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Best Sofa/Couch for $1000

My partner and I are looking to move in to a new place in a month, and are looking at furnishing options. It’s a rental house/unit (so not our forever home), around 90sqm. Given it’s our first …

Is There Any Quality Assurance When Roadworks Happen?

I've been driving to Dandenong via the Monash freeway for work lately, and have noticed that the roadworks that was in place over this year has yielded an extremely poor quality road. I take …

What’s Your Favourite Coffee Roaster?

Hey OzB, So I’ve been trying out a few different roasters and their variety of blends/single origins over the last couple of months, and wanted to know what everyone’s thoughts were. While I …

Should I Change My Tyres with Audi Dealership?

I sent my 2018 MY19 Audi A3 in for my second service last month at 32,000km. I've had the car for 1.5 years. It gets lots of kilometres as I drive out to the country a lot for work. I'd …

Is It Worth It to Take up Extras Health Insurance?

I'm looking to get orthodontics input (hopefully invisalign), and was wondering if it was worth it to take up top extras cover. A quick search tells me that I have to hold it for 12 months …

Mazda CX-5 Broken Tail Light

Hey guys, a family member accidentally backed up our Mazda CX-5 2016 and broke the tail lights. The actual bulbs are functional otherwise. Just wanted to know what your thoughts are on getting …

 Minimum 25% off Storewide @ Autobarn

expired Minimum 25% off Storewide @ Autobarn


expired 30% off Storewide @ Nike DFO (in Store Only)

40% off Sitewide @ T2

expired 40% off Sitewide @ T2

Officer Error in Parking Fine, Council Will Not Admit Mistake (VIC)

Hi guys I have an issue with the council fining my car for parking over the time limit (Banyule council). I parked my car for 2 hours from 8.30am to 10.30am a few weeks ago, in a 2 hour spot. I …

[VIC] $5 off $10 Spend Messina via Liven App

expired [VIC] $5 off $10 Spend Messina via Liven App

Flights to Brisbane in August. Should I wait?

Just yesterday I was looking up flights to Brisbane in August, and i was getting them for return at ~$130. Today they're up to $200+ Should I wait? Or will it continue to go up?

Sell your mobile online sites.

Has anyone had experience with sites like sellyourmobile or mobilemuster? Wanting to sell my s7 edge but I'm just not sure if I can trust them that's all.