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What do you use Entertainment Book for?

I haven't used mine yet and want to get some value out of it.


Do Myer Still Price Match?

I saw some old posts that people have had luck price matching at Myers? Has anyone recently been able to do so?

Google Maps URL isn't Auto Linked

eg.,151.2090025,3a,35.6y,167.86h,86.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5PFl_EOtRGsRTge6Z6oC1g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en The body of your forum topic is too …

Cheap Aussie VPS

I'm looking for a cheap Aussie VPS that I can use to mess around with. Are there any deals?


Vodafone to Kill 2G Network

Vodafone will switch off its 23 year-old 2G network in exactly one year's time to reallocate spectrum to data traffic and reduce the load on its 4G …

Has 2L Coke Gone up in Price?

I don't drink the crap but while browsing Coles I saw it was "50% off" for ~$2… normally I think $4.xx I always thought warm 2L coke was cheaper than buying a cold bottle? Maybe …

I suck at spelling how do I improve?

Thanks to spell check my ability to spell has gone downhill.

How Do You Deal with Depression?

How do you deal with Depression? The body of your forum topic is too short. You need at least 10 words.

Is OzBargain Still Using Drupal?

Is OzBargain still using Drupal? How have you kept up-to-date with all the changes?


Request: Seperate Kogan into Kogan (AU) & Kogan (HK)

Even though in my opinion Kogan (HK) is doing business in Australia and thus subject to the ACL. We should make it easier for OzBargainers to determine where the goods are coming from.


Does Cash Rewards Have an API?

I really hope it does, I want to be able to alert myself when I'm shopping to use Cash Rewards.

Who likes their Pebble Watch / Other Smart Watch?

Who likes their Pebble Watch / Other Smart Watch? What do you use it for?

Which Android Phones Get Timely Updates?

I notice a lot of phones never get updates after a 1 year (sometimes less) are there brands that actually support their phones with timely updates for years?

Set <abbr> tag on BOGOF in Titles

I keep forgetting that BOGOF means Buy one get one free, using an abbr tag in the title for abbreviations like BOGOF would be helpful.

Coles Credit Cards

Coles Mastercard Charged Me International Transaction Fee for Vistaprint

Coles Mastercard charged me $0.15 International Transaction Fee for my Vistaprint purchase the other day. If I ring them up and tell them Vistaprint was an Australian site will they refund me?

Vistaprint up to 40% off Sitewide

expired Vistaprint up to 40% off Sitewide

Suggestion: Enable HTTPS for

Encrypt all the things! XP is dead so no need to worry about SNI support on that platform. :)

Dick Smith / Kogan

Dick Smith Stores Open in NSW?

Anyone know of a Dick Smith store that is open in NSW?

Search in Titles Only

I'm looking for cheap iTunes gift cards and shows irrelevant results, is it possible to search in titles only?

Avoiding Sydney Airport Link Gate Pass Fee

Does anyone know of creative ways of avoiding the ridiculously high fee? Things I've thought of: There is a bus (well two, but I forget the other route number) route 400 that goes to the …

Thing to help fit into a slightly too big shoe

I don't know what this would be called or if it even exists. But on the right I'm half a size smaller and am hoping there is some insert that'll help me fit better? Ah OzBargain: …


Red P?

I always thought it meant someone was in the penalty box 2 weeks after posting first deal. doesn't come up with anything. What does it …

Opal Card min. $40

Anyone know how to get an Opal card without loading $40 on to one. I might use public transport twice a year.

Fees for running BPAY?

All the pages I've looked at hide all the juicy details of BPAY behind a contact us/your bank form. I'd like to ballpark the feasibility of BPAY for a small non-profit I run. Does anyone …

Suggestion: Enable HTTPS for

I don't want any spooks brodening the bargains I'm after!

Hide store doesn't hit it from new deals

I hate the Udemy "deals" and I have checked hide them But today I noticed the crap appeared in my New Deals section:

How much does changing a light switch cost?

I already have the new switch and plate, just need it changed. Anyone have an idea on how much I'm looking at?

28 Degrees Card

[Solved] Switching to 28 Degrees

I currently have a very high* credit limit with CommBank. Nothing owing and I pay it off every month. I'd like to switch to 28 Degrees so I no longer have to pay bloody international …