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Help Me find a deal, eufy Doorbell, Amazon Echo 15, Samsung Digital Lock

Hello Ozb, Help me find a deal on Eufy Security Dual Cam Wireless 2K Video Doorbell (Model: E8213C12) - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/eufy-security-dual-cam-wi... Amazon Echo 15 …

Help Me Design and Choose Security Camera, Alarm System

Hello, We have just signed up with a builder to build our family home. Help Me Design and Choose Security Camera, Door Cam and Alarm System, What are things i need to consider What are the …

Sony 75" KD75X9500H 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV - Help Me Find Better Price than $3395

Fellow OzB, Please help me get a good deal on kd75x9500h please.

Laptop Spares - Where to Buy?

********Found the part***************** Hello, I am looking for a SATA cable for my laptop and I have the part number. where do you generally end up getting the parts from? I am after a …

Help me buy a 2-in-1 Laptop - US Black Friday Sales

Can you please help me in buying a 2-in-1 laptop. I will be soon visiting US and have a friends house that I can order to. Budget about 800 USD Screen Size: 12-14" i5 or i7 9th or 10th Gen …

Global Builders Warehouse

Flooring Dispute - Who to Escalate

Hello Ozb, I recently (8 months back) got a bamboo flooring from a store and also got it installed from them. The layer was organised by the store. Since the installation, the bamboo flooring is …

Accident - Who Is at Fault?

Hello OzB, Need your thoughts on this. Lane 1 - Goes straight Lane 2 - Goes straight or can turn left Lane 3 - Left Only Between Lane 1 and 2 there is a dotted line Between Lane 2 and 3 there is a …

Please Help Me Find a Deal on Cooking Appliances

I am looking to get the below appliances Bosch PCR7A5B90A 75cm Series 6 Natural Gas Cooktop (PCR7A5B90A) Bosch HBA13B253A 60cm Serie 6 Electric Built-In Oven (HBA13B253A) Bosch DFS067A50A 60cm Serie …


NBN Telstra - What Offers?

Telstra currently is upgrading ADSL connections to NBN where I live. They have offered to retain the current plan and price on a new 24-month contract. I am currently out of contract Current plan: …

Kitchen Appliances - Help Me Find a Deal

Gents and Ladies, can you please help me find a deal on the below appliances Electrolux ERC930SA 90cm Stainless Steel Canopy Rangehood Bosch HBG655HS1A 600mm/60cm Serie 8 Electric Built-In Oven - …


ALDI Paint Compressor - Review?

Hello OzBians, Has anyone used a paint compressor for DIY interior paint jobs? I am looking to get one of the Aldi special buys https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-17-... Have …

Automotive Sales - Why Do They Expect a Sale Even before Inspection

This is my rant on Auto dealers and sales. Even before the test drive they expect the sale to be done and then expect to the consumers to accept the quoted price or be looked up like cheapo person …

Need a Budget Car under $15k

Hello OzB, I am on a lookout for a second car. suggest me something good under 15k. this will be for wife. ease to drive around - need auto and 5 doors easy on maintenance - want to avoid 6 months …

Plumbers Where Do I Find Quotes

Hello Ozb I am looking for a plumber to fix leading pipe. Where do I look for getting quotes. I am looking in 3806 area code. Thanks


Telstra and SIP Services Possible?

Hello, I have a telstra landline number and was looking around to see if I can configure my landline number on my cell phone using the SIP services? Thanks


Ideas for Income through Google Groups

A friend of mine owns multiple groups on google and most of them are closed groups. One of those groups has 300+ members on it and most of them in Age group of 24-35 yrs. This group is on for good …

Samsung Fridges - Review and Feedback Required

Hello Ozb, I am looking to buy either one of the below Costco has these below at $1699 and $1499 for later one. SRF583DLS , 583L, French Door …

Issue with TV a Antenna

Hi, Bought a house and moved a month back. We just unpacked our TV and when we plugged in the wires to antenna socket, we are not receiving any signal ( analog + digital). Can anyone suggest where …

Help Me Find a Musical Keyboard - Piano (Under $100)

Fellow OzB, Please help me find a good deal on a musical keyboard for kids. I am not looking for a toy piano. I need a minimum of 61 keys. Thanks

Extend Adapter for Bulbs - Where to Buy

Hello, Where do i buy something similar to these? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/391081822045?limghlpsr=true&... Do bunnings or masters have them?

Help Me Buy a Car Battery - Honda Accord 2010

Help Me Buy a Car Battery - Honda Accord 2010. I am thinking of Exide batteries. Where can I get it cheaper? Any other brands?

2nds World

2ndsworld.com.au - Similar Sites for Melbourne

Hello Ozb, Do anyone of you know sites similar to 2ndsworld.com.au in Melbourne who sell appliances? I am after a Fridge 500lts plus. Thanks

Cordless Phone

Fellow Ozb, Can you help me find a good deal on the cordless phones. I need a minimum of 2 handsets. Thanks


Help Required in Resolving The Issue with iiNet

Hello Friends, I am moving house this month end and i am currently using iinet naked dsl and paying $69.90 a month. (250gb no peak hours restrictions or anything) The new place I am moving into …

Home Lease End Bond Back Cleaning Required

Hello ozbargain fellas, I am looking for a house cleaning service in glen iris as my house lease is over. I need a professional house cleaning service. Please help me find a good bargain n a good …

Fixing Puncture Tyre Price

Hello OzB's, Please suggest a place to get the tubless tyre puncture repaired in south east of Melbourne around Chadstone area and approx cost of it also. Thanks

Help with Child Care Advance

Hello OzB, I recently was looking for a child care and finally found one which was offering 2 days child care. I accepted the offer and decided to go to Child care the next day to finish the …

Buying a House - First Time Buyer

Hello Fellow Ozbargainers, I am in midst of deciding to buy a property in Melbourne and inclined towards buying it in South East suburbs only. I currently stay in Glen Iris with rent of 375 pw. I …

Discount, Rebate, Concession

Hello, I remember reading somewhere there is some sort of cashback from government in victoria for buying energy efficient devices/appliances like refrigerator, TV's, washing machines, dryers …

Help Me Buying a TV, 50" and 100hz Minimum under $700

Help Me Buying a TV, 50" and 100hz Minimum under $700 I picked the TCL when harvey norman had it for 400 bucks, unfortunate the TV was pulled down by kids and am back in market again :(

Car Interior and Upholstery Shampoo Cleaning

Hello, Since i bought a car about 6 months back, a seconds car havent had the car upholstery shampoo cleaned/stains removed. Help me find a good bargain deal to get the Car Interior and Upholstery …