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$1,000 off Google Pixel 8 / Google Pixel 8 Pro with $69/M 120GB/M 24M Telstra plan (New/Port-in, In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this on JB pixel email. In-store only. Seems like a good deal if you're after a pixel as the $1k / $1.2k gc is reserved for the $99 plan, never on a $69 plan, and if you have JB gc's sitting around.

The free pixel 8 pro on a $69 HN Optus plan is still the better deal (expires 19 Oct) but hey, here's another option for you.

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    Optus from HN or telstra from JB?

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      Optus HN cancel
      If you don't want expensive Telstra plan

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      You get a Pixel 8 Pro for like $828 from Gerry while you still have to fork out $199 upfront for the Pixel 8 from JB

      Unless you’re against Gerry, I think there’s a clear winner here

      • But be mindful that there are backlogs of pre-orders because of the explosive deals from Gerry, check out that post.

        • What is Gerry?

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            @Thaseen: Gerry from Hardly Normal. He called us (OzBargainers) a bunch of professionals. If you don't know Gerry, you must love Hardly Normal

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              @regenade: I thought he's just hated because he didn't pay back job keeper and rip people off

              When and where did he call us pros?

          • @Thaseen: Check with Thom

          • @Thaseen: the OG. the Messiah.

            Our Messiah Gerry (OMG)

        • Sounds painful.

      • Also if you need superior coverage with Telstra's more expansive network then you're stuck with the JB option. Optus will be fine for most folk who don't need coverage outside major cities.

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          Optus will be fine for most folk who don't need coverage outside major cities

          Or coverage at North Melbourne train station

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            @serpserpserp: I'm on Telstra network, and the coverage on T4 train line between Townhall and Esko is terrible. My phone jumped to 3G most of the time. If I want to keep the connection, I'll need to stay on the T1 train until Central/Redfern, then switch to T3, and then change again at Sydenham for T4.

            I wonder whether Optus will be better for me, as North Sydney station is just a short semi-tunnel

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              coverage on T4 train line between Townhall and Esko is terrible. My phone jumped to 3G

              My example it is a complete dead zone for audio and data for Optus. It's like having a dead zone at King's Cross station or Macdonaldtown. Really quite unacceptable.

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              @Averell: if you want signal in t4 tunnel, do yourself a favor and get a Vodafone plan, I am serious.

              • @OMGJL: Thanks. Let me try.

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                  @Averell: grab a Lebara sim whilst it's on special in Woolies/BigW/Coles, you'll find out, still drops out like once or twice, but soooo much better.

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              @Averell: FYI, June 24 3G is getting switched, so you might find they put new 5G cells in soon.
              Or that the coverage drops to zero.

              • @Magpye: hope that by then the Chatswood -> Sydenham metro line has already been running :P

            • @Averell: I feel you.

              Also live on the t4 line and suffer the same issue. Need to turn airplane mode on off when it goes 3g and that generally works.

              optus and voda are worse so no point even trying (I have).

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            @serpserpserp: Or between my back deck and front deck in Brisbane!

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          Boost Mobile gives access to the full Telstra network.
          The 12 month plans are good value: $230 for 170GB ($19.16 - 14.1GB/month), $300 for 260GB ($25 - 21.6GB/month), $365 for 365GB ($30.41 - 30.4GB/month)

          These plans are also often on sale, making the value even better.


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            @hutsy: Boost isn't as good as Telstra.
            It's supplied by Telstra but it's not the same, it's like a watered down version.

            • @Benni85: You're wrong. It's full Telstra network.

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                @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: It's not. You're wrong.

                Il elaborate a touch, boost offers the same "coverage" as Telstra, but not the same "speed". Which his what I initially said.

                Boost doesn't use 4gx, caps at 100mb, as for 5g Im not entirely sure on the situation there but I definitely had better 5g on my Telstra contract vs my boost Sim only.

                • @Benni85:

                  as for 5g Im not entirely sure on the situation

                  You're not entirely sure about a lot of things. Of course it has 5G. It also doesn't cap at 100Mbps FYI. Your post also doesn't have the word 'speed' in it anywhere, so you're also confused about that.

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                    @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: Your still talking?
                    By not sure means I CBA googling through papers to prove my point.
                    Boost has 4g not 4gx meaning slower 4g speeds than telstra
                    Boost has 5g but not in as many locations as Telstra.
                    Boost has the same coverage as Telstra but not the same speed
                    Boost has capped data per term
                    Boost is a watered down version of Telstra, which is exactly what I said.
                    So stop being a fkin troll and move on.

                    • @Benni85: You're the troll.

                      Boost has 4g not 4gx meaning slower 4g speeds than telstra

                      4GX is simply the 700MHz 4G band. Boost accesses this.

                      Boost has 5g but not in as many locations as Telstra.

                      Wrong, coverage maps are identical.

                      Boost has the same coverage as Telstra but not the same speed

                      Wrong, and nothing to back up your opinion

                      Boost has capped data per term

                      WTF is a term?

                      Boost is a watered down version of Telstra, which is exactly what I said.

                      It's not, but at least you can remember what you said this time. Unlike….

                      but not the same "speed". Which his what I initially said.

                      Which you never initially said.

                      So stop being a fkin troll, take the L, and move on.

                      • @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: Are you lonely? All the time in the world to argue with a stranger but a few targeted searches would back up each of my points.

                        Boost is a watered down version of Telstra.
                        The end.

                        Get a life and jog on mate.

                        • @Benni85: Are you lonely? All the time in the world to argue with a stranger but a few targeted searches would back up each of my points.

                          Take the L and jog on champ.

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          At least its not vodafone

        • All you need to do is sign up HN offer with Optus wait for phone and service in your hand, cancel or port out to Boost. There Telstra coverage all cover in P8 pro 128gb all yours

      • If I am already with Optus, can I get the deal with Gerry and keep my number?

      • IMO Gerry and Optus both lose if you take up that offer and cancel in the first few months.

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    Considering the Pro 128GB is $1699, wouldn't the HN deal be better with $0 upfront? Main differences are:
    * Telstra vs Optus
    * 120GB vs 100GB
    * JB hi-fi vs Harvey Norman

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      HN deal is definitely better for those who want Pixel 8 Pro, but this deal is decent for those wanting Pixel 8.

      • Where is the deal with HN listed?

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          It is linked in the comment I replied to

          If you cancel the HN plan same day you get it, you end up with Pixel 8 Pro 128gb for $828 (cancellation fee from optus).

          • @CodeXD: Is there an additional cancellation fee or is the total cost for the pro $828 of you cancel the plan on the day and you keep the phone?

          • @CodeXD: That is too good to be true. Why don't everyone doing that at half of the normal price.

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              @Jake Pebbles: People are doing it, that's why there is 17 pages of comment in that deal lol

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              @Jake Pebbles: I'm typing this message on a pixel 8 pro Gerry gave me.

        • Didn't the HN expire 19th September?

    • HN doesn't have the 5g coverage that Telstra has, even inner west in Sydney. Such a shame.
      Optus staff are shady af too the rep assured me 2204 has 5g, then when challenged multiple times eventually admitted it didn't.
      But assured me they will be upgrading the tower and 5g will be with me soon, lol, absolutely knob jockey. Asked him when, he doesn't know, but soon. Wow, do they treat lies now?

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    For tax claim, jbhifi option may be better as you get invoice for full amount.

    • I'm just wondering how do you claim this as tax? Phone is for business?

  • Do you still get the $600 voucher on top for porting in?

    And can anyone explain what the "voucher fee" is in the CIS?

    • -8

      You read and tell us pls

      • +3

        I did, that's why I'm asking

    • No. Well yes but it’s the $1000credit toward the handset

  • Would you swap from the 6 pro to the 8? I have no issues for my phone but I just realised I'm paying $69pm for Telstra anyway so I could straight swap my phone. I'm not sure if its better though, 2 years newer but not the pro version… Any thoughts?

    • I'm thinking about this too. Might pull the trigger on the pixel 8 plus free LTE pixel watch 2 deal

    • +2

      You have asked for thoughts so I'll give them to you!
      I have had the 6 Pro from release, however I bought it outright as I have a work SIM. I consider myself lucky as I know of the early issues with the phone in regards to phone connectivity etc. (colleagues and friends had these problems with their Pixels).
      It has been really solid, camera is great, fast, no major bugs, only slight disappointment is battery life isn't great, The deals for the 8 and 8 Pro are tempting but for me with a paid phone and no plan to pay for, it makes sense to sit on a working phone.
      In your situation with the plan, I would be more tempted to move to the 8. In hindsight I didn't need the 6 Pro but now I have it and it's all paid for, I would keep it going for hopefully the next 2 to 3 years then see what's on offer then. I think the 8 is enough for most users, the 8 Pro is if you need the bigger screen and the power user additions that come with it.

      • +1

        Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I think I'd rather try and do this swap next year with the 9, but I feel like it might somehow be more cost effective to do it this year because my 6pro will drop in resale value. I think I can get about $500 for it now (great condition, 512GB) but if it drops to like $300 this time next year then maybe its not worth waiting…

        • Yeah I know, resale is the kicker in all this.
          I made my last phone last nearly 7 years and even then it was still working fine except it was on its original battery and that was on the way out. Plus I wanted to move back to a Google phone.
          I hope to make the Pixel 6 Pro last similarly long if possible. But may try and get a battery change in at the 4 year mark.

    • You can get the pro on $69pm with Optus via HN

      Unless you really want to stay with Telstra

      • That does look like a banger deal.

      • Hang on, so you can swap the 8 with the 8 Pro without paying the difference?

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          No, there is no pixel 8 deal with Harvey Norman, only Pixel 8 Pro.

    • +1

      Depends how much you want the camera advancements, really. Otherwise you're going to a smaller screen, less RAM, you lose telephoto zoom and it'll be a different phone physically to use. The AI/Tensor stuff seems mostly about camera related things, although I did read one review that the 8 isn't that much different to the 7 except for zoom (on the pro) and macro photography.

      Also I think they check these days that you haven't been on telstra for at least 30 days (used to be you could port out, walk into the store and port over again) but hopefully someone has more info on that.

      • I personally feel that the telephoto lens is alone worth it for keeping the 6 Pro.

    • Do you need the Pro or do you just 'think' you need the Pro?

      I usually get the top models for fear of missing out on a killer feature, truth is the standard model would have probably been fine all along.

      I just upgraded to the Pixel 7 (non-pro) with a recent killer Telstra half price deal, absolutely no buyer remorse, loving the phone and saved quite a bit of money to boot.

      Your use case may be different to mine though.

  • Some bloke on Facebook marketplace was selling Pixel 7 Pro 256 GB for $620

    He showed me the receipt from Telstra for $598!

    I think that's a better price than a pixel 8 Pro 128GB.

    It really does not have that many improvements.

    I have a Pro 7 256GB, last years deal and cost me $600.

    I don't think it's worth the upgrade even if I got $700 for mine and selling online is very difficult for a Pixel.

    • used or bnib?

      • His was new! Telstra must be clearing

        • was it pixel 7 or 7 pro? and was he giving free google buds or watch etc?

          • +1

            @backupper1: 7 Pro 256GB, no freebies.

    • Did he say how he got it from Telstra for $598?

      • They did a 50% off pixel sale recently. Bought 256gb pixel 7 for $569

        • +1

          Always better off just being 1 year behind and saving alot of cash! LOL

      • Yes, he showed me the paperwork! I thought it was fake, but he was taking cash only.

    • +1

      Google tax ie, markup is now $1000 overpriced as discounting pre launch has exposed. It hurts resale values and only Apple have fixed this with their own trade in, pricing. No andriod will ever have apple like resale value as andriod is the PC of the mobile world. I’m not a fanboy for Apple but I have and use both but it’s Apple I follow and care about (not like that is reflected)

      • +2

        I've used both and Apple makes me want to punch a wall. Resales not much of a problem I paid around $900 or so for my Pixel 7 pro 128 and got $650 for it through mobile monster.

    • That's just un-Australian

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    Hi, quick question,

    If i get the offer same day from JB hifi

    And end the contract ne t day. Would that phone be mine? How much the cancellation fee?
    Can please someone guide me how to do this.

  • Basically the same at the Vodafone Apple Store deal for the iPhone except Telstra network (whiich is a huge win). Wish they did it with the iPhone but, if you're after a Pixel i reckon its pretty good!

  • The Telstra coverage tax is not long for this world as starlinkX will have outdoor sms (Optus) in 2024 and late 2025 supported handsets like apples 14/15 onwards will have data and calls as voip

    • +2

      SMS? Great tech in 2001.

      • They'll have data and voice in late 2025 so probably 2026 and it'll cost an arm if Spacex doesn't force them to a low rate.

    • The cheapest Starlink receiver is $200, normally RRP $900.

      Whilst Telstra and Optus may bring the price down, it's more likely they'll both keep the price point inflated by bundling services, because rural customers have less opportunity to shop around.

    • but how much more is optus gonna charge for it? I bet it's gonna be really expensive.

  • This would have been a great deal if Gerry and his Normans had not provided such a sweet deal to entice OzBargainers.

    • +1

      I wouldn't be surprised that next year if Optus/ Gerry will close the loophole since so many people got this deal with the intention of not keeping the Optus plan.

  • How to avail this if I am already with Telstra and need to keep my same number since only port-in/new customer.

  • So you buy a full price pixel 8, and pay $27.33 a month for telstra for 24 months. Really doesn't seem great.

    • Is the 120GB data per month means anything you?

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