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10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards ($5 or $7 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Coles


Not a bad deal - some free money. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 10/02/21 to 16/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. $5 purchase fee applies to $50 & $100 GCs. $7 purchase fee applies to $250 GCs.

As per the terms, the purchase fee is included in the discount making the final price even better:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - $0.50 profit - ($55 x 0.9 = $49.50)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - $5.50 profit - ($105 x 0.9 = $94.50)
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - $18.70 profit - ($257 x 0.9 = $231.30)

And thanks to RichardL for the percentages:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - 1.00% discount
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - 5.50% discount
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - 7.48% discount

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    • +4

      I reckon it'll be pretty damn hard to find stocks on the day.

      • An absolute breeze to find a stack at Coles in Melbourne CBD this morning.

  • +6

    I'm not sure if its even worth trying to get in on this. No doubt it will sell out at each store within 30 seconds of opening time and I'm sure some people will start hiding them today and tomorrow.

    • That was my first thought too. If they're on the shelves now, just hide them somewhere in the store Tuesday night and return Wednesday morning to retrieve. It's unethical, but that won't stop people.

      I hope Coles has a decent level of stock as I can see people buying 5x $250 and cleaning out the store minutes after opening.

      • +8

        Wow people hiding them in store 😂😂. Never heard of this…. Its insane and ingenious at the same time

        • +1

          Well work to my benefit.. I found someone hidden stash.. and took one and turned the rest around.. My way of saying so long and thanks for the fish.

        • It gets worse. There was a promo at Woolworths a few years ago that was a money maker. People were talking about stealing the cards from Coles to purchase and activate at Woolworths.
          … that’s when I tune out.

      • lol..ya noob, go one better.. jokes. I heard people actually take them and then return the next day to officially buy them. Happened with him and her gift cards,ect… except in this case they took them from either woolies or coles and went to the other to get the discount XD

    • There's usually, at best, 10 or so of each card in the store when I go there on a regular day. The first two people will buy 5 each of the $250 ones, the next two will buy 5 each of the $100 ones (assuming the same people don't walk out and back in to the same store.

      I tried going in at 11am when they had those His and Hers giftcards 10 or 15% off, shelf had been picked clean.

      I look forward to the complaining in this thread when people steal them from woolworths and try load them at coles again lol

      • “ when people steal them from woolworths and try load them at coles again lol”

        Would that not work?

        • +10

          Woolworths don’t sell Coles Mastercards 😄

      • Did it work with the him and hers cards?

  • +1

    Anyone know if you can pay for these with the Westfield EFTPOS cards?

    • Westfield gift cards are just efpos cards and not restricted to just Westfield.

      So I wouldn't be surprised if you can.

    • +1


    • but what is the point doing that and losing fee for Westfield GC??

  • +7

    In terms of percentage off card value:

    • $50 Gift Card = 1% off
    • $100 Gift Card = 5.5% off
    • $250 Gift Card = 7.48% off
    • Not the one who negged you… but shouldnt it be slightly less because of the activation?

      • +5

        Percentages calculated after factoring in activation fee.

        10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee.

        • I guess thats right… i was just considering the amount i actually save instead nevermind =)

    • +3

      Can't believe I had to scroll that far down to find this post

    • -2

      This guy maths….

  • AGL doesn't sell 4% off Coles card any more :(

    • +1

      Suncorp 3% but you have to make sure the Coles card is at least equal to the gift card + fee

  • +4

    Hopefully these cards are unused cards unlike auspost mastercards

    • +3

      these cards are new design packaging which fixed many weaknesses in the old design that dodgy ppl can tamper with easily but it still has weakness. I won't go into detail here but just make sure you check the packaging very very carefully to make sure it has not been tampered with.

      • I have purchased dozens and did have problems with several few years ago where someone had substituted the cards with used up ones and even a VISA. So I agree you need to be careful.

    • +1

      You need to check super carefully especially for any sign of super glued on the paper packaging after you opened it.

    • I have bought literally hundreds of these cards over the years and not had a single issue.

  • and can I use flybuy dollar buy gift card?

    • +2

      No you can't

  • Do they work buying discounted egift cards ?

    • where can you buy?

  • Good deal. Thanks OP.

  • I'm just wondering, are these promotion meant to be 'the more the merrier' for the promoter? Or are they losing for promoting this? If it was the former, they should stack as much stock as they have for the promotion.

    • +4

      Clearly it's a loss leader for someone. Credit card surcharges never come close to covering a whopping 7.5% of the purchase price. Either VISA or (much more likely) Coles is losing money to get customers into the store over 7 days.

      The problem with promotions like this is it can lead to frustration and resentment if the store is always out of stock. Basically, it's an offer that can backfire.

      • Simple solution is 10% off applied to a card with $50+ grocery purchase together.

      • +4

        VISA is not losing a single cent lol

  • +1

    How long does the credit in the cards last for?

    For example if you have a $500 bill, is it possible to use 2 of these $250 cards to make payment?

    • How long does the credit in the cards last for?

      I bought one recently that expired in 2025

      • The ones I bought today have 06/26 as the expiry date.

        • Same expiry for me too.

  • +1

    beat interest rate, def going for $250 ones lol

    • Ones? Maybe not even one you can find.

  • +6

    Good for keeping onlyfans payments off the main books

    • Actually if you are going for a home loan the bank can not like certain types of payments as well, like Lotto and other discretionary spend. To them it will look like you just love your groceries. You can keep a lot of things off the books.

      • I have not using my transactions account for a long long time… lol…

        Grocery shopping, liquor purchase, petrol purchase with Wish GC and Coles GC. Others with Coles MC GC, what is the need to use my ATM card? 😂😂

        Eating out with TCN Restaurant GC… before my stock ran out, another promo came. 😏

      • Yes, home loan applications are the main reason to keep onlyfans payments off the books.

        • couldn't care less about onlyfans.

      • +1

        interesting thought¬ cheers

    • +2

      HA SIMP!

    • +2

      Belle Delphine's bath water is back in stock?

      • I thought her tears was the way to go?

  • Buy millions and profit over this.

    • +3

      The chances of anyone here finding a $250 gift card to buy are very slim.

      • -1

        I managed about 25k way back 5 years ago or so.

      • -1

        I've never seen one.

    • Would be surprised if you manage to get thousands

      • 1000 cards at 250 each would do nicely… but it seems the limit is 5 per customer.

        • +1

          Come back 200 times

        • I actual meant thousands in dollars, i.e. less than 40 cards.

  • You may not earn Flybuys points on this. But would you earn Amex points?

    • Yes.
      Good deal for those with an AMEX spend.

    • +7

      Why wouldn't you earn Amex points? They can't tell what you buy from Coles

    • You can earn Flybuys points when you purchase gift cards at Coles.

      • +1

        Yeah you earn FB points for the amount of the transaction. But it does not count to any bonus points for certain spend amounts.

  • Are these cards only good for coles or used anywhere and its not 10% as you pay a fee on top right?
    If you was to buy $250 at 10% would give you $25 off or am i missing something.

    • +5

      or am i missing something


  • True OzBargainers would buy this with discounted Coles gift cards to maximise savings.

    • +1

      Can you buy these with Coles gift cards? Honest question.

      • It is against the Coles gift card terms and conditions to buy gift cards with gift cards, but the consensus on this website is that you probably can do it. Some tips to keep in mind:

        • You probably need to purchase an item alongside the Coles MasterCard in the same transaction. (Someone told me that it works if you just purchase a Coles MasterCard, but I have never tried that.)
        • You need to pay for the entire transaction on one Coles gift card. No split payments are possible, as Coles’ POS system specifically blocks split payments for a transaction if you are purchasing a gift card in said transaction.
        • It should work at both self-serve and traditional checkouts, but you may have the staff member at the traditional checkout refuse to allow payment with gift card.
        • This may not work at all Coles stores or at all checkouts.

        I personally wouldn’t purchase this with Coles gift cards, because you have no recourse if you have a problem with the Coles MasterCard (e.g. the gift card doesn’t correctly activate). I bring this up because a couple of people on this website got burnt with TCN gift cards not activating correctly, and they happened to use Coles gift cards as the payment method.

        • If there is a problem with the Coles MasterCard, wouldn't they just refund into the Coles gift card that was used to purchased, so really no harm done?

          • @Major Major: I doubt it would be sorted at the store level, because you’d be palmed off to the team who manage the Coles MasterCard and it would be left to them to sort out any issues.

            I mention “no recourse if you have a problem” because you cannot do a chargeback with a Coles gift card. Now I think about it, “no recourse” is not the right way to phrase it; what I mean is that you have less leverage if you have any issues with the card.

            Granted, I’ve purchased 10+ of these cards in the past with no issues at all, but you never know what kind of problems you may run into.

        • I had a problem with five of these cards I purchased in December 2018, where someone had substituted the cards with used up ones and even a VISA. I had to email Coles finance pictures of front of card, back of card, back of cardboard holder and purchase receipt. I purchased the cards with a Coles Myer Group GC and this could be seen clearly on the receipt. They refunded the money to my bank account.

  • Is is that good a deal that it gets this many plus votes?

  • can you get a rain check if its out of stock?

  • +2

    Are prepaid MasterCards an acceptable cash substitute for Lunar New Year red envelopes?