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Ryzen 5 5600X RTX 3070 Gaming PC [120mm LC/B550M Aorus Elite/240 NVME/16 3200/650B]: $1988 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hiya folks, 5600X and 3070 supply has improved finally, so we're offering the following high spec gaming PC sub-$2k. Dispatch will be from mid Feb onwards, stock is super limited and we're seeing supplier prices on most components rising so get in fast.

Ryzen 5 5600X | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1988 after 5600X-3070-FEB

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6c/12t processor [R7 5800X upgrade available] with 120mm liquid cooler
  • RTX 3070 8GB (Gigabyte, MSI, Galax and Asus being used)
  • Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 240GB NVME m.2 SSD (brand/model may vary, upgrade options available)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU
  • Lance-V RGB ATX Case (Deepcool upgrade available)

Other current deals

There are a few days left to jump onto one of the MSI 3070 deals that qualify for the $150 eGiftCard (3060 Ti sold out):


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      • Newegg sometimes have the 5600X for around $460. Don't think anyone is buying one at $699. Plus the cheapest 3070 on pcpp is $999

        • +11 votes

          We won't be using one of the $999 3070s. As always I used the cheapest exact one, or the cheapest comparable if the exact one we're using isn't listed. Still well unders even with both of those taken off though :)

          • @luketechfast: People always need to find something Luke. Enjoy your stay at Ozbargain

            • @Mozzlah: $699 is a ridiculous price for anyone to be paying for a 5600X. Just pointing that out.

              • @WinstonWithAY: Yep $470 is the actual price

                • @Vita85: @Vita85 @WinstonWithAY so I’ve just followed your advice and gone to NewEgg. There is no stock, and when you click the $459 CPUs, it’s actually $750+ landed.
                  Here’s proof: https://youtu.be/Ijt8K4-Sdvc

                  So apologise, nut up or shut up

                  • @seedyrom: Use OzB search

                    • @abuch47: Sigh.
                      Here’s one for you.

                      • @seedyrom: Had a good laigh

                      • @seedyrom: Do you work for Techfast? I find it odd to be defending absurd/misleading pricing. Does not matter if it's in stock or not. 5800X is $699. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0815XFSGK

                        • @Vita85: No, but I think it pretty ridiculous for people to think that them spending 10 months to assemble a PC by buying bits and pieces from random resellers is in anyway comparable to buying a prebuilt system with warranty from a computer store.

                          So you get a CPU cheaper … then what? You then wait 4 weeks to get the right speed RAM at a price YOU feel is cheap enough. Now let’s get a GPU. Well, that’ll be another 6 weeks. All the while, buying computer gear and having it sitting on a shelf means it is depreciating at a rate more than the initial saving.

                          Commonsense seems the first thing to disappear when people try to save a buck.

                          It TOTALLY matters if it is in stock or not. To say otherwise is absurd.

                          • @seedyrom: It's not $699, the 5800X is $699. It's misleading. What do you not comprehend? Does not matter if it's in stock. It's a pre-build. Nobody is buying individual parts.

                            • @Vita85: If you can buy it cheaper, do so. But you can’t.


                              Supply and demand is such a simple concept, that 3 year olds trading shells they found at the beach understand it

                              • @seedyrom: It's got nothing to do with supply and demand. The RRP is $469 and using the $699 temporary figure for a pre-build to justify the cost is misleading. You don't seem to understand.

                                • @Vita85: Get me a CPU for $469 today. I’ll take 30 of them. Thanks.

                                  • @seedyrom: You're not buying a CPU. You're buying a whole computer. What is your point? You want to buy a CPU, you can buy one here https://www.ckcomputers.com.au/product-page/amd-ryzen-5-5600...

                                    • @Vita85: I’ll let you shop at CK Computers

                                      • @seedyrom: I'm not in the market for either. Doesn't change the misleading marketing. I'll let you buy your CPUs from Techfast. A rational person looking for CPUs, not pre-builds which is completely different will simply pre-order or wait from one of the many stores. No one is paying $699. I've lost interest in arguing further.

                                        • @Vita85: I have no idea why techfast even comes on to this site.

                                          Techfast: Hey guys, here is a tested, pre-built system with warranty for sale.
                                          Ozbargain: How dare you!! You are disguising individual component costs in an all in one price.
                                          Techfast: No worries fam. Here I used the most common tool to report what the individual components cost if you want to build it yourself.
                                          Ozbargain: How dare you!! The individual prices you quoted are more than what I should be able to buy them for, but can’t.
                                          Seedyrom: Just letting you know, that the prices he quoted are accurate if you were looking to buy something today and build it yourself.
                                          Ozbargain: How dare you!! He is selling a pre-built computer, therefore component costs cannot be used as a comparison, as his computers aren’t made of components.

                                          Everybody else: The heck??

      • Yeah with a 5600x for $699 lol

        I'm all for using fair pcpp, but sometimes you have to observe the anomaly

        Keep in mind that 5800x is only $620 delivered rn and 10900k is less than $699, so I highly recommend you don't buy in 5600x at the proposed price

  • Hey Luke, fellow Luke here. Cracker of a deal and I'm on the fence at the moment.

    While I weigh the options, do you have an ETA on the 3500X | 3060 Ti deliveries? A friend of mine is hanging out for his to come. Thanks!

    • They'll be heading out in amongst the Boxing Day code ones (which were purchased all throughout January) according to date purchased. So more than likely next week onwards.

    • Tell your friend to not hold his breath on waiting!

  • Hey Luke, any chance this will be back?


    Thanks mate!

  • Good deals around for RTX 3070's. I jumped on another pc today but I if I hadn't this one would have been a no brainer. Bit of buyers remorse given this comes with the 5600x compare to 3600 in my purchase.

  • Hi Luke. Just wondering what 3080 / 3090 & 5900x stock is looking like? Just wondering if we will see some high end builds in the not too distant future.

    • +2 votes

      3080 and 3090 we're working on now, but supply will be for end of Feb onwards as there are approximately 0.00 available cards in the country right now (our cards for preorders and Galax deal from January are en route to us). 5900X don't seem too bad.

  • Is there an option for a 3 fan 3070?

    • +4 votes

      We're getting a mixture including Gigabyte Eagle OCs which are 3 fan, and I believe both 2 and 3 fan Ventus may be in the mix. So I can't guarantee it but if you leave a note for preference at checkout we will do our level best.

  • R5 CPU OOS

  • Hey Luke,
    What are the chances of seeing something like this in a Matx case?

    • +1 vote

      If we can find an MATX case in sufficient quantity, maybe, but the case market is as bad as the high end CPU and GPU market until after Chinese New Year

  • wow the 5600x ran out real fast,
    Btw, if i ordered from you guys but i saw a better deal from you guys, is it possible to swtch to the cheaper one?
    i'd love too get a 3070 instead of a 3060

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Processor Out of stock

  • Hey @luketechfast - is there any update around the 5800x / 3080 deal from Boxing Day, I think stock was meant to arrive to you guys last week?

    Just trying to plan a couple of other things around that build is all!


    • We received dispatch notification from Galax around 14th January so they are on the way to us. Freight networks are congested due to covid and CNY but fingers crossed they're here soon. Just need them to arrive and they will fulfill the older 3080 preorders and January deal!

  • Not as good as the 3070 Dell deal a few months back but it's not bad.

    • That one is now available again on Dell eBay..

    • Do you mean the Dell deal that's currently back?

      • Dell xps 8940 or this one performs better? ready to pull trigger

        • I bought the Dell 8940 and absolutely love it. Maybe the 5600X is slightly faster than the 10700K for gaming but the 10700K has more cores if you need to work with VMs etc.

          At the very least the 8940 is more bang for your buck. You're not just going to use 240GB for storage (that's nothing these days) so there's a cost already to upgrade. The 8940 comes with 1TB SSD and 2GB HDD.

          Then delivery time for the Dell was pretty good too. They said it was going to arrive early Jan but it actually arrived before Christmas so can't hate them for that either ><

          • @icarus255: PS it doesn't mention the OS anywhere but the Dell comes with Win10.
            Confirmed this deal doesn't come with an OS so there's another hidden cost for you to add a cheeky $169 according to their website ;)

        • There is also the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop.

          Ebay links here:
          8940 and G5

        • Dell is better - both Dell and this one use some junk parts but the Dell one has better drives, plus Win10

        • This one, the xps looks similar on paper but it isn't

          • @ln28909: Agree. I reckon this one is better. The Dell has a huge single point of failure from the 500W PSU. The components are proprietary and you'll need to upgrade the CPU cooler and fan. Even then it performs 15% less than comparable 10700K/3070 systems.

            This Techfast deal, I would spend $160 upgrade the PSU to the 750W Gold, and buy a separate 500GB Kingston A2000 to use as the primary SSD. So price wise works out to be about the same, with other differences being you know more of what you're getting here; vs additional SSD and Win10 (which can be bought for cheap).

            A better option would be the Virco 5800X/3070 deal IMO.

        • Agree with the above. the Dell has proprietary power supply and motherboard, makes it troublesome to fix/replace or repair down the track. The 5600x is better for gaming and probably better at multitasking despite less cores. This one has a nice Gigabyte B550 motherboard in it. Might come down to how urgently you need it and which retailer can deliver it by the time you need it

  • Other than googling, where can I easily see what sort of PC build would fit my requirements if I’m a clueless console noob looking to evolve to a gaming PC? The choices are overwhelming. Seems like this is a great deal, but will it work for the games I play?

    • This would play anything, even vr. You could probably spend$1000 and get something decent enough though. If you want to play on a$1000 monitor, you'll need something like this

    • start doing your research now. when you've done enough you will be ready to buy

    • Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Its quite intimidating navigating all the specs.

  • Any chance we can opt of the SSD or PSU in case we have our own?

  • This is actually pretty good build and price. Only one suggestion to upgrade the psu to at least 750w. And also the case but this is subjective.

  • In hindsight, i wish i had realised last year that getting 3060/3070 and 5600X would have been a pain and just bought one of these good deals, instead of buying up what pieces i can and waiting for stock, but i've committed now so, so be it. Great deal though!

  • Have you guys ever done delivery to New Zealand?

  • I am using i7 8700k plus 1080ti, would it make sense to upgrade to this?

    Currently using 43 inch 4k 60hz.

    Usually playing single players games like assassin creed , cities skyline, call of duty etc.

    Any thoughts?

    • If you 43inch monitor doesn’t have HDR and you are already getting 60fps on those games there is no point upgrading, you would be paying 2k for some shadows.

      • i am getting 48 to 60 fps at max settings.

        But no ray tracing.

        Good point though, I might wait for another year .

  • Hey Luke, any updates for the Intel Core i7 10700F | MSI RTX 3070 8GB Gaming Desktop PC from (early January)

    • Ditto as per the above update for everything with a Boxing Day coupon code - most Dec/early Jan should be this week and remainder next.

  • I just did the sums on my 5600x/3070 build and it's $2.5k :/