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ANZ Owner Occupied from 2.09% 1 Year Fixed with 100% Offset and $3,000 Cashback + Revert Rate Discretions


ANZ currently has a refinance cashback of up to $3,000 available. They're offering 100% offset accounts on their 1 year fixed term loans, starting at 2.09% for their P&I Owner Occupied product. As a broker, we can also apply for variable pricing discretions - for both variable loans and the variable revert rate on fixed loans.

Please see current ANZ rates below - note that the comparison rates do not take into account potential revert pricing discretions we may be able to access, and we've seen variable discretions as low as 2.59% of late for owner occupied P&I loans.

All of the following are under ANZ's Breakfree package which waives all upfront fees, and includes an annual-fee-free credit card.

Owner Occupied P&I < 80% LVR

  • 1 Year Fixed - 2.09% (4.13% CPR) + 100% Offset on fixed
  • 2 Year Fixed - 2.09% (3.98% CPR)
  • 3 Year Fixed - 2.09% (3.84% CPR)
  • 4 Year Fixed - 2.29% (3.77% CPR)
  • 5 Year Fixed - 2.29% (3.67% CPR)

Investment P&I < 80% LVR

  • 1 Year Fixed - 2.59% (4.71% CPR) + 100% Offset on fixed
  • 2 Year Fixed - 2.49% (4.53% CPR)
  • 3 Year Fixed - 2.49% (4.37% CPR)
  • 4 Year Fixed - 2.99% (4.38% CPR)
  • 5 Year Fixed - 2.99% (4.28% CPR)

Investment Interest Only < 80% LVR

  • 1 Year Fixed - 2.79% (4.72% CPR) + 100% Offset on fixed
  • 2 Year Fixed - 2.69% (4.55% CPR)
  • 3 Year Fixed - 2.69% (4.40% CPR)
  • 4 Year Fixed - 3.19% (4.43% CPR)
  • 5 Year Fixed - 3.19% (4.34% CPR)
  • $0 upfront fees
  • Ongoing fee of $395 per annum for the Breakfree package
  • Includes credit card with annual fee waiver
ANZ Cashback Conditions
  • Requires $150k-$250k of "new to ANZ" lending (i.e. lending refinanced from another lender)
  • $1,200 for refinances for loans between $150k - $249,999
  • $3,000 for refinances for loans > $250,000
  • Must have application lodged by February 1st, and settle by 30th April 2021.
Variable Rates

As mentioned above, we can apply for variable pricing discretions. Please get in touch to discuss these as we cannot post them online.


Depending on your total utilised lending size and LVRs, we can offer a number of alternative lender options with lower fixed rates and lender cashbacks as high as $4,000 for a single property (potentially higher cashbacks if you refinance/purchase additional properties). Please reach out to discuss your options.

Comparison Rates

Any quoted comparison rate is only true for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, loan amounts or fees may result in a different comparison rate. Comparison rates are based on a loan amount of $150,000 over a loan term of 25 years.


Our team is here to help, and will work to ensure we obtain the best pricing discretions possible for any variable rates (including the revert rate from the fixed product). You can lodge an enquiry via our platform here - https://loanbase.com.au/compare-home-loans-fva, or contact one of our brokers directly with their details below:

Andrew Loucas, Email: [email protected], Calendar link: https://calendly.com/loanbase-andrew/quickchat
Leo Gonzales, Email: [email protected], Calendar link: https://calendly.com/loanbase-leo/initial

Loan Base Pty Ltd (ABN 95 162 141 915) · Australian Credit Licence Number 508 308
Head Office: Level 1, 1-5 Link Road, Zetland, NSW, 2017. Phone: 1300 512 377.

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  • $1,2000 for refinances for loans between $150k - $249,999


  • Do the cashbacks get based on raw loan value or loan value net of offset+savings?


      Hi justtoreply, it's based on raw loan value.

      • Is that typical? Seems.. Like a loophole

        I guess big offset account balances aren't the norm


          It's typical for major lender cashbacks. The only proviso I would put on this is that, as brokers, we probably can't assist you if your loan value net of offset is too low and you would need to go to ANZ direct (as we are paid commission based on net of offset loan values).

  • no broker cashback ?

  • When will be the cashback ended?


      Hi PeppaCat, application must have been lodged before February 1st and settle by 30th April.

  • Any similar deals for existing ANZ breakfree customers looking to re-finance?

    • No. Once you are signed up with ANZ their customer service is non existent


        That's why it's helpful to have a broker in your court 😃

        • From my experience brokers aren't very helpful after initial settlement. Now I just do my own haggling…
          Just tell your bank of existing deals with other banks and you are considering re-financing. Even ask for them to email you the discharge form. You will be surprised how quickly they come back with a better offer…

        • Yeah, brokers are getting around 0.2%. So you are behind 0.2 for any future rate drop request. But brokers are always amongst the new rates, so saves you some research.
          I've found googling your bank+ 'broker' can often provide direct access to broker channels- rates and info if you want to go your own way.
          If its your first loan, 100% use a broker.

      • Can confirm their customer service sucks and so does just about everything else with ANZ.

        Would never go back to ANZ no matter how good the deal was.


      Hi moreBeanz, there's a minimum amount of $250k "new to ANZ lending" if you want the full $3k cashback - meaning this would need to be refinanced from another lender. That said, we may be able to assist with similar rates and cashbacks with alternative lenders - feel free to book in time with one of our team or send me a PM if you'd like to discuss this further.

      • What if you have some amounts in your offset that brings down the outstanding amount to less than 250K? Am i able to refinance the full amount and bring back the offset amount after settlement?

  • are there any 95% LVR deals (no LMI) for healthcare workers (doctors/pharmacists)? I know Westpac does this but not sure about other lenders

    • I thought it's usually 90 LVR not 95. Westpac, St George, BoM, CBA, ANZ do this. There could be others.

    • I asked Westpac a few months ago but I was told it was 85% LVR.

    • the minimum is definitely 90% but I and others have 95% through Westpac. I'm not sure if its a broker dependent deal as some brokers say what you guys have said.

  • How does fixed interest rate have 100% offset?

  • Currently in the process of switching from ANZ to Westpac. If I switched back to ANZ in a few weeks (assuming this deal is still running), would I qualify for the cashback?

  • I always see cash back offers for refinances. Are there ever cash back offers for first time financing?


      Yes, we have access to one bank lender who is doing up to $4k on purchases. It’s an unadvertised deal, so please PM me or book time in with one of our brokers if you’d like to discuss this further.

  • 1 yr fixed doesn't look like a great deal but the 5yr could be not too bad!

    although homestar 2yr fixed at 1.88% and tic:toc 3 yr fixed at 1.99% seem like they are better for the shorter terms

    • What to do you think of Bankwest 4 years fixed @1.98%?

      • not a bad deal for 4 years. one of the lowest CR I've seen for a 4 yr fixed at 3.33% too (outside of online lenders like well home loans etc.)

        BOM might be slightly better at 1.94% (3.21% CR) though but i think they have some slightly higher establishment fees and no cashback I've seen so probably still lean towards bankwest

  • What are the fees if you get a sudden monetary windfall and want to pay off a $250k loan within three months? I’m assuming you still get the $3k cash and maybe lose out on $395 in fees. Would that be about right?

  • any other banks have such product:

    1 Year Fixed - 2.09% (4.13% CPR) + 100% Offset on fixed?

  • "only via the broker channel" - This is NOT true.


      Hi GuyfromMelbourne - this is what we were told by Broker Assist when we called to clarify the offer before posting. Happy to edit the OP if you have evidence to the contrary?

      • +3 votes

        The bank staff can offer the same deal. People can just call the generic line and confirm it.

        • +1 vote

          Hi GuyfromMelbourne - thanks. I’ve spoken with the public sales team and verified this. Note that the ANZ website doesn't advertise this cashback and you must specifically request it when enquiring. Our BDM had told us it was broker-only too, hence the confusion at our end. Anyways, I’ve edited the OP to reflect this.

  • Is cashback per property? say if I have two properties, both have loan size > 250K. How much cashback can I get? Thanks.