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Westpac Altitude Reward Platinum CC, 130K Bonus Points, $3K Spend on within 90 days (AF $49 first year)


Just notice Westpac have raised their bonus points for the Altitude Platinum to 130K (usually 80-100K). Probably counter the ANZ deal.

Note, no fee if you are an existing customer - you can just open the debit/transaction account with them.

130,000 bonus Altitude Rewards Points

Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply to get your first year annual card fee waived

130,000 bonus Altitude Rewards Points with $3k+ spend on eligible purchases† within 90 days of card approval>.
0% p.a. for 22 months on balance transfer>> when requested at card application. 1% balance transfer fee applies. After 22 months, rate reverts to the variable cash advance rate of 21.49% p.a.

Plus, a reduced first year annual card fee of $49 ($150 thereafter)*. Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply and we’ll waive your first year annual card fee>>>.

Offer not available if you’ve held a Westpac rewards card in the last 12 months. T&Cs apply.

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  • +6

    That AF is low AF

    • what's AF?

      • Depends on the context :)

        The 1st AF may not be the same as the second AF :D

      • +4

        Annual fee

        • Thought so.
          Only really a low AF if you're an existing customer though.

      • Ardent Feminist?

      • +2

        Atrial fibrillation

      • +1

        anal fun?

  • +2

    Anyone know what the points to gift card $ conversion rate is?

    Looks like 130k points can provide roughly $460 cashback redemption

    • I too would like to know. Gift cards start at 4200 points, assuming that's $20 that's like $560 worth. If it's $10 well.

      Although cash back seems to have a worse value on points so I'm hoping it'd be up there with ANZ.

  • +2

    What's better, this or the ANZ card?

    • +3

      ANZ Black then this.

    • ANZ card team is now (in the words of the phone rep) now being processed in a country called India. It is a shambles and not a 'Black' card experience any more. I'm 6 weeks since pre approval. Not progressing.

      • agree. horrible experience

      • i gave up on one for my wife, we would schedule calls and they wouldn't call or would call outside the scheduled time which was no good. terrible experience.

        • +4

          Yep, same exactly. She gave up. This is my 22nd card. I know the process pretty well. Not sure why I got negged. If its because of the India part (it was what the ANZ phone rep said to me), it's just the reality that outsourcing has turned the ANZ product to rubbish. Don't blame the Indian phone rep service. I'm sure they have zero control over anything, and they would work in an environment that will see them fired in a heart beat for getting a trivial issue wrong. I 100% blame ANZ for outsourcing a Black product.

  • +7

    Just found my next churner after the HSBC card

    • Did you receive your bonus points for HSBC yet? I’m still waiting

      • +2

        Received and converted to $600 cashback, cha-ching.

        • how does that work?

        • Rinse and repeat?

        • It it this deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626191, how did you get $600? I got rejected from them a few months ago, not sure if I should try again

        • hi, how did you convert the points to $600 cashback?
          i've just checked it now and I can see $100 cashback = 28200 points as in even for $500 it would require 141k points.

      • +4

        Yep i got mine and converted it to $600 cash back

        • Got to love that cash is the best option with HSBC.

      • How long did you have to wait, guys?

        • +2

          I spent the 3k in a month about 3 weeks ago. Still not credited. Rang today and they advised will be within 60 days.

          • +1

            @source: Thanks for advising

            • +2

              @Harby7: Got my $600 today too :)

              • +1

                @source: Thanks Sourcey! Just checked and I’ve got mine too

        • +1

          I think it was about a month after meeting spend criteria,then used hsbc app/ rewards,and applied on line for 6 x $100 credit vouchers which were applied to my credit card balance.

    • Haha I'm eyeing this for the exact same reason.

    • +3

      Is hsbc customer service as bad as people say? I see they have a 36month 0% $0 balance transfer option currently on one of their cards.

      Thinking about buying a car on the amex, balance transferring it to HSBC and boom, 3 year interest free car loan. Assuming of course that HSBC allow a sufficiently high limit on the new card.

      Just to limit comment blowback here, I can afford to buy the car cash, just prefer to use that money for investment purposes.

      • How much the dealer allowed you put on card?

        • Last time - the full amount, ~60k. Took some extra haggling, but got there.

          • @bargainator9: How much did they charge you to buy on the Amex?

              • @bargainator9: Damn, that's a reasonably rate. Was that their standard flat rate?

                My local coffee shop is charging 1.5%.

                • @timhn: No, their normal rate was 1.75% I think. But I was there ready to buy on amex 20mins before closing time on a Saturday afternoon, so they agreed.

      • Wow that's such a creative idea.

  • +3

    PSA: These are Altitude bonus points, not Qantas.

    • +1

      For the uninitiated - what might the difference be?

      • Allows you to transfer to Singapore and Cathay Pacific at a 3/1 ratio.

      • +1

        Qantas points you can use for flights, gift cards, products from the qantas store, etc. Usually a conversion rate of 1c per point
        Altitude points, much lesser options, mainly gift cards from the Westpac portal. Based on portard's comment above: "Looks like 130k points can provide roughly $460 cashback redemption" which gives a conversion rate of 0.35c per point

  • Can you convert to Krisflyer points?

    • Yes you can but I think the conversion rate is 3:1

  • Just got 90K from Qantas Black. Supposing I am not eligible.

    • +11

      I’ve heard once you go Black, you don’t go back.

  • +3

    What's this equivalent to in gift card?

  • If I have the Altitude Black World MasterCard, would I be able to get the bonus for getting this card or does the altitude black count as a rewards card

  • The Qantas platinum gives 60k points. Is it better?

    • +1

      If you're using points for flights then yes I'd take 60,000 QFF points over this. They are the best value imo

      • I probably won't fly any time soon. What's 60k points worth in flights anyway?

        • Classic rewards flights 7-8k one way melb to sydney from memory. Could use with Jetstar Melb to Bali return about 38k

        • roughly $600 in flights (or at least roughly what they sell for on the classifieds)

  • So if you sign up for a free transaction account and then this, will the no annual fee offer still apply to save the extra $49?

    • +1

      Their transaction account is 5 dollars a month unless you chuck 2k in every month

      • Yeah was stung twice for forgetting.

        • ask them to revert the fee. They'll do it for you.

          • @fomal: Oh really! I didn't know they could do that. Will give it a go. Thanks

  • 75K QFF and no annual fee on this card was better IMO

  • +1

    Does it matter if you hold a St George card?

  • -2

    For the uninitiated, what does this all mean? (don't be a smart arse thanks xD)

    • +4

      Which part do you need clarification on?

  • Does anyone know if having a Westpac Altitude Qantas card counts as a "Westpac Rewards card" and disqualifies you for this deal? The Altitude Rewards card has "Rewards" in its name and the Qantas one doesn't so not sure if they differentiate the two programs like ANZ does between their programs.

    • It says Altitude Platinum credit card or Black credit card so includes Qantas as well.

  • Has anyone had trouble with credit card applications after starting a LatitudePay or ZipPay account? I’ve been churning cards for awhile and earlier this year I had two applications knocked back (ANZ and Westpac) for the first time ever. None of my other circumstances have really changed.

    • I haven't done afterpay for this exact reason. I'm assuming you signed up to afterpay/zippay/latitudepay?

      • Just two of them. Maybe I’ll close them before applying for a new credit card.

        • I see. interesting, good luck on the repair!

          • +1

            @starburstyellow: Thanks. Just received an SMS stating that my ANZ CC application was successful. I had close my Zip and Latitude Pay accounts. That was the only chance in my circumstances.

    • +1

      Yeah the banks have been full on strict this time round due to covid. They scrutinise everything.

  • am new to this but how do most people meet the 3k spend? can i transfer money out from my credit card, will this count towards that?

    • +6

      No, but you can purchase supermarket gift cards to use later or Over pay utilities or not sure if you can overpay rego

    • +1

      I was thinking at group dinners (esp at places that don't do split bills) you can offer to be the one to pay? Then get it all back later from your friends, into another account. At a large bday or a fancy place you can easily rack up $300-1000.

    • Maybe you don't see it but if you focus all expenses (just the usual household bills, internet+mobile, groceries+food) to the same card, it's quite hard not to get pass 1k a month?
      Even easier if you have private insurance.
      And check if there's any annual bills that you need to pay for that quarter that you might setup with auto debit every year using a different card, and manually pay it with this card before the auto debit triggers. For example car rego renewal, home and content insurance, car insurance.
      My hsbc card hit the 3k spend in just one month lol because of a few annual bills that's due. Too easy.

  • Frequent flyer bonus points are the best option IMO, you can either redeem for flights or sell in classified

  • +7

    Wish egiftcard is 23,500 points/ $100.

    So, you could get appr $420 giftcard for 103400 points (100K bonus + ~3K points from $3K spending).

    Edit: just realised 130K not 103 :)

    So, approx $450 worth of gift card

  • +12

    With Westpac you can convert these points into "annual fee rebates" at the rate of 0.5c per point and therefore this is worth $650 cashola.

    Yes, this is possible even if no annual fee was ever paid.

    • only able to offset the annual fee? that would take 4 years to use all the bonus points

      • +1

        did you read my entire post?

        Last year I had a similar Westpac offer, zero annual fee but 150k westpac altitude points, and I converted to 3 x $250 "annual fee rebates" despite having never paid an annual fee.

        • I converted to 3 x $250 "annual fee rebates" despite having never paid an annual fee.

          It could be that you're not paying annual fee due to your annual fee rebates…

          I had the same question… and still do.

          I take it you mean Westpac does not enforce using the 'annual fee rebates' purely for annual fee and they simply credited your account with the amount?

          • @CodeXD:

            I take it you mean Westpac does not enforce using the 'annual fee rebates' purely for annual fee and they simply credited your account with the amount?


            • @endolphin: Hi! Did you do this by phone or in a branch. I want to give it a try :)

        • +2

          confirmed just redeemed 3x $250 “annual fee rebates” for the same statement and $750 credited
          thank you @endolphin !

          • @egglings: Hi @egglings and @endolphin I might not be understanding this correctly but the redemption page states: "Please note you are allowed to make only one annual fee redemption per card per year. The Fee Rebate process is automated. Cardholder will not receive a voucher, the fee is simply credited to your credit card account."

            Does this mean you were able to make more than one annual fee redemption per card per year?

            • @xxyyxx: How did you go??

              • @fritzsticker: Haven't spent $3k yet so haven't got the points to try.

                My concern is I don't want to get 3x annual fee rebates then I can only redeem 1 per year..

            • @xxyyxx: yeh mine said only one redemption per year also, but the system lets you redeem more than once and just gives it as cashback

              • @egglings: Basically, you only redeem once a year. But you can you can select the redeem quantity higher than 1.

          • @egglings: 1 x $250 rebate is showing as 50,000 points now. What was it for you?

            • @source: 50,000 also - I signed up to last year’s deal where it was 150K bonus

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