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The Recent Free Ring Sizer Bargain Frenzy - Anyone Receive Anything?

I applied to 3 of them, none of them supplied anything except some email spam. Anyone actually receive anything?


Best ongoing option for Optus perks

I used to have an Optus contract but I'm with Telstra now. I used the movie ticket perks quite a lot. What's the cheapest way to maintain an Optus account so I can access the Perks? I see …


Why are Coles Flybuys and Gift Card systems so poor?

Flybuys and Coles gift cards are vastly inferior systems to Woolies. A. Points not credited instantly Whenever I qualify for a Woolies bonus it is on my account instantly. If I've been one of …

Crown Gift Cards - Spend $400 Get $50 Free

expired Crown Gift Cards - Spend $400 Get $50 Free

LivingSocial Australia

Livingsocial Deal - Merchant Not Honoured T&C

Normally I had good service from LS but not on my latest deal. The merchant failed to honour the t&c. This was a breakfast deal - they changed the restaurant opening hours from what was stated …

Warner Bros. Movie World

Movie World (Daytime) Entry

Hi. I'm looking for the best price for a day pass to Movie World on the Gold Coast. Will be there from 29/9 to 02/10. Only looking for the one park and the standard price is 79.99. All the …


NBA League Pass 2015 to 2016

Used a proxy to book last year - anyone tried this year yet? I'm currently waiting to see what the renewal price is. US price looks to be $199 which is almost $300 AUD due to the terrible …

Groupon Australia

Groupon - not a bargain (NSFW)!

Got an email from Groupon this week and this caught my eye :-) $17.95 delivered. Compare with this on …

Cheap 15" Laptop Sleeve - High Street Store

I need a basic laptop sleeve for a flight I have on Monday so online is no good. Any ideas? I'd like to avoid paying $30 or $40 which is all I've found so far.


The latest Myer ad on the site

This ad (for Myer stocktake sale) is super annoying. I can't avoid activating it by accident on my phone and every time it downloads a catalogue. Hate to think how much mobile data its …

Thirsty Camel Bottle Shop

Thirsty Camel offers - Hump Club prices?

I signed up for their "Hump Club" and have just been sent an email with a number of offers including a slab of Pure Blonde for $39.98 or Hump Club price $33.98. Offers available in …


Screwed over by Agoda - twice!

In January this year I made a booking with Agoda and only when I turned up did I find that there was no room available. They had knowingly taken my money even though the hotel owner had told them …

Decent priced Sydney hotel in November

My partner and I are looking for a decent hotel i.e. not a backpacker for a 2 night stay from Friday 14th November. I (wrongly!) assumed that with the amount of hotels in the city that the …


Scoopon portable air compressor

Is this likely to be any good? Specs sound okay. Oh, found this at Kmart. Similar specs but with …


AXMEX Liquorland Statement Credit

I registered successfully for this campaign before Christmas (I got a confirmation email from Amex) and made an initial order in December. I hadn't reached the spend threshold so I made another …

'yes' Tickets

Optus movies rewards - not received

My girlfriend ordered 4 tickets from Optus movie rewards (to use tomorrow) and nothing has arrived in her email. The only contact is an email address with a reply turnaround of 48 hours. Is there …


Myer - bad attitude

My girlfriend returned an ipad mini case yesterday on which the plastic had cracked and snapped off in some parts. This was after about 3 months. We got a refund but the attitude of the saleswoman …

Groupon Australia

Groupon Steak Tasting at The Terrace Melbourne

I tried to book for a Saturday night, the T&C say book by email only as a web booking will incur an extra $3 charge. The reply said they are fully booked and offered me a Sunday or Friday.

Marks & Spencer

[StartHere] Order tracked but with zero value?

I placed an order last week at Marks & Spencer. It is tracking in my history but with $0 for both spend and cashback amount. Can I get this fixed?

Price monitoring site for flight prices?

I regularly use Lightning Drops to monitor and notify me of prices on DVDs and BluRays that I'm interested in.


FragranceX - Are They a Scam Site?

Anyone had any good experiences with them? I ordered an in stock item which was supposedly sent by air mail almost a month ago. I got the standard "there can be shipping delays" type response when I …

16GB USB drive - anywhere cheaper than OfficeWorks?

There's a Lexar Jumpdrive Firefly at Officeworks (so no postage) at $54.95. Any better/cheaper deals spotted?