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Dental Implants Will Cost Me $14,000. How Can I Save Money?

I've been told by my dentist two of my baby teeth remain, and no adult teeth have ever grown. These two baby teeth can fall at any time, and I will need dental implants to replace …


Electricity "visible" when connecting to power board

When i plug e.g. my laptop charger into a power board, i see a blue flash, and sometimes a sound. This has happened a few times, and never shocked me. It has happened on other power boards too.

Craze Pre-Workout $42.66 Shipped

expired Craze Pre-Workout $42.66 Shipped


iPhone 5 - 14 Day Free Trial, Courtesy of Apple

Turns out they have a *very* lax return policy:

Supercheap Auto

When's The Next SuperCheap 20% Sale Due?

My cars need servicing and it seems to be roughly 6 months since the last one. I can't find the last OzB posting because of the terrible search function..

Laser Printer ~$50

Preferably a brick and mortar shop (JB, OW, HN etc.) Cheers!

Live Connected credit check fail?

Applied for a live connect plan recently, and i received an email 3 minutes after my confirmation email saying that i haven't passed their credit check criteria. I find this very odd that the only …

26-32 inch LCD for $300-$500

Brand name is important (it's a gift) so no Kogans or DSE house brands. Somewhere like DSE or JB is preferred so we can get a 3 or 5 year extended warranty.(outside of the budget) HD recording and …

JB Hi-Fi 10% off Laptops

expired JB Hi-Fi 10% off Laptops

HTC Desire $478.90 Australian Site

expired HTC Desire $478.90 Australian Site