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Apple TV 4K 32GB $159 (Was $249), 64GB $199 (Was $279) @ JB Hi-Fi (Available In-Store and Online)


Available in-store and online (price confirmed in-store)

Apple TV 4K 32GB
Model: MQD22X/A
SKU: 505393

4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality

Apple TV 4K 64GB is $199 (normally $279)

Full details at Apple: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-tv/apple-tv-4k/32gb

Cheaper than Apple TV HD @ $209

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  • Any benefit on Apple tv over android tv which can be had for one third of the price?

    • +1

      You cannot buy an Android TV that matches Apple TV, probably at all, and certainly not at this price. I'm writing this comment on a Galaxy phone, not a fanboy of any colour.

    • +4

      I tried a bunch of Android boxes in that price range and they all sucked ass. Random crashes, hard reboots, poor remotes and YouTube problems. Smooth sailing since I replaced them with an Apple TV. Infuse is an excellent replacement for Kodi.

      • -3

        What about the new Google tv which is under $50?

        • Under $50? Where?

          • @chihaeru: From Google. It's $139 with $96 worth of Netflix credit. So essentially $43

            • @TomGum: Ah, I was hoping you had some secret to get it for under $50 another way. Useful for people who use Netflix, though. I was looking at one to replace my VTV which I use for streaming my local content mainly, ended up grabbing an Apple TV though. :)

            • @TomGum: you show think about Neflix via Turkey or Argentina. much cheaper in the long run

      • Setup the ATV4k last night and installed Infuse to play media stored on my PC via windows shares. Is there a way to get the app to play files with Dobly Digital AC-3 audio without having to use the Pro version?

        • I doubt it. Just get a free Pro trial to see if like it or not.

          • @DisabledUser69426: Is there an alternative app?

            • @bwilso06: MrMC, Plex, VLC Player to name some.
              $14.50/year or $1.45/month for Infuse Pro is not that much though if it comes first in your evaluation.
              Just do you own judgement.

  • +7

    btw, Apple TV can now play Youtube in 4K with iOS 14

    • +1

      Can it play 4K 60fps yet?

      • Yep

        • Cheers, so I just have to update to iOS 14 and its good to go in 4K Youtube?
          Or is this some sort of early access beta thing?

    • Ty for confirming

  • +1

    This is the latest one right?

    • +1

      Latest model - yes

  • +5

    ChromeCast Ultra for $79

    • +2

      Why would you choose that over the new model?


    • +1

      I have both, and I basically never use Chromecast. I haven't really thought why, but surely there has to be something. Reasons that come to mind are that Apple TV has a remote, internal storage, can work on its own, and offers the best UI I've seen. It's also more stable (I've had Chromecast restart from time to time). I think also that Chromecast doesn't have a cable Ethernet port (to lazy to have a look behind the TV)

      • +3

        the chromecast ultra power plug has ethernet port.

        • Bloody hell, the port is really there :-).

          I don't have a spare port on my WiFi router, though.


        • Apparently the ethernet port is 10/100 though.. not even gigabit. I just connect via wifi (5ghz band) and works like a charm.

          EDIT - Sorry, I was talking about the new Google TV device, not the "Chomecast Ultra", oops.

          • @MrGareth: I think that what you said applies to Ultra too. I didn't even notice the Ethernet port when I installed the Ultra.

  • +4

    WOW - Thanks OP just grabbed one, been hanging for this for more than 6 months to have a sale to at least $200 but $159 is honestly a steal, lucky I check ozbargain every hour otherwise this would have been gone.

    Time to enjoy plex without the buffering and transcoding ;)

    • +1

      What device u currently using?

      • Cheap Kogan Smart Android TV, direct plays most content but doesn't direct play all my 4k stuff, my server also doesn't have enough grunt to transcode 4k on the fly. What's your setup or device you use?

        • +1

          I run a max mini with a 1TB SSD and two 14TB external HDDs.

          I don’t do any 4K stuff. Got a bunch of Samsung TVs but prefer Apple TV so just ordered a few of these to plug in.

          We don’t have beuffering but the highest res I get for plex is 1080. I have about 30 friends who we share our plex with and I know if I had 4k the max mini would be forever transcoding and the 4k tips would Saturday’s our upload (FTTN 😍)

          For Netflix/Disney/etc 4k for sure tho.

    • +1

      Same here +1

    • +1

      Hope u got it cause they sent the ‘price error’ emails.
      I got mine right away from a store.

      • +1

        Thanks mate I got mine delivered with their $5 delivery too soooo happy haha

  • +1

    Comes with a Lightning to USB Cable, what's that for?


    • +1

      that a trap to make you buy the new Iphone 12 max 1TB ;p

    • +3

      To charge the remote.

    • Recharge the remote.

    • Charge the remote control maybe

    • Also a lightning port hidden in the RJ45 port on the back for debug mode

      • Can that be used for checkra1n?

    • it's the charging cable for remote

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • +1

    Amazing, thank you!! Bought this for my great aunty, who has only just discovered Youtube and is obsessed!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Ordered 32GB with 10% off GC.

  • Is this good for the NBA app? My chromecast keeps on buffering during the finals on my LG OLED !

    • yes

  • Cheers OP. Got the 32b one :)

  • got one long time ago, after a few update, become lagging a lot, don't know the new one still get this problem or not, bit scare for such small device to play 4k, like use RPI4 4GB play 4k, CPU still extreme hot, or purchase RPI4 8GB plus Fan and Heatsink may be cheaper and better?

    • These things are the bomb, no issues like you had

    • I think you need a reinstall

  • got one long time ago, after a few update, become lagging a lot, don't know the new one still get this problem or not, bit scare for such small device to play 4k, like use RPI4 4GB play 4k, CPU still extreme hot, or purchase RPI4 8GB plus Fan and Heatsink may be cheaper and better?

  • This has got me thinking about the vodafone tv. Are these still around for purchase?

    • +1

      They seems to be pulled from the Vodafone page. Normally a few around eBay/Gumtree/FB market place.

  • Does Apple TV allow you to download apps from multiple country app stores and allow them to coexist and update without having to log back into the country app store you downloaded it from? I do this today on my iPad and iPhone but want to check if anyone does not on Apple TV before I pull the trigger.

    • +2

      Yes it does! It’s also very easy to switch accounts when needed.

  • This come with the TV+ 1 year subscription??

  • This or Nvidia pro shield advise pls ?

    • +2

      If ya got cash Nvidia pro shield is better

      If not then stick with Apple TV 4K

      • +1

        Agreed - however if your ecosystem is apple then grab the Apple tv, something to consider.

    • This at this price is amazing value with real power …else …if you want to shed bit more money then Sheild Pro is beast! :)

    • +3

      if u're a simple man, stick with atv. if you want to do crazy things and have weird requirements, then go with shield

  • Complete techno-dumb ass here. Which should I get? 32gb or 64gb? I have an old Apple TV we use to watch Prime in our theatre room- like a really old Apple TV.
    Why do I need storage? And which should I get???

    • +12

      You only need storage for apps and/or games. 32GB will be fine for most people.

      • Thankyou! Appreciate the help 😊

  • +1

    Cheers OP, grabbed a 32GB to replace my VTV. Perfect use for gift cards I had from the JB mobile plan.

  • I have a nuc acting as htpc. Does it do any different?

    • +2

      Yea, Prime and Netflix in Dolby Digital 5.1. YouTube and Kayo without a keyboard.

      • It does Dolby vision and atmos too.

  • How do I get officeworks to price match this now seems like they are closed

    • When they’re open go in or call

      • btw do I need the 64gb model or would the 32gb be fine

        • 32gb has been fine for me, I’ve had both. If you’re unsure and think you might load up several games and other apps then at this price go 64gb

        • Unless you want to install a huge number of games and be playing those games interchangeably then there is no need for anymore than 32gb storage.

  • Do I need to get the 64gb model?

    • +1

      Nope, 32GB is fine, you will be using apple TV mainly for apps, netflix, youtube, stan, disney, plex etc. If you're planning to use it for home storage I wouldn't recommend it as 64gb is not enough anyways

  • +5

    I like my Apple TV 4K, I’m not sure what an updated one could do much better with my use case. So I’d recommend this if like me you mostly watch streaming content and reviewing photos etc. Maybe wait for an update if you like the idea of gaming on it.

  • Very tempted to get this, but is it true it doesnt play 4K or HDR videos on Youtube, Youtube is 1080p max? That's so stupid

    • 4K YES. But HDR (YouTube) not yet. But Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ HDR works beautifully

      • +2

        Thanks,. 4k YouTube is good, don't really care about HDR YouTube as they're quite rare.

  • Also you get 1 year free subscription of Apple TV+


  • +1

    Thanks for sharing, good find.

  • +3

    Maybe a new version is coming with magsafe charging for the remote :P

  • +1

    This is an amazing price for this.

  • For those of you who are an RACQ member, you can get an extra 4% off by purchasing a JB Hi Fi eGift voucher through the RACQ eGift Card Portal.
    Brings the total for the 32Gb down to $152.64
    (Or get the 64Gb for $191.04)
    I just bought a voucher (instantly received) and used the voucher in an online order for the 32Gb version.

    Thanks OP!

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