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Spotify Premium Monthly: Student TL₺14,99/~A$0.86, Individual ₺29,99/~A$1.73, Family ₺49.99/~A$2.89 @ Spotify (VPN Req)


Welcome to the ultimate guide of Spotify subscriptions!

ATTENTION 07/07/23 onwards: Please avoid transferring into OlduBil while I investigate a minor issue. OlduBil has removed Aktifbank from their list of banks, and this may cause transfer problems such as lost money. I will update an alternate bank ASAP after I finish some transfer tests. Testing is now complete, and all test transfers are successful via VakıfBank. DO NOT use Aktifbank until further notice. Please see updated instructions on the Xbox post to transfer into OlduBil. OlduBil remains the best free Virtual Turkey Mastercard provider.

Like literally every guide I've made, I spent a chunk of money out of generosity to test the current validity of this method (I tested transfers from Wise into OlduBil) as well as screenshots throughout the sign-up process (see screenshots in the instructions section). The good news? Spotify Premium is at an ALL TIME LOW! Perfect for those who couldn't sign up with the Google Pay method!

Please show some love and any comments, concerns, suggestions or feedback are welcome :)

Modern problems require modern solutions. Like Xbox Game Passes, Youtube, Netflix, Discord, Google One, Microsoft 365, relocating (virtually of course) to Turkey is usually the best option, with some methods saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each year added up.

The processes below are very easy, just take it slow and you'll get there! Just remember you'll be saving hundreds at the end of the day.

Turkey VPN and Turkey-based Virtual Mastercard Required! If you do not have a Turkey-based Virtual Mastercard, see how to get one here in the instructions section (Part 1 and Part 2). You can use it forever, with many deals to come!

Note that due to a recent and continuing crash in the Turkish Lira currency, the TRY-AUD is hitting an all time low. All prices in this guide are current as of 26 June 2023.

Available Plans:

You can see all the features of all Spotify Premium plans here: https://support.spotify.com/us/article/premium-plans/

Subscription Plan TR Pricing AU Conversion AU Pricing Savings % Saving Notes
Individual (Monthly) ₺29,99 TL ~$1.73 AUD $11.99 AUD ~$10.26 AUD 86%
Student (Monthly) ₺14,99 TL ~$0.86 AUD $5.99 AUD ~$5.13 AUD 86%
Duo (Monthly) ₺39,99 TL ~$2.31 AUD $15.99 AUD ~$13.68 AUD 86%
Family (Monthly) ₺49,99 TL ~$2.89 AUD $18.99 AUD ~$16.10 AUD 85% Best value!


Please read the following instructions carefully. If you already have a Turkey based Virtual Mastercard, proceed with the following instructions. If you do not have a Turkey-based Virtual Mastercard, STOP HERE and see how to get one here in the instructions section (Part 1 and Part 2): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/784047.

Turkey based Virtual Mastercard REQUIRED

Notes: The Spotify sign up pages will be in Turkish (which is easily navigatable if you have some common sense). Feel free to translate the page to English otherwise.

  1. Log in to Spotify (VPN off), or make a new account (VPN off).

  2. Connect a VPN to a server in Turkey (see Notes section for suggestions).

  3. Go to the Spotify Premium plans page.

  4. Scroll down and select the plan you want. Proceed to pay with your Turkey-based Virtual Mastercard.

  5. Fly back home and turn off your VPN. YOU'RE DONE! WOOO! Enjoy your savings :)

    HELP POINT: Because the popup payment windown cannot be translated to English, here are screenshots of the process in the following order: (1), (2), (3)

ISP Notes (Important)

  • Most VPN services will connect to Turkey, unlike India. Those include NordVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), free Windscribe Chrome extension (recommended), free UrbanVPN Chrome extension (recommended), ExpressVPN, etc. If one doesn't work, use another VPN

    • If you're using Windscribe and it shows different currencies: keep turning the windscribe on and off. Each time you don't get TRY, turn it off and on, then refresh the Spotify sign up page. You'll eventually land on TRY. Go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ each time you turn it off/on and see if you land on Istanbul


Q: Will I need to turn VPN on everytime I listen to Spotify?
A: No! You no longer need to have VPN on every time you use Spotify Premium. VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Spotify without a VPN.

Q: I got charged a different rate compared to the prices on this post. What happened?
A: Due to foreign exchange rates constantly fluctuating, prices will differ by several cents each month

Q: I have an existing Spotify account, can I use the same email?
A: Definitely!

Q: Is signing up to Spotify Turkey going to affect my Spotify library/catalogue?
A: After setting up this sub, you may or may not notice the Spotify catalogue/recommendations may be weird with brand new regional music, etc… but your Spotify catalogue will adjust to what you’re listening to and soon it will look like nothing ever happened

Q: GST/VAT and Tax related questions?
A: Don't worry, there really isn't any tax you need to worry about.

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  • -1

    I would get it when they start high resolution audio.

    • +10

      Ditto. That's what I've been saying and waiting for like an eternity already.

      Spotify is well behind the competition (Tidal, Amazon HD, etc) and people are getting ripped off by them without even knowing or ignoring the fact.

      Great post though for the die-hards.

    • +1

      Same here. I use Deezer now after being a long term Spotify user and the quality is amazing. Similar user interface.

      However this Spotify deal is good.

    • +16

      To be fair, 99% of Spotify users don’t have the gear to notice the difference.

      • +5

        Doubt most users could tell the difference from 320kbps Ogg even with the gear

        • +2

          I used to back 320kbps being enough even with nicer gear, and for the most part I still am - but I was surprised that both my partner and I could pretty easily pick Tidal Master over Spotify HQ in blind testing. Tested on KEF LS50 Metas, running through a Peachtree Nova 65 and a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes running through a Pro-ject MaiA DS2 both streamed at bit-perfect rates. Interestingly, picking the difference became more difficult when I switched to headphones (tested on Focal Elears and Audeze LCD-2s).

          Tidal Master is slightly fuller and richer, especially noticeable in the upper frequencies. While the difference isn't night and day, if you have some nice speakers, and listen to a lot of well mastered music, I think a Tidal sub is worth the cost.

          • -2

            @poppingtags: Tidal: “Yeah so what we do is just up the bass a bit and tell them it’s higher quality and they totally buy it.”

            • @GrueHunter: Louder is always prefferd, if you demo two speaker systems you'd probably end up picking the one that goes louder and doesn't distort.

    • +1

      Is it worth getting the high resolution audio streaming services if my listening devices are:

      1. AirPods Pro
      2. Sony WH1000XM3
      3. The Bose system in the premium Mazda 3 G25 Astina
      4. Entry level Samsung Soundbar

      Because I still use Spotify and just set Downloads to Very High quality and have an entire library of 5000 songs downloaded directly onto my phone.

      • +1

        Probably not, the difference wouldn't really be noticeable with what you have (not saying what you have is junk, it's just the nature of wireless/car speakers etc.).

        It also depends on the exact musics you listen to as well - if you're listening to a song that has a dynamic range of like 3 (and only that master is available), then upgrading to lossless/hi-res is kind of a waste because it's going to sound loud/not very pleasant regardless of compression. If you're listening to like a DR 10 song (and provided the hi-res/lossless streams actually do provide the more dynamic master), then maybe it could be worth the upgrade.

        At the end of the day it depends on your personal circumstances - if you find yourself wanting a bit more, you plan on upgrading your gear later down the line, and if the specific songs you listen to actually benefit from a jump to lossless, then maybe it could be worth. Otherwise, probably not.

      • +1

        I'd stick with Spotify High Quality for these use cases

        • I would suggest, do a trial for Tidal for under 1$

  • +1

    Won't Spotify stop working after 15 days if you are not in the home country where you took the premium from?

    • +1

      Only "Free" spotify has a 14day limit. Premium doesn't have this limit. But you can change your locale to overcome this 14day limit:

      • +5

        This is correct. I’ve been on Premium via Turkey for many months, no problem

      • Yup, This!!!

    • -4

      Premium also stops working but I think the period is longer than 15 days

      • +1

        that's not correct. My wife and I have a US Spotify Duo account (and she's from the US), and we've had it for at least 5 years with no issue.

      • Been on PH Spotify for a couple years. No issues.

    • What it basically do is log you out. Just turn on vpn again and connect to turkey then login again. After login turn off vpn and it will work again. Doing this for a long time on my free account which is Indian account.

      • on my free account


        • By reconnecting to vpn and sign in and then disconnect vpn.

          • @Family420au: So you paid a Turkey subscription on an Indian account and the account was free. I'm quite confused.

            • @Bii: No I am using xmanager for spotify. I had paid subscription from India before. So my account is Indian now. Hence, it is logging me out after some time.
              Also I didn't want to change the country of my account for some reasons.

    • +1

      my wife cannot accept my link after me signing up for family account - says her existing account is from a different country.
      "You must live at the same address
      It looks like you're trying to join Premium for Family from a different country. Premium for Family is only available to family members living together. Try again when at the same address."
      Edit: guess i have to change her region to Turkey by signing up for a single subscription with same virtual card and then switch to family plan. Her trial for Aus premium ends today which she had already cancelled from being renewed automatically.

      • +1

        Update: once her trial premium lapsed i was able to change the country with vpn connected just from edit profile tab drop down without using the virtual card (tip: surfshark doesnt support turkey, even though it says it does, it will connect you to Netherlands, so i had to use urban-vpn chrome extension which was a breeze)
        She's now in my family plan - Thanks OP!

  • +10

    For those that don't want to sign up to a Turkey Mastercard, there's a guide floating around OzB for Android users using Google Pay. VPN on the Android Device is required. I used it to set up my Spotify family 2 weeks ago, so it still works.

    • +1

      Thanks will give this a try

      • +14

        Definitely should give it some ₺TRY.

    • +5

      I pointed that out in the post.

    • Tried this at the time and unfortunately didn't work for me, I believe it never gave me the option to pay via Google Pay (memory fails me slightly). Maybe others will have more luck

    • +1

      The Android VPN (bluestacks) method worked for me

    • I used this method yesterday with the android emulator. $17 for a year. Sweet.

    • +5

      I have a family account with a few other people on it. When changing the sub to Turkey, did you have to do anything for the other accounts?

      • Yes, so I got myself the family account with Turkey. And set my address as Aus Address. Whenever I am getting anyone to join with my aus address they all get the same error "you need to living in the same address". Anyone else get this error?

        • +4

          I just figured it out so I thought I share.

          All the family members you add to your Turkish account need to be have their profile region updated to Turkey. Or they will not be able to join.

          To update their profile region, they need to VPN to Turkey and update.

          Hope it helps someone.

          • @vibezoner: Hey thanks for sending that through. When i try and add my partner in (after changing her region to turkey) it still throws the same error. What does the address have to be when you enter it? Same as the one on the main account? That one is an australian address!

          • @vibezoner: I worked it out, had to close all the open spotify windows and tried again.

          • @vibezoner: Thanks a lot, mate, was driving me mental!

          • @vibezoner: Sorry, how do I add people, I get them to switch on a VPN and update their address to turkey? or ?

        • I don't think anyone had answered the question yet. If you ALREADY have a family account with family members in it, when you change the sub to Turkey, do all the existing family member need to do anything or it just works like normal.

  • +2

    He’s done it again

  • +13

    The hero we need not the one we deserve

  • +1

    Will this work with an existing account if we let our Premium lapse?

    • +1


      • So for existing Premium subs, if I just update the payment option and switch it from PayPal to the virtual CC, that's all that's required? Simply switch payment methods?

        • +1

          Not sure if you can do that. You'd have to cancel the current sub and resubscribe via Turkey. You can't just simply update the payment method, as it will still charge AUD (which your Virtual mastercard would also decline).

          • +1

            @I Smell Pennies: Ahh ok then, that makes sense, thanks 😀 So if I cancel premium, I'd still have all my playlists? I'd simply need to re-subscribe with the Turkey CC after it lapses?

            • +1

              @KangaDrew: Correct, you'll still have your playlists :)

            • +1

              @KangaDrew: @KangaDrew check out this comment

              i.e. If you have a current Family plan, cancel it (you will still get Premium until end of billing period), and resubscribe immediately via the instructions on the deal (and because the current sub was still active, nothing happens to your family group!

              • +1

                @I Smell Pennies: Thanks ISP! I'm going to assume this will be the same approach for standard Spotify Premium accounts also (i.e. for a single user/no family plan like mine) 🙋🏻‍♂️

                • +1

                  @KangaDrew: No worries! I think it should be the same! Give it a go and let me know :)

                  • +1

                    @I Smell Pennies: Will do. I've still got two weeks left on my current sub so I'll be trying it out on the same day it ends.

          • +1

            @I Smell Pennies: Came to the comments to find this, thank you!

            Suggestion: add this info to the guide - it's part of the Netflix guide, just not the Spotify one.

  • +1

    If i'm currently hosting a spotify premium family can i still do this?

    • +2

      An Australian one? You can end it, let the period expire. Then hop on this deal

      • Ah ok. No way to do it without letting it expire i presume? Fair enough.

        • You could disconnect one account and make that the new "manager". Then disconnect the others and move them to the new account.

          • @tonydav: No don't do this! it's actually much more difficult to get the new members to join the Turkish premium family account. Seems waiting for the existing premium account manager to expire & switch to Turkey is the way to go!

      • And the other members of the premium family?

  • Or just block the spot

  • 79 upvotes and 44 clicks. Interesting.

    • +4

      for safe keeping for later reference.

    • 736 upvotes and 719 clicks. Still interesting?

      • I never meant anything negative, I'm just fascinated.

  • Is Spotify the best music streaming for quality of music? I'm currently using YouTube music and I remember using Spotify trial a year or so ago and it did sound better… but wasn't sure if it was just for the few songs I tried.

    • +6

      In terms of quality, not at all. Spotify uses ogg files while other services (e.g. Deezer etc) offer lossless files. Whether you can tell the difference between the two of them, well maybe, or maybe not.

      Probably the more important thing to note is the mastering of the song, which you're more likely to notice during listening. I can't say this for every song/album/artist, but you'll find lately a number of albums where the original (aka good) mastering has been locked away onto the hi-res versions to give the impression that there's an audible difference (when in reality, it's not to do with the file format), while the regular/compressed versions receive louder/gimped mastering. In the case of Spotify that lacks hi-res streaming etc., you'll probably find that it'll have the worse mastering. Again, this depends on who and what exactly you're listening to.

      • Exactly, if you sit in a soundproof room with professional headphones, run your own amp etc, then yea you will want the best streaming service possible. For 95% of people who stream music, probably also use AirPods while they are commuting or at work, they do not care about high res.

      • I'm a deemix user myself (Deezer). 1 month premium free. But arl's are fairly easy to find online

          • +1

            @xdpx: I'm not tech savvy but the arl code is used to login to a premium Deezer account which allows you to download 320kbps and flac files through deemix.

            You can download files with deemix without a premium account but it will Only download at 128 kbps.

  • @OP do we need to use Turkey-based address for your home address in this Turkey spotify family? thank you

    • +1

      Use your real home Australian address :)

      • +1

        Thank you

      • +1

        I tried to invite my family members, but it always said must live in the same address, or the country

        "It looks like you're trying to join Premium from a different country"

        any tips?

        • Did you get around this, I was thinking of doing a Duo account

          • +1

            @rsop: You have to ensure that every family member has Turkey selected as their country - to do this your family member has to connect to Turkey VPN and then change country from their Spotify account. You then have to ensure you both select the exact same address when you try to share - I chose a university in Istanbul but I think you can use any address - you both have to use the exact same one though

      • Do you also set the country to Australia? or leave it as Turkey?

  • +26

    In other news, Tones & I, AC/DC and Guy Sebastian have made their way into the Türkiye top 20 chart

    • +6

      Just a matter of days before Skyhooks, The Hoodoo Gurus and The Deltones join them.

    • +1

      Does it actually work that way? That would be a big impact to the music industry lol

  • +1

    If anyone does a family account, PM me. I'm keen to join!

    Mainly need for podcasts, I use YouTube alot.

    • +2

      You can't get podcasts in a separate app like Pocast Guru or the hundreds of others that are free and require no subscription?

    • PM'ed

  • Is it worth moving from Philippines to Turkey for this?

    • Yes

      • I'm still using a Filipino family plan.
        Sure it's more expensive, but i can just use a normal Australian credit card through paypal. Even when my card expired a year ago, i had no issue changing it to a different aussie one.

        And still much cheaper than Australian spotify

        • @cheesecactus do you have a link on how to connect to the Philippines method? Probably rather just pay that extra $1 for the convenience.

          • @Devil: Follow the instructions in the OP but connect to Philippines instead and pay using Paypal ….

  • +3

    the man is a legend

  • Can we get a Turkey Amazon Music?

    • +1

      should work 100% with the Turkey virtual mastercard!

      • OP, is there a way to get a Pakistan virtual Mastercard for Netflix Pakistan?

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