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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6C12T CPU $269 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


This is the best price I've seen in months for local stock on THE CPU.

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  • bow to the mighty 3600

  • Absolute beast of a CPU much recommended for those who are still running old haswell or skylake i5's or i7's

    • Would you also recommend for Kabylake? I'm still running on the i5 7500 Kabylake.

    • Skylake i7's are still pretty good - the 6700K is still fantastic for everyday use and basically has very similar performance to modern chips for gaming if you OC it to 5.0 GHz or so. If you need a faster CPU, I'd say a 3700X is probably a better bet, the 3600 isn't that great of a step up (you'd be spending like $400 - $500 after you budget in a board too). Otherwise, the 6700K is still fine.

      • agreed. the 6700k isn't so bad to warrant an urgent upgrade, might as well wait for next year's AM5 to enjoy a few more years of upgrade path.

        • Oh boy I'm barely holding out to 4th gen Ryzen with my 6700k… must resist urge to upgrade.

      • 5.0ghz?! Gee I better up my OC then.

        • I could only push 4.4ghz on my 6600k with an uncomfortable amount of vcore.


        • 6700K has a better bin than the 6600K. I remember being able to push 5.0 GHz back when I owned one, but I backed it off to 4.8 GHz. If I still had one now, I'd just push it all the way to 5.0 GHz.

          From memory, my 2600K was able to hit 4.5 GHz, my 3770K was a golden chip that hit 4.9 GHz, 4770K hit 4.4 GHz and my 6700K was at 4.8 GHz. After that I moved to Ryzen from Intel.

      • I would agree Skylake i7's can still play games pretty well especially when overclocked

    • Haswell is still surprisingly competitive against current gen. It cannot compare where more than 4 cores are used, but an i5 4690K for example is only about 15% slower otherwise. Not bad for a 6 year old CPU!

      • I was still using a 4690, someone gave me a 4790K and still using it..

        Not using 1440p resolution and have a GTX 1080….

        As much as I'd like to upgrade i dont "need" it….(kinda wish i had a reason to)

      • Hah, I'm using an i5-4690K right now. Waiting for Zen 3 before I upgrade

      • I was using an i5 4460 before I got my Ryzen 5 3600 modern games struggle on the haswell i5's but for lighter games it would still work fine

  • This is the best price I've seen in months for local stock on THE CPU.

    Lol what? You literally replied on this deal?

    • That amazon one was much better since it included postage.

    • I believe that's why he qualified it as "Local Stock". I actually bought the Amazon deal and it took a while to get here. Ordered 4th and received 14th

      • Anything sold by Amazon AU is locally stocked.

        I’ve never had anything delivered by Amazon AU that’s longer than a few days. I’ve ordered stuff for my folks (in a country area) that has taken one week at most to be delivered by AusPost.

        • In the last 2 weeks we have had 22 packages from amazon.. Ordered on a sunday morning was here on monday and we live in nowra.. Longest anything took was literally 2 days from order but majority was next day.. Won't buy from anywhere else now..

          Ordered 2k of computer upgrades from mwave last month.. All in stock and took 14 ffing days.. Never again..

    • Ahah I thought that was US I forgot about that.

  • Waiting for the Ryzen 400 series

    • ^^ This.

    • I agree it's best to wait. It's coming out this year according to AMD, and 8 cores per CCX will be interesting for game performance.

    • As much as I love new tech, I doubt that the leap from Ryzen 3000 to 4000 will be anywhere as big as the leap from 2000 to 3000. The architectural improvements aren't that great, it looks like we'll be at 16 cores on mainstream for probably the next few years at the very least. The more mature 7nm process should give higher clocks though, but is it enough?

      Ryzen 3000 series was basically AMD's "Sandy Bridge" moment. The "4600" or whatever the 6C/12T part will be called will probably come out around the 3600XT's pricing, not 3600's pricing, which still makes the 3600 a smashing buy.

      • Do you think 8 cores per CCX will be a big improvement? Not as big as Zen+ to Zen 2, but it would be interesting.

        • I guess you can look at the 3100 vs 3300X as the best of what this could offer. Truth is that very few applications even use four concurrent cores, let alone eight. For multitasking, it's not that big of a deal.

          But yes I agree not as big of a deal as from 2000 to 3000. My hunch is that the 3000 series basically obsoleted the 2000 series on release, but the 3000 series will be used for years to come.

          Just like how the 2600K obsoleted the i7 860 and 920 on release, but survived for years as a good high end, then eventually budget option.

          • @p1 ama: That sounds pretty good for gaming though doesn't it? The 3300X beats the 3100 by a significant margin and even edges out the 3600 in non-thread-hungry titles.

            • @Rajeh: You didn't get the jist of what I said. The 3100 to 3300X improvement is very high because many applications (including games) can use 4C, so lowering the cross-CCX latency by moving from 2C/CCX to 4C/CCX is a big deal. Moving from 4C/CCX to 8C/CCX is less of a big deal because few applications use 8 concurrent cores.

              • @p1 ama: Ah I get it now. It's only help those thread hungry games then, which aren't too common… yet.

                • @Rajeh: Yeah, exactly. I suspect that where we'll see the most improvement is at the high end, i.e. the 3950X equivalent, and of course Threadripper/EPYC 4000 series, whenever that comes round.

      • Lol. 16 cores as mainstream. Probably don't even need 8.

        • lol, hi from the content creaters and makers.

        • You didn't read what I said. I agree with you, which is why I said we'd be at 16 cores on mainstream for years to come.

          We can go back and forth about what constitutes mainstream, but truth is the 3950X is a mainstream (AM4) 16C part.

      • The "4600" or whatever the 6C/12T part will be called will probably come out around the 3600XT's pricing

        The big selling point of the 4000 series should be an increase in core count, I'm expecting the 4600 to have 8 cores.

        • There won't be a jump in cores, just clock and IPC gains due to a small step up on the silicon process. Prices should be slightly better.

          Zen 4 (Ryzen 5000 on 5nm) will be the jump in core count.

      • Yeah i pulled the trigger on a 3600 last month and that will last me 10 years like my 1st gen i7 did.. Got an rx 580 8gb also as i won't be going higher than 1080p 144hz by preference so that will last me 5 years at least.. A few 1tb nvme drives and new wifi mobo and I'm set to never spend money again this decade πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Plan to get a 4800X,Wait for release, Wait for GN, or Linus or whoever to say get a 3900X because 4800X isn't worth the extra, then buy my 3900X so I can get a 4900X.

      This is the plan.

    • Why not a motherboard with future support with this cpu instead. I doubt if your usecase is gaming it would be any more beneficial for unknown spec / price point of 4000 series with unknown wait times for sale and stock to arrive.

  • Will this be good for FS2020?

    I'm looking to pimp my dad's computer with a 1660 super but it currently has a i5-4690k which I think might be a bit of a bottleneck.

  • Worth jumping on this as opposed to a 3600X? Friend is looking for a build at the moment and I had a 3600X listed for him.

  • Would this be worth the swap to AMD? I'm currently running an i5-8600 which I purchased in Oct 2018. I'm considering the switch because I only have 9th gen left to upgrade to with the 1151 socket. Just a bit worried for the longevity of the AM4 socket since 2020 is supposedly the last year for it's support.

    • It depends if it's getting the most out of your current GPU. I'm currently on 6C6T too and it's struggling with some newer titles, but I'm going to wait for Ryzen 5000 so I can get in on the new socket.

      • Miss the days where everyone was using the same socket, upgrade path was Cyrix -> AMD -> Intel

      • I'm running a 1070ti and I think it's doing alright. Re: the Ryzen 5000, that's what I was thinking about as well. I've got my fingers crossed that Ryzen 5000 comes out next year.

        • Hopefully. I don't think your 8600 would be a big bottleneck. It's about as much slower than my 3500X as your 1070 Ti is my RX 5700. It should only struggle in thread heavy titles like Battlefield or every Ubisoft game since 2017.

    • Do you put everything on medium or low? My rig is 1800x and 1070 back then when it was near the top rig, I never put everything on high or ultra, except for rpg game. I mostly play fps anyway and putting everything on high or ultra can actually obstruct my view with all particles flying around. The only thing on high or ultra is texture setting, shadow usually on medium as put shadow on low, believe it or not most of the time will shift the process to cpu instead of gpu

    • Here's some more food for thought for you. You could get a 3600 + B450 motherboard for, say $270 + $200 = $470.

      Or you could get a 9900KF and slot it directly into your rig for $599: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558146

      Don't get me wrong, I love AMD and I own a 3600, 3700X, 3900X and 3970X for various things around my house, but the 9900KF for $599 in your situation is a smashing deal.

  • Need expert here i still have my 1800x from ozbargain during christmas sale years ago. should i upgrade to this or wait? Now i am mainly gaming.

    • If you're trying for high fps eSports gaming, this will be a decent improvement. But probably better to wait imo

      • Not really even back then i usually put everything low except for texture, always high or ultra, and shadow usually at medium, as low will sometimes shift the process to cpu and it hammers the experience. As the other particles setting make it hard to see things

  • Back to $299 now. :(

    • Oh no.. You vould have added an acre to the block with that massive saving πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • AMD is on the path to become Intel. Soon the prices will go up for 4000/5000 series.

  • It's now $299

  • damn, disappointed that I missed this :(

  • I still have a x58 system running 6t12t with a xenon x5690 and used to run 24gb ram. My favourite overlocker build ever

  • Gutted I missed this.. The cheapest I can find now is $300.