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Under 21 P2 Plate Needs Car Rental. Any Reviews for Renting Car through https://cairnsunlimited.com/

Hi I am looking at renting a car for a 19 year old P2 plater. Can anyone recommend any option. Have found https://cairnsunlimited.com/ does through one of its agencies but havent heard of this one …

Groupon Australia

Groupon: Hack for 'New Customer Only' Condition in Groupon??

Had availed a Salon's groupon deal last year. Would like to buy again but the fine print says that its for 'new customers only'. How do they verify? How does - buy gift for someone …

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar: How to Check (Revised) Validity of Credit Voucher Issued in Feb2020

Wonder if validity of jetstar voucher issued in Feb (non covid) too has got extended or not. I have around $600+ vouchers issued on medical reasons in Feb2020. Is there a way to chat with …

iTunes Store

Inactive iTunes Card $100, Loss Receipt. What to Do

I had bought a $100 itunes card sometimes in the last 6-7months (it was 15-20% off) I tried to activate it today only to find that i had probably not got that 'activated' from the …

Virgin Travel Credit- How Can I Get a $ Refund (Flight Cancelled Because of Covid)

I got a travel credit with Virgin for a Covid cancellation refund last month. How can i get a $ refund / what best can i do with it ?

Recommendations for RAM DDR3

where can i buy additional RAM for a desktop (Dell i7) that i acquired recently

Should I Invest in a Dropshipping Business

I am thinking of a drop shipping site that has Australian suppliers (a Shopify site) Pls advise

Y12 Leaver - Early Offers in Health Science / Vet

For a year 12 leaver, which universities give Early Offers in Health Sciences / Veterinary courses(For a Score of 90-97)? ** Will be good if i can know about the ones that give scholarships too (no …

'AMEX-iTunes MUSIC STORE \\SYD - $3.38' - Where did this transaction come from?

I have just setup a new iPhone 2 weeks back. I am sure i haven't bought anything from iMusic My Banks statement shows 'AMEX-ITUNES MUSIC STORE \SYD -$3.38' HOW DO I KNOW WHERE …

Kindle Paperwhite $159 @ Big W

out of stock Kindle Paperwhite $159 @ Big W

Need Fridge 600L+ with Budget $1000-$1800. When are the SALEs expected around Christmas?

Am looking for a fridge with capacity more than 600L Was about to buy from harvey norman's ebay sale when i read a few feedbacks + now that i am in real 'need' cant really find a good …

Virgin Australia

For Those Who Had Booked on 7-8/11 with Virgin- Is Your Bank Statement Showing The Transaction ?? Got Ok on 16/11

For those who had booked on 7-8/11 with Virgin- is your bank statement showing the transaction ?? Mine is not yet showing it(though its debited) . When i called Expedia today they said they had …

Virgin Australia

Virgin BIG Travel deal last night - missing FARE RULES on Virgin's site today. They existed last night.

i had booked my ticket last night - under that FAMED virgin price-error I had logged in with my velocity number and remember the FARE RULES at the bottom of he itenary. But they seem to be missing …

Earn Money with 'online Surveys'. Can More than 1 Person Use The Same Login?

I have just created my online survey account (i am a high school student under 18) Can my sister / mother perform the surveys using the same account. Or Are the surveys that i am expected / supposed …

How to Book The Best Priced Accomodation in Melbourne in Jan

Hotels are so Damn expensive because of the Australian Open …. What is the best way to book accommodation for a family vacation this summer (Decent place cheap enough - not backpackers !!)


Invest in Unilodge studio? (NRSA Acco)

What are the pros and cons of buying a unilodge studio. These are I think nras accomodations

Travelling but phone is locked with Optus

I am travelling on holiday and am already overseas I tried to put a sim bought here in my phone byt it seems the phone is locked with optus I bought the unlocking code from Optus just now but i cant …

Groupon Australia

Will Local Attractions Accept SG Groupon Voucher from Non-Locals?

Has anyone used SG singapore groupon vouchers for entering local attractions there I asked the advertiser ( travel agency) and they said that it was ok. But i doubt because The attractions have …

Singapore Rains and Sight Seeing

If it rains ( last week of april) what are the local attractions and at sentosa that can be enjoyed by family ( teen kids ). Is singapore PASS ( 3 attractions) of much use ? What is the best …

Best Way to carry money as a tourist to SINGAPORE

Am a newbie trying to save $$ while I am travelling to Singapore for the first EVER time (that too with my family). What is the best way to carry money from Australia? I have MasterCard & Visa …