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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Update: Deal was supposed to end on Friday 2nd October, however due to a system outage nationwide, the deal has been extended till end of business day Saturday 3rd October Some stores however may not honor the deal: please call the store to confirm that the offer is still available before visiting.

Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

One day in-store only.

Confirmed for all you doubting Thomas'

Mod note: Previous deals for this offer were deleted as they were posted by L-platers. Note that JB Hi-fi has been permanently banned for sockpuppeting, preventing store representatives from posting deals. This policy of not allowing phone deals posted by L-platers was adopted in recent months to prevent sockpuppeting and misinformation. As per the posting notes for JB Hi-Fi, staff members are instructed to pass on deals in the anonymous deal thread.

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  • Been on hold 1 hr 10 mins so far.

    EDIT: Got signed up. I think in hindsight I'm going to be slapped with a $99 early termination fee on my Optus plan even though it expires in 7 days… oh well still works out cheaper.

  • How do you speak to Telstra Live Chat? I keep getting the msg "We have no agents available to assist in Telstra 24x7 Live Chat.

    If you need help, send us a message through the My Telstra app. Do this by tapping the 'Get Help' tab then the blue message icon. Download the app here." :(

  • 1hr 15mins hold, 15mins sign up. Will be processed in next 3 days.

    • +1

      New customer or port in? What was the final deal you got?

      • +1

        Port ins:

        • $59pm
        • 80gb pm
        • $500gc
        • 12m service (Peace of Mind/no excess data charges)
  • issue with simcards here at merrylands too

    • Their systems (Siebel) are down.

      No orders can be processed on Telstra’s system, JB will capture everything manually and then process at a later date when systems are live again.

      • do they mail out the $500 JB Card?

        • +1

          They will be delivered 24-48hrs after sim activation via email, to the email address you provide them during sign up :)

  • Not happy, went in today and they had no issue signing me up for the deal on a new sim. The system was down so they couldn’t process it. Filled out paper work with the deal recorded exactly as listed. Now they’ve called back hours later saying that it’s just for port in and not for new numbers. Anyone know what I can do? I signed the paper contract and everything and they’re now trying to weasel out of it.

    • +3

      Aldi, $5 Sim, activate, give them the number.

    • Threaten legal action, they have already signed off on it. End of story. there own fault, besides its known that they can still do it for new signups they just being dicks about it and nothing is stopping them.

      I mean what's the difference really? there's no difference in any regard.

      • Yeh I’m pretty annoyed. Yes I can go get another sim now and try and activate but I’ve got other things I need to do for the rest of the arvo. And I said to him plenty of other stores have done it fine and he had 0 issue this morning with it being a new sim. Seems really dodgy.

      • +1

        Ok they spoke to the store manager after I asked to speak to them and the manager is honouring the deal that I signed.

  • Does anyone know or can check the cancellation terms for me? i.e. is there an ETC or a pay-out figure for the plan if you choose to cancel right away after signup and just take advantage of getting the $500 Gift Card?

    • I think it is only 400 and something, meaning you can get a small profit from doing this (assuming you want something from jb)

  • Successfully got this at belco ACT. Store guy said he'd only been there for 40 minutes and had had 3 sign ups in that time

    • New sim or port?

      • New.

        Going to retire my number that I've had for 20 years because it gets too many spam calls and sms. And keep my new one off the internet completely.

        • Lol I'm so confused of the whole thing. Some said it's only for port in and some said its only for new numbers..

          • @sauce2k: Official information said strictly ports only, likely badly trained reps. When they go to complete the orders on their next shift, they’ll likely have issues too!

        • You do realise there is no such thing as new, your getting somebody else's number that was used years ago and probably by many others before them, its recycled. How you get the sorry wrong number or spam calls forever.

          The only way is to somehow get a provider to give you a brand new number from a newly generated block of numbers that they released, I don't know anyone who can do that.

  • Got it at JB hi-fi Chatswood. System down so they do it on paper. So will take long.

  • +1

    btw just confirmed with Telstra you can merge your existing post paid number to the new number. They said there may be a small downtime for the process to take effect.

    Update** Downtime may be a few hrs to take affect once you cancel existing Telstra number and they change it to the new sim card

    • So you're saying you signed up to a new 12 month contract but retained your original number?

    • Correct - took me 2 hours on Wednesday to move my existing out of contract number onto the new plan to replace my new number.

  • Sorry if I missed above, but 2 questions.
    1. Can you get this for a new service - not a port-in?
    2. Does this also include free 3 months of Binge as is listed on the Telstra website for SIM only plans?

    • new service apparently so
      not sure bout Binge

    • +2

      1) Port In only. can be solved by buying a optus prepaid sim

      2)no as it is through JB hifi plan. you do get other benefits such as nrl,afl livepass, kayo discounts etc

      • People have stated also works for new numbers

        • +1

          The memo which I personally saw says port in only. Some stores obviously didn’t listen to their morning briefing

    • Does include Binge. Signed up yesterday and I had 6 months free Binge when I setup the Telstra app.

  • JB World Square was pretty quiet and had to give them all my details, sign a paper form and wait for them to finalise on their end when the system is back up and running. I’ll have to go back in to pick up SIM card and gift card when it’s sorted though.

  • its so frustrating

  • Still on hold 1hr 26mins :(

    May have to leave a msg for call back…. wonder if they will though?

    FINALLY got through!!

    • I was told that i will receive a call back and they're going through a backlog that way

  • -1

    It still amazes me how Telstra somehow after all these years is still in operation and is unable to process more than a few hundred orders a day without clogging up and halting their systems!. I would have thought by now somehow someone would have taken over this very weak, fragile, incompetent, old, and decaying telco company and it's even worse infrastructure. In my mind there is a huge market to make profit from here by becoming a very first telco in Australian history to provide a working network, that's fast, stable, with great or excellent customer service. Something Australia has never had before.

    • +1

      I imagine these gift card deals attract a lot of fraudsters, so I can imagine the required admin trail would be quite intensive for them, especially over the phone.

      I just signed up. Very happy as I missed out on Monday. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      I think your statement is a bit over the top. They're actually mid-transition - transferring data from old to new infrastructure - which caused the credit check outage. So they are in the very midst of what you are actually suggesting the company should do, and this is what is causing the outage in the first place (modernising systems architecture).

    • To be clear I was not directly referring to this particular outage for this deal (due to credit checks? I was not even aware of the reason…). I was referring to Telstra as a whole company overall and there losing market share and year on year decline in sales and the ever increasing resentment for a company notoriously known to be hated for everything they do (or lack of).

  • Based in Metro Melbourne. Called Hoppers Crossing first then said they are in warehouse setting at the moment and recon I try Geelong. Then I called Geelong and was told they cannot help me as it's hard to verify IDs etc. via the phone and asked me to call the 135244. Waited 50 mins and got connected, then on the phone talking, verifying IDs. etc it took about another 15-20 mins. A bit long time to get it all done. However I haven't received any email confirmation yet so far, I was only given a Telstra Sales ID. Has anyone signed up got any email confirmation?

  • looks like it is back up, just got telstra email

  • +1

    i hope they extend this to tomorrow aswell!

  • I did the sign up earlier at Eastgardens (new number) - rang prior to confirm this is acceptable. Signed manual paperwork and they gave me a Sales Order. The people in store have now rang and told me that (1) they made a mistake and accepted me as a port in, and (2) claimed that Telstra is not honoring this if the orders are not in today. This is just extremely poor business practice and I will be looking to lodge a complaint with Fair Trading if this is not being taken forward. Anyone else got the call as well?

    • Lol u see this whole thing is confusing. Half the people saying it's port in only and half says new numbers only. I signed up around lunch time port in from optus I got a transfer code from telstra pretty much straight away and gave it to the dude at jb hifi. Hopefully I don't receive a call saying they not honoring..

    • Update - eventually the store manager rang me back on Sunday afternoon and advised that the deal will indeed be honoured in general, except that the $10/month credit cannot be given as we have missed the boat. She was very apologetic but committed to working with me to work something out. We eventually worked out a deal and good to see JB holding their promise there although it was a slightly painful journey.

  • Still on hold at 5:18pm. Is it still worth holding or should I assume they are closed for the day?

    • they closed at 7. they are still open

    • +1

      Still on hold at 7.02; bit crap that they don’t turn off the line once people have stopped working.

  • Did my paper form in store. Just picked up an Optus sim on the way in, gave them that number. Once it's up and running hope to move my current Telstra pre paid number across onto the new service.

    Only annoying thing is you have to wait till it's activated to get the gift card, so will have to go back into the store on the weekend some time.

  • +2

    I am going to hear their on hold music in my dream tonight at this rate.

    • same

  • i've been on hold for an hour wth is there actually anyone working? They are supposed to be open till 7pm

  • Managed to do it on paper manually, was in the store for >1hr - systems down took forever. $500gc + 80gb, $59/m

  • 80 minutes waiting followed by 30 minutes signing up but all good and simcard on the way!

  • Called Rundle Mall in Adelaide, SA. Can't port Boost number. If anyone is wondering.

  • How long is the cool off period if I cancel? The Mrs wasn’t happy to lose her international minutes…

    • No cooling off period

      • As in I’d have to straight up call tomorrow and cancel the whole thing?

        • As in you can cancel the contract, but you'd be paying the early termination charge as there is no cooling off period

          • @urinal cake: Oh wow, so $410 to cancel. Should have listened when the guy was reading that laundry list of stuff…

            • @cc23: you can ask telstra to add a international calling pack. some have had success some havent

            • @cc23: I learnt the hard way too, just assumed cooling off periods were a thing. Well they are, but they only apply if the other party initiated contact eg telemarketers cold calling. If you initiate the discussion kiss that layer of protection goodbye

              • @urinal cake: Weirdly I’ve not even got an email confirmation yet for the order though, which makes me think I may be in luck.

                • @cc23: They likely wouldn’t have been able to process it in Telstra’s system yesterday, might be out of the woods yet!

            • @cc23: You're still $90 ahead assuming you want something at jb?

      • There is a cooling off period. It's in the terms, they read it for me on the call yesterday. But I don't recall what is the period exactly. I say give them a call.

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up all. Went into Adelaide CBD store this afternoon based on a previous comment. Same deal, heaps of people doing it and systems down so taking paper forms.

    Posting now because I just got a call (6 or so hours later) to confirm it can now happen. As of 10 mins ago, now on Telstra. Just gotta go back tomorrow to get my $500 gift card now.

    Great work by the Adelaide Rundle Mall staff too. Getting smashed by requests, system down, and they did it all with great customer service and very happy to confirm this unadvertised (basically OzBargian only?) deal.

    • So were you able to get this on new service or port in only

      • Port from Cirlces.life…which the guy had never heard of, and I'm glad to be done with. He never mentioned it had to be a port, but everyone around me seemed to be porting as far as I could tell. Quite a few people doing it this afternoon.

  • Amazing deal. Went to Adelaide CBD store around 6:30pm, system still semi down and there were about 5 people trying to sign up with only 3 staff members and each application taking ~45 mins… Staff member was able to put in the order to the online system and using a paper form as a backup, but it was stuck in pending so they were unable to issue the gift card. Told to come back tomorrow to collect.

    Was planning to activate the service with a new number, but was told it was for port ins only. Ran over to Woolies and grabbed a $2 Optus SIM, activated and used to port over immediately, worked perfectly.

    SIM card is active now and works perfectly, transferred to eSIM through the My Telstra app, which is a great feature I didn't have with Boost. My current number is with Boost so I'll be transferring to Optus, then to Telstra and going through chat to replace the number on the plan with this number.

    Thanks for posting

    • Did you get an email from Telstra to say the SIM was active before you put it in? My old SIM is still going so wondering how I know when to swap over.

      • +1

        Your old one will stop working and you'll get emails not long after. My phone said simply was not assigned as soon as it went inactive

        • +1

          Yep, put it in once the old SIM deactivated (will say Emergency calls only or similar)

          • @realfancyman: Okay, thanks guys!
            Just surprised it hasn't happened yet, I got a call at like 9am saying it was put through and I received a "this is your plan" email from Telstra but so far nothing to seem like it's been swapped over and my old SIM is working fine.

            I got told to go into store once my new SIM is activated to collect the GC, so I want to make sure I go in today!

            • @JoKing: Give it up to 48 hours, then JB hi Fi or Telstra should be able to escalate

  • +4

    I was in this morning (qld) and a staff member confirmed that this has been extended till today due to system issues yesterday.

  • Just got through, back to $69 and $300 gift card in Melbourne.

  • True. Offer expired in Vic. But according to them, if you've left a voice msg yesterday you might be eligible for the offer when they call back. Let know if anyone got lucky.

  • Still waitin for a call back. Left message at 12:40 yesterday

  • I went in WA and they still have the offer running. HOWEVER, its for port in numbers only with a staff member confirming no new numbers being issued with this offer. I also had previously applied yesterday with a new number when it was rejected.

  • It worked for me in jb - kedron store QLD. It is extended for today only.

  • Is there a way I can swap the new plan with my old number? Or do I have to keep the new number I just got from the $2 ported optus sim?

    • You can, ask for a change of number on Telstra app chat. But both numbers have to be under the same Telstra account. If they are not, you'll have to do a change of ownership first, then a change of number. This process was explained in the earlier $59 thread.

      • Yes, both under same account. Thank you

  • I was able to port in my number at JB HIFI Belmont for the 10 credit, extra 20gb and $500 gift card. The bloke said they will honour it all day today due to the mess up yesterday. No new services though, ports only!

  • any vic metro stores honoring the extended deal ? Cheers!!

  • Werribee store not giving any Telstra plans as they cannot site the ID :(

  • I was able to do this today, strand arcade store at Sydney CBD. They confirmed it is running until the end of the day today.

  • I’m not sure wtf is going on but I called up in and entered my brisbane postcode- guy said people leaving messages yesterday Can expect a 72 hour wait till call back.

  • any guys in Hobart tried?

  • Has anyone had success adding a international calling pack to this plan?

  • +2

    Just signed up to it over the phone in VIC. details are: unlimited calls & sms/mms in aus, 80gb (60+20GB),no excess data after 80GB and speed capped at 1.5Mpbs . no data rollover, 5G enabled where available. $59 pcm ($69 plan -$10 credit), $500 JBHIFI online gift card after 72hrs from Activation.

  • easily got this deal at Jamiesontown today, very helpful staff. used a new $5 Aldi sim. Now just having issues with changing it to my old telstra number. The online chat guy doesnt understand my requests and is very slow to respond

    • So I’ll just make sure what I’m saying makes sense.


      04571xxxx ( small month to month)

      04683xxxx ( 12 month contract Jbhifi BYO)

      End result:

      04571xxxxx (12 month contract jbhifi byo)

      04683xxxxx ( cancelled)

      I typed this for my guy and he understood it