about this? Am in the process of getting a breakfree loan too :/

          • @supacheap: Official answer is no. What he suggested is apply for low valued CC under breakfree and apply for a Black card separately to get the QFF points. Then cancel the breakfree card and move the black under it.

            • @SirFlibbled: Argh that sucks but thanks for letting me know! Not ideal especially how slow the whole home loan process has been (lodged it back in late May) and it's still going cuz they made some errors on the doc :(

    • How do these promotional offers work with home loans?

      I'll be applying for a home loan soon and I know they sometimes bundle credit card deals with the home loan offer. Will the QF bonus points also be part of the offer?

      • It's usually the QFF or the fee free. I've found that you get the QFF points anyhow with other banks. But it's a risky move.

      • I just did the a few weeks back. For anz, you have to pay the fees in order to get the bonus point. Once you get the points, give them a call and ask to attach the breakfee to the card, they will waive the fee for the following year.

        With NAB, you don't have to pay fee and still get the point.

        • Just to confirm, are you saying that you applied for the credit card as part of your application but opt'd to pay for the fee to get the points and then called ANZ to ask them to attach it

          Or did you apply for the home loan and credit card separately?

    • In the same boat, waiting since last 2 months for the refinance, so guess have 1 more month to go

      • If it helps, it's been 2 weeks since the approval and the contract still hasn't turned up at the bank :)

        • check the terms and conditions, i believe you dont get the points if u get the card during the mortgage application stage. gotta apply for it afterwards. or before.

  • Alternatively use this link to get 'Bonus 120K Qantas Points + $275 Cashback (Spend $4,000 in 3 Months) + $425 Annual Fee':
    ANZ Black

    • Yeah just finished with this deal. Really good!

      • what does eligible purchases means ? couldn't find the real definition on that page?

        • https://www.anz.com.au/content/dam/anzcomau/documents/pdf/an...

          You will not earn Rewards Points on interest charges, premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance (ANZ Credit Card Insurance not available for new customers from March 17th, 2018), government charges, bank fees, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office or other taxation payments or duties, card account adjustments resulting from disputed transactions or otherwise,
          balance transfers or cash advances (as defined in the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use) or transactions which are identified to ANZ by the relevant merchant or any intermediary financial institution as falling into one of these categories. Bonus Reward Points will not be earned in the Bonus Points Mall on the purchase of gift cards, GST or delivery and shipping charges.

    • Do you get all 120k bonus points after 3 months or is this one where they will hold something like 20k until you renew for a second year?

      • Nope got all after the 3rd statement. Think from memory Anz statement cycle for me was 6th of every months hence I tried to apply close to the first statement cycle to cut down the extra one month wait.

      • I got my points some time in the 4th or 5th month after starting and joining

    • Would applying for this 120k offer be applicable for the 30k bonus QFF offer Here

      Wording seems to suggest application has to be made through QFF website but other phrases suggest just has to apply for the cards listedd on their website?

      • Good Question, I'm ready to pull the trigger and dont want to risk it not working and only getting 120K points and spending $4000 when I can get $130K and spend $3000.

    • This is the one I used as well. I think it's a better deal unless you really need the status credits

    • Yeah, defs a better deal than the OP's. No sure why it was posted when a better deal already exists on OZB. Will take the $275 cashback anyday

    • Thanks mate - just signed up to this deal hoping to be approved!

  • Just one reminder: Don't apply for max credit limit. If 'maximum' is selected, they will apply for a $75,000 credit limit that's why I failed. Good thing is, I emailed and told them I only need $15,000 and the case is re-opened.

    • Really? I was always under the impression that "maximum" just meant it will automatically assign you the highest amount they're willing to give you. At least that's how that option works with amex.

      • That's also what I thought about "maximum". But creditsavvy says the enquiry they did is against the amount of $75,000.

  • is $475 worth 100K ponts?

  • I was tempted to neg this deal but since it's not OP's fault, I'll just share my experience with the last ANZ FF Credit Card deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543158).

    Was called 3 to 4 times asking for additional documents regarding income which I would upload immediately following the calls. Received an email asking to provide 3 timeslots for a callback from ANZ. Did not hear from them again. This was about a month ago.

    Pretty big waste of time, but if they ever get back to me I'll update this post.

    • Just email them your documentation, that’s what I did. Was so much easier. Use this email: [email protected] and quote your application number in the subject line. I admit the portal sucks!

      • i think this is a shared mailbox? now everyone who can see the mailbox offshore knows where u live and how much you earn. (:

        get your paperwork you might have for home loans for a credit card.. payg and slips lol..

      • There is a website you can upload docs to. It was straight forward for me.

    • I ran out of patience after multiple harassing calls with repeated requirements from their lovely overseas 'assessment' team - have provided all required documents (ANZ statement with income, payslips, tax returns, notice of assessment etc) - zero result so far. Their consultant can not speak English and can't understand financial basics (asking for everyday expenses in tax return) - finally went to AFCA website and fired a complaint asking for financial compensation. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to join, happy to provide details. The situation is really disgusting and those idiots should be financially responsible for their actions

  • I can't believe ANZ is still using the same online application form as a decade ago. Only good for people with surnames <16 characters.

  • Sad. Just got approved for their 60k one.

  • Beware of wasted effort - applied to the last ANZ FF credit card promotion - they never got around to processing due to COVID staffing issues.

  • ANZ CC application system is a mess.
    But thanks OP for posting the deal

  • ANZ CC system is chaotic.

    got rejected and emailed additional info. They got back to me after 2 months and downgraded my card(from black to platinum).

    I accepted the downgrade but My bonus offer is lower than the online version. Totally not happy with their product and will close the card as soon as i get the bonus.

    • Why did they reject you? It's not like they randomly pick people to reject, they must have a good reason for it. And like you said you provided new info, and they gave you one in the end, but a lower range card, so chances are you didn't make the crietrias for black. Just saying.

      • My compliant is about it took them 2 months to get back to me and did not mention my bonus offer was lower than the website stated.

        They closed credit card assessment hotline and nobody replied my email. I called many times, emailed varied email address, visited the branch in person. It took me too much effort for this card.

  • Thanks OP for the deal, but a word of warning be careful when applying. I easily qualified for the card, had an excellent credit rating with all the major credit agencies, was an existing ANZ customer, set the desired credit limit to the minimum, but was rejected without any reason provided. I contacted them, and they could only say the application was rejected and could not tell me why or review the decision. I asked for a report, and basically got a letter saying they were sorry, but the application was rejected. The only thing I could think of is just perhaps I might have not included my middle name on my drivers license so the automated system couldn't match my ID. Again, did I mention I had an account with the bank - including our home loan - and had been with them for over ten years.

    The credit query for the rejected application of course took my credit rating down, and I in turn moved banks. ;-)

    • Did you specify a prefered credit limit or a 'maximum' one?

    • I also had this card rejected yesterday only for no explanation or reason even after being on call with them for an hour. I worked less hours than now and had some leave 19-20 FY and hence YTD on payslips was less but even after providing 7 payslips and explaining everything we could, it was rejected. Worth mentioning we just (earlier this month) refinanced our home loan to them, so they would already have everything. So it's ridiculous to see what they have done for credit card application.

    • Possible you had maxed out your unsecured exposuer if you have multiple credit cards?

      Generally, a reason isn't provided because each bank's credit rating criteria is confidential and various aspects are weighed together to make a decision. An analyst could take a reasonable guess as to what's tipped it, but it could be several factors working together too.

      The only exception that I've seen (in a diff bank) is being told you're declined if you've had a recent application for that same bank within the last X months.

      • No other credit card at all at the moment. I have held CC with $15k limit in past with no issues. Really good credit rating too. I am still trying to swallow this from ANZ…

  • As mentioned previously.
    Seems to be a better deal w/ 120,000 points and $275 back.

  • How long do you keep credit cards to claim the points for?
    every 12 months? every 6 months? (provided you get the points first)
    I cycle every 12 months, and I haven't had any issues so far

  • Not worth it with the annual fee.

  • Does anyone know what the minimum income requirement for this? I remembered they used to show all the criteria’s including income requirement.
    I’m afraid that this has the minimum requirement above my pay and will be rejected.

    Though does being rejected lower my credit rating?

  • Applied for the 60k points and approved next day.
    The website to upload IDs didn’t work for me (tried both chrome and IE) so I just emailed [email protected] and [email protected] which was efficient in my experience.
    I did receive few calls (and texts) prior to emailing which I Couldn’t attend.

    Now, the activation part really sucks cuz you need a CRN and a telecode which you need for login & register so I had to call ANZ and was given these and card activated over the phone.
    Website was created in the very early days of internet, good ‘ol times.

  • Applied and approved in 24hrs, better than last time! (120k $4000 spend)

  • I am considering the similar deal but with ANZ Rewards points as I don't have any plans to travel. Does anyone know what the point to $ rate for gift cards with the ANZ Rewards program is so I can work out the value of that offer? Thanks

    • Had a look and it's roughly 222.25 ANZ rewards points per dollar for all denominations. eg. a $100 egift card is 22225 points to redeem.
      On my ANZ Travel Rewards card I get 1.5 points per dollar which equates to about 0.67% return on all spending if only looking at gift cards (1.5/222.25). The Rewards Black will be 0.9%. For comparison, the Woolworths Rewards card gives a 0.5% return (2000 points for $10)

      However if you look at this QFF card it's only 100 QFF points per minimum dollar value. This means you get a 1% return at the very minimum and that's not even including the bonus points. Even if you don't have plans to travel at the moment it may be worth saving them for the future?

  • Thinking of going on the Qantas Points train now.. which card would be a good long term Qantas Credit Card?