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1440P Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3600 CPU | RTX3070 8GB GPU | B550M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | LanceV Case | $1477 + Del @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this 1440P gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $522 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends February 9, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit - Clarification on build time from Luke:

TechFast's estimated shipping time as per our Build & Shipping Times page is 14 business days, putting these at the end of Feb. The main stock for the deal is on hand, and the timing is related to the current build queue, order processing and custom PC building times.

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  • +4

    I am expecting further developments in the arse derived promo codes

    it's got to be ARSERIPPER for a 3080 based system

    and probably ARSEBLOWER for 3090

    • +6

      Arse Ripper for Threadripper build obv

      • yup I thought about that

        3080 could be ARSEZAPPER

        • +2

          ARSEWETTER for a watercooled build

        • ARSELIGHTER for a RGB build
          ARSEBLEACHER for a white build

  • +1

    Pcpartpicker list with similar parts. Deal is around $250 cheaper. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/6Bry9N

    • Yep. Building a new pc with similar specs. Am at $1090 without GPU.

    • There's a deal for 3600 + gigabyte b450 for $359 atm. Compared to $445 as per pc part picker. Also the case on the price list has no fans.

      Problem still lies with the gpu. 3070 rrp is $800 and is not in stock anywhere other than scalperbay.

  • Halp, my card isn't working. Benjamin Arntzen.

  • Good deal.

  • +1

    wait, is this in stock, or??

    • +4

      pre-order 1-2 months

      • ahh right, wanted to know this!
        Luke, can you confirm its pre-order? and Del date, is same as other machines?

        edit: read the message above

        • It's 100% a preorder but what i want to know is if we need to put down full payment or just x% deposit. If it's the former then it's no deal.

          • +8

            @luketechfast: Look you can word it whatever way you like, but the customer deadset will not receive the PC in 14 business days which is already 3 normal weeks, 1 month is only an extra week.

            I think most people use the general definition of a preorder - example he recent s21 release, pre-order from the 14th Jan, ships 27th - still a defined ETA, no different than a 2 week wait vs your 3 week wait. Your'e basing it on techfast's definition compare to your other deals where your waiting on stock.

            I've still recommended your systems to 3 friends and all 3 of them got their systems after the 1 month mark, one of them was after 2 months. We joked about an early October purchase getting to him after xmas, it came 2 weeks before xmas, so a wait time of 2 months and a week approx. If the majority of your systems did ship at 14 days at least 1 in 4 (including my purchase) would have made it before 1 month.

            • -2

              @arkie0: Luke is a salesman, so don’t believe everything he says - The 14 business days wait is complete rubbish.

  • Wow, that's great value.

  • For the upgraded PSU “ 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply $79.00” is it modular?

    • The 750 Gold is modular, yep, from Gigabyte.

  • Hi @luketechfast
    I'm trying to order this with the discount code, but it says the code isn't valid for the items in my cart
    Is there something extra I need to do to get it to work?

    Edit: working now… dunno what I did

    • Nice, thanks for your order!

      • A few questions.

        Does the mobo take m.2 ssd?

        What brand parts, I had liked that you were telling us before.

        • Yes, all motherboards have m.2 slots, the base has 1 the rest have 2. Brands/models will vary because we buy and use multiple for deals of this volume under our business model - check the Brands and Components tab on the product page for further info.

      • @luketechfast
        I didn't end up ordering last night, got some expert advice first
        I'm trying to order again with some extra features, but it's not accepting the code again - am I better off ordering over the phone?

        • Sure, if you need us to call email [email protected] with the complete spec of what you need, and all your delivery details, and we'll build the order manually and take payment.

  • Is there an option for modular PSU?

    • +1

      The 750 Gold is fully modular, from Gigabyte.

    • May also be MSI, stock arriving soon. Both equal quality wise.

  • +1

    Does anyone know the exact motherboard model this comes with? curious to compare with the upgraded gigabyte board

    • +2

      Biostar B550MH, listed on website.

      • D'oh thought that just meant generic biostar b550 micro motherboard, looks like it might be worth getting the upgrade then, very barebones motherboard

    • Thinking the same

  • +4

    To delete item from cart (if you change your mind) apply code ARSEWIPE

  • Damn, this is tempting. Luckily I hate Nvidia, so won't be buying until the 6700/6700XT is out :-)

    • -1

      Sorry to those who are offended by my dislike for Nvidia. :-)

  • Just pulled the trigger; thanks Luke - cracking deal

    • 👌

      • @luketechfast - just sent an email to sales/support; decided to upgrade the mobo (Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite) and case (Deepcool).

    • Report back on your journey.

      • +3

        Nah; I'm good thanks. How about you buy one yourself? You seem so invested in this thread.

  • Hey Luke, if my order hasn't shipped yet, is it possible email and switch to this deal instead? Excellent value in this deal.

  • +16

    Another pre-order deal with no guaranteed delivery times. Waiting sucks. This should be added in the title/description.

    • -8

      Go on and buy from retailer who have in stock and pay 30%-40% extra…

      • +28

        I agree that it's a killer price. But the waiting times should be clearly mentioned in the post. Else it would be misleading. My November 3080 order is yet to be delivered.

        • +3

          Post updated with feedback from Luke. Thank you.

        • +2

          Valid feedback and TA and I have clarified. Your November pre-order would be on the way, by the way! Cards came in late last week. Happy to give you a specific update with your order number via PM or email.

      • +8

        They just want some transparency

      • +1

        No one is arguing this isn't of good value, its extremely sharp pricing but it would be good to let people know if may be a long wait and let them decide.

    • I understand your concern, but frankly it's no different to ordering from Dell.

      • +1

        Dell systems arrive alot faster than the monitor back orders.

        • +1

          yes but upto 4 month wait for a screen they still keep selling with absolutely no mention.

    • +4

      the funny thing is it is 'techfast' so implies it is not slow…
      not being critical of anyone, nothing against them I just think its ironic given your feedback

      • +1

        It’s also known as techslow 😀

  • +2

    Considering how much I just paid for a 3070 on its own this is a very good deal.

  • What the hell I just bought a 3070 (Asus TUF) for $1100!!

    Good deal.

  • This deal or

    Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600086?

    I have a 1080P 32" monitor that I do not plan on changing anytime soon. I haven't updated my PC for 8 years and I want to play new TotalWar games and probably try some online shooters (last I played was CS) + RDR2 Cyberpunk (when it gets fixed)

    thanks for helping an old school gamer

    • Definately this deal. I also bought XPS but now cancelling it.

      • +1

        Also considering between the XPS and this deal. Could you please explain how it is better??

        The Dell i7-10700k seems to perform higher than the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor.

        If I upgrade it to match the Dell so change the SSD to 1TB, add a 2TB Hard Disk Drive, upgrade the case so it is a closed case, add on windows 10 activation. Then the price is just about the same as Dell's $1999.

        • I'd like to know too. Thanks for asking. Should I cancell my dell order?

          • -4

            @d39833: This deal has more bang for buck than DELL. DELL has 500w PSU which is BELOW NVIDIA's recommendation and DELL uses undervolting to manage current flow to their card. Also, DELL's 3070 has 2 fans, this deal should have GPU with 3 fans (I hope).

              • +1

                @oliman: Why did you order another 8940 if you already had one for over a month and sold it off?

            • +2

              @oliman: In the XPS deal thread where you discussed the Geekbench results with BushWickBill, the table you linked clearly shows those 3070s with higher scores are OC models. The GPUs are all clocked at 2.2GHz.

              Now if your argument is that this PC uses an OC model and the Dell uses a non-OC model for the same price, then fine… but that's not undervolting/underclocking. That is the other card overclocking.

              And everyone keeps saying "Nvidia says you have to use a 650W PSU". This is only partially true as not all PSU are equal. The Dell 500W psu is platinum rated, whereas many standard/lower quality PSUs are not.

              More importantly, the Nvidia spec sheet for the 3070 clearly states as a footnote to the 650W figure "Recommendation is made based on PC configured with an Intel Core i9-10900K processor. A lower power rating may work depending on system configuration."

              This looks like a great deal FWIW. This will likely be cooler and more upgradable than a Dell XPS, but also significantly larger. Buy whatever you prefer.

              • @lunchbox99: Platinum rated vs exceeding the wattage limit are different thing, the platinum rated psu on the dell are el cheapo compared to atx psu and generally use in environments where noise is not a concern

                The dell prebuilt would perform like a 10700f underclock and a 2 fans 3060ti if you were to build one yourselves

                • @ln28909: It does not exceed the rating. You are basing this on speculation. What exactly leads you to believe the PSU is an "el cheapo". Also you clearly don't understand what platinum vs bronze means if you feel this has no impact on power delivery.

                  We have already been through your baseless speculation in the XPS 8940 deal thread about the GPU being "like a 3060ti". Remember that? Where you ate shit and admitted you were wrong? The thread where I posted the nvidia specs. The thread where you had to admit the reference design has a single power connector.

                  • @lunchbox99: Here you go

                    1200w platinum: 48usd


                    I'm a miner, I have some sort of knowledge with psu

                    Run benchmark and show me, i asked one of the owner of the xps with a loud mouth, but he went quiet as soon as I say that

                    1 8 pin + thermal issue, good luck, I made an incorrect statement, sure, it may detract from my argument, sure, but the truth is still there, no xps 3070 owner is willing to run a benchmark

                    Ah wasn't it you, lol. You should stop looking at pc deals to stop getting buyer remorse

                    Just whip out a benchmark, and we'll see, it's a pretty simple ask isn't it

                    And as an advice, as soon as you get upset, it's game over

                    • @ln28909: The deal is a gigabyte bronze psu numbnuts

                      • @lunchbox99: Don't you agree the platinum psu in the xps is el cheapo

                        Lol Mr. I know best but will.never share any benchmark

                        • +2

                          @ln28909: You and lunchbox99 for the steel cage match. No disqualifications, no count outs.

                          • @oliman: I reckon we have a cinebench contest. We each bring whatever CPU we want, fastest to finish wins. But the twist is our device must be powered by punching the opponent.

                            • @lunchbox99: Haha. By the way my money would be on you in that contest, not ln28909 who was spreading FUD claiming XPS 8940 has 3060ti rebranded as 3070 lolzzz

                              • +1

                                @oliman: I don't know why I'm arguing about it. None of it matters in the scheme of things. Just buy whatever PC takes your fancy.

                                Just to reiterate, this looks like a great deal so get on it if you need a PC I reckon.

                          • @oliman: My popcorn is getting stale while waiting for lunchbox benchmark, I have a few 3060 tis on hand ready to run a comparison benchmark

                            • +1

                              @ln28909: I thought this was settled in the previous thread where I posted the GPU-Z screenshot and Nvidia specs and you admitted you were wrong. The card sold by Dell exactly matches the Nvidia specs. If you're now claiming that you can buy an OC 3070 that is faster, then that is a completely different argument.

                              In any case, you're the one making extraordinary claims that Dell is apparently selling fake 3070s - go research it yourself. I ain't your benchmarking bitch.

                              • @lunchbox99: A screenshot that shows it should perform like a 3070, sure

                                A benchmark would validate that it performs like a 3070 and not get hamstring by the terrible thermal in that case

                                Companies do this all the time in case you don't know, cough intel cough cough

                                What i don't understand is you have such an easier way to prove you are 100% correct, but you won't do it. It's interesting

                                • @ln28909: here we go again…

                                  • @oliman: Like I don't understand, can't he just run a benchmark and shows that it performs as a 3070

                                    • +1

                                      @ln28909: Mate I haven't run a benchmark in at leat 10 years. You know why? Cause I don't care if my cpu or gpu could be slightly faster. Why would I care if my card can do 90fps vs 95fps, or 140fps vs 150fps. It makes zero difference (to me) to the ability to play AAA games.

                                      Similarly, I don't lose sleep by not tuning my car for absolute maximum possible performance because I don't care. All that matters to me in a pc these days is that it's relatively small, relatively quiet, it's styling is not garish (hate "gamer" style), and that it can do what I use it for.

                                      So let's say for example that you're right and that by using a small case the bios fan/voltage profile slightly limits CPU/GPU performance. As long as games are above 60 fps I don't care.

                                      You want to max out your overclock, or eek out fps - then go for it. Been there, done that, dont care anymore.

                                      In any case, if you really want to know I'm sure someone has posted benchmarks. Go look it up.

                                      What I am absolutely confident about is that Dell is not engaging is some bizarre mass-scale fraud whereby they are selling PCs with RTX3070s that are not real 3070s. I am sure of that.

                                      • @lunchbox99: Because it is the difference between 3060 ti and 3070, not even talking about overclocking, just run it at stock settings lol

                                        Have you seen linus tech tips secret shopper?

                                        Sure they don't use a 3060 ti and called it a 3070, but they would sell you 3070 that performs worse than 3060 ti (for example. This is like a known fact



                                        But like I said, it's true, you shouldn't run any benchmark otw you'll realise how much money you have wasted

                                        • +1

                                          @ln28909: Lol, i bet you also draw flames down the side of your car and add a spoiler to make it go fast.

                                          No matter how much you say it’s 3060ti, it’s not. Why don’t you file a lawsuit against dell if you’re so confident. Why don’t you make a complaint to the ACCC? Why don’t you call your mum and tell her about the mean company and all the mean people on the internet who won’t believe you. It’s important godammit!!

                                          • +1

                                            @lunchbox99: wait guys let me refill pop corns…..

                                          • @lunchbox99: Because nvidia say puts 1800mhz clock on paper but most card will boost to 2000mhz with appropriate thermal and power headroom , so even if the dell underperforms, it is still within specs, that's the loophole lol

                                            They're not doing anything against the law, just like how in laptop there is a high power vsriant and low power variant, even they are name the same, the performance is drastically different

                                            I've no idea why are you speaking like a child, but anyway

                                            • @ln28909: Well I’m childish, so there’s that…

                                              Seriously though, I just love arguing on the internet. It fills an empty void in my life.

    • -1

      Hard choice if i bought this system i would upgrade the mobo to a brand name and add another HDD to match the dell specs (2TB) also add WiFi and then you have to buy windows, Probably change the stock cooler which would increase the price by at least few hundred. If using Techfast prices this is around $1978 (without the cooler upgrade) with the discount code.

      While the Dell already has every thing you need for the same price and the i7-10700k is a better CPU especially for gaming. Only down side is OCing on the Dell mobo?

      • rust spinner


        buy windows

        lol no

        stock cpu cooler

        its fine and this deal will be much cooler at base specs and be completely upgradeable.


        at 1080p sure but you don't need a build aimed at 1440p then do you.

        dell delivery/warranty for absolute noobs will be good which are the only people who should go that way

        • -1

          Meh i can't judge the Dell system as i have never used it. I have an Alienware Alpha that is still going, 6 years old now i put 3k hours of BF4 on it, plus many more hours on other games and it was okay. Sure the Dell mobo is basic but it gets the job done.

          I think you will find the majority of us still use mechanical hard drives for mass storage.

          Stock cooler on the 3600 is not good and i wouldn't recommend using the stock cooler its as bad as Intel's attempts at a cooler. I own a 3600 even when not OC running prime95 it would overheat.

          As a AMD fanboy i would still chose the Intel CPU over the 3600 as its generally faster and is a tier above especially for the same price.

          You could always spend a bit more on a few case fans to help the Dell system perform better. If you want to future proof buy this system (Techfast) but upgrade the mobo.

    • +3

      The dell 8940 deal has expired. I have been deciding between the dell and techfast for awhile. I heard the dell suffers from overheating which can't be good in the long run.
      Watch this video: https://youtu.be/CEdCpRTLQTE
      It will turn you off buying the dell for sure.

  • good price

  • Geez, after upgrading damn near everything on this is still a great price..
    Really want a 5000 card though..

    • +3

      can anyone please advise what’s the priority / order of upgrades for this system as hoping to keep within a budget

      • Buy as is, if it suits what you do you have saved. If you need to upgrade pull out the 3070 and add a 2nd hand 1060 and sell, then upgrade to what you need.

      • +1

        by and large this is an exceptional deal for a gaming pc, if you have specific purposes in mind that can help with the answers persons can give, as far as keeping within a budget and thus in some sense future proofing I would tentatively (because I'm not the most versed person when it comes to computing) suggest upgrading the cpu but even that is far from necessary

      • +3

        I'm upgrading the motherboard to the x570 with wi-fi, for both future proofing and built in wi-fi (LAN not convenient where it will be)

        I'm choosing to upgrade the power supply, just better. Probably not strictly needed.

        I'm upgrading the cooling to 240mm because I really would like a 5900x

        Upgraded case because it needs to be upgraded for most for the cooling and motherboard I think. I also hate the look of the stock tower.

        Choosing to double ram. This isn't really for gaming for me, more game development.

        So! Upgrade board if you plan to upgrade this at all. Power supply is a nice upgrade, not really needed, but more efficient. Upgrade the cooling at least one level of you live mid/North of Australia, or game pretty heavy. I'd 100% upgrade the case if you ever plan on adding or changing anything.

        • +3

          Jeez, you're being rip off then

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