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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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  • Isn't the upgrade cost meant to be free for general public if we upgrade to higher speed plan?
    That's what the government was saying fttp to everyone who can afford fttp capable plans (high speed plans)

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    Dear Poo,

    Thank you for requesting a quote to upgrade to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

    Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 2,882 inc. GST

    • +11

      That cost isn't too shitty, Poo.

  • +3

    $32,163. I think I might give it a miss.

  • +2

    $10,271 for fttp. Tell them they are dreaming!! And f#*k Abbott and co.

  • $ 12,674 inc. GST

  • Fttc to fttp costs says
    $ 3,261
    For my unit

  • $3022 FTTC to FTTP.. Why is mine just over 3k..

  • -1

    WTF…. $11,103 inc. GST to upgrade from FTTN to FTTP. I would really like to know what the NBNco people are smokin' nowadays to quote this price…

    Edit: Can get a 4G Mobile broadband plan for ~ 13 years 8 months all inclusive in the above quoted price excluding any savings on the monthly payment I currently make now for FTTN.

    The Optus 500GB 4G Mobile broadband $75 plan for 24 month cotract is currently available with 10% discount to $67.5 a month.

    • +17

      You're not the target market if you think FTTP and Optus 4G are comparable products.

      • -9

        lolz.. right.. you have no idea what or who I am or what products I use… I am not using Optus 4G but the 4G I am using gives me typical download speeds of 230+Mbps so don't mind when I say suck it to the typical 100Mbps over FTTP.

  • 13k for me. Wonder if neighbours will be interested and we all can share the costs.

  • $2,632 inc GST from FTTC to FTTP

    • I am like $2 dearer from yours, probably to do with the distance from the nearest Telstra Pit? Mines just literally outside my house.

  • I get this, The current nbn™ technology at your location is nbn™ FTTC. There may be alternative nbn™ fibre upgrade options available in the future separate to this nbn™ Technology Choice Program“

    Funny do as currently my nbn is down so I am using my phone 4g :(

    • Scroll down, it lets you enter your details right below

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    Wow! $32,574 inc. GST from HFC to FTTP.

  • +13

    Thanks Tony, you troglodyte.

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    2600ish for FTTC to FTTP. Not as much as I thought it would be. Still don't really see the point given I don't use enough to warrant upgrading from 50/20 and if anything I'm tempted to downgrade given it's starting to get pretty pricey.

  • +9

    Mine quote is over $18k for HFC. Thanks for nothing Liberals

    It seems those of us on HFC have been shafted even more than those on FTTN, at least they will get FTTP for free eventually. We'll be stuck on HFC forever

  • $11000 odd for FTTN to FTTP after being taken off HFC. Adelaide.

    Yeah. Nah. Will wait for the CSA upgrades.

  • nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP): $9,999

  • HFC to FTTP $ 13,868 inc. GST

  • $20k for HFC. Knew it was going to be in the high range… Not sure who would want to pay these sorts of prices and then suffer through NBN's continual delays and subpar service as they slowly build it.

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    Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

    Cost $ 8,017 inc. GST

    LNP faster cheaper sooner!

  • +3

    $ 10,504 inc. GST for fttn to fttp in Mount Lawley, WA. An absolute bloody rip off given NZ has a capital cost of about $2000/premises for fttp. So I'm paying more than five times what it cost in NZ and they've already sunk the cost of putting in fttn. The long term costs of fixing our Frankenstein's Monster of a network are going to be so much more than had we done it right once and stuck to a plan. (profanity) the LNP. Better economic managers my arse.

  • $ 2,844 inc. GST
    • +2

      I would pay that. I'm not paying $18k!

      NBN is the lottery that keeps on giving

      • "giving" ?

        You must have different NBN to me.

        • +3

          "Giving" as in it is constantly proving lotteries for me to enter (and lose)

          FTTP Lottery - Lost
          HFC Super/Ultra Fast Plans - Lost
          Reasonable FTTP upgrade price - Lost

          What's next?

          • @chromium: I live in a block of units and just put in the addresses of those either side of me and both were cheaper, one by over 3k. Most lotteries are less rigged than this..

      • +2

        Our kids kids will still be dealing with this… paying for this… instead of spending it on hospitals schools and infrastructure they will be spending billions to get the remaining 85% onto fiber.

        This is the legacy of the Abbott Turnbull Morrison government.

          • +4

            @mathew42: yeah it obviously labor's fault for everything inc. all the copper

  • $ 3,418 inc. GST
    FTTC to FTTB

    • What the hell fttc to fttb?

      • Oops typo. I was sleepy ok 😂

        • Hahahaha i was giving you the benefit of the doubt and thought you found a bug on nbns website/tool LOL

  • +4

    Thanks OP, bought 5 NBNCos

  • -3
  • -1

    Isn't ISP should do it for us?

  • $17,832! What a bargain! I bought two.

  • $38,589, pass

  • FTTN to FTTP: $8629

  • nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP): $ 8,962 inc. GST, What a fish!

  • $ 14,698 inc. GST

    Just going to wait until it's free as it was supposed to have been in the first place.

  • $12,698 for me

  • sorry for the noob question but

    1. What's the discount code for this deal ?
    2. Can i use my fly buys and gift cards?
    3. How much discount will get when i stack this up with Cashback?
    4. Will they take eloops as payment ?
  • $ 36,984 😂

  • +7

    $ 9,879 inc. GST

    i can throw a rock out my door and hit the node.

    maybe i should stop throwing rocks at the node.

    throws more rocks at node

  • 14.5k … hfc to fttp…

    So are they gonna convert hfc to fttp in the near future?

    • That's going to be one of the last technologies they upgrade. I'm also on it.

  • nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 2,773 inc. GST

  • $13xxx for me from FTTN to FTTP. Insane nbn and libs.

  • I have FTTP since I bought the house (it wasn't connected to the street pit so NBN put fibre directly).
    Problem is that the NBN rollout map displaying FTTC technology and not up to date with my connection type, should I be worried? Just thinking about the time I will want to sell the house.

  • Submitted close to a dozen applications for clients.
    Dearest was approx $66k in Byron!
    Beat that…

    • Ha ha, our estimate was $130k, also in Byron. Nearest fiber is at Habitat, would have to run it out to Ewingsdale.

  • oof, $ 45,825 for HFC -> FTTP

  • 9900 HFC to FTTP.
    Good to know it's less than most people on HFC lol. Might consider it on last resort….

  • What the…$ 12,899 to upgrade! Why would you bother…This is the most depressing "deal" ever. Who quotes this crap and what margins are these guys running on? Millionaire factory all right.

  • Cleveland, QLD
    HFC —-> FTTP = $17,112


    • HFC->FttP = $11,xxx

  • NBNCo is giving this to us for fun?

  • I already have FTTC…there is no nature strip, just a 1.2m footpath on a zero-lot front setback…the nearest pit infrastructure is 5m away…so to run less than 7m of FTTP will set me back $2546 inc GST…ouch!

  • +5

    On Aussie BB if you have an ABN you can go onto an Enterprise Ethernet plan. NBN will pull fibre to your house on a 36 month contract for $0. You can get a 100/100 for around $349 a month if you are in an easy area and around $449 a month if its a pain in the ass fibre run. Then at the end of the 36 months you have a fibre to your house close the business account and you've got NBN fibre already pulled.

    • -2

      Is this legit?

      • +3

        I just did 2 houses using this.

        Full end-to-end fibre direct to your site ($0 install available*)
        Available as an upgrade to businesses within nbn™’s fixed-line footprint, your business can access full end-to-end fibre installed from the Fibre Access Node (FAN) back to your site with nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.

        This gives you incredibly fast connectivity to support your business internet, network services and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

        Thanks to the nbn™ network, Australian businesses previously not fibre-serviceable or limited in choice of carriers can now access high-speed fibre with nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.

        Best of all, eligible businesses can now access a $0 fibre install for nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet on a 36-month contract (subject to a site qualification check*).

        Note the promo isn't always running. Like it stopped in July and just recently restarted.

      • $12.5k over 36mths, so it’d be true I suppose

        • Yeah it seemed good at first until I maths'd.

      • If you want to switch at the end of your nbn Enterprise Ethernet contract you pay upfront for a 2nd FTTP installation.

    • You sure this works? Wouldn't this be a TC-4 connection which won't allow residential plans (TC-2) later on?

      • Nah switching doesn't work for free. You pay upfront for a 2nd FTTP installation.

    • If you want to switch at the end of your nbn Enterprise Ethernet contract you pay upfront for a 2nd FTTP installation.

  • +5

    If you want to bring the price down, try organising a group of neighbours to work on a group transfer.

  • $ 16,049
    Hope my neighbours have a bit of cash lying around.

  • Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 2,964 inc. GST.

    I am currently paying 89 a month for Telstra cable which has peak speed over 100 Mbps. NBN plans of similar speed are most likely more expensive than what I am paying at the moment.

    Why bother? I will probably get a 5G plan when I am forced to switch.

  • I wonder how much the employees are getting paid per hour like what $300/hr?

  • +1

    what the hell?
    A quote cannot be generated at this time.

    • Same :(
      Are you on fixed wireless at the moment like me?

  • I’m a designer for such jobs and can I just say, sometimes it can be complicated if u live in rural place with no nodes nearby, or somewhere too urban with very limited available ports, not to mention unexpected scenarios such as asbestos contaminated environments and so.
    Also I read other comments and feel like I’m so underpaid :(

    • +5

      We're all underpaid unless you work for a corrupt government department like this one. Makes millionaires out of themselves whilst the rest of us plebs just struggle. I'm honestly feeling that life isn't getting better as years go by.

    • I get that it can be a tricky job, but the bureaucracy is terrible. I did one of our premises in the Byron Bay CBD last year 15m to the node and it took about 4 site visits from different mobs to get it planned, then separate teams for the little bit of concrete cutting, another team for the conduiting work, another for running the fiber, another for connecting it at the node, another for internal work. It was a complete joke.

      • Lol I can imagine that pain. That can happen with FTTN due to absolutely chaotic port usage in NSW, or other various reasons with FTTP due to current technology limitations, not sure about HFC or FTTC as I’m not involved with those design jobs. I would say the rules here changes quite often between NBN, construction team and design team. Also I’ve been wondering why they needed 16 teams and 800 guys coming to one site doing one job. Just get it done!

  • +21

    I hate to be that guy but I'm gonna neg this deal. Many Australians got FTTP at our expense. The rest of us drew the short stick. The Government screwed up big time and "helped" us by allowing us to pay tonnes of money to put ourselves in the same position that those others got for free (at our expense). Up until now there was an additional expense added to see just how much the Government could "help" us on our journey.

    Only that additional paywall has been lifted. We still have to fork our oodles of money to be "helped" so that we can play catch up.

    Yes, I'm mad.

    • +2

      One of the people who got fiber for free was Malcolm Turnbull… who has a $44 mil. house in Point Piper.

      The lucky 15% of people who got that fiber got it under Labor.

      As soon as Abbott won he 'gifted' copper to the rest of us.

      I mean we couldnt have a childless female as a PM. You know, "ditch the witch"…. classy people all round.

  • +1

    Hmm, I applied for a quote earlier this year and was quoted around 6k and decided not to go through and now this is giving me a quote of 10k. (For FTTC to FTTP that is)

    • That's interesting. Looks like they worked out a scam how to rip-off more people.

  • HFC to FTTP $19,195 inc. GST

    Anyone knows if Officeworks does price beat?

  • $ 8,456 inc. GST
    FTTN to FTTP around Ipswich

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